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Very useful lesson!!!
Thank You Ewa


    Thank you very much Ronnie! All the best! :)


    thanks ronnie

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      hi ronnie, cant i talk to you online? thank you.

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    Hey great video, but I have a doubt,in the sentence “of great interest____ you” what shall I use for or to?


      intrersted to you

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thank u

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Thanks Ronnie for your helping.

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    salam necesen ?? are you from Azerbaijan ?

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Thank you


Ronnie Thank you for your lesson bye

Henry Wilson

Thanks Ronnie, you really help me>
I take in this quiz 5/5
Thanks a lot.


Thank you
in which cases we use will, gonna, Shall and going to

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    Watch my lesson on will and going to on the site.
    “Shall” is very old-fashioned and British English — we rarely use shall in North America!
    Hope that helps — Good luck!

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      Ms. Ronnie How about the sentence. happy birthday TO you and flowers FOR you..

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      Hi Ronnie, why Bob gave a gift _____ Fergus. is a benefit to Fergus but not use “for”?

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      Thank you… Ronnie you are my favorite teacher.

      Could you help me ? I don´t understand de diference between for and By.

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      can i ask you why wrote the in the beer

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Hello Ronnie,
you are awsome because I am learning from you to much.could you please explain different between get and take? and also, is it OK to say mam to a young lady or not,I mean in what situation saying mam is OK?


    Get means to receive . Eg… “I get my paycheck every Friday.” “I get a gift on my birthday.” “I get a cold in the winter.”
    Take means you actively grab/reach/transport something. “I take a cookie from the bag.” “I take the salt and put it on my food.” “I take my paycheck to the bank.”
    Mam is a very formal way of addressing a lady. If you worked in an expensive restaurant or retail shop you would call a lady “mam”. However, in everyday situations, it is much too formal. You can just say young lady or girl, but it is best to call people by their first name in a casual situation!
    I hope that helps you!
    Thanks for commenting and good luck!

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      perfect,it was really helpful,
      thank you


      Hi teacher,

      I have a question for you. What sentence is correct
      I was late to class today, or I was late for class today.

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        Hello.I think neither of them.For me like that:I was late from class today.It’s correct,or i made a mistake?

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      I’m going to give my girlfriend a gift for her birthday

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This lesson has solved my confusing before !!
Thanks so much:X:X


The explanation was fantastic……….


Teacher you are great, Such a wonderful English teacher I have been learning a lot with you, Thanks. You are fun and fantastic.
a big hug and a kiss from Eduardo , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. please send me an Email I would like to talk to you.(eduardo_dpp@yahoo.com.br)


    You can talk to me here!

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      thanks Ronnie that was wonderful

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      I love your lessons and the way you explain them . I am also a Teacher in Brazil and my students love your lessons. Actually you have helped my classes too much to illustrate all the subjects I use to teach. Thanks, honey. You are superb!

      Sandra Lyria

      halo ronnie. i have a question to ask concerning the usage of “to” n “for”.
      which one is the correct one?
      a. This book is a gift to you.
      b. This book is a gift for you.
      thanks beforehand.


        b) Usually if it is a gift, we use for you!

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      what should i use- Don’t forget to invite me to\for your marriage.



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      hi thanks you so much , for all this lesson really this lesson give power for speak with people .


      Hi, thanks for the useful lessons. Isn´t it possible to say both. I will sing to you and aslo for you —in the second case in the meaning: as a “gift”? Thanks a lot and bye, Lenka


      Hi!! I have a silly question… ok TO is used as transfer or exchange of something, in the expression “Happy birthday TO you…” what do you trasfer/exchange?
      Thak for answer :)

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      thank you……………………

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Great! Keep up the good work!

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Hello Ronnie,,,thanks for the explanations,, it’s cool, thanks
And I would like to ask you, what is the differen between Realised and Realized, they are really bothering my mind,
thank you my teacher :)

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    Hello Cristal99,

    Before, I had the same problem with you, I can’t not distinct: realise – realize, recognise – recognize, etc. Although realise is a British spelling and realize is a American spelling, they have same meaning. Hope it’s helpful.


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      hello Muopmap,,, thanks for your kindness and told me about that, so no mattter which one we use both are coqqect :) now I got ht, thanks

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        Both are correct but is you want to use proper UK english it’s better to use Realise and Recognise, many words have been spelled differently to make it easier for Americans to spell them for example, Americans spell Center, the correct UK English is Centre, Americans spell Meter, UK Metre.
        Both versions are ok to use but only the UK version is true proper English so you need to decide if you just want to use English generally or if it is important for you to know the most proper form of English?

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          hehe I meant to say > If you want to use proper English, I may speak English but my typing is not so good.

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          Hey, there is no “most proper form of English”! English may have originated in the UK, but that doesn’t mean British English is “more correct” than American or Canadian English. You can’t use text-speak spelling in a school essay, and formal business English would be out of place at a party—but we teach people about the rules and phrases particular to each of these contexts. Similarly, if someone asks about UK vs. US English, it’s enough to say “This is a British usage” or “It’s only spelled this way in America”!

          (By the way, we’re based in Canada, which blends US and UK spelling: “cheque” and “metre”, but “recognize” and “practice”.)

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          You said > “English may have originated in the UK, but that doesn’t mean British English is “more correct” than American or Canadian English”.
          If you read my comment I also said either version is ok to use? But if someone wants to learn Proper english (UK) they are better to learn and use the UK version, after all if you’re learning from zero it’s just as easy to learn the Original proper version as it is to learn the adapted versions?
          And yes maybe text speak etc may be accepted in some situations many people may need to pass an exam to allow them entry into the UK and they will need to score high to succeed and their spelling and grammar will be very important.
          I have a friends here in northern Ireland who married a woman from Mexico, she has had to sit the exam recently and it’s very strict, So as I said, depending on your reason for learning English it can matter which version you learn to use, the situation will make it more or less important to use proper UK English or not? Thanks for your reply, I’m sure both our points are valid depending on the situation.


          Corrections for my own comment,I said I have a friends, should have been a friend, I don’t type as well as i speak, opps


    The only difference is one is North American spelling and the other is British!

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Excellent . Thank you very much : )


thank you very much i like your lessons. wish you good luck.


Ronnie, you are spectacular. I like a lot you. But I am unhappy because you do not want talk with me on skype ou by e-mail. I invited you many time and you do not answer me


    Sorry I do not have time to talk on Skype!

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      Ok Ronnie, I understand your position and I hope success for you. it’s a shame because I would like to chat with you


so good! Thank you so much!

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i really do like this site!

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    Kumasta, I see you’re Filipino, I lived in the Philippines for a while, in Quezon city.




I am English teacher in my country, and I love to see how the way you teach Ronnie.. Even I could more understand the lesson, and sure..it;s easy to follow…Thanks a lot


I meant Correct not qQ ,, sory

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    ^^. You’re welcome!

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hi, i would say that thank u very much .because i didnt know diffrence to and for.But now i know


very benefical words in the life. Thank u


Thanks a lot for your lesson. i enjoy your lesson very much


i got 4 out of 5…lol

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thank you good lesson RO

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Thank’s Ronni for you lesson.

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good job well done


simple and clear explanation!!


think you this is so good

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thanks for your effort

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    hi, i would ask to tolk on skupe?? for english exercise thanks


    what a deadly laughing

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thank you so much for this great site.

sanju baba

Very good lesson. Thx


thank you so much, very nice lesson.
from Granada Nicaragua.


I benefited a lot.
Like your style in the explanation.
noreem from Alkhobar


I really understand for the first time on “To” and “For”

Ghayoor Ali

I am confuse about “would” and “could”.

Ghayoor Ali

Thanks alot Ron,
Very well understood.


This was a great teach from you.
You are simple the vest teacher i had been seeing on my life.
Now I ask this question” how ask good question, give me or give us a good form of the tipical quetions…
yhank you.


Thank you for your effort..I like the way you teach English…I have a question when do I use to me or for me? because I heard on Tv people said (to me)..to expresse their opinions

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Hi Alex, thank you very much for you explanation on the Ordering of Adjective, yet I still not understand the adjective the say about Material and Purpose. If possible could you please make the new video about the words that talk about the adjective, thanks very much again.


Thanks for learn.It’s great lesson.


Hello…Thanks for these useful lessons..!!!

Can I use “to” or “for” depending on the meaning I want to convey..? I came across this two sentences: “I wrote the letter for you” and “I wrote the letter to you”.. and according to the explanation, in the first sentece “for” implies that I wrote the letter instead of you maybe because you were not able to or for any other reason… and in the second one, “to” implies that the letter is for you and for nobody else…

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Thank you for lesson
It is very useful

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Hello again…

Could you please explain the difference between: Hope, Expect and Wait..? Thanks…

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    Hope is similar to wish — it is almost not possible but something you want/wish to happen! I hope I win the lottery!

    Expect is something that you think should indeed happen. You expect that I will answer your email.

    Wait is a time phrase. I am waiting for your answer.

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      According to your explanation, could you please tell me if this sentence is ok..?

      I hope you don´t expect me to wait for you


        Yes, that is correct!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          Why is that correct? I can’t see neither transfer or benefit!


Great explanation Ronnie; simple + efficient !
many thanks.


Thank you very much! This lesson is going to help me a lot!!


is a very useful information

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thank you for this lesson …this is very easy for me n effective..:)


Thanks,really it was av very good lesson but i have still some confusion about the use of for and to


you so gr8!

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you are so funny and you are one of the best teacher of the world… regards


Your lessons are very helpful,I am benefiting a lot. I need some more lessons on slangs.Thanks.

aamir saeed

    I’m not asking to talk on skpe.I just mean more slangs through email or vedeo lesson on engvid.com.Thanks

    aamir saeed

It would be great help if u provide me slang used in daily life.

aamir saeed

Hello Ronnie,
Write you Vladislav from Bulgaria.
Your lesson is Great! I like so much that combine two points of teaching – by one hand how to use TO or FOR, and the other We see a Basic gramma Past, Future and Simple teens. Thank you for all!!!!
P.S. – I don’t know what happening, but I couldn’t get you Quiz lesson and I get on so unhapppy :))) Ok Can you arrangе this FOR (is this correct :)) Me. Take care. I hopping you answer me!

Vladislav Valkov

I wish to know some more slangs through engvid.com.I don’t mean to talk on skpe.com

aamir saeed

Thank you :)

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Good example!!

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thanks for the lesson


your lecture will be beneficial for my english class. It can help draw my students’ attention in learning English via an internet. Thanks so much and take care.


