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Nice tips. Thanks Benjamin. I got 80% for the quis

Profile photo of indi60 indi60

    Thx Ben
    For all people here Ladies and Gentlemen I hope there is anybody wants to practice her/his English with me voice chat :)
    my Skype is khalid_3adel

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      can i join with you ?

      Profile photo of antiqueeraser antiqueeraser

    Excellent lesson on vocabulary related to job interviews/ CVs.

    We need to be familiar enough with this type of register to be able to talk about our qualifications, work experience, and the like.

    Interesting lesson, no doubt about it.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

I got a lot of error from quiz . It is diffult for me. Thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Oh my god! I got 9/10.Thank you Benjamin!)

Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

it’s rather difficult but thank you B.

Profile photo of marusya marusya

Got 80%

Profile photo of PrairadaPP PrairadaPP

I got 8 correct out of 10. Thank you, Benjamin :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thanks Benjamin.

Profile photo of medhatfm medhatfm

i got 9/10 but this lesson took a lot of time.)))


Profile photo of sagittaire sagittaire

10/10!!Thank you Benjamin! :)

Profile photo of JuanPablo01 JuanPablo01

17% almost there ;)

Profile photo of eloa.fernandes eloa.fernandes

Thanks Benjamin ))) I got 8/10. God bless You!

Profile photo of Konstantyn Yefimov Konstantyn Yefimov

Awesome lesson Benjamin! I’m a committed Argentinian student, therefore I’m going to use all of your tips.
I have a question: which is the difference between enhance and improve? Could you make a lesson including that? Thanks you!

Profile photo of franciscocu franciscocu

    Franciscocu, answering about difference: enhance=to make wider while improve=to make better ;)

    Profile photo of brat2 brat2

      Thanks you Brat2!

      Profile photo of franciscocu franciscocu

Totally fed up by the scores just 30% Guys can anyone help me here!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of sachin060392 sachin060392

nice…im learning at home.

Profile photo of qonaq qonaq

9/10… Not bad I think. :)

Profile photo of brat2 brat2

great lesson like all the other ones

Profile photo of Luke Luke

hahahahahaha , I got 70 % without watching this fucking lesson , leave ( Benjamin ) your lessons always difficult hahahahaha

Profile photo of hamy alferjany hamy alferjany

thank u ben

Profile photo of shadow shadow

umhh 6/10 i didnt pay attention enough i guess…

Profile photo of buluchtumer buluchtumer

Thank you for the lesson.I got 8/10.

Profile photo of Hareesh A Hareesh A

As an accomplished English teacher, I got 10 out of 10. Thank you for a useful lesson.

Profile photo of praktik praktik

I got 10 out of 10… awesome

Profile photo of ann89 ann89

Thanks Benjamin, simple and great lesson i got 90/100
any one want to practice his English/Arabic language please contact me at ashraf_ramadan71 Skype account

Profile photo of ramadan71 ramadan71

Thank you Benjamin

Profile photo of jorgetorres jorgetorres

i’ve got 7 out of 10. for first quiz, i think is good :) 10x

Profile photo of Corina Sechiras Corina Sechiras

    7 out of 10 Corina? You’re right, it’s quite good!!!

    All the best with your English Corina.

    Have a great weekend ! ! !

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

    Bravo Corina! :)
    Esti in Moldova?

    Profile photo of stella88 stella88


Profile photo of mutsuyakumo mutsuyakumo

thank Benjamin very much.Although i can’t listen to your all lesson, I feel it very awesome.

Profile photo of demdemtroi demdemtroi

I got 8 correct out of 10. i think it quite enough. hmm i”ll learn it again. Thanks benjamin

Profile photo of De.Amelia De.Amelia

Hi Benjamin. An interesting lesson but a bit long.
By the way, have you notice that it makes a nasty sound when you write?
Thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of Jesús R. Jesús R.

9/10 just for a thypo… ;-) not bad for me. Thanks for the good lesson!

Profile photo of marellanoq marellanoq

Incredible! I got 100%. Thanks Ben

Profile photo of limadmvet limadmvet

Wow, I got 100% :)

Profile photo of Samy Samy

Thanks got 60% without watching the lesson.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

thanks, very instructive 9/10

Profile photo of frarno frarno

Good start

Profile photo of Hernan Martin Hernan Martin

10 of 10 !!

