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Thanks a lot!

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    thanks so much I have learnt very nice English for you and I’m so happy nice Teacher


    hi would you like to chat on facebook?

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Thank you Rebecca for this lesson,you explain your lessons very clearly and i love that! And thank you also for all the efforts you are making for this website, It is the best!! See ya!lol! ;)

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    How wonderful that your English is already so good!

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      Hello mam, Thank you ,Speak in English is my dream but I did not found any way , but i think that my dream will come true. – Prakash from India

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      thank you my teacher its really very lovely i wish to speak with you very fast lol i am from jordan,amman

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thank you so Much Rebecca

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Thank you, Rebecca! Nice lesson!

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thank you for your lesson, fantastic I think this kind of lesson cannot be found in any where.


    Thanks. So glad you find our site helpful. Do tell your friends so we can continue to add new lessons.

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      thank u teacher.

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    I agree.

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      Thank you Teacher.

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thak you teacher rebecca :)


Thanks alot :)

Ahmed Helmy

A very interesting lesson!. Thanks.


thanks! I like it I’ll try to use these pairs


very very interesting lesson


your voice is loud and clear….!!!
thaaank you for helping us in english


I like your positive attitude …


    You must have a positive attitude yourself to appreciate a positive attitude…

    All the best to you, Nat.

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got 10 out of 10!!!


Thank you Rebecca, nice lesson.

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Your traching is Loud + Clear
Thank you


Robecca how are you, your explain is very good I like that I was watching your video thank you.

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wow the lesson was short and sweet .
many thanks Rebecca


I don’t know how to thank you.

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Nice lesson and better score…

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this quiz was awesome!
I’ll continue practicing.

Greetings from Argentina


correct ten per ten….^..the lesson is very short and warm.

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thank you so much for all your lessons you have a greate knowledge and I like your way to explain. my English is not well I have been in the USA for a few months ago and I have a difficulty to communicate with other people I feel so sad because it is very hard when people speak to me and I can not answer them but I try everyday to learn English I don’t know if I can do it thanks again and I hope I will meet you someday.


    Look how much you can already express in English! That’s great! I am sure you will continue to make good progress towards your goal. Be positive and feel proud of every little step forward, Anais. My best wishes to you.

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Thanks Rebecca!!



Rebecca,I have a question.Could you tell me about past participle (Third form of the verb)I know according to grammar past participle gets used

1-in perfect tenses
2-in Passive voice
3-as a adjective

But in the following structure,I am not able to get that in what sense past participle is getting used.

Here are examples.

1-Get started (Why past participle is getting used after get)

2-Get itemized
3-Get organized

and other examples like that

Please,if you make me clear this,I would really appreciate it.

Kinds Regards,


    as far as I comprehend your question :
    here`s the thing ,,
    with “get” there is a rule
    1- get + adjective
    e.g. I`m getting hungry . let`s eat soon
    get gives the idea the idea of change , the idea of becoming or the idea of beginning .
    in the example it means that I wasn`t hunger before , but now I`m beginning hungry .
    2- get + past participle ^ this is what you asking for, isn`t it ^
    e.g. I stopped working because I got tried

    get may also followed by past participle . the past participle function as an adjective it describes the subject .
    another examples :
    get drunk ,, get sunbrunt ,, get engaged ,,get arrested … etc.

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Wow.it is my first time that I had visited this webpage, but let me tell you that i like it. I am studying english at the moment . I just finish The GED but I took it on spanish.so I need to improve my english in order to go to college.
Thank you; Rebecca I know it will help me a lot.



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Thanks Rebeca por the nice and easy lesson, I like lesson short and sweets. Thanks.

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Thank you Rebecca for this lesson,you explain your lessons very clearly and i love that! And thank you also for all the efforts you are making for this website, It is the best!! See ya!lol! ;)

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loud and
thanks you very much.

