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'Menu' is:

I ________ my lunch (a sandwich) last night.

If I had a sandwich with mustard, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and roast beef, I would call it a _______________ sandwich.

If I made curry for lunch, I could say "I _________ lunch."

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Ronnie Thanks so much for the perfect lesson . :) my scored 4 out of 4 hehehe. . . you are my good teacher :D

Friday, March 25th 2011

    Thank you Ronnie, You are a very enthusiastic teacher, I like your teaching method.

    Thursday, May 3rd 2012


    Monday, March 27th 2017

Please I want to learn how to write a good essay

Friday, March 25th 2011

    Please I want to learn how to write a good essay

    Sunday, October 23rd 2011

      Please I want to learn how to write a good essay

      Monday, December 19th 2011

Thanks Ronnie for a great lesson.I did learn a lot from you.More lesson to come :-)

Friday, March 25th 2011

Thank you very much. It is really very useful!

Friday, March 25th 2011

Subject about soup was very useful.)) Thank you Ronnie. I always thought that preparation is just step before cooking.))) In your lesson you told that we cannot say “I ate a dinner”. I am wondering why? When can we use an article “a/an” and where not? The same question about using “the” before noun. Thank again. Take care. :-)

Friday, March 25th 2011

    Sorry, Ronnie. I`ve realized just now that I asked you about articles before. And you already respond me. (it`s awkward)I`m blushing.

    Friday, March 25th 2011

Thank you mam.

Saturday, March 26th 2011

Hello miss Ronnie!! I really like ur lesson, they always r interesting and very useful, it was such a great lesson, I’ve learned a lot through u. Could u tell me what the meaning of curry is?

Saturday, March 26th 2011

    Curry is an Indian/South Asian dish made with many spices. You have homework……go to a Thai/Indian/South Asian restaurant and try curry!

    Saturday, March 26th 2011

      Miss Ronnie thank u so much :)

      Sunday, March 27th 2011

        You are welcome!

        Sunday, March 27th 2011

          thanks u Ronnie I made my lunch sandwich

          Tuesday, November 17th 2015

      I have a question about TRY, it is more correct use TRY instead EAT in “go to a Thai Asian restaurant and try curry!”? or can I say “go to a Thai Asian restaurant and eat curry!”?

      by the way thanks for the lessons

      Sunday, March 27th 2011

        Try means that you are tasting it for the first time!
        Thanks for watching!

        Monday, March 28th 2011

      what a nice teacher, Ms Ronnie ♥

      Monday, March 28th 2011

      curry one of my favorite!love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH Ms.Ronnie..u’re great teacher

      Saturday, May 14th 2011

hello good teacher this lesson is great thank you

Saturday, March 26th 2011

hi ronnie you are my queen of english thank you god bless you have a nice time

Saturday, March 26th 2011

thanks u miss for this lesson . may god protect u . u r good-hearted i see that at u .

Saturday, March 26th 2011

hate it a lot

Saturday, March 26th 2011

the lesson is good
thanks teacher Ronnie
saludos desde mexico lindo y querido

Saturday, March 26th 2011

that realy very good lesson
thank you alot teacher Ronnie …:) !

Saturday, March 26th 2011

Thanks Ronnie, it was really useful lesson

Sunday, March 27th 2011

Hello Ronie..:-)When can we use an article “a/an” and where not? The same question about using “the” before noun.I hope u can help me with my grammar.Thanks:)

Sunday, March 27th 2011

    Search the website for “articles” (an/a/the), I believe that another teacher has already done that lesson! If not, I will do it for you!

    Sunday, March 27th 2011

    Hi Izzahyazid
    I know it has been such along time since you asked this .
    It’s just that I know the answer and I would like to tell you .
    We use (a) for the single noune which start with a concenant letter not vowel
    for example : a dog , a cat , a car ,a girl .
    We use (an) for a noune which start with vowel
    for example: an elephant, an apple, an orange ,an ice cream.
    We use (the) firstly : for a contenant or natural things like sky , earth , sun, moon etc…
    for example : the sun , the moon, the USA , the UK, the dead sea , and so on
    scoendly: we use the to talke about specific things which we know
    for example : where did you learn english ? on the website of engvid .
    where did you leave your coat ? inside the car.
    we said (the website) because you know which website we were refering to.
    hope you got me.

