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When we use the future tenses, which is stronger?

What verb do we use with "going to"?

Which one is correct?

What do we use for fast decision making?

Which one is NOT correct?

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Hi, very nice lesson… thanks for the lesson.

Friday, March 13th 2009

    thank you Ronnie.

    Wednesday, January 4th 2012

    How is Brazil nowdays ?

    Saturday, March 25th 2017

Ronnie you looklike crazy when you do a crazy sound while teaching…sorry,just saying the truth..so annoying..

Friday, March 13th 2009

    You look like little girl!

    But ronnie, it IS funny sound, distructing from the teaching.

    Friday, March 13th 2009

    hi Ronnie.. i like your freak personal style.. :´) bye.. kisses from Brazil..

    Tuesday, July 20th 2010

      don’t listen to them Ronnie,,,you teach so good and I’m always empress.

      Tuesday, November 30th 2010

        Really ur teaching very impressive,I regularly stydy english through ur vedio,

        Thursday, May 17th 2012

    hey guy .you don’t deserve to give your bad remarks about the personality of people who have dedicated their life to teaching us english language . i just read it now or i would have said it to you very early . sha just tries to teach us in a new method to catch our attention and also make dome fun so please you do think about what you write and do not be haughty if you have something special

    Monday, October 4th 2010

      typed properly bro ;)

      Tuesday, March 27th 2012


    Tuesday, October 5th 2010

      From your spelling and grammar, it seems like you are a guy who really needs a good teacher like Ronnie

      Monday, October 15th 2018

    you make me think that you believe that you are “muy fregon” stupid boy
    let me tell you that she is a very good teacher,she is funy and cool great job Ms.

    Friday, February 18th 2011

    just to tell you something Teacher Ronnie is not annoying!if you finds her annoying then DONT watch her video!that crazy sound is what we love about HER!i am a filipino but i dont think you are!for me i am so thankful that there are people like Ronnie! it’s FREE…She’s teaching us for FREE!you dont have the right to dislike her or call her crazy/annoying etc..!Just be thankful.

    Thursday, April 7th 2011

    Hey, boy, respect those who have studied a lot and tried to make learning easier and funnier! Go ahead, Ronnie, don’t pay attention to such sillies!

    Saturday, April 9th 2011

      that is very insulting.its not easy, If your in her situation to do like that. i am sure u can’t, can you? but me im tried to understand more english and im very thankful of them.

      Monday, June 20th 2011

    You are a disgrace to our country. Filipinos are very humble people and very respectful. Take that flag down, you don’t deserve it.

    Saturday, September 3rd 2011

    I´m pretty sure only you think this way.

    Tuesday, September 20th 2011

    I love Ronnie just the way she is U_U

    Monday, October 24th 2011

    If you don’t have something good to say, you shouldn’t say it…you can choose other teachers if you don’t like the way she teach…

    I really like her very much..she’s very cool…

    Monday, February 20th 2012

    hoy rain kung mag comment ka rin lng nmn ayusin mo na..moron! marami akong natutunan sa kanya kaya idepensa ko sya sa kabadingan mo!!!

    Saturday, March 10th 2012

    Well,we have different personality and i think Ronnie has a good sense of humor and i like it. But if you are getting annoyed on ronnie dont watch her video,thats it.

    Sunday, June 17th 2012

    Well,we have different personality and i think Ronnie has a good sense of humor and i like it. But if you are getting annoyed on ronnie dont watch her video,thats it. – from PH

    Sunday, June 17th 2012

    we use “Going to” to describe about the plan or we have arranged the plan for along time.
    EX: I am going to visit London when i graduate university.That’s right?

    Friday, October 26th 2012

    Don’t hear this guy, you are an amazing teacher.

    Thursday, November 1st 2012

    It was foolish of you. We have the most wonderful teacher, Ronnie is very funny and smart. Ronnie thank you for that)))

    Tuesday, May 28th 2013

    Hahaha.. you’ve got nothing to say dude!