I love your accent…lol


thanks a lot and may allah guide all of you to the right path


thank you for your information :)


thnanx mam ur change my life’

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teacher how i improved my tenses and use of verb properly

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Is very wonderful lesson,thanks!

Tibetan girl

Hello, Ronnie!
Thank you for lesson. But I don’t understend one quiz. If I say:’I bought a bone FOR my dog’ it mean:’I transfered a bone with me TO my dog’. No?

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thanks for your effort

farhan khan


farhan khan

Am I right in sentences :
I bring gift to her. (trasfer)
I buy gift for her . make good
If NO explain plz


    Yes you are correct!

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Thank you so much. It is a very helpful lesson.
Have a nice time.

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hi Mz.Ronnie, would you explain what’s the difference between “DONE and FINISHED”?.thank you very much.-MAI

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    Nothing – done and finished mean the same!

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Hello Ronnie,The explanation was very good and easy to learn ,i will never forget it,Thanks!!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, I learned long with this video.

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Thank you for your assistance.

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thank’s a lot


Nice Lesson

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hello, Ronnie, I like your teaching method very much. It is easy to understand the usage as well as the tenses used. However, It is quite pity that I am unable to access to the quiz. Please guide me how can I access to the quiz. Appreciate that I could get reply from you. Thank you. Have a nice day! bye!

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    Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser. Some people with old versions of Firefox are having trouble with the quizzes.

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Thabks Ronnie . I have a question : in this sentence why don’t wa have agreement in this sentence between subject and verb” a friend quiz you”

Profile photo of leelian leelian

    ” a friend quiz you” This sentence is wrong. You can say “A friend quizzes you” (present tense) or “A friend quizzed you.” (past tense) If you do that, then there is subject-verb agreement!

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Hi Ronni
ur way of teaching is nice and clear. I’d like to know, why I can’t understand what the english native speaker exactly talk about, especialy when they speak long and quickly. how can I improve my listerning ability


    The first thing is don’t try to comprehend EVERY word the person is saying – if you can get even a few words, you may be able to understand what the person is trying to say! When I lived in Japan, I didn’t understand what the people were saying but I could get a few words and be able to piece together the information!
    Body language is a great help too – look at the speakers face and eyes – you can tell by the person’s expressions their emotions!
    It is difficult too because we use a lot of slang (esp. young people). You should try to learn slang and idioms!
    If the person is talking to you, just ASK them what they meant! It is a great way to communicate with people and perhaps they will use different words that you DO understand!
    The last thing is just listen everywhere you are – your brain will absorb it and you will be able to understand! Watch tv shows or movies with English subtitle, and listen to music with words on youtube. The radio is TOO DIFFICULT; they speak too fast and use too much slang!
    Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hello my best teacher Ronnie.First of all i hope you’re doing well.I have just read this great and simple words you said to explain how can we improve our listening ability,really personally i’ve used the and they’re so so helpful.THANK YOU !


      Very useful piece of information, Thanks you teacher Ronnie.

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      Hello ronnie you are my best teacher i waana talk to you please because i need ask you some questions because i study at faculty of commerce english section please answer me ,,thanks in advanced ronnie

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thank you very much, i learn inglish i m from morocco, i m in american languge center, i see your video they need me very much; thank you again
thank you = chokran ( en arabic languege )


thankyou very much. last month, i started learn english in engvid,and it’s so useful. thanks ronnie


Thank you Ronnie, great explanation… very easy to understand!

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thanks ronnie ..easy to understand.

c ramesh

thanks teacher.you explain it very well

Samrina Ahmed


Saadat Ali

thnaks for help,
my problam is speking and writaing,plz help me plz plz plz


Dear Ronnie,
There was a mistake the lesson you were teaching here.Here is the link.Will you please check this link again.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTQb42w7oig&feature=relmfu
example was:I eat lunch
and your answer was:Lunch was eaten…
But the example that you gave here was The simple tense so Answer should have been passive(simple tense)which is:Lunch is eaten(by me)if the example was tense then your answer would be correct.
which is like:I ate Lunch(Active)
Lunch was eaten by me(Passive)

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    “Lunch was eaten” is correct and can mean lunch was eaten by a group or by one person, although it would normally be applied to a group as one person would probably say I ate lunch.


Good morning teacher . I agree with everybody said good word for you ,I would like to add one thing ( I like your teaching by using body language )

Thamer Mohammed

You scored 5 out of 5.

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Hai i from malaysia..thank you so much you explain very well..


where’s the quiz?

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    22222222222,it is near your comment was made.i like naruto very much.hihihi.


This is a great website. Thank you all, for your efforts to help us who still need to learn a lot about the English language.


Hi Ronnie,
Can we use supposed to instead of should? I would be really grateful to u if you can explain to me the different between suppose to be and should. Thanks so much.


thank you so much ronnie. this lesson helped me so much

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very very very nice lesson….I LIKED TOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH….


hi mam,
Thanks for explain about this lesson…


I love watching her class. You are perfect and her pronunciation is easy to understand.


Ronnie , Do You like maths? I would like to one lesson , how to write and pronounced 2+2=4 or 2×3=6. or 6/3=2 Thanks :)

Profile photo of ivie2011 ivie2011

    I will try to do that for you!
    We say two plus two equals four (2+2=4)
    two times three equals six 2×3=6
    six divided by 3 equals two6/3=2
    how that helps you……..!!

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thanks for your video is so helpful


Thank teacher very very much.I am going to try english.


thank you ms.ronnie.. this lesson helped me so much.. thank you… :)


Hi Ronnie
Why not I’m going to talk for you?



    Talking is the transfer of words so we use “to”.

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thank you for teaching us..

hi teacher ronnie

l like your blink its good for me to smile

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thank a lot! im new here. this lesson helps me a lot :)

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Ronnie, I started to learn English when I was 12-13… do you think if I move to the U.S.A or Canada or whatever I’ll be able to speak English without a foreign accent? I love you! bye ;)


    I doubt it very much as my Gran came from Scotland when she was 8 and never lost her accent! But if you try perhaps you can! Where are you from???

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      I’m Brazilian


        Hi Italo, I do not think that you have to try to change your accent, the most important thing is that we use English to communicate and if people understand what you gonna tell them. It is nice if you are perfect, I mean it is nice if you can try the native voice (American or Englis),if not that is still ok, communicative effectiveness is more concerned. I think so and good luck.

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can you tell me about “from” and could


Thank you.
You made this lesson easy to understand.


kindly explain where we use (TO)


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!
Hugs from Brazil.

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it`s very good and fun


its very useful and easy to understand thank u


Ronnie!thanks for the lesson… it’s enlightening… i’ve a doubt…which is right either saying “during the tenure or in the tenure”

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when to use the words small,little,few ,some


    Small and little= size of an object – The dog is small. The child is little.
    Few/some = for quantity. I have a few pigs (2-3 pigs). I have some pigs (3+pigs)!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Really mam u give me good way for understand about some English words… Thanks mam..

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Really mam u give me good way to understand about some English words… Thanks mam..

Profile photo of tilaksandhu tilaksandhu

Thank you Ronnie


Thanks Ronnie


You was perfect!
Thank you!!!!!


Thank you Ronnie, this is very help full to me..I like your way of teaching..Thanks again..!!

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Hi ronnie . what is the difference between lick and suck


    Nice question! Lick is only with your tongue, and suck is when you put something in your mouth!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      nice answer

      Profile photo of farok farok

thanks =)

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hi guys, there’s someone want speak with me on skype. i translate what i read, but i missing the words when i must speak to someone. thanks a lot, bye

Profile photo of skinner skinner

    give me your email so we can speak english and improve together!


      hi zizie, thanks a lot! my skype nick is “doremifax”


      sorry, now i’m “log in”

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Hi Ronnie,
Thank you so much for your teaching on To and For. I´m Brazilian too and I can tell you, we have loads of doubts related to prepositions, especially To and For. I think this topic was all covered and I have no more doubts :-) Thanks a million!


Hello Ronnie,

nice video, but I have still a question about using “to or for”. Yesterday I saw an English movie where they used the following sentence “It’s very important to me!” Why is “to” used in this case, and not for? I do not see there any kind of exchange. Could I also use “for” in this scentence?

Thanks a lot for your help!
All the best


Hi Ronnie I realy like your lessons, one favour
Could tell me when or how is used: “in”, “at”, “on”

Profile photo of mightyroger mightyroger

I really like ur teaching. I can`t write alot of for u. so , thanks

ko kyaw

This lesson was very helpful for me as a non-english spoken background person. I have got very big advantage from it. But, there is one question for you? is there any previous lesson about on and upon as they are confusing me.


    There is no lesson about on and upon…but upon usually means that you are on top of something. On has many different meanings!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      smart and beautiful

      love u Ronnie

Thank you, Ronnie!

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hi ronnie
i have a nice question for you :)
what does your name mean ?
to taa


    My name doesn`t mean anything!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hi Ronnie , I have a question , which one is better to learning english
      watching video with native language sub or
      watching video with english sub ?
      I have another problem , I can undrestand english but when I want to speack in english all words and phrases abandoned me !


        With your language subtitles first, then with English subtitles!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much!!!!
I am very glad that I found this website.


thanks Ronnie Your style of teaching is fantastic

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thank you for a good lesson.

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Iam so glad that these lessons are very useful to improve speaking english in a better way and this way only through engVid and also learning with teacher valen and teacher Ronnie thanks a lot from siyal

Abdul Majeed

Hi Ronnie,

Is it correct to say “to wanting”. I was taught that after the word to the nx word should not hv an “ed” or “s”. But I’ve heard such word “to wanting”. Could you help me out. Thanks


    No, to wanting is not correct!
    You can say I want to…!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks, you are very nice

Profile photo of ivram ivram

    how come your name’s ivram and you’r egyptain


thanks Ronnie!


Hi, II`ve been watching some videos ON this site because I have doubts sometimes

Guilherme Mariano

Hi, I`m an english teacher in south of Brazil, and I was with some doubts about students questions, when I found this website That is a such nice one. Someone asked me about To and For… and I said hehe… I tell you next class, and then I just Found the answer. Awesome explanation. If you don`t mind I`ll pass that FOR my students!
Thanks, Take Care!

Guilherme Mariano

For thanks someone in Kurdish language we saying ZOR SUPAS


Hi Ronnie
First of all thanks for all your lessons.
There are a few things that I’d like to mention. Some of the examples you’ve showed on this video make think of ‘it depends on the situation’.
For example: I sing for you. (you sing for someone for many different reasons) ok.
Now if someone says: I sing to you. Wouldn’t it be correct as well, simply with a different meaning?