Jose a garcia

Thank you dear Rebecca, your lessons are always short and sweet.
hope see you always hale and hearty in Engvid.

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Thank you, Rebecca! It’s very usefull.


Thanks. very useful lesson

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thank you so much

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Thanks, very usefull.

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thanks a lot it’s so intresting lesson

sidali H H

    You mean such an interesting lesson. Thanks for your feedback! My best to you.

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for me this lesson was short & sweet thanks for the new vocab !!

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thank you so much for giving such an lesson to us

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Hi,Teacher thank you very much for knowing the adjective pairs.


thank you so muchhhh… :)


Hi Rebecca! Please, tell me. What do you advise from books for study english?
Thank you!

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thanks for the lesson. All your videos are short and sweet.


Perfect! I understood everything =)! I love vocabulary lessons because they help me to improve my conversation skills.

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Hi.. Rebecca, I am 40 yrs old now and working as domestic housemaid.. iam so when i saw your video here..i think if i will continue watching your video i will learn more correct Grammar… because.. thank you !


    You can do it,Arlene. One expression at a time, you will make good progress. What matters is that you care enough to want to improve and that attitude will take you far. My best wishes to you.

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hale n’ hearty I wish 2 u Rebecca, that way u would be keep teaching english 4 sure. thahk u.

Efrain Dominguez

It’s very interesting. Thank you so much, Rebecca.
By the way, could you please help me with an exercise? It’s a question which I’m assigned for my final oral exam in 3-5 minutes, but I have no clue about it.
“Present your opinion about the following question: to be a start up entrepreneur, what qualities may you need?”
I’m really in hot water right now. Looking forward to your reply – your help. Thanks a lot.

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    There are so many qualities you could mention, such as: confidence, creativity, determination, discipline, passion, willingness to work hard, and so on. Or you could choose just three of these qualities and give examples. All the best to you!

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      Thanks for your help. Although it couldn’t help for my exam (cause i finished it), it helps for my life in the future. :)

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        Hi tonnguyenkieuthuc!
        I am Mahmud,from Bangladesh,looking for partner to improve English speaking through direct conversation by skype. If you interested then mail me at shiplu.f@gmail.com.


in point of fact, this lesson was pretty splendid ,,, I always pay attention to these kind of words, I have got two queries !!
1- we used : nice and …( any adj ) if it followed by ” be ” .
e.g. The weather was nice and warm .
but if there is a noun :
e.g. A nice hot drink .
or e.g. A nice and hot drink .
which one is correct , shall we erase “and“ or not ??

2- “sick and tired” is it the same as “sick to death”

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Thank you!

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thanks rebecca,it was a short and sweet lesson.thanks again.

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first and foremost i would like to thank you Mrs Rebecca for you helpful and nice lesson. it was short and sweet. thanks a lot.
the world of Enlish is fun and exiting place to be so if someone wants to improve speaking skills with me, can have my SKYPE name ‘FARGETO’


Hi Rebecca ! I’ve heard you loud and clearly. Your english sound nice and warm. But I’ve got scored 9 out of 10. Then I’m sick and tired but I tell you that first and foremost I’m learning english at Engvid every day. Thanks a lot !

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    That’s cute! Wish you all the best, Oscar.

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thanks so much maam.

Manish Tiwari

It was a great lesson. Thanks.


Thank you

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Thank you Rebecca


thank you Rebecca. by taking lessons like this, we can learn just how native English speakers talk, which is really important. thanks.

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That was good :)

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Thank you Rebecca , it’s really short and sweet .

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Make one about how to say that you are sure of something (did + past tense)
like I did told him about you


    Actually, you should say:

    I did tell him about you.
    I did go to the meeting.
    I did have lunch.

    All the best, Dude!

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Dear Rebeca,

Thank you for this helpfull lesson. I don’t have another way to learn this kind of lessons. I am sure I will memorize and use these expressions next july in my visit to chicago-usa.


thank you Rebeca it was short and sweet

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Thank you Rebecca I will do better in the future


I didn`t know all those expressions. thank you.

