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Hey Emma, It’s good to see you again..
wish I can get the IELTS but unfortunately it doesn’t available in my country..thanks a lot for your great efforts..
I have a question: can you or anyone tells me why you often saying “Could I get” instead of saying “Can I get” although Could is the past of Can, plus what’s the difference bettween “My father works at the hospital” and “My father works in the hospital..thank you once again


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    They use “Could I get” because this expression is more polite.

    “at” refers to a location, whereas “in” refers to the inside. The former, “at”, could refer to either the outside or the inside of a building. Both of these are correct.
    Speakers might use “at” instead of “in” when location itself is more important than being inside that location and doing something.

    For example,
    I’m at the HOSPITAL, waiting for the doctor.
    I’m in the hospital, WAITING for the doctor.

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      How are you doing Jerry,
      I really appreciate your explanation but what if I said “I tried my best but I couldn’t” and “I tried my best but I can’t” the different so big, the same thing with Could I get and Can I get so can you explain a little bit more…

      regarding to “at” and “in” it’s pretty clear now, Thanks


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        Very good explanation, Jerrychen!

        Hey, Taha, here’s some explanations about this whole thing “CAN”

        “CAN” is one of the most commonly modal verb used in English. It’s used to express: ABILITIES, OPPORTUNITIES, TO REQUEST or OFFER PERMISSION and SHOW POSSIBILITY or IMPOSSIBILITY.

        Here are some examples:

        #1. I CAN speak English beautifully. (Ability)

        #2. We CAN buy it when it’s in OFF. (Opportunity)

        #3. He CAN hang out with his friends as soon as he finishes his homework up. (Permission)

        #4. Mom, CAN I now hang out? I’m already done with my homework! (REQUEST)

        #5. You CAN get sick if you have much junk food! (Possibility or impossibility)



        However, your sentence fits in the option ability.

        Look closely.

        Your sentences:

        I tried my best, but I couldn’t do my test all by myself.*

        I always try my best, but I can never do a test all by myself.**

        * In the first one you used the main verb (to try) in the past, so the modal verb (can) must come also in the past. You made an attempt, you tried, but you didn’t manage doing the test.

        ** the second one the main verb (to try) is in the present, so the modal (can) must be also in the present in order to make sense!

        Hope it helps, see you around…

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          Hey Thalinho,
          I really appreciate your help, It’s pretty clear now..your examples made it easy to understand.
          With deep respect and appreciation


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          Thalinho !!your answer is fantastic ,, u r too good in english ,could u please me to improve my english ?? i got 6 bands only and my requirements are higher ,, mr kavan shukla 36 male india

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          Thalinho !! as i read u r a English teacher i m keen to get in touch with u , undoubtablly my intentions are very clear to learn english only ,, is there any way to be in touch with u ? my id is kavan.shukla1508@gmail.com ,,jerry chen`s comment is also good .. jerry is there any way to get in touch with u buddy ??

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        hey taha,
        sorry for the intervention, but from my humble opinion, i think that when you say could i get it’s the same of can i get but the first sentence is more pullied.
        then when you say i tried my best but i couldn’t is the right way cause you are refering to something in the past that you couldn’t do then when you say i tried my best but i can’t it dosen’t make sence cause you are talking about the past and present in the same time but you can say i tried my best but i can’t do that any more here is the right way cause you are refering to some thing you did in the past and you can’t repeat it refers to the present.

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          Hey Alani,
          that is very kind of you.

          thanks a lot my brother,

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      thank you .
      What I have think , you said that.
      well .I am not perfect at all .But I am learning English.

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    where r u from?

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    Hello Taha. You could approach me if you need help. I would be honored to help you.
    Warm Regards,
    Victoria ❤

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Hey Emma, It’s good to see you again..
wish I can get the IELTS but unfortunately it doesn’t available in my country..thanks a lot for your great efforts..
I have a question: can you or anyone tells me why you often saying “Could I get” instead of saying “Can I get” although Could is the past of Can, plus what’s the difference between “My father works at the hospital” and “My father works in the hospital..thank you once again


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Thank you, Emma!

I used some of your tips when I had an interview, where I spoke English. I got the job.

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Hi If you pleas
If continuance that explain task two and task three

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Your explanation is clear and you use all detail to show the especial points. thank you.

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my favorite teacher

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Thanks a lot Emma! You always have prepared a lot before teach us. I love it and really appreciate!

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How easy English is with you Emma ! ! !
Would you please show us a written form of the interview between both parties. next month i am going to have a work interview, i hope your lesson will help me getting the new job.
Thants alot.

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    Hi Mansour,
    I am masum. sorry for intervention. I would like to inform that you can practice to friends or relative about your work Confrontaion, traits, Enthusiasm, work ethic, dedication etc.Can you practice to me. this is my skype;masumdsbc

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Hi Emma,
Thank you so much,Your explanation is so informative with suitable examples…i appreciate you..

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Hi Emma,
I still beginner in english , But i want to know what’s the difference between American english and British english , what one do you teaching.
I wish that all my comment is correct. Respect Emma from Morocco , you’re the best Teacher in engvid.