Profile photo of CHIA-WEI TAI CHIA-WEI TAI

Nice one..I got 80% score in the quiz..wow..hahahaha…thanks .everybody.

Profile photo of Rubel dane Rubel dane

Yeah! I got 10. Amazing lesson.

Profile photo of wesleis wesleis

Thank you so much ! I just couldn’t omit to thank you Mr Benjamin.I wish i could tell you how much favour you have been done for us ! Thank you engiv and all who work for us.I believe being a teacher is the most valuable job on the earth .Not only who was graduated and trained to teach at class but also all of us can be teachers and students . I appreciate the way they feel responsibility of teachers they are caring like our families and wants to be sure of our understanding . I want to ask a site about english literature and language too if im not agains the rules of this pretty site , for my grades at university,i believe your work has helped me too to win university .God bless you

Profile photo of Sumeyra Sumeyra

    That’s the long post. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Profile photo of hiepdaiduong hiepdaiduong

I got 100%. Great lesson!

Profile photo of Anzelikue Anzelikue

hello. its my second video from Benjamin and i think You are the best teacher here. Quiz done 8/10 so i hope its good result for newbie here ;)

Profile photo of mckp mckp

Got 90% score. Thanks Benjamin.

Profile photo of RJ RJ

I didn’t understand for this lesson, Benjamin. Your voice is little bit difficult to listen. Maybe I’ll try more, right?

Profile photo of hiepdaiduong hiepdaiduong

thanks ben, 10/10 :)

Profile photo of anndya anndya

this has been 90% helpful.


Profile photo of Mohammad Nabi Mohammad Nabi

Although the sentences are a bit complex I got 9 out 10. Thanks.

Profile photo of Bauman Bauman

thanks Ben I’ve got 100%

Profile photo of melkemi melkemi

thanks very much benjamin.your teaching style really impressive.

Profile photo of jeffson gomez jeffson gomez

9/10 good words for a resumé. I am sure I will use them in my CV. Thanks.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

I need more practice it was not easy answer for this quetions… I got hardly 3(

Profile photo of karik44 karik44

Thank you!

Profile photo of Monica B. Monica B.

Thank you!

Profile photo of Leopardess Leopardess

OMG… I got 10/10… :)

Profile photo of Ritaula Ritaula

Thanks it is a better way for learn and practice at the same time

Profile photo of chocolate chocolate

Thanks a lot:) 9/10

Profile photo of Luba 7 Luba 7

Dearest Prof. Benjamin,
I should like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a flourishing happy New year. It is important that it should be friendly and loving. I am so glad to know you, wonderful teacher. I pay my respect to you. briklend handersson

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson


Profile photo of Thet thinzar Thet thinzar

Good tips

Profile photo of bundersvaguen bundersvaguen

is there anybody here want to practise english skills with me? I’m going to India in February, 2015 but my language skills are terrible. I’m really nervous ;(
my email: jerrypham411@gmail.com

Profile photo of Jerry pham Jerry pham

Thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of kady10 kady10

Thanks Benjamin sir

Profile photo of sidhique78 sidhique78

Hi Benjamin!
I got 9 correct out of 10.May I ask you where your accent is from?If it’s from Canada,would you mind if you tell me which province?
I think your accent is different from the rest of teachers here.Good luck with your teaching.

Profile photo of kami88 kami88

I can’t believe I did it and got 100 % :D

Thanks Benjamin ^_^

Profile photo of siddik.samir siddik.samir

Got 9/10 this is awsome :) thanks for the helpful lesseon. ^_^

Profile photo of Amy Amy

well done

Profile photo of hatim chafouk hatim chafouk

10 out of 10. I’m an accomplished student! And this is my first comment :)

Profile photo of highfive highfive

90% its i can’t believe it!

Profile photo of noorullah noorullah

Got 10/10. Thanks Benjamin :)

Profile photo of MariaBiryukova MariaBiryukova

100%..yipee…First lesson from Benjamin…and I loved it..!! Very energetic!!

Profile photo of Ravi Ravi

deficult but important i love it thnks

Profile photo of bilyline bilyline

100 :-P

Thanks Benjamin! Great lesson!! Going to next video in 3…2….1… and…

Profile photo of marcelo.76 marcelo.76

thanks,i got 10 out of 10.If anybody from native English spoken countries,pls add my whatsapp +8613036782755.