    Thursday, August 25th 2011

Thank alot this lesson is grate


Sunday, March 27th 2011

thanks ronnie teacher.amazing english classes.iam learning a lot of thing from you .thak u god bless you

Sunday, March 27th 2011

its really amazing lesson I really wish to be in the future great teacher just like you…..any way I have a question I see this sentence in my book”at glance sentences for Lee brandon” (she had not eaten since the clock struck twelve ) is it right sentence ? because I think the first action is “the clock struck twelve” hence it must be”she did not eaten since the clock had stuck twelve” because as I think its past perfect sentence so why do they consider it like this?

Sunday, March 27th 2011

    Yes, that sentence in the book is correct!

    Monday, March 28th 2011

Hi,i really like your lesson.You are a good teacher for me.Thankyou so much,may god bless you.

Sunday, March 27th 2011

Thank you, for the wonderful lesson.

Sunday, March 27th 2011

please need help to learning english

Sunday, March 27th 2011

I had a TV dinner once – the highlightings was the mustard.

Sunday, March 27th 2011

    Did you have a tasty sausage TV dinner, with 2 potatoes? You really did have a posh meal, in Canada there is no mustard in a TV dinner, only a salty white sauce.
    Thanks for watching!

    Monday, March 28th 2011

hi how are you been our better teacher ,first thing i love your lessons and i wish to make something better on this ,evry thing is very well ,i hop you have good luck for you life,and thank very muck for any act ok ,but now i wanna know deferant about him her them it and how can we use these pronone

Sunday, March 27th 2011

ok byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye and have good luck with us

Sunday, March 27th 2011

Bu now, I only can now Thank you for this lesson, it wad very interesting.

Monday, March 28th 2011

Thank you, Ronnie~
It’s an interesting lesson for me.
I realized I made a lot of mistakes about side dishes.

Monday, March 28th 2011

Thank you. Ronnie
It as an interesting lesson for me.
I realized I made a lot of mistakes about “side dishes”.

Monday, March 28th 2011

Dear Ronnie! If you have the text of your lesson, could you send it on my e-mail – vadimchan[ a t ] mail [ d o t ] ru, if you want and please.

Monday, March 28th 2011

    I do not have the text of any lesson! Sorry!

    Monday, March 28th 2011

      What a pitty!

      Tuesday, March 29th 2011

        Watch it on you tube and you can get subtitles..

        Friday, April 15th 2016

Very interesting subject!!
Thank you teacher~

Monday, March 28th 2011

Hi madam, nice lesson!I liked it! You are an inspiring teacher!

Monday, March 28th 2011

hi Ronnie you very good teacher i leanr so much from you Ronnie could you please help me about pronunciation

Monday, March 28th 2011

I am sorry, I do not know how to download the lessons.

Monday, March 28th 2011

hi ronnie, pls tell how to start to speak others

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

    The best way is just to introduce yourself and ask people questions about themselves or the surroundings!

    Tuesday, March 29th 2011

ronnie madam, i like ur way of teaching, pls in future wat verb going to use?

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

    In the future, we use “will+base verb) or be going to +base verb.
    There is a lesson about going to and will on engvid! Please watch it and I hope it helps you!
    Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Hi Ronnie, I’m from Thailand. I’m really love to learn from your Video. It’s really appreciated.


Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Hi, Ronnie. It’s so splendid to be in communication with you. But I wanna ask you, which is correct:
No problemS or No problem? And why?

Thank you for your reply!

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

    We say no problem when we talk about both singular and plural…..why…because it is slang!

    Tuesday, March 29th 2011

      okay…. thanks

      Wednesday, March 30th 2011

Hi Ronnie; How are you ? I hope everyting is going fine for you . Thank you so mush for your help.

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Hi Ronnie
would you please prepare a lesson on ” exam vocabulary” like
are you prepared?…oh that was hard! ….

Wednesday, March 30th 2011

    I will try to make a video like this for you!
    Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Wednesday, March 30th 2011


thanks a lot, thanks a million, god bless you! Your speech a very great and understandable! Have you got a text of your any lesson? If you have a text of your any lesson, could you send it on my e-mail – vadimchan [ a t ] mail [ d o t ] ru, if you want and please. And else what are differences between yours and your and etc. “etc.” and “so on”

Wednesday, March 30th 2011

    I’m sorry i didn’t see that you don’t have texts, please don’t take note. thank you

    Wednesday, March 30th 2011

i m always perplexed with the right use of vocabulary.
is my sentence correct?
children are very young, hence they are vulnerable to the social ill.