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Thanks Rebecca for your short and sweet lesson .
You explained ir very well and i hope you always will hale and hearty so that we can get more knowledge from you.
Again thanks a lot…………


yes, first and foremost I should emphasize loud and clear that engvid.com is a worthy resource for English-learners. whether you are sick and tired or just got up bright and yearly you can open this site and feel yourself like sitting at the table and listening useful lectures in an nice and warm cafe. And you keep your money safe and sound, because it’s free of charge. Be hale and hearty, my friends


i wanna thak you very much for that lesson


well done, loud and clear, short and sweet as usual )))

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thanks alots for you ,great

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Thank Rebecca. I love you and your lesson.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca..

Vivek Srivastava

firs of all, thanks a lot for this very short and sweet lesson.
big thanks again .
all the best


Thank Rebecca.

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Thank you very much teacher.


10 out of 10! Great!

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Thank you, that’s very useful! I study English for many years and have never heard about it before. I got 100! Cool!

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Thank you, Rebecca

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca .Really, it’s very interesting lesson

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Many thanks, It’s so great

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Thanks !!! very usefull..

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it is really interesting.thank you for the lesson.

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thank you for this …




Thank very much


It was short and sweet:-)


Thank You its very effective to improve the English language

Ahmad Fahim


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… loud and clear…

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Very interesting , i liked it

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Helpful lesson. Thanks so much.

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thank you for lesson


your lesson was short and sweet:D
Thank you

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thanks very much , this lession very important like me .


Hi Rebecca ,
Thank you so much for your lessons . Could you explain us
about differences between start and begin !



thnks rebecca this was lovely teaching

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Thank you so much about the information


Thanks for an interesting test


the lisson is short and sweet

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Thank you so much…

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100% Wonderfull

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Thanks a lot! It is short and sweet.

Tuyen Dang

it is very interesting. Thank you so much Rebecca. I have been trying to learn English for a couple of years and learnt about grammar and a lot words so far. But ı have a diffuculty to explain myself. ı have a hunch that these lessons give me a hand to solve that problem :)


    Try to look for opportunities to speak and write English, in a context where someone can correct you. You have studied a lot, now you need to use what you know and you will go to a higher level. All the best to you.

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First and foremost I have to say thank you Rebecca!!This was really short and sweet :P

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It was an excellent class. thanks a lot Rebecca.

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very useful lesson.
Thank you very much.
I got 10 out of 10

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I love the lessons here :)
100 :D

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I love u and I want u be hale and hearly in ur life

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It’s very helpful lesion! Thank you very much for your excellent touch!!


Appolo Chakma

hello how r u?how can i use ur lessons

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I don’t unterdant

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I can’t leave you a comment why plz?


    You can still comment, but sometimes I have to approve them before they show up!

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i want to say thank you for evryone in this websit

I am from KSA


thanks a lot . I am bigining new & I enjoy.
I am from IRAN [persia]

nasser shay

Thanks!I am not sick and tired of learning with you.


    Thank heavens!

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Really amazing lesson, i love it, thanks Ms.Rebecca

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Hello,I looked for learning English sites too much,and i found your sit effective,but i think your lessons aren’t sort respectively.please help me.

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Many thanks!

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thanks Ms.Rebecca :)

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thank u for really amazing lesson ms rebecca


nice lesson I got 100

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thanks teacher.i understand. i dont know english well.

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i wrote some sentences about this lesson. please tell me these are correct or not.

1) my father wake up bright and early daily.
2) our journey to saudia was short and sweet.
3) i can listen your voice loud and clear.
4) im sick and tired to watch that movie.
5) let’s go to my room that is nice and warm.
6) you are safe and sound here. she worried about me but i told her im safe and sound.
first and foremost i have to met my father.
7) she wake-up bright and early that is why she is hale and hearty.