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yes 100% :)

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hi Emma.very interesting lesson. thanks for the recommended.

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I am a new user of engVid. Is there any way to communicate with you? Because I have a question, actually many, that what is the meaning of “it sucks”. I know its a slang. But I have to know it because you (English people) use it frequently. I am sorry to get you into embarrassing situation.

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    Please Add me on Skype : Berajaal

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thank you.it’s very helpful for me.

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I have a question here that may not belong to this lesson but really confused me, anyway the question is
1.Can I ask a question ?
2.Could I ask a question ?
which one is correct and which can be more polite so please reply me
I will be thankful
so please reply me

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Excellent video, Emma, as you ever do!

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Thank You Very Much..

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Both questions are ok. My husband who is American, says that to his ear, it sounds a little more polite with could.
I hope this helps you.

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i feel very difficult to speak in english what is the way that makes me to improve my communication?

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hi emma…could you please make more videos on most used english phrases to help us in speaking and listening… ^_^

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Dear Emma,
I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly help me. Firstly, I get confused when someone says smth like “I’m feeling better”. Is this sentence grammatically correct? As I know we only use “feeling” as a noun, but not a pres. continious verb.

Secondly, my another question refers to using of “have have” in sentences with verbs in the past perfect form. For example, which of the sentences are preffered to use if I want to say that I ALREADY have a particular book:
“I’ve already have this book” or simple “I’ve got this book.”
Thanks in advance!

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    sorry, I meant using verbs in the present perfect form when we say about possession.
    Which is preffered: “I’ve already had this book” or “I’ve got this book”?

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Emma, thanks, this video really helped improve my english.

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nice video .. very helpful teacher :)

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this lesion is very useful for me) Thank you so much, Emma.

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Thanks Emma really a good video
and unfortunately i don’t have people speaking English to encourage me practice with them and i forgot a lot of phrase and vocabulary
and i can’t speak english quickly as the level that i want to be at

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This is a very good lesson not only for the IELTS but for everyone who wants to improve their skills in English language. Thank you and greetings from Athens.

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I just wanna say HI 2 u,dear prof.
:) Regards!

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thank you for lesson my teacher

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thanks Ms. Emma i hope you can give more video lesson for new member. cheers :-)

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Hi I am a novice in English Can you help me

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OH emma for the first lesson i realy inderstand it the way u make us focus it is imbelivebale thank you so much :)

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thanks Emma can you give lessons for TOEFL

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Hello Emma
Thanx for video.I did not get someting which i wanna learn.
You used ”make things up” when you talk about lie in this video.But What exatly does it mean ? or it can be meant an other thing as well ?

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Thank you!

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Hello Emma. When should I use the simple future and when going to?

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Great lesson Emma, I´ll take my exam soon and it was very usefull for my, thanks

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All of your lesson are excellent

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where i can download this video

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    We don’t make the videos available for download, so you’ll have to find another way.

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thanks emma you are really a good teacher i understand from you

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I intend to do IELTS test
I made ​​a lot of spelling mistakes while writing How can I improve my writing quickly

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Thank you so much. The phrase “you don’t need to be perfect to get a band of 9 in an IELTS is exam” enlightened me. :)

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Hi Emma, thanks you very much fo such great videos. i just wanted to know what if we don’t really know how to answer a question, can we change the subject, for e.g Am not keen of sports but i rather like to play games at home or enjoy with my friends. Thank you

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i wish if i can meet friends speak clearly as you .. lol
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Victoria ❤

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thanks mam giving instruction for IELTS. But I have one confussion if in the speaking task examiner ask me question and I am not understand the question the I would ask the examiner for repeat or tell me question again?

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i really enjoy your lesson thnks alot, keep going ^_^

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I really love your lessons.
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You gave a lesson very clearly and made me understand about what you say. I hope that i can get move with step by step.
I really enthusiastic about your lesson.

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

Thank you Emma

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and where are you from?

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Thank you

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taha there Ielts exam in Erbil and also Baghdad
you can check this web site for more information

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Hii! Emma, you’re really an excellent teacher! What I like best is your glamourous way to express yourself! Would be glad to learn from you again and again! Hopeful, with your help, I’ll finally pass IELTS in 2014)) With you, it doesn’t seem that undoable)) Great respect in your precious job you’re doing for us! Thank you, dear!

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It would be so appriceated if someone help me with my english, particularly in writing science paper for international journals.
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Thank you so much for these videos !
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I followed your every tip as much as I can. This is my first time taking IELTS and I came up with successful results ! Thousand times thank you …. thank you !!!

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really useful!! thanks a lot!


I enjoy ur way of teaching Emma .

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What is the best way to improve my vocabulary and grammar simultaneously?

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Hi Emma, i benefit a lot from this lesson. I have an inquiry. you said that we should use different tenses, the problem is that the first section of IELTS speaking is concerning facts about my life, therefor i am forced to use present simple most of the time. What do you think?