Wednesday, March 30th 2011

hi ronie tell me which no is not correct sentence..
1. They study by themselves in adversity without any technological aid.
2. The family conflict is inevitable outcome of poverty
3. i am not gratified by his work.

Wednesday, March 30th 2011

thanks so much for help me

Wednesday, March 30th 2011

Hi, Ronnie! What are differences between
1) yours and your and my mine and etc.

2) “etc.” and “so on”

Thursday, March 31st 2011

thank you Ronnie a lot…

Thursday, March 31st 2011

Ronnie , please help me! I’m studying both English sections , literature and linguistics . But I have a problem this term with the English criticism especially the neoclassicism and renaissance styles that I hate being an English student! could you help me please ?!

Friday, April 1st 2011

    Sorry, I am an ESL teacher, not a English professor. I too studied English in University but I am afraid I am not of much help to you, as I didn’t study neoclassicism or renaissance styles.

    Saturday, April 2nd 2011

      that’s great.

      Friday, April 29th 2011

Thank you. You´re a great teacher.

Can you tell me when to use “to+verb” and when the “ing” form of the verb ex. Should I say: “I like to play soccer” or “I like playing soccer”

Friday, April 1st 2011

I looking you through http://www.Engvid.com in Thailand..
I’ve used English about food very bad. Thank you Ronnie!. You help me form the crisis..

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

Ohh.. I very excited..!!

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

I looking you through http://www.Engvid.com in Thailand..
I’ve used English about food very bad. Thank you Ronnie!. You help me form the crisis..

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

Thank you Ronnie very very much. You realy helped me. I learned all your lessons. You are the best teacher I have ever known. Thank yoy, thank you, thank you…

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

is it for vadim?

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

mrs Ronnie your are a very gooood teacher

you use helpful ways

thanks a lot

Sunday, April 3rd 2011

I love this website so much! I’m improving a lot with this free lessons. All teachers are pretty good. Awesome!

I’m going to Toronto in may 1th for learn more about language and canadian culture. See you there!

Edson – Brazil – Sao Paulo

Sunday, April 3rd 2011

tanks ronnie

Tuesday, April 5th 2011

    sorry (thanks)

    Tuesday, April 5th 2011

hi how are u i m brazilia i think u viry nice i have learn engles with u u explain very well

Tuesday, April 5th 2011

aaa…im glad i’ve found this website!!!love it!
thank u Ronnie

Wednesday, April 6th 2011

thank Ronnie i happy to watch your videos
my name is ahmed i live in senegal i like english so much but in senegal the people speal french no english that why i am bad at english but i hope that one day i will be good at english because your website is very good and the people can learn english through your website

thank thank thank i love you mrs
you are a good teacher

Thursday, April 7th 2011

thank you dear teacher for the lesson
i’m from algeria and i’m 14 years old
so i hope that you Accept me as a new member

Thursday, April 7th 2011

Thank you for this lesson.

Thursday, April 7th 2011

:) i love the vedio~! very useful. im going to have a party in next weekend and searve my friends who are speaking english~!

Friday, April 8th 2011

I hope you keep you in explaining the lesson you’re the best teacher ever

Friday, April 8th 2011

I’m fond of you Ronnie

Saturday, April 9th 2011

Thank you so

Monday, April 11th 2011

I face a lot of problems and mistakes in my speeling … how to avoid that ? and thanx for the lessons you gaved us here

Wednesday, April 13th 2011

    I too have a lot of problems with spelling! We are lucky now because most computers have spell check so I recommend using that! The only way to learn spelling is by memorizing!

    Wednesday, April 13th 2011

Hi teacher ronnie, I just would like to say that this site is really great! It really helps a lot especially to those who want to learn more about the rules in english grammar. You guys are doing great, the way you delivered certain topics and the way you explain something are really amazing. keep it up and more power! God Bless…

Thursday, April 14th 2011

Thanks Teacher Ronnie! :)

Saturday, April 16th 2011

thanks alot for that useful lesson , i really learned from you ^_^

Sunday, April 17th 2011

Thank you very much teacher Ronnie, I really like this when you teaching English.

