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I’m very happy to know this site


    I’m very much enthusiastic to join this site.It will enhance my knowledge of English a lot.

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thanx ^^


Thank you Mr. James. You aren’t only a great teacher. You are a very good psychologist!..

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The Object inject the object in the dejected object.

Vladimir Putin

Thank you, James)

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I follow almost all your lessons beside other teacher lessons, and really I found Vocabulary pyramid useful for me because its the key of any language.

Thank you so mush for great work.

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    much…. better!!

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please don’t cry ,we are love you.teacher James


Great!! I love this lesson!! I finally found a funny and fantastic teacher!! James, you teach and explain some difficult subjects in a very easy and funny way. Thank you and please continue!!!


it is intersting thinku teacher


Super teacher :-)


please could you explain material little understandly?
but anyway – thank you so much!


you guys are really helpful to us. but if we need to ask some more information on some particular topic then what should we do?


Everytime I watch Mr. James’ videos,my mom asks me why I’m LOL.
Thank you for your always amusing classes James!Love u♡

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hello could u explain the word upon and the usage in english ?
thanks in advance

john show

This is my first lesson and I’ve found it quite useful. Thanks from a desperate student of English!


Thakyou teacher james this lesson help me a lot

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thans james you’r very smart and funny


thanks james you’r very smart and funny


tnx james
hy i just want to learn the way of your teaching
can teach me how to teach like you ser?????????///

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    In teaching, just be as yourself or else it is not you… just be confident of what you are doing so that you’ll become effective.

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I am a native English speaker and for 36 years of English never knew the reason why we call a subject a subject or a object a object. I am excited to share this website with all my students!!!!!


Great Mr.James.
Your lessons are very good!

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not bad at all dude

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thaks james , really the lesson is very interesting .. i got 4 out 4 ..*_^

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it is rilly interject me to trow this idea i can not reject these vidoes


it was funny…..but can you explain a little bit slowly?? please…thanks


Thank you teacher nice exercise. Your enthusiasm encourage us to learn english the easy way.


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    I agree with you! :)

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In person I like this new word “horrendous”
thanks Jim

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I got perfect score! Thanks Teacher James! :)

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it was so good.,thank u james

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hi … very good ..
pls add some more vocabulary videos
god bless

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I’m very happy to know this site


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hi sorry i cant see video
kadr at the top of the page is blank

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i have problem that i do not know when i have to write I OR E in the word is there any rules for that ?


thnkx for these amazing teacherz and tremendous way of teacheing


Thank you so much indeed


Dear sir, you speak very fast,could you slow down your pace.


oh my good, i’m very glad to know this site I wish if i know it before. That is to say fantastic

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That was excellent. He is amazing teacher<3


it’s realy great video !! ;)


It was funny. I never paid atention for these details thanks for your lesson.


you are very teacher, you seems never are dejected, greetings

Arthur Enriquez

it very useful for me. Thanks!

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شكرا جزيلا

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Thank you very much for your effor and time.
I am so happy because I felt interjected and not dejected in this topic

All the best


Very intersting


thank you

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it’s very interesting this lesson but my dear james you speak too fast for me sometimes I have to rewind…anyway thank you very much


Thank You teacher. Lily from Brazil


thank u very much .. teacher from brazil

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I`m absolutly hypnotized by your lessons,so lively and informative they are.You give a good example of how important to be the enthusiast of your job! You definitely are! Both students and teachers have a lot to imbibe and enjoy.


u r the best teacher…


Hi James!!!
Thanks a lot foryour teaching.
It’s very very useful for me.


thank you your lesson is useful for me

salar m aziz

It’s the best source of english video lessons.

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thank you Mr. james . I’m really interested .


haha this site is great, the video is so funny, I’ve watched it two times already, still loving it. haha


I was very amazed then teacher start eating a paper. Never seen it before. Cool.


Hell Mr James, You,re a such good teacher. I,m glad I found you,re cite.Thanks a lot and, keep good work.


It does not matter if somebody is black or white-do not object and reject his/her project of love because he/she will be dejected.Thank you James a lot for lessons


I love this site,thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a loooooooooooooot! >:D<


welldone useful thank u teachers


very useful thank you so much.