    Yes! You are correct – it does depend on the situation. Some can use both – there are always exceptions to everything in English – that is why it is so hard to learn!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you! By the way I enjoy watching your lessons, you’re really cool!


Thank you so much ,,Ronnie

Profile photo of fernnie fernnie

Hi Ronnie . Again i would like to ask you something relating to comprehension skills and composition skills . Can ya tell me how can i improve my these fields cuz ya know my exams are near so please quickly tell me . It will be a pleasure for ya to help .


    For listening you should try to listen to English tv shows with subtitles, and English music with the lyrics. Also it is not important to know EVERY word someone says – just the main words – your brain should be able to think about what the person has said!
    For writing – I suggest you write a little in English everyday!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

It’s is very useful for me.
I have learnt a lot.
Thanks. ^^


am happy to study eng
thanks Rooni

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hi Ronnie iwould like if can give lesson on subjunctive verb forms like its ahigh time , its time , and its about time . And if you can also explain about ( were i you , and if iwere you ) thanks .

Profile photo of salma76 salma76

    I will try to make a lesson on that for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank a lot, teacher!

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I know more the preposition which is always confused me. If you can, please take more it.
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Hi Ronnie . How can I improve my understanding skills in English ?


“It is very important to (for) us”. I’v met both variant. How will be correct?


    You don’t need to say to or for us……Just say it is very important.

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please share more lessons




    There is already a video on the site about that – search for “past perfect” and “present perfect”

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that was usefull romie thank you

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Thank you teacher Ronnie, that’s very helpful. Can you make a lesson for present tense pronunciation.


    I will try to make this for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for watching.

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the lesson is very beneficial and interesting.


Thank You ronnie for this lesson :)..

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especially, this topic cuz I have’t been solving this mystery for a long time.
but now, it’s different. I exactly got the point by u.

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Thanks Ronnie.
All of you guys are really great, I am really improving my english.


Thank you dear, I have never know about that…

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I am a Brazilian student and you took away all my doubts. Thank you.

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Thank you so much..and could you pls tell me the difference btwn ‘few and a few ‘?


I cannot see the lesson .
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I like english lessons.
what happened?
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Mrs ronnie please Iwant to seethe lesson.
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hi Ronnie


Does the quize refuse to work or am I doing sth wrong?

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Hi Ronnie,

Would you explain the following words/sentences how to use?
1. I gave him vs. to him?
2.Tell, talk, and say?

Thanks, Jagaa

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Very good video. Thank you from Almaty!!!!!!


Hi my great teacher.It’s wonderful and practical lesson for me.Thanks.


is it correctt to say “you gonna ..”? shouldn’t it be “you are gonna ” ? please let me know and thank you..you helped me alot


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yey! i got 5/5.. it’s show that i understood what did u teach..thank you kindly =D


Great lesson! I never ever found a so nice tip about the difference between to and for before – Congrats!

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I enjoy with it
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You are the best English teacher I’ve ever known. Please, never leave these cute lessons.
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Hello, Ronnie. I want to thank you for your lesson. But I still have one question to ask you. What is correct: “It’s important for me or to me?”
Once I asked my American penpal, and he replied that “It’s important to me” is correct. But, after watching this video I thought myself that he was wrong. Am I right or wrong? Thank you.


    It depends on the context – if you use for or to. Ex…Water is important for me (to live). Dogs are important to me (because I like them).
    English is very confusing and it is difficult for me to give you a concrete answer/example.
    I think that we use “important for me” when it affects our life – health, education, etc.
    “important for me” is more of your opinion on how much you value something.

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      Wow 😍

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you are wonderful and your lesson super. i have one question.
I and my friend washed the clothes.
I and my friend are washed the clothes. which one is correct sentences.


    Hello, Vita. I and my friend washed the clothes is correct, because the second sentence does not make sense. The first sentence is grammatically correct(past simple)


Thanx Ronnie!! u are my savior!!



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Hi dear teacher! Your hair is perfect today! Well, I´m here to thank youthe lesson. You made it FOR me! I always confuse these words! Can I make you a question? When I was a child I learned a song: “Hello my dear teacher, how are you? I´m me so very happy TO say hello TO you.” Is the use of TO correct here? I´d like to know to teach my students!You´re in my heart! Celia!

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    Yes, the use of “to” in the song is correct! It should be I’m so very happy – not I’m me so very happy.
    You should say “Can I ask you a question”…not can I make you a question!!!!

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      Thank you! I´m so glad to receive your repply!!! I´m your real fan! I´ll never forget this day!!! Kisses fom Brazil!

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Thanks Ronnie, its a useful lesson.
Kindly guide me, the use of “have” and “have been”….


Thank you Ronnie.

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Hey there, great lessons! I’ve got one qestion: is there any difference between:

“For what?” and “What for?”
“With who?” and “Who with?”


very useful Ewa .. thank you :)

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Thank you very much for this lesson because it was so usful for us to increase information.


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Hi Maam Ronnie how are you today! I have one thing to ask you with regards how to correct use of PAST TENSE! FUTURE TENSE! & PAST PARTICIPLE! because for me I am very confused on how to correct use that word… please create a lesson or technic

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Thank you ms.Ronnie , I am happy to learn with you .

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    Of course you will be able to speak = but NO ONE can ever speak without mistakes – not even a native English speaker!!! We all make mistakes!!! Don’t worry about making mistakes- just talk!!!

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thank you ronnie for such an effective lesson.would you like to give a lesson on over,against and with.


    I will try to make that lesson for you!

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Hi Teacher Nice to meet you again

I have learned alot of and improve my English.

When i will make the large sentence than very confused and don’t understand where subject and object and also verb used. please help me how i cam make sentences.

I know more mistakes in my comments please correct it.


Zafar Ali Soomro

Zafar Ali Soomr

    I have learned alot of and improved my English.
    When I make the large sentence it is very confusing and I don’t understand where subject,object and verb go.
    Most basic English sentences are….Subject, verb, noun.
    I eat cake.

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thanks Teacher Ronnie.. i do understand what you talking about, and I learned a lot from you.. Now i know how to use “TO and FOR” in a good sentence.. you are a great teacher.. god bless you


teacher you are realy great.
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Hello,i have a question, is it correct to said ” How do i call to Colombia, or For Colombia.”


    How do I call Colombia. We never use to or for with “call” or most verbs!

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hi, Ronnie To & for lesson it helps me too much because i was confused with them( to & for), but now i understand how to use them in the future and that because of you.you are really helpful teacher.

thank you.


Ronnie, please hepl and explain: Why in the “I’m going to talk to you” is Future? Can I say “I will go to talk to you”?


thank you Ronnie :) now I understand the difference :)


Good and easy lesson !!

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very nice lesson.. thank you!!! I explain it better now too for my students.


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Have a nice time!
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Hi ma’m Ronnie! Your very generous! Thank you FOR the lesson. But i have a question here, it seems a little irrelevant but i hope you would consider it. When to use believed and believe. Thank you very much!

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    Believed is past tense. Believe is present tense!
    I believed in Santa. I believe in myself!

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It’s interesting…we think we know but in the reality we don’t know or we know it wrong…

It helped me a lot I thought i knew it but I was wrong and now, THANK’S RONNIE, I know how to use TO and FOR

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ITZ REALLLY GOOD LESSON RONNIE,THNX DEA,it helped me alot,i thought that i know the difference between them well,but i was wrong,when i saw it,i Came to learn the major differences between them,dear i have a little question,which sentence is correct,I am late to work,or i m late for work?

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    I am late for work is correct!

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Hello Ronnie . . . I hope you are well.
In my opinion, you are the best teacher.
You can clearly explain the grammatical rules to me.
Everything you teach is that absolutely excellent.
I can also understand more English Language every time
when you teach a new lesson.

Thank you very much for your good teaching.

Best regards,

Narong K.

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Azeemullah Khan

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Great!!! but i have a doubt: For example, Peter can´t talk and he must do a very important presentation, so i am very nice with Peter and i talk with Peter: “Peter, i am going to talk FOR you in the presentation…” so, is it possible use FOR in that case? Thanks!!!!

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    Yes, in that case. for means in place of!

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i thanks for you ronne you very weel

asmaa mohamed

Hello! Really? thank u so much for solving my problem. i was completely confused between to and for.well deserved thanks.


Hey there,
Thanks for the tip, I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the diff to my students! :)
To sing to is also used…
I sing to my children!


good job again!! well, please get me some acknowledgement in regard of DIRECT & INDIRECT SPEECHES, if u possibly can. THANKS.

Shahbaz Khan

Thank you Ronnie, it is powerful lessons


thank you very much yoyr lesson learn alot


Ronnie,i lake you sense of humour,your stile.You make the lasson not only useful but funny too…thank”s


tnank you ,Ronnie for you lesson!!


thanks a lot for you .

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Thank you for your lessons..You are so kind

fuad mohammed ali

Thank you. This I haven’t understood.
And this sentence: Have you ever been to China?

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    Have you ever been to China = in your life, did you travel to China!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

tnx a lot


ronnie i do understand the tenses, but why it is very difficult for me to compose a perfect grammar.can you make a sample for the cardinal 12 tenses.tnx a lot


thanks alot …. its really useful even i had this doubt for long days now it got over


i was writing to one of my friends i i put: you are a very special person for me but then i was thinking if is not also correct to say: you are a very important person for me!! which one is wrong and which one is correct? in this kind of sentences what are the rules in the usage of to and for?


    sorry i put the same i was trying to ask is it also correct to say this sentence in this two ways: she is very important to me or she is very importat for me thats my question


      In this case, you DO NOT need to put “for me” or “to me” because YOU said the words!
      All you need to say is = “You are very important”! The listener/reader will already understand that is it for her!!!!

      Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

you are great techer ever!!!!


Hi Ronnie

Thanks for this class, you’re so funny, l like that, a feel more confortable to learn.

Have fun!!!

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Good lesson!! but I still have some questions
Which is right? I know how frustrating is for you or I know how frustrating is to you
Thanks in advance


    I know how frustrating is for you

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Excellent, specially for mentioning Brazilians!

Sérgio Lopes

thanks!! you are good techer

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what a magnificant website and what an amazing teachers! i explored it yet and i really loved it. i have a lot of questions =) one is that already, when do you english speakers use ‘a lot of’ and ‘lots of’? can you explain?