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

I think it will be very useful to make a video about “used to”

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

hello.thanxs.u r good teacher

Saturday, April 23rd 2011

I’m an Egyptian teacher of English . I teach English as a foriegn languges for Egyptian students . Can i get a lot of grammer lessons in only one file ?
thank you very much

Sunday, April 24th 2011

thank.u teacher Ronnie

Sunday, April 24th 2011

i understan your very vell

Friday, April 29th 2011

Respected teacher Ms Ronnie.

Thank for teaching me english in such a polite and good way. TS

Sunday, May 1st 2011

Thank. u my funny teacher, trough the mistakes and striving i got a lot of usefull thinks from ENGVID

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011

Thanks a lot! for your lesson, and please try “Shami Kabab Sandwich”. I M lovin it

Monday, May 9th 2011

Dear! my teacher I think you are my good teacher who I never met before. I expect that I will get a lot of points for improving my ability in IELTS testing. thank u so so much.

Monday, May 9th 2011

Thank you very very much teacher Ronnie. you are the best teacher i have ever known before. i like to see your all of lessons. I am Mongolian. but unfortunately in few days later i can’t watch your lessons because we are going to move another place, there is not internet. thanks a lot.

Tuesday, May 10th 2011

can i say i had a beef sandwich with vegetables.Because my teacher say that’s right.

Thursday, May 12th 2011

    Sure you can say that.

    Thursday, May 12th 2011

Hi Ronnie. I would like to ask you what is the difference between in and under
As a proposition with examples please
Thank you

Have a nice day

Sunday, May 15th 2011

    In = inside: “I am in(side) my house.”
    Under = on the bottom of or the opposite of over: “I am under my bed.” (The bed is over me)

    Tuesday, May 17th 2011

Thanks you.

Wednesday, May 18th 2011

Dear Sir,
Thanks a lot of help.

Thursday, May 19th 2011

Ronnie, you are the best teacher !Thank you a lot

Wednesday, May 25th 2011

many thanks for you miss Ronnie

Sunday, May 29th 2011

Thanks Ronnie sister,

You are the best :)

Wednesday, June 1st 2011

ur classes r really inspiring & fascinating..
can u plz teach me how 2 pronounce words including (starting with/has in middle)-J-????
and also with -c-!!

Wednesday, June 8th 2011

hi Ronnie!ur classes are really inspiring & fascinating..
could u be kind enough 2 teach me,how 2 pronounce words including (starting/has in middle)-J-???
similarly,can u plz teach me the above wid the letter -C-??
thank you!!

Wednesday, June 8th 2011

    I will try to make a lesson on that for you!

    Wednesday, June 8th 2011

This is a first time, I comment your lesson. I understand all though my english is not good. I really thank you and look forward to the next lesson.You are an excellent teacher. Nice to see you Ronnie ^^

Thursday, June 9th 2011

Hi Ronnie, thank you very much for your excellent lessons. It helps me alot. But I have a problem in English concerning food. I’m a bodybuilder and I frequently go on a diet so I always want to know how this food was made, and the problem starts. Grilled, broiled, roasted, barbecued I can’t differentiate between them. Boiled, poached, sauteed, same way. Even dictionaries didn’t help me. In Arabic, each of those two groups has only one equivalent word. Because of this problem I never eat in a restaurant when we travel to an international event. Do me a favour and make a lesson entitled ways of cooking, sounds eye-catching (^-^) and explain the terms that I mentioned! waiting for your answer! Thank you again!

Sunday, June 12th 2011

    Oh BTW sorry for any English mistakes

    Sunday, June 12th 2011

    To make a video will take a while – so I will tell you the answers.
    Grilled = BBQ’d (the heat comes from one source – the bottom and the hot grill cooks the food.)
    Broiled = cooked in an oven, the heat source comes from the top.
    Roasted = baked. The heat source comes from both the top and bottom.
    Boiled= the food is submerged and cooked in very hot water ( boiling water). The pot is deep.
    Poached= a shallow pan but cooked in very hot water.
    Sauteed = pan fried. Cooked with oil in a pan.

    Monday, June 13th 2011

      Thank you very much Ronnie!! I have finally understood the ways of cooking after 2 years of suffering LOL. Thank you have a nice time!

      Tuesday, June 14th 2011

      but another small question please. Does any way of those requires oil or any kind of fats except sauteed?