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Hi Emma!
Well…I have done all these things you mention, really help but somehow I used Japanese while interview( i mean for some vocab but not the whole sentence)accidentally. Rare but it really happened…Quite sad as my language system seems become chaos

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(there were a table chart and a pie chart)
The charts demonstrates why the adults go on for the studies and how cost of studies must be shared.
firstly, in the bar chart, interest in the subjects makes up the highest percentage of the total at 40% following by gaining qualifications which accounts for 38 percent of total at thirty eight percent. the third reason for which adults go for the studies is being helpful for current jobs by a percentage of 22%. some other adults keep their studies going on for the cause of improving the prospects of promotion and enjoying learning which stands for 20 percent who have chosen the both reasons. meanwhile a small percentages regarded the reasons of being able to change jobs and to meet people.
the pie chart illustrates how the cost of each course should be shared. a very large percentage stands for individuals precisely 42 percent which makes the largest percentage. employers makes up the second high percentage of a total at 35 percent and finally the tax payers accounts for 25 percent of the total.

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    Or where should I prepare myself for ielts?
    If u know feel free to share ur information with me
    Thanks bro!
    FB: Masood Niazai
    Email: masoodullah80@gmail.com

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i got score 70/10 = 70% i need more practice in this test
thank you so much Emma you have giving the ielts tips

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/i got 905 score 9/10=90%

Profile photo of intoxcated007 intoxcated007

thanks Emma this was very helpful

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hi, Emma I´d like you do a video about how to say a German but in an offensive way and gypsy and so other expresión like that. I´m not sure but I think kraut is the Word. thans a lot

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Thank You Emma For Your Advices :)

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that was really helpful video , i really benefited from it

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks Emma. It’s was à good lesson for those who want to take the IELTS. Good luck to all.

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i want to take ielts… tq for the lesson…

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Thanks Emma..for speaking info

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video has helpful advice. thanks emma

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Thanks, Emma. I got 90.

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you are the best guide, i declare that she talks gracefully.

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Thanks Emma! I got full mark in your quiz. I liked most when you said ‘don’t worry too much to be perfect, and even native speakers make mistakes in their speaking. Again, thanks a lot for the course and the useful tips you brought in here.

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Dear Ms. Emma,
How are you, hope you help me with some issues for the Ielts exam, I am not English native speaker but I am working in English school in my country and having no problem dealing and communicate everyday with other English colleagues, when I do the speaking test I got very nervous, sweating too much and show a lot of hesitation ( erm, ooh, err….) my score between 5 and 6 how can I avoid this, I am not doing this in real life. What advise also can you give me for other parts of exam to get high score.
Thank you in advance.

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hi emma thank you

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Hello Emma this lecture is really interesting, i appreciate this help you provided, anyways thanks a lot for these lectures.

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looking for IELTS speaking buddy
Name:Hady Afifi
Time Zone:+2 GMT
Date of Exam: mid June
Target Score in Speaking: 7
Overall Target:7
Time of Availability: flexible

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Well done!

Yours faithfully,

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Thank you Emma

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So helpful, most appreciation dear Emma,
I got 9 out of 10

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Thank you Emma !

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Thanks Emma, All The Best Wishes :)

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nice job emmaa i appreciate

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Hi my dear teacher Emma, I really appreciate your teaching, your fulfil in teaching!

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You got 9 correct out of 10Thanks

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Hi Emma; I’ve been watched hers classes for once
and in according to quiz I understand it perfectly, I’m very happy because I have been studied English only and I think my English has improved a lot! What is your opinion?


i got 6 out of 10 :P

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thanks ema after watching this video got 10 out of 10

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    So you do the quiz twice the times? LOL!

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Thanks Emma!

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hi, every one here to talk to each other in order to be prepared in IELTS exam? my Skype id is amirm60

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I remember when I 8 years old, it is the first time I do the Speaking test with the Native Speaker when she asked me: “Why you learn English?” I answer: “English is my weapon and I’m in my war! I need English to get the scholarship!” – it is the first time I talk to the Native Speaker so I really scare!
Then she said: “If English is your weapon, you must make it sharper like speak English louder!” I realize I’m so shy and I train my self to speak louder and better after that day! :)
Thx Emma great lesson! Have a nice day!

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I need someone to practice my speaking with him . please anyone>>>thanks

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The tips not only for IELTS test we could use for a interview.


Hi Emma
Thanks for your words. How can I obtaining more and more words

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Thanks a lot Emma^-^

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thank you so much Emma……….

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Great lesson, thank you Emma.

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thanks Emma, I’ll prepare for IETLS in 2020.

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Emma this lesson is great, awesome video, thanks!!!

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it is vary good information
thank you allot

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I’ved learned this video ,How to improve my english .

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Thank you for you honorebel guide, It the honor time for me to you teach me and illuminate my future

Faithfully yours

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9/10. I’m 39 years old! This lesson also useful for me, in spite of I will not take IELTS task,

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8/10, I feel good with this mark, I worked all the time and I ‘m tired right now

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