    We should say “a lot of” but we are lazy when we speak so we say “lotsa” Ex. I have lotsa homework.
    We say this instead of saying much/many!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

nice to meet you RONNIE


hello..tnx for the video..it really helps me a lot..but could you help me when it comes to in and on? for example, i say ” i beleive in you ” should i use on insted of in? or what? im confused whether to choose on or in..plss help me here is my email..kianochino@ymail.com ty ^^


    You cannot say I believe on you! “I believe IN you”, we can only use for things that may not be real like Santa Claus or God.
    If we talk about regular people, we say “I believe you”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hi Ronni,
      Adrian here, from Romania
      I’m a little bit confused about your explanation. There’s a song “I believe in you” by Kylie Minogue. What does she mean?
      Thank you kindly!

      Profile photo of adrianrusu adrianrusu

        It means that she believes that the person she is singing about is a good person and can do anything they want to!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          Thank you for replay Ronnie.
          So, if we talk about regular people, we can also say “I believe IN you”

          Profile photo of adrianrusu adrianrusu

          Thank you for the reply, Ronnie.
          So, if we talk about regular people, we can also say “I believe IN you”

          I like your teaching style. Good luck!

          Profile photo of adrianrusu adrianrusu

          Yes you can say that! It is very encouraging!

          Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          It’s clear to me now. Thank you for the reply.

          Profile photo of adrianrusu adrianrusu

awesome!!!!!! you are the best!!!


hi, i’m an english teacher from Brazil and my students are still having a hard time understanding the difference between To and For, how can i explain “i have a test for next week” it’s not really a benefit, and also ” i want to go out for dinner and we went out to dinner” that’s confusing to/for them, i know the difference but they don’t see it. Is there a better way to clear that up?


    “i have a test for next week” is wrong. You need to say I have a test next week.
    i want to go out for dinner and we went out to dinner = this is an example in which English grammar has many many rules and these rules are broken or do not apply to EVERYTHING. Tell you students that….. It will help them ….Don’t think about the grammar too much – it will make you and your students crazy …… sometimes there is no logical explanation for English!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

THANKS mam .I am greatly thankful to you


thank u ma’am…

Profile photo of gracieman18 gracieman18

hello ronnie…i really like your teaching you are a great teacher who injects the lessons to students in a easy way….
I have a doubt ‘English is piece of cake to/for me’ which is correct to or for..plz correct the sentence & correct my mistakes in this msg…
thank you


    You don’t need to say either “to or for me” – because you are the speaker, I already know YOU think it is easy.!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

very useful! thanx for making it simple to understand.God Bless Ms. Ron

Profile photo of jamela jamela

ok! dimitra from greece
actually the “to” in greece means “για” and it shows purpose
while the “for” does not mean “για” and it cannot be translated i english exactly and clearly
so we learn it knowing the correct syntax.
thank u!


Thank you very much! I´m from Brazil. lol


wow what a nice explanation ,,,thanks

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Very good explanation!! Thank you so much!! I loved it!


Thank you Ronnie,I like the way you explain

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how to download ur all video ??


Thank you so much!
This lesson was so helpful.

Alex Roberto

Thank you very much Ronni,realy i like this site and i can understand your teaching ,this is second time for me i visst this site and i saw your way for teaching ..please tell me how ican see all your lisson one by one because you didnt wrote the lissons no.or tell me how ican start from first lisson still now and contniue with you evry day …with best regards

Profile photo of sher61 sher61

    Just click on “teachers” at the top of the page and choose “Ronnie”. You can see all my videos!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you very much .

Profile photo of sher61 sher61

Hi teacher,
I like all your lessons…so exciting and easy to understand…thanks a lot… :)


Ronnie you are a wonderful teacher.I adore your lessons.And your sense of humour.Thanks.


The holiday is going to end when am turning again to school i will sure mis ur lesson madamme

Meshack Joseph

Hi teacher your lessons can be seen by using mobile?

Meshack Joseph

    I think so! Just go to the website on your mobile browser!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi teacher, can you tell me about “consonant”. i mean how to use “a” and “an” and the in sentence.
and i am confuse about sentences. i mean how to make a sentences. can you help me?

Profile photo of Malik Malik

    When you have a word that starts with a vowel – A E I O U Y or has a vowel sound “honour”, you have to use “an”.
    All the other letters are consonants BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXYZ, you need to use “a”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hiiiii teacher,
Your teaching style is so simple. i learned so many things from this video.. Could you explain the difference between of and for.
thanks a million.


    Of= belonging to something – King of Spain. House of Blood.
    For= to be given to someone. “This flower is for you.”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie you`re the best!!
Please tell me, how I should say
It was very stressful for her or It was very stressful to her??


    It was very stressful for her we use if a situation/event caused the stress!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie



thanks teacher,
can you tell me plz how to use “the” and how to make a sentance? thans

aqib awan

Hai Ronnie mam , ur videos helps me alot, ur accent, expression, really it motivates alot thnx.


hi Ronnie mam plz explain me abt tenses?


Very useful.


Hi .
I like your teaching style; I think you’re an excellent communicator.
I was watching your lesson, when you were explaining the different between To vs. For.
The rule you’ve given ( transfer- To, benefit-For).it may only work for few cases, I would suggest that just to be on the safe side, you should mention that there are lots of verbs which are always followed by “to” Talk, Speak, Go, Listen,…………..
And we shouldn’t forget about the “Infinitive of Purpose”. “I switched my pc to listen to your lesson” I think the beginners should be told these rules which I’ve suggested at their early learning stage.

George Rabadi

very clear! hard topic for us (Argentinos)…thanks so much for helping us!

adriana rodriguez

Hi Ronnie,
Why “to” is not used in the following sentence?
I’m leaving for Japan today

According to you video, we should use “to” (I’m leaving to Japan today) here because we are carrying our body to Japan :-)

Why “for” is used instead of “to” in the above mentioned scenario… plz explain to me.


Profile photo of subusan subusan

    When you use the verb leaving, you can’t use “to”.
    You can say I am going to Japan today……..I don’t know the reason why some verbs need different words…Just unexplainable English grammar rules!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      I heard somewhere that after GO always goes TO, and after LEAVE always goes FOR. Ex”I am going to Paris” or “I’m leaving for Paris”. Perharps, it’s easy to remember.)

      Profile photo of tatjanastar1 tatjanastar1

        Thanks a lot it is very easy to remember

        Profile photo of Ahmed ehab Ahmed ehab

      This is called collocation though!

      Profile photo of Bildungsroman Bildungsroman

Thank you my dear i loved your lessen
im tring to imbruve my english


useful. thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of juliange juliange

I’m a second grade student. I like your Grammar’ lessons very much. Thanks a lot.


thank u very very much ronnie
I’m very happy to know this site
I benefit a lot from you
and I can’t thank you enough

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hi Ronnie..you’re videos are really great..very useful..thanks!!


Thanks alot teacher.

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hi, miss ronni,
i am nana , from indonesia, thank you very much , i got many thing for you,,,,

please answer my message,,,,, ^_^



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Thank you Ronnie!
Have great day :)

Profile photo of elayne79 elayne79

you did a big favor for me… thank you so much


thanks alot roonie
but can you tell me what is the difference between which and who


    Search on the site for “relative clauses”….you can find the answer there!
    Who is for people, which is for things!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      and what do wich and who refer to in the sentences

      Profile photo of toutou toutou

and what do wich and who refer to in the sentences


Thank you Ronnie for your helpful explanation


The lesson is very useful for me, it’s a benefit for us. wow…God bless u, teacher Ron!

Profile photo of benjan4ever benjan4ever

beautiful, thanks a lot


hi Ronnie,i have a question. i bought it for you or i bought it to you. which one is correct? normally we say i bought it for you.but according to your explanation for means a benefit. so how can we use “for” for this sentence because there is no any benefit for other person. just buy something only. thanks amani


GOOD I love it


woa.. miss Ronnie are very awesome in teaching! thanks a lot!

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I really appreciate that you take the time to make this videos and explain us the english grammar. You do a great job. Congrats !!


hehe thank you,teacher Ronnie :D

Profile photo of PrideProud PrideProud

Hi Roni,
This videos are very useful and they are great.I am confused with the 3rd question(Bob gave a gift — Furgus). Isn’t that gift a benefit to Fergus??? please help me out with this.



    Yes, you are correct a gift can be a benefit but it is the TRANSFERRING of the gift (item moves from A to B), that makes us use “to”!
    English is very confusing and there are so many “rules” that are not always 100%!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi , I come here to say that I’m learning a lot techniques here and your explanation is so clear …. Thank you !!
I’m from Brazil too <3


Dear teacher your the great
please help me for more learning in English language


Hello my best teacher Ronnie! First of all i hope you’re doing well.Really i was confused with these two prepositions”to”and”for”,but now the idea of “TRANSFERRING” AND “BENIFIT” will make an end for my confusion.
What will be the right word to use in the following situation? “The excercice was so complicated(for)or (to) me”.Actually i was looking for the any transferring or benifit but i could not.


    The exercise was so complicated FOR you.

    I think its because FOR here is your opinion (good/bad)??

    Ronnie? What do you think?


      You don’t need to say FOR or TO… You can just say this lesson was so complicated! You don’t need to/for because I know already it was complicated for you because you said it!

      Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

        Thank you so much my best teacher Ronnie for your clarification,of course biiiiiiig thank for your sharing too Ms Tiffany,so we can say that there’re many cases we don’t need to use any of them.


Ronnie, nice to meet you :)!
I´m from Brazil but I´m living in Chile due my job and I intend to be here for a long time.
I think you were born TO teach, because you are absolutely easy, clear, dynamic and almost actress. Ah, so beautiful to complete the adjectives! Soul and physical are necessary, right?
Today I was teaching my daughter some lessons of English and it´s was appropriated your lessons mainly about Y and J pronunciations due the problem she has with her Hispanic teachers at her school. Just my two teachers at the college where I´m studying translation from English to Spanish has a perfect speaking, because they have lived in the USA, the rest have a problem to pronounce the words beginning with R,Y and the words as SH, of SHE, SHIP, SHEET, CH etc. It sounds like a TI, you know?
Well, I think you could comment about it if you did not yet.
My best regards to you. God bless you.


Profile photo of Marcio de Moraes Marcio de Moraes

    Wow — that is great that your daughter is learning too — I LOVE TEACHING KIDS!!!!!!!!!
    The best way is to get her into English music too!!! I’ve done a lesson on the TH sound.
    Best of luck to you and your daughter!!! What is her name?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hello Ronnie!
      Thanks for your kind words. She loves music and me too!
      I’ll find the TH later in my house, because in my job the videos are blocked. Her name is Giuliana, original from Italy.
      Tomorrow will be my exam and I’m sure that I’ll be take a good mark.

      We keep in touch!
      Canada is my goal to the future.