      Tuesday, June 14th 2011

        Usually the grill is oiled so the meat doesn’t stick to it. It really depends on the cook if they add oil/fat to the meat. Roasted would have the natural fats that occur in the meat but probably none added. It is best just to ask the cook/server!!!!

        Tuesday, June 14th 2011

Thank you so much
I have got 4

Sunday, June 12th 2011

i don’t understand ronnia

Tuesday, June 14th 2011

hi, can u tell me the difference B/W Verb, Adjective, Pronoun and ADverb in a easy way!

Wednesday, June 15th 2011


Saturday, June 18th 2011

hi,thnx for ur lessons,.I always stuck with words, & due this i not very much fluent with English.Can U Help me out to over come this??

Wednesday, June 29th 2011

Thank you so much Ronnie

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

Hello Miss Ronnie, really you are great teacher we have got for lot of knowledge.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

thank u for u r teaching !

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

what’s the difference between “I had dinner” and “I ate dinner”

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

Thank you so much Ronnie

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

I enjoy that lesson indeed. Thak you teacher, you are my the one no more :)

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

Hi Ronnie..I’m Imee from Philippines..i really enjoyed your video lessons. The way u speak is easy to understand..I am not good in english speaking that’s why i keep on watching in your video lessons so i can learn.Thank you so much.More power and God Bless! You doing great in every lesson you made…Take care!

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

Can I say “I cooked soup” then?

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

    Yes, but it is more natural to say “I made soup”.

    Tuesday, July 5th 2011

Thanks my Teacher so much

Monday, July 4th 2011

Hi! Ronnie, all teachers are good, but specialy, You, speaking good, no fast, no slow, no hi, no low, perfect, and you explain it very well.. I understan almost 100%
I like you how Teaching…. :0)

Monday, July 4th 2011

my nisck name is phanthonghaui
I come from viet nam.
I need a friend to chat in voice or writting in English.
thanks for your kind

Monday, July 11th 2011

Amazing teaching method

Thursday, July 21st 2011

plz learn us pronounciation

Friday, July 22nd 2011

“Ronnie” You are my first teacher by internet. I just start learn English for conversation . I try listen and do lesson after your lecture.Thank you very much for everything.

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

Hi Ronnie. I love watching you English lessons. They are really worth watching. Referring to the lesson on talking about food, can we say like “I prepared curry” instead of ‘I cooked lunch’.

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

    Yes you can say “I prepared curry”, but I made curry is more natural!

    Saturday, July 23rd 2011


Sunday, July 24th 2011

hey Ronnie…u r really a fantastic teacher….I just love the way u teach…God bless u.

Friday, August 5th 2011

Hi Ronnie, can I say “I will prepare your breakfast” and “I will prepare your food for lunch”.

Thursday, August 11th 2011

    NO I will make is what we say!

    Sunday, August 14th 2011

I WANT one by one your leasion so tell me what can i do?

Wednesday, August 17th 2011

    Just click on my picture on the website and see all the lessons I’ve done.

    Thursday, August 18th 2011

Hallo Ronnie, can I say I had lunch or I ate lunch. I’m not gonna say I made lunch:)
Thank you so much for teaching us. God bless you!

Thursday, August 18th 2011

    YOU CAn say I had or I ate lunch – it is the same!

    Thursday, August 18th 2011

hi ronnie!Iam siraji farid abdi from somalia. Iam really appretiated the way you teach and the way you pronounce the word it is easy to get your words.the one who practices your lessons surely will avoid mistakes mispronounciation.everyone must keep on watching this lesson please

Friday, August 19th 2011

Hi Ronnie,
I’ve some doubts.
Normally we say,
1) I’m blessed with boy baby.
Which one is correct?
Boy baby or baby boy.
2) I feel hungry.
Which one is correct?
I too or me too.
Can u reply this query.

Wednesday, August 24th 2011

    I am blessed with a baby boy.
    I am hungry.
    Me too.

    Wednesday, August 24th 2011

I cooked my lunch almost everyday, want to know why? because i eat rice for lunch. yes, almost everyday.

Friday, August 26th 2011

hi Ronni today u was looking very beautiful

Monday, August 29th 2011

When’ll we use these below words in sentence,
would,should,could,might,will,shall,can,may. Can u explain with ex for each word. It’ll b useful for me pls.

Tuesday, September 6th 2011

Hi Ronnie,
I’m just confused while using these words in sentences will,shall,can,may,would,should,could and might. Plz explain those words with ex.