Profile photo of Eric Chan Eric Chan

80% it’s a good stuff for me

Profile photo of chadchoudZ chadchoudZ

Thanks this very useful English class Today. Benjamin. I got 90 correct out of 10. Have nice day everyone

Profile photo of Nanda Nanda

I got 70 :) for the first quiz at engvid,thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of iMahdi iMahdi

got 7 correct out of 10 :/

Profile photo of memo beek memo beek

Yes! I’ve got 90! I holpe it’ll help me in my next interview. Thanks a lot Benjamin!

Profile photo of EduRJ2015 EduRJ2015

I got 10/10 but I am still not through this lesson

Profile photo of huucuong72 huucuong72

hi Benjamin, This lesson is amazing for me. This is what i m looking for. it gives me a lot of idea which i will plan to say for my next interview. thank you very much. if you have any different lesson like this, could you please tell me

Profile photo of onursati onursati

Thanks Benjamin.

Profile photo of Vlad172 Vlad172

thank you,i got 8 correct

Profile photo of songchengyi songchengyi

Thank You

Profile photo of FabioDeNigris FabioDeNigris

Good lesson. Thanks.

Profile photo of abdelazim aldaw abdelazim aldaw

nice, 80%

Profile photo of Vikovi.dr Vikovi.dr

I’ve got 80%. Someone wants to practice conversation on skype?

Profile photo of davidsellen davidsellen

    Sure! How can I get to you?

    Profile photo of wisnia wisnia

I knew 100% about what you’ve just taught.

Profile photo of Chentim Chentim

Thanks Benjamin, I got 10 out of 10 ! So, you are a good teacher !

Profile photo of cborozan cborozan

Yoh mate! today while I was to a job interview your face popped up in my mind and I used all those words!
Eventually I didn’t get the job but, well, I left the room with that kind of cool! thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of ThanksTeachers ThanksTeachers

Thanks Benjamin, you helped me. I wish you could make a new lesson about statement of purpose

Profile photo of marmoura marmoura

100% per cent yey!

Profile photo of Kornelka Kornelka

I got #4 wrong on the quiz, but I believe there is a mistake on the “supposed” right answer. Should “cordinated” be spelled “coordinated”? (double oo)

Profile photo of aamador aamador

sorry i can’t understand your accent
but thanks

Profile photo of m.fahim m.fahim

It was an amazing video, I got 10/10 Thanks, Benjamin ^_^

Profile photo of Carolinar8 Carolinar8

Looking for friends with British accent :D that we can improve the english of each other. Don’t hesitate to contact me : Skype : tifawt.tifawt3

Thank you Benjamin for the video, I love ur accent <3

Profile photo of Timane Timane

10/10 thanks Benjamin.

Profile photo of danyflorez danyflorez

100 points. Thank you Bejamin you are a very good teacher

Profile photo of GabyN GabyN

my result is 8/10. Not perfect,well, going to enhance english

Profile photo of Aisb Aisb

Thanks for news words!

Profile photo of havoc05 havoc05

Thanks ! :-)

Profile photo of xFabian xFabian

Thank you.

Profile photo of sergioopoc sergioopoc

Thank you so much

Profile photo of lotfidk lotfidk

I got 10 out of 10!:))

Profile photo of veronica241 veronica241

I got 90% without watching the video.lol

Profile photo of jumagjohnlloyd jumagjohnlloyd

I got 70%. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Dilini Maheshika Dilini Maheshika

I got 100% :D yayy ;)

Profile photo of Mona31 Mona31

Thank you very much! I hope your leaasons will help me with an interview!

Profile photo of Golda Golda

Thank you, for this lesson. not easy, but must be saved in mind.
After my quiz had finished, i got the result 6 of 10. But, there was shown only 2 red color mistakes. Why is it like this?

Profile photo of sashadana sashadana

Nice lessons.

Profile photo of Jose flasio Freire da silva Jose flasio Freire da silva

Thanks Benjamin. I got 9/10. Great way to present the difficult subject.

Profile photo of girish soni girish soni

I ve got 8
thank u

Profile photo of zylia zylia

I’ve got a 10/10. I was a bit slow on answering though. But anyway, thanks for the quiz.