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    Sentences 2, 5 and 6 are basically fine. The others need correction. Perhaps some other students can offer suggestions? All the best to you.

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    1) my father wakes up bright and early daily.
    3) i hear your voice loud and clear.
    4) im sick and tired watching that movie.
    7) she wakes up bright and early, that is why she is hale and hearty.

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Very clear and nice explanation…thanks so much Rebecca

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thank you so much.


Thank you..May God Bless You



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i would like to say first and foremost thank u Rebecca for ur nice ans sweet lesson realy it was very helpful

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thank you so much

j .d subajini

Hi dear rebbeca.. I would like to thank you a lot for your huge effort,so my question is : can I use the adjectives pairs in formal situation !?


    Yes, certainly you could do so, though some expressions are more appropriate than others in formal situations. For example, first and foremost sounds more formal than short and sweet.

    All the best to you, Samia.

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Thanks a lot for this short and sweet explanation!


nu inteleg nimic




thank u i like your way sooooo much


Rebecca, you are the best teacher. Thank you!


Very valuable lesson
Thank you


Thank You Mam… I got 100% for the quiz. Your effort for emphasizing the adjective pairs is 100% successful.

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thanks alot very useful

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thanks a lot for teaching I would like to teach me transition words ,single word and while too


thanks a lot I need to learn more about transition words if u teach me


thank you………….

seema mishra

the lesson is very short and sweet . thank a lot :)

hà hà

Thank you

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Very good.Thanks a lot.

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Thanks Mam… Ur the Best :)

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I think it was interesting thank you very much

Yuliana silva

Pretty interesting! Thanks!

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Muhammad Umair

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Many thanks.

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thank you


Thanks Robecca. I’m happy to see this vidio lesson.I said thank first and foremost to you and engVid.

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Thanks to all for your feedback. It always helps us to hear from you. My best wishes to each one of you.

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This video is nice and Rebicca is also nice,Thanks Rebicca.


Thank you so much Rebecca!

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very nice rebecca thanks a lot! but i want to speak English like u… how can i improve my English skill plz tell me


and i like this page so much… my class sir is going to publish this page in his own class….


9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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thank you

Moneer Al-obaidi

any one can anser me

Moneer Al-obaidi


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hi .am in eng almost strong.but i need a good freind for improve my sp eng and knowns many slang and knw how thy must use in sentences….
http://www.iranian.fearless@yahoo.com if you would like to help me plz add me.tnx


I like very much, and it is so much helpful .. thanks a lot :)


Thanks for the useful lesson :)

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my English is getting better

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Thank you very much all your lessons is really useful and worth it to wach.

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great teatcher, thanks alot


Don’t even heard about ajective pairs before! Thank you for such a useful lesson.

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Thank yo so much Rebecca. I am very grateful to you.If their is anyone who improve his English speaking by direct conversation then mail me.I think it would be beneficial for both of us.Id:shiplu.f@gmail.com


thanks rebecca

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thank you realy i’m intrsted


Hi Rebecca, I enjoy very much your explanations. Thanks
Could tell me please what’s the meanning “in dead water” ? I looked many dictionaries but dn’t find the meanning. Thank you


very useful.

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thanks! I like it I’ll try to use these pairs

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Yo estoy iniciando el curso como puedo yo entender lo que usted esta mencionando, ya no que entiendo sus comentarios.



Hi teacher Rebecca , I’m very happy with your lessons , I love English very much , I know grammar but I can’t speak and write English very well.
1/ I go to my job bright and early.
2/ I’m very interesting with my friend yesterday ,but it’s short and sweet time.
3/ Her message is loud and clear.
4/ My bedroom is nice and warm.
5/ my family arrived safe and sound from travelling.
I don’t know ,this sentences is right ?
I hop correct me if it was wrong.