    Wednesday, June 5th 2013

    i really like it ‘-‘ don’t complain, she wanna distract us… if you wanna sleep watching the lessons, good luck

    Friday, August 30th 2013

    It is reason why I like her most from all teachers. She is funny and I am not feel like in school.

    Monday, October 6th 2014


    Saturday, August 12th 2017

      Hey, let’s all take a moment to step back and relax. 😎

      Monday, August 14th 2017

    Come on rain man, she’s good

    Monday, October 15th 2018

    And that makes the lesson very enjoyable !

    Saturday, May 18th 2019

    i like this crazy

    Thursday, August 1st 2019

thank you for the lesson ^^… I’ll never confuse ’bout them anymore ^^

Friday, March 13th 2009

Great Lessons and a real nice teacher!!!

Sunday, March 15th 2009

Itz really wonderfull lessons.and helpful me a lot.and all dificulties are clear in my mind now…wow feeling so relax..thank you once again..

Monday, March 16th 2009

Hi, I have a teacher who says.
“Use will when you aren’t sure about something”
Example: I will travel on my vacation if everything happens all right.


“Use going to when you are sure abou something”
Example: I am going to travel on my vacation”
Is this way right too, as the way you taught?

Monday, March 16th 2009

    Hello! Good question!
    You can say “I will travel” or “I am going to travel” – it does not matter. What DOES matter is that in your sentence with will, you used the conditional “if”. The “if” part makes it different. I can say I am going to travel if everything happens all right.

    Like I said in the video, grammar books and teachers all have different opinions about if you should use “will” or “going to”. And they are all correct!

    What I’m saying is it really doesn’t matter which one you use – I can say “I will travel on my vacation” and it is equal to saying “I’m going to travel on my vacation”.

    This is an example of how grammar books are not REAL LIFE. As soon as we step out into the “real world”, or you have a conversation with a native speaker, a lot of the grammar rules don’t exist. AS LONG AS YOU ARE UNDERSTOOD — that’s what matters!

    Tuesday, March 17th 2009

      Will can used when you don’t have a plan.
      Ex: I will go to the beach. (maybe you won’t, you don’t have any arrangement)
      Going to can be used when you DO have plans.
      Ex: I am going to the beach. (In this case the speaker has a plan, maybe he has invited his/her friend, or something else.)

      >I hope this will help

      Tuesday, June 30th 2009

        No, mate… we usually use “will” when we HAVE made plans. “Going to” we use when we have casual plans. HOWEVER, the entire point of the lesson is that IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER which one we use.

        Monday, July 6th 2009

      I think thou r right about the real life. Rules were made for books in most cases. Very Good

      Friday, March 30th 2012

      the grammar rule will make my conversation limited..thanks with this lesson..

      Monday, September 23rd 2013

      ronnie you mean that most grammar rules is not useful in real life or with natives and can you tell me the important parts of grammar that natives use it can you recommend a book or website concentrate on this points please

      Sunday, October 6th 2013

I do not see instructions on how to start the lessons. I’m not very computer literate but I clicked on everything and subscribed but can not get the video on this computer for my student.

Tuesday, March 17th 2009

    Ann — You don’t need to subscribe or sign up to see the lessons. You should see a large video at the top of this page, with a “play” arrow button in the middle of it. Just click play to watch the lesson. If you don’t see it, you may be using an old browser, or might not have Flash installed.

    Tuesday, March 17th 2009

OK, it’s not easy and not hard, I going to read it again ! thanks

Tuesday, March 24th 2009

Dear Rani,

Hope you are fine! This is Azam from Japan preparing for IELTS, can you guide me how to improve my speaking to get maximum band… i have listened to your videos and found these very helpful… awaiting your response!

Wednesday, March 25th 2009

I like the kind of teachings. She is funny and I got very much in this way. I hope to continue in this page and learn a lot.

Thanks a lot.


Wednesday, March 25th 2009

good teaching…. making them active throughout class….

Monday, May 25th 2009

Dear Rani,
With Best Wishes, this is venkat from India. Please help me in developing my English, i mean how to improve my speaking. Kindly help he in this regard. Thanking you


Monday, May 25th 2009

Very nice lesson!!!