Tuesday, September 6th 2011

Madam you are very nice teacher. you teach the english in very easy way. thank you so much

Thursday, September 8th 2011

tnx in advance.

Thursday, September 8th 2011

wow!!! seems o me that preparing was just when you were doing all the ingredients ready to be cooked, no matter what i’m about to cook, so thanks for the explanation!!!! Am i lost or wrong with the meamning?
and again thanks for the opportunity to listen to those usefull tricks and facts that i didn’t know.
Thank you ronnie!!!!

Saturday, September 10th 2011

thanks for nice and easy way of teaching

Sunday, September 11th 2011


Friday, September 16th 2011

ohh… man… this site is so cool… with it i can learn English more and more… i’m very happy to have found this side.. thank you so much!!

P.S.: I am brazilian, and my english is not very well.. but i’m trying :)

Sunday, October 2nd 2011

    Good luck! I am happy you found it! Tell your friends about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monday, October 3rd 2011

After watching this I am very hungry its 2:00 in afternoon….I will have roast beef sandwich with tomato sauce….. Delicious lesson by the way:)and hope my sentence is correct….

Monday, October 3rd 2011

    Yes, your sentence is correct!

    Monday, October 3rd 2011

I was woundred if u tell me about abrivations in english specially those which are like to words.
waiting for your prompt reply.

Monday, October 3rd 2011

    You mean like A.T.M or U.F.O?
    These are called acronyms! Instead of saying all the words ( ATM automated teller machine or UFO unidentified flying object) we just say the first letters of each word!

    Monday, October 3rd 2011

Dera Ms.Ronnie,
It is really delighted to be your protege.
Iwould be chuffed,if you tell me some of usuall salutation those which,are in common on both English and American language,and also how to have a good end in formal business letters.
Ihave no word to express my deep great thank

Wednesday, October 5th 2011

Ronnie, thank you very, very and very much, for teaching and being so funny and just wonderfull, your lessons are full of enjoy!!! I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, October 6th 2011

You are so good Ms. Ronnie. May god bless you. I am a big fan of your lessons.

Friday, October 14th 2011

wow , amazing Ronni good work
would you mind contact me via Email or facebook to help me provide my English ?

Thursday, October 20th 2011

This is the first time I know this web. I like it.It’s very interesting. These are my common mistakes.

Thursday, October 20th 2011

I have an inquery that would it be ok to say my name is kinda of religious name.i would be chuffed if u tell me what is the defrence of kinda and kind.
By the way thanks for your prompt reply.

Friday, October 21st 2011

    Kinda is how we say “kind of” when we speak very quickly. “What kinda (kind of) pop would you like?”
    Kind= nice. He is kind.

    Sunday, October 23rd 2011

Dear: Ms Ronnie I like cooked soup thanks for your lessons.

Friday, October 21st 2011

Hai.. ronnie.. thanks to teach me to understand the exact meaning of the words…

Saturday, October 22nd 2011

Hai.. i am jeet thanks to teach me to understand the exact meaning of the world….

Monday, October 24th 2011

Hi! mam, Ronnie
thanks for teaching me this lesson, before i didn’t know how to speak & write.Now you make me clear.

Wednesday, October 26th 2011

Dear Ronnie,
Could you help me? I took the IELTS 4 times and my writing section band was 5.5 all time. What can I do to improve?

Best Regards,


Saturday, October 29th 2011

    Write a diary everyday to improve your writing skills!

    Sunday, October 30th 2011

thanks a lot for your help its really helpful,

Sunday, October 30th 2011

Thank you a lot for this video

Monday, November 7th 2011

Very nice lessons and useful for students from the others countries.I like to hear pronounciacion because we learn English not with ears but with eyes and it is not OK.Irena from Czech rep.in Europe

Wednesday, November 23rd 2011

hi ronnie how are you ?
i have a little ambiguity in in using cooked soup or made soup.As you mentioned that we use ‘cook’ with the food that is cooked with help of heat but soup is also made(or cooked?) by using heat!!!
thanks for being such a nice teacher!!!

Thursday, November 24th 2011

great lesson!
i have a guestion.. if i want to ask the waiter or waitress what the dishes beside the chicken or steak ,,what shuld i say?

Friday, November 25th 2011

wow great lesion Ronnie!