Thank you so much for this clear and concise explanation.

What about
“The test was difficult FOR me”
“Smoking is not good FOR you”

That’s not really beneficial… :-) Can we also explain it as something that’s not good as well? I mean, can “FOR” also be used to talk about preferences?

Thank you again!!!


    Oops, I think I meant “opinion” instead of preference

    Like the test was might have been easy for someone else, but it was difficult for me.


      Well, i think it will remain the same situation when you say” the test was difficult” or “the test was difficult for me”,and of course as u’ve said,in the 2nd sentence you’re expressing an opinion,so you can begin with” For me,the test was difficult”.
      Once again,we should know that there are some exceptions,and it depends on what the talker focuses on,BENIFIT or TRANSFERRING,For example we can say:”i gave a gift for her”(BENIFIT) and also” i give the gift to her”(TRANSFERRING).


Very nice Dear Madam,
This is new helpful rule that for transfer use “TO” for Good use “For” is i right Madam,
Thanks You Madam for teaching us. Thank Live a Long LIfe i am praying.

Your Slave,
Asad Jillany

Profile photo of mjillany mjillany

    Yes, you are correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Respected mam ronnie,
i really appreciate your teaching style as you know that when we see any thing in a friendly way so we pick it very fast and we don’t forget it. your teaching style is just like BRAIN “STORMING”

i wish that your were my english teacher in my homeland.



i don’t know how to spek english


Can you please explain :
When to use “FOR” and when to use “OF”

Eg : the objective is to identify the training needs of all the participants

The objective is to identify the training needs for all the participants.


    In those sentences, OF and FOR are the same!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

This website and these videos are great.
Thank you all!
Kisses from France ;)




Hi, Thanks for your lesson. It’s wonderful. I’ve a question. Which one is correct here:

1.When are you leaving for India?
2.When are you leaving to India?



very nice and simple to understan:)super


thank you for your useful lesson. You explain so interesting. Your lesson is so understandable.

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For me you’re the best teacher of ENGVID.

Profile photo of Bruno Peçanha Bruno Peçanha

Thanks a lot.
Explanation is very simple.
Can you please explain the below sentence!
“I’m happy TO help you.”
“I’m happy FOR you”

Profile photo of sairam1090 sairam1090

    Help is a verb.
    You is a pronoun. You cannot say I am happy to you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, it’s great & helpful.

Profile photo of bookworm8283 bookworm8283

Hi Ronnie,

Hope you are fine there!

Could you please provide more objective questions about “to and for lesson”. I presume that you would pride this detail by shortly.

Warm Regards,
Mohammed Shahith (India)

Mohammed Shahith

thank you very much. it is really helpful


Hi mam,
You are one and only best teacher in this world. Because your teaching method is very good. Most of the student would like your way of teaching. Thank you.




Hello teacher .she is very good teaching.thanks for all video lessons


Ilike your Teching motherd Thanks very much


I am from Cameroon.
thank you very much for all the English lessons, I learn to speak and write English as well listen.
in french we say thank you very much for everything.
your classes are very necessary to me.
I want to know how to use the word From. example, I am from Cameroon.
“But It Does Have a First Amendment right not to Be Excluded from a contract based on ITS Religious Beliefs.”
thank you. have nice day.

Profile photo of markus markus

    From has many meanings! Look in a dictionary!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you Teacher Ronnie.
god bless you.

Profile photo of markus markus

from egypt with love nothing new you still the best ;)

Profile photo of maroyousf maroyousf

is it rigth? ‘ it is just for men’ plz ronnie explain it


Mrs. Ronnie

very good lesson, and thanks a lot. But! can you please check the following examples it they’re correct or not please:

1- I’m learning English to attain my ambition.

2- I’m study hard for achieving my success.

Profile photo of modi4na3oomi modi4na3oomi

    1=ok – But it is more natural to say I’m learning English to get a good job/so I can live in Canada. (or what ever your ambition is)
    2- I’m studying hard to achieve my goals. Or I am studying hard to be successful.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks for reply Mrs. Ronnie

It seems that you’ve used ” to ” for both examples, so are they considered as ” exchange info ” ??

Thanks a lot



    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

can u explain the use of would and could

Profile photo of lonelybird lonelybird

    Hey – OK!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hey Ronnie! You are awesome! It s so funny to learn english with you. You have to come to Argentina to try our beer! :) Besos

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Hola Ronnie.
La última pregunta es una contadicción porque debería ser al revés. Pero bueno, la mentalidad suyacía ahí.
Muchas gracias por tu clase.
In English?… So… well (in other opportunity); very good and thank you very much.

Josué Verne

    Hola Ronnie.
    La última pregunta es una contadicción porque debería ser al revés. Pero bueno, la mentalidad subyacía ahí.
    Muchas gracias por tu clase.
    In English?… So… very good and thank you very much.

    Josué Verne

wohoooo , full mark on test again ,that’s cuz of smart teacher teach me :)

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Cool explanation teacher.
U know sometimes people get confused in that topics.
Also, u´re pretty nice person.

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thank you Dear Ronnie,you are such a great teacher & your expressions are so funny & interesting that make us listen & enjoy…
Really many thanks for you sweet heart


Thank you

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Thank u


Hello teacher thanks for the lesson
Ali did a great job for me.
JOhn gave a nice present to Juli.
They go to library for reading informative books.
I visit EngVId for learning English.
could you please check these sentences and another thing you did an example
Bon gave a gift to Fergus.
suppose if Bon gives some one else for Fergus. can we use
Bon gave a gift for Fergus.

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

    Ali did a great job for me.
    JOhn gave a nice present to Juli.
    They go to library to read informative books.
    I visit EngVId to learn English.
    Bon gave a gift to Fergus.
    You can never use to/for = verbing.
    read and learn is a transfer of information = to
    suppose if Bon gives some one else for Fergus. can we use
    Bon gave a gift for Fergus = this is wrong. You would have to say “Someone else gave a gift to Fergus, from Bon.”
    Your other sentences are very good! Great work!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thanks that was pretty helpful

      Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

Thank you very much T- Ronnie .
before I listen to your vedio , I was big confuess when use to – for , but know Iam ok .
– I hope that you are here to give you apresent .
– I hope that you are here so to bay agift for you .
you are the best .

Profile photo of hasan hasan

First of all, thanks a bunch for making such clear videos, they certainly help a lot!
I have a doubt… How do I explain the use of TO in sentences like “happy birthday TO you”? Do we use it because we are “tranfering” or “sending” wishes to the other person?



    Yes, because you are sending wishes to someone!!! Great observation!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hey ronnie i need your help , i am not able to solve cloze passages type fill in the blanks which usually come in GMAT section


    Sorry, I do not understand your question.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie! Your video was a big help! Can you recommend me some other online tests to practice to/for? Thank you very much!


    Sorry, I don’s know any! Just google online english tests.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie I appreciate all the time that you put on every single video. Your efford, your teaching.. You’re Amazing, Don’t let us fall, keep teaching us as you usually do. Your humble work makes a huge difference to each single person in here. For us trying to learn a new language is a big challenge.. TEACHERS! Thanks for all your hard work… I’m still learning… Bonne Chance, À tout à l’heure.. :)

Profile photo of jucem4 jucem4

thank you
can you give us a video about tell and say
merci beaucoup ronnie

Profile photo of sarah70 sarah70

Very interesting explanation.


Thank you ms.Ronnie , I am happy to learn with you .


this video is not included detail of this subject…ı thınk ıt is not useful..ıt can be more detail and benefical for students who watched video..


hi Ronnie, when i can use(at,in,on)


I want ask u some thing Ronnie
how can I learn paragraph, I’m so confused from paragraph

Profile photo of dani187 dani187

How about these sentences :
1) He was really nice TO us.
2)She’s responsible FOR this whole mess.
Could you explain that ? Thanks!

Profile photo of lekocoutinho lekocoutinho

    When we use the word nice we cannot say “He was nice for us”. We must use TO!
    Also, you cannot say responsible to = we have to use responsible for! Sorry I cannot explain WHY – it is just English grammar rules!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      I got it!

      Profile photo of lekocoutinho lekocoutinho

Hello Ronnie, can you explain to me the diference between “That and What” .

Patricia Laney

    What is a question.
    That is a pronoun and an adjective.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks a lot Miss

Profile photo of elwahchhh elwahchhh

I’m really happy I found this website. You have the best way to teach, by the way I have a question.
Notes TO/FOR myself.
A reminder TO/ FOR myself.
I really appreciated your help.


    You can use both to/for in both!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, Ronnie, how are you hope you are fine well while speaking i confuse in two things first one where i used the with and where i used for and to as well so describe it all the things for me and 2nd one is where is use have??????

Adnan Siddique

hello maam, it was a pleasure to watch this video. now it is clear to me the differnce btwn to and for.. i have a question. when we give smbdy a card or any other gift, we write on it ‘to bob’ or smthng like that. it is a kind of trasfer,but it does him good also like he feels happy to get it. it may be a type of beneficial. so why don’t we wrte ‘for bob’? plz tell me..thnk u..


    You can write either for or to!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you so much for this lesson.
I had this problem between TO/FOR…. for long time but now I can understand.

This web site is amazing and you are so funny.

Thanks again


Hai teacher,
i like your way of teaching… i learn a lot from you. i want to speak english perfectly. how can i improve? can you teach me about “have been”.
“would you like to have a cup of coffee” is it correct?
if there is any mistakes please correct me..
thank you teacher. god bless you


    Would you like to have a cup of coffee”. Yes! This is correct!
    Have been = present perfect. Search Engvid for “present perfect”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Parts Of Speech

Every name is called a noun As field and fountain, street and town; In place of noun the pronoun stands, as he and she can clap their hands; The adjective describes a thing, as magic wand or bridal ring; the verb means action, something done to read and write, to jump and run; How things are done the adverbs tell, as quickly, slowly,badly,well; the preposition shows relation, as in the street or at the station;conjunctions join in many ways, sentences , words, or phrase and phrases; The interjection cries out ,Hark! I need an examination mark.

Profile photo of raghu20123 raghu20123


I loved this lesson. I really need to learn about more preposition such as:




Dear Ronnie,

i loved that lesson.

can u plz help me to understand abt more prep such as:

over, upon, in, on, at, for , since,untill, into,up, down and else.



    Search the site for “prepositions”, there are already lessons for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks a lot! :) I’m enlightened.. :)


I am happy and thankful for all the assistance you all provide to us. could you tell me which sentence is correct.

I am looking forward to spring break.


I am looking forward for spring break.

