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the lesson is truly hard to me, i must listen again many times, anyway thanh Ronnie

nguyen van long

That’s is not bad,but i need to ronnie for teach me pleaseeeeee

Yahya ronny

Thanks for this funny entusiastic way to explain all these useful words.
Some of these strange things make me think about it and.. a pipinela would be nice.
Have a good one!


Hahahaha nice lesson Ronnie!!!Thank you for your advice. We´ll try to press the elevator buttons EVEN HARDER expecting that it comes faster (elevator repairing companies should be very happy with your advice ;) ).


Thanks Ronnie for this video. I have learned a lot of new expressions.

Emmanuel MANDEBI

Thank you Ronnie




Thank you, Ronnie!


Thanks for you Great effort

Seif Eldawla

I believe what you said about pressing elevator buttons many times and fast enough !!!! it really works


very informative and easy

atika salman

Hello Runnie, if you time is allowed would be pleasure to see some contents about digraph, trigraph and split digraphs? Thank you


Thanks Ronnie, great job!


Thank You, Ronnie

Rafael Cico

How are you?
I really like your lessons. I am preparing IELTS now. Can you help me prepare for IELTS?

Marjona Egamberdieva

Ronnie, why do you wrangle up with some cowboys? :) Are they even alive now after this? :)


thanks Ronnie


Thanks a lot


Wow, Ronnie.


Hi everybody, what is difference between ” He is being rude ” and ” He is rude “.
Thanks a lot in advance.


    He is being rude, someone makes problems with him
    he is rude, he is the problem maker.
    I guess this is a correct answer.


    I will try to explain it metaphorically. Please imagine that rude is the final destination (rudeness). If you say “he is rude”, that means he reaches the final destination (rudeness). If you say “he is being rude”, that means he is still away from the final destination (rudeness) but he is going there.


      Thanks, so I can infer when someone is rude, she/he is rather unlikely to change into a polite person (unless that person resist her/his being dragged by this bad habit so much so that it is vitiated) and when someone is being rude, she/he has more dominance (than in final destination) over rudeness to at once lead it toward a rational way.


Hi, I don’t know exactly what ” It would have to have been used ” means, does anybody know?


thank you teacher when I watching your video I can understand you god save you


Hi Ronnie! You are such an interesting human being! I like your way of teaching us. Splendid!

Andrey Hard

7/7! Great! One more funny! When I watch somebody blooding, my ass hole will tight.

Jerry Gu

I really appreciate what you’ve done… But i have a question about the word “gitch” I can’t find the word in the dictionary or online….Please help….

Judd Liao

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks a lot for this episode!

Just one clarifying question about #4:

“4. When I am waiting for the light to change at the crosswalk, I always __________ the button many times. Maybe I have a psychological problem.”

Why “click on” option is incorrect?
As far as I understood from the video, “click on” = “press”, isn’t it?



Thanks a lot for this nice lesson.

Hamidullah 10

Wow its cool and i really like it however i hope that i can text or e.mail my teacher.


Dear Mrs.Ronnie, thanks for your advice how to accelarate an elevator to come. I will try it next time. -:)

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