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thanks a lot, verz nice explanation


sorry, very nice


Thanks Rebecca for the useful lessons I`d like to ask you what is the best way to learn a new vocabulary by heart. In fact i`ve been studying english for 2 years at the British Council in Jordan and still have a problem of learning vocabs i`m doing the best i`m working hard but when I tried to revise the vocabs that I have I feel bored so what do you recommend please help me as much as possible I need yor help.


its a bingo


Good lesson Rebecca


Hello Rebecca mam
I just want to improve me english speaking , please tell me how

Manju Rai

Wow!!!amazing .I’ve really learned a lot .From now on ,I’ll spend my spare watching these videos .I could learn a lot .
Thank you so much Ms.Rebecca and to all teachers at this site .I am also a teacher and this video adds knowledge to. I could use it in my class since I am teaching non-English speakers.
Godbless :)


    sorry it’s “spare time” rather
    and it’s “to me”rather


thanks,i am from azerbaijan and i want to speak english very well,when i watch film i couldnt understand clearly and then i fell bad.hope soon i know english well.thanks for your lessons it is very helpfull

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I always watch and listen to engvid… and now you made a great lesson…(even my dog heard you loud and clear)…. thank you very much

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thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx alot

esraa yakout


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lesson was short and sweet.

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thank you it very help full and very words.Im chakking vocablarry.com last night its very nice also.


very very good

bijay from nepal

the lesson was short and sweet ,I like you , my best teacher(R)

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I had fun answering those quizes in every lesson . Thanks a lot , i was able to refresh my rusting brain ! Haha . By the way , i’m going to visit your website every now and then . God bless


Thanks I like that lesson :)

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Dear teacher Rebecca, i’m your beginner Italian student; i must study English because it is necessary for my work: i’m a manager nurse in Italy and i desire go to work in other place where is spoken English language. Thank you very much, your lessons are very very beautifuls!

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Thanks a lot Rebeca, I have your website as my dailly food. I have learnt a lot. God bless you.


thanks very much <3

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thank you very much for this site i did not no bearfor this i thing its very help full.


Good Job. I got perfect! I enjoyed answering the quiz. It is very helpful in my daily life. :)


good, i can everyday logging Here. this is a very very good :D


thank you very much for this site i did not no bearfor this i thing its very help full.


How long are these videos?


you are nice ))thank

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thank you so much mrs. Rebecca.The lessons are so educational.


Thanks Rebecca. Your lesson is short and sweet,loud and clear, interesting.

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hi Rebecca, First and foremost, I wish you are hale and hearty at this point of time.Watched your video and I find it short and sweet, very educating cause you speak loud and clear. I think I will never get sick and tired watching your videos, but for now I have to say goodnight, for tomorrow I have to wake up bright and early. Wherever you are right now,I hope you’re in a nice and warm place,safe and sound..

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    Great nanabebe , i want to talk you because without conversation its not beneficial so add me on skype : attaurrehmankhan57

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Hi’ first of all’ thanks a lot. Please tell me what does mean” fed up”.


Than youn all…!!!

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Thanks Rebecca. Very useful adjective pairs. short and sweet!


thnks a lot mam

teja srivatsav


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Hello;Rebecca your courses are amizing and useful.
Thank you very much.

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Dear Rubecca, I have some question about the function of adjective pair because it is a soft of function like an adverb more than an adjective.
We leave bright and early in the morning , get to bed right now. ( bright and early means very early , it seems to emphasize the fact –‘we leave’, and , ‘in the morning ‘is adv, answering when . adv usually is put in front of an adjective … I am not so clear.
Eventually, the young couples returned safe and sound but how worried we were all night.
similarly , safe and sound seemed to emphasize their returning .
I thought I must get stuck in certain conception . Please kindly help me. Thank you.

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Sorry , it should be that ‘ it is a short of ‘ –wrong spelling.