Profile photo of npg10 npg10

    I am looking forward to spring break.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie thank you very much for your explanation and the lesson. I’m learning a lot! I’d like to ask you to prepare a lesson with real Enlish ’cause I don’t understand a native speaker very well! How to lern with movies or songs? Please, help me!!!!

Thanks again!


    When you watch a movie in English, watch it with Portuguese subtitles – this way you can study listening and pronunciation!
    With music, listen and read the lyrics (words) to the song!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

what is the correct use
“dedicated to or for”


    dedicated to

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie thank you very much for your explanation and the lesson. You are very good teacher.

Profile photo of floryluna floryluna

Thank you

Profile photo of floryluna floryluna

how are you? which is the correct usage?
(1) Proceed further in processing the job offer letter
(2) Proceed further for processing the job offer letter.
I feel that (2) is correct.. what is your opinion on this?

Profile photo of subusan subusan

    I would say proceed further to process the job offer letter. To use to of for depends on the situation – if you are physically moving to process it , you would say #2. If it was not a physical movement, I would use #1.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks for sharing.
“Looks good to me” is correct but how to explain not to use “Looks good for me” based on the explanation?


    Looks good to me is your opinion of something.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you, its now more clear for me about the diff. of to and for,,it really gave me headache in my school) so thanks


Hi,Ronnie!My name is Dima.I’m from coooold Russia.Do you like a vodka?=))Ahahah=))So,I have a question.Why did you write “I take my paycheck to the bank.”? Why not “I take my paycheck in the bank.”???I’m so sorry for my poor English


    We say to the bank because we have to carry it form one place to another!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks teacherrrr Ronniee

Profile photo of wakil wakil

Dear Ms. Runny,
please tel me which tv channel good for us.We want to learn speaking English.Gretting from Turkey.


    Sorry, I don’t have/watch T.V.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Many thanks ! I liked it!


in my whole life i like your objectives, style and tone….. you’re a great teacher of english and many more language.. i belong from pakistan… have a nice day… in one day i will be your student…..

aamir shah

thank you it is verey useful

Profile photo of aboody18 aboody18

please help me with this.write a brief paragraph about each, explaining who the audience is likely to be or who is interested,, what type of data would be used, and whether conclusions and recommendations would be appropriate.

1. A statistical study of the pattern of violent crime in a large city during the last five years.

2. A report prepared by a seed company demonstrating the benefits of its seed corn for farmers.

3. A report prepared by an independent testing agency evaluating various types of cold remedies sold without prescription.

4. A trip report submitted at the end of a week by a traveling salesperson.

5. A written report by a police officer who has just completed an arrest.


    Sorry I don’t do homework!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

write a brief paragraph about each, explaining who the audience is likely to be or who is interested,, what type of data would be used, and whether conclusions and recommendations would be appropriate.

1. A statistical study of the pattern of violent crime in a large city during the last five years.

2. A report prepared by a seed company demonstrating the benefits of its seed corn for farmers.

3. A report prepared by an independent testing agency evaluating various types of cold remedies sold without prescription.

4. A trip report submitted at the end of a week by a traveling salesperson.

5. A written report by a police officer who has just completed an arrest.




    Sorry, we can’t do your homework for you.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thank you very much
i realy love engvid


i want to ask you who i can improve my languges
what is differnet between at / on


hi Ronie your lessons are really wonderful . i wanna ask ;

he explane it to correct my mistake
he explane it to me for corect my mistake

or two of them is false ?


    He explained it to correct my answer!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks for Ronnie

Profile photo of anihat anihat

mam can you help me please where the site have english translate to french im thinkful if you help me ilike youre lesson because i learn more hope you do translation also

mercy desuyo

really it is excellent lesson

many thanks dearest :)


I had this grammer problem, but I never thought I would find a page that deals directly with this to & for problem. How cool! good job!
Anyway, I’m still confused with my problem, and I see that you still answer people here, so I figured, why not try?
What do I need to say, basis to or basis for? My context is science (I’m doing a project presentation at my university), but it can be anything.
A simple example: “Math is the basis for physics” or “Math is the basis to physics”? my heart goes with to, it sounds more correct, but I’m not a native english speaker, so I wouldn’t know (I’m from Israel). Thank you so much!


    Basis for.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

OMG!!!! it was great!!! It will really help me with my class. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What about when you compare…”we are leaving for Berlin” vs. “We are leaving to Berlin” How do you explain to vs. for in that regard. The rule doesn’t seem to apply.


    “We say we are leaving for Berlin” or “We are leaving to go to Berlin”. You are correct, the rule does not work for everything in English!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

very nice


Thank’s Ronnie.
Now I understand the usage of To and For.

Great !!! Cheers :)

Profile photo of emputen emputen

I can say I sing for you or I sing to you . and both of these have different meaning. Is it make sense ?


    Yes! I sing to you is directly to one person like Romeo and Juilet…for you is for your enjoyment

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I had spent a long time trying to understand the differences between “to and for” and you in no time I clear all my doubts. Thank you very much.


Is it… new “to” me or new “for” me?


    You don’t need to say “to me” or “for me” if you are the speaker.
    Ex. This is new. It is hot. It is difficult. All of these phrases DO NOT need “to/for me” at the end.
    You can say “Thats NEWS to me”, when someone tells you something that you didn’t know!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks so much for this lesson

Profile photo of amopollon amopollon

thank you so much
first time I see your lesson, it’s great


hhiii…actually i have confusion between in these sencentes…..i call to him and i call him …which sentence is correct and whats the difference in these sentences…….


    I call him is correct.
    We never say I call to him… it is wrong.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Maam ronnie, the video couldn’t play. i think there is something wrong with your video :(( i cant watch :(


Awesome Lesson, Ronnie. Good to know different between them. we need more preposiotion lesson,
ex, in and into, of and Off, out of and from, etc.
I hope you can make new Preposiotin lesson for us ?? and give them to us please.. Thank you, Masa

Profile photo of masa1807 masa1807

English Grammer for spoken english

Bhupendra Jain

It is important to point our that “to” or “for” will depend on the verb attached to it. If the verb is intransitive, then you use “to”. If it is transitive you use “for”. For example, you say “head for” because “head” is a transitive verb. You say “go to”, because “go” is intransitive. If the verb can take an in/transitive form, you can use either one, but the meaning differs. So, “you come to a conclusion” but you can “come for someone”. Sometone mentioned “call to” (which is intransitive), but takes no preposition. The reason is that “call” asks for an object (me, you, him, her, us, etc) and is transitive.

Profile photo of cmart02 cmart02

Thank you for your lesson, I learned the difference between to and for.I have a question,when I can to use like or as.could you help me????

Profile photo of luahhhh luahhhh

    We use like + noun. Eg… He sings like a bird. This means he sounds like a bird!
    We use as + well + as Eg…He sings as well as a bird. This means equal to.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Very good lesson. Thanks!!


hi rone I benefited from the beautiful explanation and I want to explain the rules of speach Report
Can I get your email address


” I eat for survive” or ” I eat to survive ” ??

Profile photo of arianna arianna

” I eat for survive” or ” I eat to survive ” ??

Profile photo of arianna arianna

“I eat for survive” or ” I eat to survive” ?


Thank you ronnie I loved….


Hey Ronnie,

please help me I’m brazilian I study english do you have any tips for learn english. I want so much learn english I wait a answer every day I’ll go enter in this site.I’m waiting !!


    Do you want to learn grammar or speaking?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I wanted learn speaking and grammar kk


I want learn to speak Do want tips to Have a fluency in the talk. If you have any tips to know speak the correct form help me please.I will go enter every day to see the tip.I’m waiting. please answer fast “my wish to learn is big ” ! Thank you so much !!


I’ll go talk in portuguese. >> Por favor ronnie me ajuda a aprender a ter uma fluencia correta e que flua por favor. Translate please… ^^


    Please ronnie I need help me with correct fluency, please.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi, teacher now I can say… I know the difference between for and to.
Thank you so much.


Hi Ronnie,

I didn’t read all the comments, so I apologize if I’ll repeat the same question. I go straight to the point: when can I use “to” and “for” with a verb? For example, can I indifferently use the prepositions “to” and “for” in this sentence: “I go to school TO learn (or FOR learning (?)) english. That’s it. My real problem is to understand (or “understanding”?) the function of prepositions (besides “to” and “for”) with the verbs. Thanks. Bye. Vincenzo


    To help you with more prepositions, search the site for “prepositions”. There are many lessons to help you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Great job


hello very interesting the lesson.I can say that I know the difference between For and To . thank you . From
Panama city :)bless


Hi Ronnie,
Thank you very much for your teaching.Now I know how to use TO, FOR not confuse as i did in the past.


Thanks ronnie

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hi ronnie thanks for the lesson. always i like ur aproch and lesson. ur a greate teacher God bluss ronnie!!!


A good lesson, but I think “for” can also be used for unpleasant things also.
Example: – Here is the doctors bill for you. The police are here for you!
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Best wishes, Eric

Eric Campbell

Thanks Ronnie,

Very good lesson and very useful. I would have a lesson explaining the difference beteween from and of.
Take care
Bye from Portugal


thank u for that lesson. it helps me a lot.

from PH


Hi Teacher Ronnie:
Could you tell me what pattern the following sentences are?
I looked at the woman.
I talked about the woman.

Thank you so much..


    They are simple past tense.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i like ronnie’s method of teaching


Ronnie,How I’ve fluency in English ?


Hi Ronnie
Which sentence is ok?
a. I made a cake for you. (This is a benefit to someone)
b. I made a cake to you. (This is a transfer, I am transferring a cake)


wow ……… very helpfull thank u for your time

Profile photo of risa risa

it is clear


Hi Ronnie! Why “Bob gave a gift TO Fergus”, and not “FOR Fergus”? It’s not a gift a benefit? Thanks! =)

Profile photo of mateodelarue mateodelarue

Hello Ronnie !! Thanks a lot.
You gave he example : I sing for you.
But I found this example in Oxford Dictionary:
He was singing softly to the baby.

Profile photo of hungriaind1 hungriaind1

Hi Ronnie. Your videos classes are very funny. I love your methodology and i have learned much. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of afecto2012 afecto2012

This is good demonstration,please tell me more differences


Wow! it’s very useful for me ;). I really like your lesson. Can I ask you a question? I’m confused To and For when they stand at the beginning of a sentence and follow by a pronoun or a noun. With example as shown:
EG. a/ To me,… and For me,…
b/ “To her astonishment, he smiled,”
and “For more information, call this number.”
Sincerely! ;)

Nguyen Anh Minh

Dear Ronnie,

I’ve been searching about ‘ for and to ‘ and your explanation has been the best so far. Do you know if there’s a website which help people to get a Canadian accent ? I know it sounds weird, but i love Canada and i would like to get your accent.