Profile photo of emmannamme emmannamme


Profile photo of liubaldo@ liubaldo@

I must be learning something in business writing this semester. I am a student returning to college after 24 years of not continuing formal education to further my degree, I decided to go back and have been struggling with the writing course. I am so proud -I got a 100% on this exam!

Profile photo of annlow annlow

thanks a lot

Profile photo of ismailenglish ismailenglish

6/10. Very useful lesson. Thank you Benjamin!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva


Profile photo of boeboyan boeboyan

Excellent lesson…10/10

Profile photo of lvasque1 lvasque1

Excellent class Benjamin. I’m glad to share that I reached 9 out of 10.

Profile photo of Zé Geraldo Zé Geraldo

Can you make a video of job interview for fresh graduate?

Profile photo of sam sam

nice tips and tricks, if anyone wants to pratice English , please contact me. Marcos.p990 on Skype :)))

Profile photo of Marcos Paulo Marcos Paulo


Profile photo of fabiosilva fabiosilva

Hi bjmn i’m glad, i’ve got 100%, thanks for your class!!!!! :-)

Profile photo of jr.mathjr1 jr.mathjr1

got 100%, great.

Profile photo of juliano schmidt juliano schmidt

7/10 Thanks.

Profile photo of Lirie1 Lirie1

I got 40%..i must review my english prepositions concepts..thanks Benjamin!

Profile photo of wac07 wac07

take it easy!

Profile photo of alisam alisam

9/10. Thanks.

Profile photo of arthurkomiyama arthurkomiyama

thank you I did 7 of 10

Profile photo of karik44 karik44

yes! I Got 9. Thanks teacher Benjamin. Good lesson.

Profile photo of Ingris Zuleidis Ingris Zuleidis


Profile photo of Puspajee Puspajee

8/10.. OMG! I’m so nervious because in 5 day I going to have a job interview… I need repeat and repeat this lesson.

Profile photo of Areliana Areliana

igot 50 so im looking for a friend to practice my english and that give him a practice and make his language very strong is there any one like to
this is my whatsapp number 00249922830536 and i ll met you on the skybe
good bye

Profile photo of waleediron waleediron

10/10 ! fingers crossed!

Profile photo of FatVeal FatVeal


Profile photo of Renalinda Renalinda

I couldn’t get what it means here: “I generated many leads.” Can anybody help me? What does it mean “leads” here? Thank you in advance :)

Profile photo of GizemGizem GizemGizem

Thank you.

Profile photo of Mustafa Mustafa

Thank you Benjamin

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

excellent ben

Profile photo of bebo de resha bebo de resha

I got 10/10
thank you.
by Deaw

Profile photo of parichatt parichatt

Thanks Benjamin for a good lesson!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks Benjamin .. it’s 9/10 but I misunderstand what is mean( takeover of started ) ?

Profile photo of Safaa76 Safaa76

Thank you it’s a great idea using this power intention words not only in the interview but in the resume as well.

Profile photo of 79Dex 79Dex

Haha, the nice joke: “I degenerated your sister”.
Even though I’ve got 10 out of 10, I still understand that maybe it was luck because this theme is really difficult to understand by watching the video only one time.

Profile photo of Patrinus Patrinus

Benjamin, thank you! You are awesome! I hope yu are pursuing your actor’s career! You remind me of Mr. English!

Profile photo of Malvabee Malvabee

so good Thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of jesuherc jesuherc

Thanks Mr. Benjamin.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

This quiz is very tough, but I managed to get 90%. I felt I am an accomplished English learner. Thank you Benjamin, I truly appreciate your video. You are a very good designer.

Profile photo of Jevan Jevan

This quiz is very tough, but I managed to get 90%. I felt I am an accomplished English learner. Thank you Benjamin, I truly appreciate your video. You are a very good designer.

Profile photo of Jevan Jevan

My score 8 of 10. It was hard, but essential to expand your dictionary. I don’t think, I have opportunity to use them but any way was worth to passed through.
THX see you in the next lesson.

Profile photo of Grzegorz Bak Grzegorz Bak

Has anyone also joked about question 3?
I got 80%
Thanks Benjamin!

Profile photo of aaasantos aaasantos

Thx Benjee I got 90. 👍

Profile photo of Roen Roen

Thank you very much Benjamin!

Profile photo of gussystar55 gussystar55
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