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

Hello. Ronnie!
It was such great lesson.
Korean B.B.Q “with” Kimch… Not side dish.
I often said “side dish”
Thank You.

Monday, December 5th 2011

hi miss ronnie,what is an ESL teacher? would u please to make a video lesson about the ‘as’ word? thanks a lot^^

Thursday, December 8th 2011

    And “ESL teacher” = English as a Second Language teacher!

    Thursday, December 8th 2011

Hi ronnie i really like your lessons but i cant take your quis it not open to me
how i can take quis

Monday, December 12th 2011

i need learn english you help me with your lesson , thank Ronnie

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

pleas if you can help us on how to write a good essay corectly ans how to choose the exactly words thank’s

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Thank you Ronnie .i like you :)

Monday, December 19th 2011

HI… I’m from Myanmar.i want to speak English and write very well. I like you teach on video.How to should improve in English? Thank you.

Friday, December 23rd 2011

thank you for a godd lessons

Sunday, December 25th 2011

Hiiiiiiii my dear teacher Ronnie.i really like ideas.

Friday, December 30th 2011

Hi mssis roonie i like you when you teaching but i don’t have grammar and i can’t speake english….. can you help

Saturday, January 7th 2012

what a delicious lecture Ronnie.
what can i do now i’m starving!!!
well done Ronnie
good luck my wonderful teacher.

Monday, January 9th 2012

hello,could you please do a lesson for as about how to use the past perfect for an event that occurred befor anther event or time period in the past, i don’t know how to thank you if you did or not.

Monday, January 30th 2012

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    Thursday, February 2nd 2012

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i am postgraduate. but i cannot speak english. there are grammer mistakes. can you help me?

Friday, February 3rd 2012

    Practice makes man woman perfect. The more we practise (or practice) the more we’ll be able to handle English, or any other language for that matter. GRAMMAR is one word people normally misspell as GRAMMER. Not to bother, we can, together, learn English with the help of Ms Ronnie Mdam. She’s very helpful, and teaches very NICE!!!

    Monday, October 8th 2012

Hi Ronnie.I am from Armenia.I would like to improve my listening skills.When I listen to your lessons I do understand everything, but when I am watching an English film, I always face the music in understanding.Could you please make a lesson about English common simplifications that the English people usually do in informal situations to make their speech quicker and which makes a lot of problems for English learners to understand them.Or maybe the problem is in the vecabulary, as it does not matter how many words you already know, you aaaaaaaaaaalways meet some unknown words for you, though English is not as rich in vecabulary as Armenian is.

Sunday, February 5th 2012

    OK! I will try to make a video for you!

    Monday, February 6th 2012

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Tuesday, February 7th 2012

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Tuesday, February 7th 2012

great ….. I tried and made two mistakes, I admit. It is nicely educative. Love you Ronnie … Thanks a lot.

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    P.S. You have to say I would be tickled pink.
    Not “you will tickle me in the pink”. That means I will tickle you in the vagina! ahahah

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Sunday, February 12th 2012

And would you please answer what P.S. means that you wrote in your massage?Thank you in advance, love you very much and blow a great kiss to you!!

Sunday, February 12th 2012

    P.S is from Latin post scriptum and it means Post Script. Post=after Script=writing
    We use it when we add something at the end of a letter!

    Monday, February 13th 2012

hello teacher, is this sentence correct?
“they teach me a lot of things”
and what is the passive voice? thank you dear ronnie

Thursday, February 16th 2012

    That is correct!
    Search the website for “passive” – there are 2 lessons on the site!

    Thursday, February 16th 2012


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You are a great teacher. I will happy to learn from you.

Thank you :)

I am learning English. So, I apologize if done any spelling or grammar mistake.

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Thank Ronnie so much. You are canadien right ? You speak french ?

Monday, March 12th 2012

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    Wednesday, March 14th 2012

Thanks a lot, Ronnie. Your lessen was very interesting, useful and understandable.

Friday, March 16th 2012

can u plzz give me explanation on MADE,COOKED,PREPARED. cooked and made are these words same?? can we use any of these.?

Wednesday, April 4th 2012

    Made can be anything that you create (cooked or not).
    Prepared implies that you have the ingredients ready to cook. (they are washed/cut/peeled)
    Cooked means the food was heated/bbq’d/boiled/grilled/fried/baked.