Thanks for the explanation.

Rodrigo Silva

I’m your inconditional fan… you are the best…


Hi Ronnie I liked so much of this website
I’m teacher Here in brazil how do I can teach the people of this website I know speak english and spanish fluently I can give very lots for everybody! How do I can participate of this website like a teacher ? please answer me the faster posible thanks so much! Every I going to entering for I know you answer for me!Thansk again!I’m waiting


Oh my god I writed faster… corecting there


Hi Ronnie I liked so much of this website
I’m teacher Here in brazil how do I can teach the people of this website I know speak english and spanish fluently I can give very lots for everybody! How do I can participate of this website like a teacher ? please answer me the faster posible thanks so much! Everyday I going to enter for I know your answer for me!Thanks again!I’m waiting


Ronnie, I really like the way you explain things. You’re such a funny teacher.


Thank you very much for the lessons!
You’are great teacher!

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Really it is avery helpful lesson.


thank u

Profile photo of tarik123 tarik123

Hey Ronnie, it was awesome but i have a question. Can i say ” i am going to talk WITH you ? ” Is it correct? And thanks for your helping…

Profile photo of Selin Selin

Thanks, you are nice teacher

Profile photo of canuttoni canuttoni

Hi Ronnie, tks for the lesson. It was really helpful, although I have a question. Which one is correct?
You should say thank you to her.
you should say thank you for her.


Hi Ronnie,

I have got some new things from this lesson. Great work!.




Hi Ronnie

As you explained in this lesson, when we do some good for someone in such case ‘for’ is used and ‘to ‘is used for transfer.
I bought a bone for my dog is correct but instead of ‘for’, ‘to’ also fits in the sentence ‘to my dog’ . If no can you please explain me.

Thank you

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hi Ronnie,
Thank you very very much for this useful lesson.

P Rai

Ronnie very very very very very very good teacher think you ronnie


HI Ronnie :)..
Can you please explain to me when to use the word “ME” and “I” in a sentence..please Ronnie :)..Thank you very much Ronnie :)

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Thanks Ronie.


great teacher!

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Thanks a lot, your lesson was useful. And what about the expression: Circle the words that are new to you. In this case why to and not for?




Thank you mam .This is what i need for.It’s help a lot…


Thanks a lot


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for the lesson re to/for.In one word: TO=transferring,exchanging,phrasal verbs with TO,when I say my opinion or what I like or dislike.
FOR= benefit,phrasal verbs with FOR. Am I right?
One more thing:you say that it is not necessary to put to/for me when the speaker says whatever,i agree with you .The problem is that there are a lot of exercises in textbooks where you can choose the prepositions to/for in the sentences and some of them start with “It is important…….me”.or things like this :))and students have to do those exercises:)
Thanks a lot.You are really a very attractive teacher and I “click” on your name quite often:)

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correction: You have to choose,not you can choose/sorry:)/

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Ronnie, Thank very much


Thanks a lot ….


Hi Ronnie! Nice to meet you and congratulations for your great explanation. Well, I’m also a Brazilian guy, but not the one that asked you the To and For. :0) Just a comment, wouldn’t the phrase “I sing ____ you.” fit both? I mean, “for” and “to”, once the sing is the same as talking transferring info but in a singed way? Or in other way I sing to you, but not to your sister. Or another phrase… You don’t sing very well, let me sing for you. Hmmmm doubts… :0)
All the best, cheers from Brazil.


    Yes, you can use “to” or “for”. You can sing TO someone (like a serenade)! Also, you can sing FOR someone (you sing for someone’s enjoyment)!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thx alot Ronnie

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teacher, why is ‘sing for’
if we have ‘read to’
isn’t both exchanging info? thanks!


Hi, Ronnie

I heard on the video that you pronunced question like /kwestIən,kwestjən/ or at least it seemed to me (quite clear, though)it was so; my question is basically if I’m right and if so could you please tell me if that pronunciation is from one specific place or is it informal?

Here, in Colombia my teachers pronounce very similar and I’ve always disagreed with that but maybe I’m wrong and they just put into practice what they really heard.


Thank you i like very much how you explain it you’re the best!


I liked this lesson. She was very important for me.


Very helpful. Thanks. One question remains though. I keep hearing on our local transport PA system “this is information to all passengers. …” This always sounds wrong to me (I think it should be “for passengers”). Is there something about whether a noun is followed by a noun (other than a pronoun) or a verb (as well as the benefit issue)? viz “this is information to help passengers” vs “this is information for passengers”? I ask not just because I’m irritated by the PA announcements, but because I spend a lot of informal time with ESOL students trying to help them practise.


    You can use both to or for!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi teacher ronnie i just want to ask if my grammar is correct. I’m confused with this two:

Happy day for both of us or Happy day to both of us.


    It’s like the song…Happy birthday TO you!!! So…Happy birthday to the both of us!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Very good instructor! I am over 50+ years and have raised 4 children, I know Proficiency when I encounter it. Thank you very much.


Which one is correct?
#1 This could be an asset for your organization
#2 This could be an asset to your organization

#1 He is an asset to the organization
#2 He is an asset for the organization


sweeeeeeeeeeeeet ronnie thanks for all ur great lessons that u ve presented them in here. iwould like to ask u about how can i recognize between present perfect and past simple? thnx for ur awesome efforts.

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Thank you for your lesson.It’s very good for me.


hi Ronnie
You are a wonderful teacher Thanks
I want to know the difference between
Bob gave a gift for Fergus
Bob gave a gift to Fergus
great teacher!


thank you for your lesson

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thank you ronni for all because you are the best of all.


Ohh lord, Ronnie you are amazing.. thanks, thanks


Hi there Ronnie. Thank you so much for the video. it helps me to understand better and gives me an idea on how to teach my students too as this topic can be confusing at times. :)

Zack, an English Teacher from Malaysia.


Thanks Ronnie for the wonderful lesson!
I have a doubt if we cry in front of somebody and telling that to somebody else, should I say I cried to him/her or I cried near him or something else.
Thanks in advance!
Have a nice day ;)


Great lesson! Very clear and easy! Thank you very much, teacher!!!


My sentence is still not clearly explained, I think:
This song had a very strong emotional connection for/to me.
Opinion? Please help


    Both for/to me are unnecessary. If you are talking, you don’t need to say either.
    But if you want to emphasize, you can say for me.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Golden Ronnie !!!


Hi Ronnie!!! First you are the best!
I would like to know when I can use for + ing or to + infinitive! I really have issues with that! Pleaseee Help me!!


    You can say thanks for helping me.
    So, FOR +verb+ing.
    Or Thanks to help me = NEVER use verb+ing with to! To+base verb is called “infinitive”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I always had doubts about this two confusing words, but now my doubts are gone!
Thanks Ronnie! I made my life better!!!


Hi Ronnie thanks for your lessons!!! I always learn from you. your online lessons interesting than other online lessons.Good luck !!!


Thanks ronny i benefited form that lesson :)

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Dear Teacher,

Can you please tell me how to use or when to use “That are” and “which are” in sentences. I couldn’t figure out the differences between them.


    You couldn’t figure out the differences because they are basically the same!

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Hi Ronnie!! I’m confused about the difference between DUE TO & BECAUSE OF.

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Thanks for your lesson on ‘fo’ and ‘for. I am helping students who donot come with English language exposure. Question: We say “I am going to school” or “going to the shop, to the bank” etc. But we donot say “I am going to home”. Why?


wonderful and charismatic teacher
I hope to return student again.. and be student in your class to see you every day …


Got 5 out of 5 here.. great! thanks Ronnie


lovely teacher!


hi h r u,thank u very much for ur lessons


This was the best teaching lesson regarding this subject. The Instructor used the best examples and method.
It was great!
Thank you.


Thank you Ronnie!


Hi Ronnie,
I have a question to you. Among 3 sentences below, which one is correct?
1. Grant access to task number 1234 to administrators.
2. Grant access to task number 1234 for administrators.
3. Grant access for task number 1234 to administrators.


Hi Ronnie:
I have a question about: I sing __ you. In your vedio , the answer is for.But I have question about 2 situation. ex:
1.I sing a birthday song __ you.
For means I sing a birthday song “for” you to hear.
2.I sing a birthday song__you.
Can I use “to” express some kind of “direction” meaning? Just like: I sing a birthday song “directly to” you. Hope you could understand my question after so many sentences, ha. Thanks a lot.


Hi Ronnie ,
I have question about the sentence: I sing “for” you. Could I use I sing a song to you to express the “direction” of my song(my voice) is to sing
directly to you? Can you explain this to me ?
Thanks a lot.

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Thank you a lot :)

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Rommie , Do you give class about Job Interview?. Thanks.

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thanks for the teaching. may Jehovah keep on blessing you for the time and energy spent in preparing this lesson


Ronnie you are such a good teacher, I wish ( seriously ) you were in my country and in my english class, because I am pretty sure that I will learn A LOOOOT FROM YOU !! .. I wish YOU could help me with this — > I dont understand HOW and WHEN use this ” NEITHER __ NOR ” I wish u could help me.

Juan Carlos

    See my previous comment:

    You may want to watch Alex’s lesson on “either” and “neither”!

    “Nor” is not used a lot in conversational English. You don’t see it a lot in written English either (see what I did there?). It’s like “or”, but used with negatives like “neither” and “not”. So

    – Rebecca has not done a lesson on “either”
    – Emma has not done a lesson on “either”

    becomes “Neither Rebecca nor Emma have done lessons on ‘either’.”

    In casual English, though, “neither Rebecca or Emma” is okay.

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Nice lesson but I have a question.
What’s the difference between the present perfect
simple and present perfect continuous.

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thanks Ronnie that was wonderful

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Hi Ronnie: I have a question, which one is correct? I look forward to a response or for a response


Hi Ronnie.

I’ve watched most of your English videos. Sometimes I see them again to practice, therefore I must say you make an excellent job. Thank you so much for helping us.


Excellent teacher!!


a nice lesson

ahmed adam

Hi Ronnie! first of all I would like to say that your teaching style is awesome, I love it, the way you succeed in capturing the attention of everyone—or at least mine!
now, I need an approval from u. I think in the sentence “I will do that_____you”. we can use both, TO & FOR. The usage depends on situation or context. What do you think?

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Hi Ronnie,i just wannna say i like the way you teach us.um,also the lessons that you teached were helpful.