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I am not bad in the teast

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Hi Rebecca,this lesson is very nice,if possible could you please tell me the difference between (Stay and remain),A video tutorial will be great,thanks in advance,hope u reply soon.bye and take care.

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Hi teacher Rebecca
I don’t know how to use ” bright and early” and ” safe and sound” in the sentences
Because the rest adjective pairs is ” Adjective” but “Bright and early” and” safe and sound” are used as a adv in the sentences
Hope for your comment.

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oh. i got 100. thanks a lot Rebecca.

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i didnot understand sick and sound

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thank you

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Thanks, Ms.Rebecca! It was Loud and clear! Also wish you to feel, hale and healthy for a long time!!!

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Thank you so much Rebecca! I’m your new student. You r a best teacher. I got 10 out of 10

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Thanks Mam, I got 90%.

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thank you

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wow, what a lovely lesson. It was short and sweet

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Excellent and helpful lesson. Thank you Rebecca.

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I got 9/10. Thanks a lot Rebecca. Your job is very useful and helpful. I like way you explaine these lessons.

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hellow friend i would like to improve my englich language can you please help me. by having a conversation with you. iol just want to talk to someone else in english language so that we can learn each other thank you i will give my skype here
bluegio16 just add me thanks

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thank you very much madam Rebecca,,, i got 80/100,, actually i want to talk you personally to clear some confusion so is it possible madam Rebecca?

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Thans teacher.

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Many thanks .. it was enjoyable

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Thank you very much for your sweet teaching skills. I am really impressed. I just wanted to request you to present the lesson on ‘Using A and THE’. I hope, you will consider this.

Thank you.

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First and foremost I would like to thank you Rebecca for the effective technique of your lessons, I’ve just recalled a famous saying proverb: when something is easy just like that, but its Impervious or immune at the same time, and its truly related to the way you’re teaching. I googled the web, but couldn’t find a similar thing to my saying

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so could you tell me please, what’s the equivalent in English to such a two words…

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So, could you please tell me , what’s the equivalent in English to such a couple of words…

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Dear Rebecca,
Learn English with you at home is nice and warm.
Best regards.

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thanks rebecca iwont sbeck alot you can help me

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100% Thanx

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my quiz rebecca:
You got 10 correct out of 10.

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I Passed With Flying Colours Like Always !

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I Passed With Flying Colours Like Always !
Thanks dear Rebecca.

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this is short and sweet lesson you are amazing

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Thank you very much, teacher! It was the first time that I listened to a lesson about adjective pairs. See you later!

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Thanks a lot ????????????

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    Why did you use question mark? Do not want to say thanks? AH~~~ Just a joke.

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Useful and funny! Great Lesson! Thank you!

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Thanks you so much.

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thank you, Rebecca, love yr lesson

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what a exciting lesson,not related but this lesson reminds me one of my favorite song, Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift,its a great song,right ?.I got something knew to improve my english more better.Thanks you very much Rebecca
wish luck to you.

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Thank you Rebecca. It is really a very interesting lesson.

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First and foremost I would like to thank Rebecca for your useful video.

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thank you so much
the lesson is short and sweet speech

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I got 9/10! Thanks for the lesson!

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it was nice

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It was very helpful!! Thanks heaps!!!

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Thanks a lot Rebecca

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Thank you, Rebecca! Nice lesson!

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Thank you Rebecca, test successful but with the help of my note!

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Rebecca is the best!

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Thanks Rebecca!

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First and foremost, thank you, Rebecca, for your short and sweet lessons. They are so interesting and useful. I feel nice and warm listening to you and learning English without being bored or tired.
Thank you once more!

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10/10, sweet
100%, short and sweet lesson.Thank you Rebecca.

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Thanks Rebecca!! I hear you loud and clear

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wooow i only know first and foremost but today i learn more adjectives i didn’t know ,yes because i listen you well i succeded thx

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I’m so happy I found this website. I learned a lot in one week.

Thank you Rebecca for being such a great teacher.

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