Thank you James!!! I like your lessons very much)))


Thanks for this fun lesson. I’m addicted to this site now. There are so much to learn.


thanks..very very good


thanks a lot!!!
you’re amaze and funny
I guess this is the best way to teach english))))

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These building vocabulary lessons are so invaluable that I think you should stick to making more of this type of video lessons. I feel like I’m learning a lot after watching each one of them.

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Hi James,I really like your teaching style ….could you plese explain the lesson of Being vs been .I watched one clip related to this topic ,but I couldn’t understand it.can you do it plese………..?


Well done James!You are King dot

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awesome site ! thank u all great teachers . it helped me to know dissimilarities between ilets & toefl1

rahul awale

actual ı have nothıng to say more than …. you are soooo fantastic teacher have ever seeen.. keep it up!!!!!!

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thanks a lot


Hi, James I am very pleased to express my thanks to you, who can provide English lessons via internet access to all the people around the world!

James is one of the English teachers are a boon to all those who can learn English, because the methods applied by James very helpful and fantastic.

I can not return something to you,honly my Greeting in prayers, from Jayapura, West Papua!


the most intersting field of english
if you have more pyramids please teach us


Well, James, I see that you are quite an excentric person, but putting a ticket into your mouth is just not right.
I just imagine all the bacteria and germs transmitted from the money to your hands then to the ticket and then right into your mouth. (yacky)
Were I your girlfriend, I wouldn’t kiss you ever again or, at least, not until you rinsed your mouth with some stiff drink and brushed your teeth thrice.

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an ingeneous lesson from an intelligent teacher.


The lessons on vocabulary building are really great.
Thank you so much, techer James.

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Oh my gosh, I absolutely needed this! You definitely converted me from those boring SAT vocabulary study books, to you! I love your vocabulary pyramids!! Please do more, my SAT is coming up and you are everything I need to succeed!

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Thanks!!! U r the best here!!!most fun!!


I object about the objects that reject! Like the boomerang! =D!

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great Stuff!!!! yeeeee


Nihal TÜRK ‏@ANA777TRK
@engVid Ronnie, Should I say good morning or good night I didn’t know. I know one I need as soon as possible sleep Would you write please on the board.You showed the dictionary name because didin’t read it. xx

Nihal TÜRK

It’s hard to look for the answers on this page.
Could we communicate on Twitter?

Nihal TÜRK

very clear, very funny..thanks so much

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nice one James I like your way of teaching and intersting!! thanks for your effort….


thanx a lot Mister James for being helpful and nice on your way to teach.


You’re so funny. I like to watch you lessons Mister James.
Thank you

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this site is very useful


Thanks James very clear!!I’m a college student you lessons helps me .Awesome site ! thank u all great teachers.I really like your teaching style.You are college classes teacher??

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Thanks James . You’re so natural while you’re teaching . It’s really great. Very good sense of humour.And the choice of your worm’s name is just fantastic. I like the way you’re drawing too. Fast and exact.

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Nice lesson, thanks! By the way you were hyperactive in this lecture :D

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Nice lesson .. thanx :)

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Very good class!

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Thanks James

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its always fun to watch and listen to you.

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You are my hero.

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tanx bro.kiss kiss

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Great! love to watch you!

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How can I join online class?Please!

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Thanks james it was realy useful.
Loved it

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Hi James! You are a real Godsend!
It was great thousand times! You even tasted a ticket! :D And composion was really interesting!
You are the smartest teacher!

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Great! It is always a little bit funny, so I can learn it easier. Thanks! James! I love it!

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Love it Mr.James
I love that
You are Funny !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, the word “-ject” means “throw” in Latin, you have explained us eight words with this suffix but what happen when you use this particle such a prefix, then you would use then with the same meaning, I suppose, but after all, it was a very interesting lesson. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, it was a good loud sound of the performance.

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You interjected this vocabulary inside my mind

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Hello, James!
Can you explain the difference between ‘reject’ and ‘refuse’ please
Thank You

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James… I really really really like you because you are funny teacher but the door close… IT MAKE ME STARTLE!!!

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