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Thank u Mam

Hanu Vignesh

Can i say…”I am going to talk/speak for you?” in the contest of supporting the other person.


5 correct out of 5 – Thomas :) thanks Ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie!
It is so simple to understand and really good for me.

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HI! Ronnie! thank you so much for your great english teaching method.and im so glad that ronnie,you are here now to help people like me who wants to learn how to speak smart english speaking as well. thank you ronnie.


Hi miss ronnie, I have a quostions for you! What does the word “hipster” mean?


Hey Ronnie, do you have a tweitter?!!!!


Hey Ronnie, I really want to speak English but I’m afraid of making a mistake and people laugh at me :/ smh


miss u ronnie mam….wow! love u mam.. i became huge fan of yours..

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Congratulations for the site, it’s great and I’m addicted to it!All the teachers are very competent and I have been having a good and useful time with your lessons.
Ronnie I have a question. Instead of: “listen and read the lyrics (words) to the song!”…could I say:…the lyrics of the song?
Thanks a lot.

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thankx too much

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Dear Teacher,

Is this sentence correct? “I am going TO the party tonight”

Profile photo of husseydx husseydx

Dear Madam !
I often get confused with the use of “of ” and “to”. Could kindly explain. amendment to the constitution or amendment of constitutio which is correct?Thank you


Hi Ronnie. I have tried to donate a little amount of money to you all but I saw that it is impossible do it from my country Brazil. Only Canadian people can do that. It would be a good idea allowing people all over the world do this. Sorry for my mistakes! Hope you understand what I mean.


May I know what slang means??

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what about this situation… The phone is ringing, im going to get it. Its my dad’s boss. I should say: “Its to you” or “Its for you”??

Profile photo of ronniepl ronniepl

thank you very much,i clearly understood the different between to and for.


Finally I now how to use correctly to and for. Thanks Ronnie for your help.

Profile photo of byronrene31 byronrene31

in sing for you
why you wrote “for” and not “To”
and when am singing am transfering my sound to you’re ears so how for? can you help me again sorry

yasora mostafa

your video is very helpful for me to know the usage of TO and FOR. But still i have a doubt with other sentences. Pls check it out… a) X is leaving to Banglore b) X is leaving for Banglore. Which one is correct among these two and why? Thank you


Thank you so much dear teacher! i love your lessons,but i have one question I’m confused about it.It’s important To/For me,so please can you answer to my question as soon as you can!!! Take care)))

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whether we use to after went?
i went to multan,
is it right?


thank you…

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HI RONNIE. I just love your lessons. But I have a doubt. The sentence. I made his lesson for you. It is in SIMPLE PAST. it shouldn´t be I made this lesson for you yesterday or I have this lesson for you? Present perfect instead simple past? Or simple past using a specific time?

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Have a nice day.

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i like this(y)

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thank you for leason . Finally I now how to use correctly to and for. :)

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Hello Ronnie How are you? I hope you’re fine So I am always watching and listening your videos and I am so happy thanks a lot! um..I have two questiosn please ! Can we add S ending gerund verbs like feeling feelings lying lyings meaning meanings if there are nouns ; and my second question I am always listening to you and I understand all your speach becouse you’re speaking by the easiest way and I repeat with you is it good for me to speak English very well ? I hope you’ll answer me …Thanks !

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Nice lesson.. but I have a question if you don’t mind…

I would like to add some more points to the discussion

Can’t I use “ I would like to add some more points in the discussion” please suggest

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Ronnie please I’ve been waiting for you ! answer me please I always tell people go to Engvid.com. ;)

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thank you very much. I am now understanding the different well. i would like to be made lesson about all prepositions especially that comes with verbs and some words. and with the verbs that take after them another verb with ing and infinitive

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Thank you, Ronnie.

I have a question to ask you..
Could you teach me how to use those words: score, grade, point, percent, percentage, ratio

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Hello Ronnie.
Help me please. How will be correct? deal(cards) to the dealer or deal for the dealer?

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Good thank you so much ,what about (to_into)
thank i’ll be glad when you help me .

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Excellent explanation…Thank you Ronnie.

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“Valeu” Ronnie! I’m your fan.

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Hi! My question would be, what is the difference between: It is important to me or it is important for me? Thank you!

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great respected teacher Ronnie i got 100 marks!

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You are so funny. Could you teach me the difference between to+verb and Verb+ing?

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These are very good tips. Actually, I´ve faced this problems with my students. Could you help me out with this sentence: My mom used to sing to me. What´s the difference between this one and the one that you mentioned. Thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much Ronnielish you´re the best engish teacher. God Bless you. All this lesson was so clearly explained.

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Thank you very much for the lesson. May i ask you ? how about this sentence , college or university education should be available to all students.

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thank you very much ronnie you explain it very well :D

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Thank you!
This lesson solved my curiosity of using ‘to’ or ‘for’ properly.
I have watched 5 lessons today but I can’t stop watching!!!!!
So good ! :)

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i’m your student Zagazaga nice,so i really love your english coversation and I love you too,

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Hi Ronnie

I have a question which I always can’t get it right.

For example,
She gave some money to the old man.
They gave a lot of food for the animals.

Why can’t I use: for the old man or to the animals.

Thank you.

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thank you my best teacher

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Hello Ronnie,

I am Natto from Thailand. I am a real fan of your VDO. You are the best teacher!

I confuse a little about “thank you”. Which one is correct between “thank you for …” or “thank you to …”

Thank you very much.


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I’m really exciting because now I know that I can learn so much here! Thanks a lot Ronnie :)

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Hello Ronnie, Thank you for your informative lesson. Can please help about this question
“When did you say you were leaving FOR London?”
is correct answer in the book but my student answers “TO” could you explain it. What are the difference between “to and for”. THANK YOU

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I consciously enjoyed in ur lesson very much t

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I send a gift – can means two things: to transfer and make for someone pleasure (benefit). Please, can you explain what the difference is? Thanks

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I love your lessons and the way you explain them . I am also a Teacher in Egypt and my students love your lessons.

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Why you guys don’t make a video talking about “What for?” and “For what?”. Thanx a lot =D

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Hi, Ronnie!
If that’s possible, I know this lesson was left a long time ago, but that’s the 1st time that i’m watching it. I’m really doubted about he usage of the usage of the prepositions “on” and “at”, but I’m not talking about their basic meanings. When I read a text published by a E. Native speaker i look at them over many times, before sentences, actions and some expressions. Whatever is the sentence they’re ever there. Why are they exactly used to generally?
Thank u!

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hi ronnie.. we are really appreciated ur lessons…. nd i would like to use this opportunity to ask about these 2 sentences because i always getting confuse..”” we are so lucky for gotten u as our partner and we are so lucky for having u as our partner”‘.
and pls my colliques if someone frm u knws the correct sentences pls you can type to me not only our teacher Ronnie, because she may be busy in other parts of life… thnks u all!!

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Hi Ronnie you’re a great teacher! Thanks for helping us about English language.
I have two doubts: About quiz sentence 3 ” Bob gave a gift to Fergus” Wouldn’t be for Fergus? It’s a gift right? I’m benefiting someone?
And in your video class the sentence “I sing for you” I’m suppose exchange information as ” I talk to someone” isn’t it? So why I don’t use to?
Thanks a lot :)

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Mrs.Ronnie could you tell me which of these sentences is correct?
We are going FOR a holiday next week
We are going ON a holiday next week

Is there any lesson in this site regarding this ON and FOR usage

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Hello Ronnie your lessons are very helpful to me.I love to watch you on the screen during your presentation,the way you are teaching is very impressive.I have problem while using these words would could should with tenses.could u pls help me?

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Thank you so much.
I have a question as blow;
[Bound for Newyork] in this sentence why using [For]? I think this is mean [Transfer] so [to]is better then [For]. please help me.

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Hi Ronnie I like the way you teach very easy and fun loving.I would like to know is this sentence is correct It’s a news to me.or it’s news for me. Why the writer used TO instead of For.
As per lesson news is transfer to someone is it right.
Please help me to understand this.
Looking forward for your help.or send email

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Hi Ronnie I am waiting for my answer please

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hello mam
i ve a lot problm wth “would”, “could” and “might”
actually i m not able to get the correct use of them in sentnces…and evn where they use..
can u please help
thnks mam

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Thank you Ronnie for the class.I have a doubt. If someone whishes a great weekend, How do I answer: to you too or for you too?

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Miss Ronie I have a question for Q #4. I thought we use ‘FOR’ if we are giving a gift because it gives benefit/good to someone. I am kinda confused ^_^v.

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Hi teacher! Thanks ! Very good lesson!
I have one question about the other thing!
What the difference between TAKE and BRING ?

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Hi teacher! I’d like to know if it’s correct to say “this is difficult TO me” or “this is difficult FOR me” ? Thanks for the lesson! :D

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i teacher! i am little bit confused about the #3 question (Bob gave a gift _____ Fergus ) why we use to here, even gift benefits for the Fergus.

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Ronnie, I enjoy all your lessons and my students as well. This is the video I always use to explain how to use “to” and “for”. I like how you present the information in a fun and easy to understand manner. And I try to imitate that.

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Thank you Ronnie

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Hello there Ronnie!
I had a situation in class yesterday around this subject and I’d like to check with you. My student received an e-mail asking if was ok with him to go out for a business dinner in a certain night and the doubt was around how he could answer it, if he should use: “for me is fine” or “to me is fine”. I told him neither options I would use “with me it is fine”, instead. And then I got myself thinking about it and what about if I use: “as for me it is ok” can please help me in these one, please? thanks,

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Ex This is dificult to/for me
This is interisting to/for me
The excercise is very good to/for me

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3. Bob gave a gift _____ Fergus.
Why this sentence use “to”? I thought the gift is benefit for Fergus, I am a little confused .

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What about the difference between to and with.
Which sentence is correct?
According to the specification. Or according with the specificatio.
Somebody told me the second form doesn’ t sound English.
So, which one is correct?

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“I sing for you” has about 389,000 results in the Google search. “I sing to you” has about 430,000 results. So, singing is more ‘transfer’ than ‘benefits” :-)
I guess, in most cases, both ‘for’ and ‘to’ might be correct depends on meaning.

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now I can know to use “for’ and ‘to’.

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1:04 – the word “benefit” is used. A tip for the viewers — in English, words that start with “ben” or “bon” usually mean something good!

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Many people told me this sentence is correct: “We are leaving in January for New York”, but I think that following your explanation should be “to”. We are transfering our bodies to New York. Except if I analyze this sentence as we are LEAVING for New York which give me an idea that it is a benefit?

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