    Wednesday, April 4th 2012

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I’m going to take my dinner later – can I use “take” , because I always correct other people do not say ” I will eat my dinner later..Your immediate answer would be much appreciated.

Thursday, April 12th 2012

    We say I am going to have or eat my dinner later.
    Take is unusual.

    Thursday, April 12th 2012

      My english proceeds by leaps and bounds! Thank you Ronnie!

      Wednesday, June 6th 2012

thank you so much..so you mean teacher Ronnie..it’s not wrong, it’s just unusual?

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thank you so much
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can i say : i make mu food ?
and whay no say i prepare my food ????

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Hello Ronnie.
Speaking of soup may I say cook or only make?

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

    If you open a can of soup and heat it, use cook.
    If you cut all the ingredients and prepare it, use make.

    Saturday, January 5th 2013

      In Russia and other post-Soviet countries people usually cook soups. They boil a water, put in a pot meat, vegetables (cut potatoes, carrot etc.), cereals (for example buckwheat, millet or sometheing else.. it can also be macaroni or pea or haricot). And then all these ingredients cook for one or two hours. Soups are usually served hot even in summer. ^-^ So I think Tusia can use a word “cook”.
      Thank you for this interesting and useful lesson, Ronnie! You’re the best teacher in the world. I like your videos very much. I know that you used to teach English in Japan. Japanese people also like so called “side dishes” or “okazu”. Did you like a living in Japan? ^_^ I have been to Japan too. It’s a wonderful country.

      Monday, June 8th 2015

hello thank y i love u so much u are sooooo sweet please tell me how to refuse in polit way thanks ronni epypt

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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
William Arthur Ward
I believe that you are no less than The superior teacher if not the great.

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thank you for all really i enjoy your lossens and please what is the meaning of “snoggled”

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why not i cant say
i make my dinner o make my luch thats right ?

thanks you !!

Wednesday, February 27th 2013

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so, is it right that I can say “I cooked soup” so it’s mean that I made chicken soup?

Sunday, March 3rd 2013

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Ronnie is that any possibility to use “Have” instead of Try or Eat, Go to restaurant and have curry

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Saturday, January 4th 2014

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Tuesday, January 7th 2014

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Hi Ronnie! I know that what I’m gonna ask isn’t about food, but I’d like to know the difference of “I got” and “I’ve got” or “I had” and “I’ve had” … That always confuses me. I hope you could understand my doubt. Thank you! Bye!

Monday, April 28th 2014

Hi! The lesson is very informative! Thank you, Ronnie! But I’ve got a question not related to this lesson. Could you make video about AIRPORTS (I mean vocabulary, expressions maybe etc.)? I would be most grateful to you! All the best!

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    Sunday, February 16th 2020

Thank you very much for this lesson, Ronnie! Do you know any great books or references that help English learners choose the right word?

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thanks you for this lesson.

Wednesday, September 24th 2014

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you should inspire with Ronnie lessons.
she make it by fun way, it very important.
please dont do it like in scholl. it is too boring..
except James, You are funny often :) but talk too fast, i have problem to understand you. but i try :D
Thanks you too much

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I cooked lunch and I made lunch .Are both of them correct?

Tuesday, January 6th 2015

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Wednesday, January 7th 2015

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Wednesday, January 7th 2015

thanks ronnie .can you speak about past tenses for me plaese?

Sunday, January 11th 2015

hi. when I might to use “do” ? in this situation: I do love you. why? thanx

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

    You’d say that if someone says “You don’t love me” or something like that — to correct a statement that says or implies something that isn’t the case. Some more examples:

    – “She doesn’t know Spanish, does she?” “Actually, she does speak Spanish.”
    – “You told me you’d send me a postcard!” “I did send you a postcard…it must have got lost in the mail.”

    Thursday, January 22nd 2015

thanks so much

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Tuesday, December 15th 2015

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Friday, January 15th 2016

Hi i dont know if you still read the comments after 5 years, or should i write it in the newest videos?, anyway, after all the explanations of cook, prepare, and make i was a little confused, could you please make more videos about tourism?

Monday, February 22nd 2016

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Sunday, April 3rd 2016

Hi, Ronnie! I didn’t understand one thing in this lesson. Can I say that I prepared soup (for example chicken broth) if I take chicken meat, carrots etc? Or should I say that I made it? And … do you really buy soup in cans?!

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