Thursday, June 18th 2009

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 30th 2009

So helpful im never got it that Different When i read gm books also confused =/ i would like to say BIG THXXXX =]

Friday, July 3rd 2009

its too confusing ….. she is mixing present contin, future contin , and future tense…..

Tuesday, July 7th 2009

    Hey Lara-
    Present continuous = be + verb + ing: “I am eating.”
    Future continuous = will + be + verb+ing: “I will be eating.”
    Simple future= will + base verb or going to + base verb: “I will eat.” or “I’m going to eat.”

    Tuesday, July 7th 2009

      thanks your lesson

      Wednesday, April 6th 2011

      and asking questions with going to
      I had some poblem with this issue.
      I would like to know some examples
      with going to

      Wednesday, April 6th 2011

      Thanks Ms Ronnie for providing something to think. At 6:08 you talked about future tense and gave example “We are going to the park.” Does we consider it future tense without a base verb. I mean to say is that isn’t it proper that “We are going to go to the park.” is future tense. I have expressed my confusion in your video lesson of “future and Present Continuous tense”.

      Monday, February 11th 2013

what else can we use Will ,could we say for discribe about spontanious activity,making promise,speculating,predicting and what else.please give me your hand.thank you

Thursday, August 6th 2009

I like you Rony!

Saturday, September 5th 2009

that good, thanks your lesson

Thursday, October 1st 2009

I really loved it! It’s amuzing!!!

Saturday, October 17th 2009

ok !

it’s fun,but i don’t know about “will” & “going to”?

i thingk “going to is stronger than will! for certainly aspect!


that all just folow the my experience!

Sunday, October 18th 2009

thanks for the lessons it was fun and so cool.

Thursday, November 12th 2009

thanks Ronnie!

Monday, November 16th 2009

Hello! Im from Russia. Thanks for youre time and the right method of approach

Friday, December 4th 2009

good lessons

Tuesday, January 12th 2010


Saturday, January 23rd 2010

Hi Ronnie,,good lesson ! But you said at first that Simple future is ; to be+going to+base verb. I think thats okay ! Thank you for all !

Monday, January 25th 2010

miss ronnie i love u very much.me by self is astudent 22 years old and ur teaching method made me to keep u in my heart thank u miss ronnie i need ur personal email adress i want to tell u somthing special ,okay???????

Sunday, May 9th 2010

thanks for good lesson

Saturday, May 15th 2010

Thank you for this lesson
i like your style in teaching

you’re a great teacher

Thursday, May 20th 2010

Thank you

Sunday, May 23rd 2010

Thanks for this lesson

By the way, Congratulation for the website.

Tuesday, May 25th 2010

tks (gracias son buenas tu claces

Tuesday, May 25th 2010

tks ( gracias son buenas tus clases

Tuesday, May 25th 2010

thx your classes are pretty good

Thursday, May 27th 2010

    good work

    Monday, January 28th 2013

lesson is great .. but !! when i write sentce – where i can use ‘ will ‘ or ‘ going to ‘ !!?
plz help me .. I can’t understand what diffrent !!

Friday, May 28th 2010

horny bitch

Tuesday, June 1st 2010

i can easy to learn , your lesson
thank you

Thursday, June 24th 2010

Hey teacher,I am going to ask a quastion.When I was answering the quiz,I got mistake on number five. What I am going to do? I answered “He’s going to school tomorrow.”But I got”x”. Why I want to know? And also you said ” I going to the fool game.Is that make sense with out verb to be? Thank you Ronnie, I appritaite your help. Have a good one.

Friday, June 25th 2010

A good male. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010

Sorry. I mean: A good meal.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010

Very useful lesson.
Thank you very much!

Wednesday, July 28th 2010


Sunday, August 8th 2010

Thanks for this site, you are best teacher… I m from Croatia(that is little place in Europe), and may English is very bad, but sun I have one examine from English, some test for study teleology… And I hope so I m going to pass that test! And I will be a Chatolik priest! Thanks a lot!

Saturday, August 14th 2010

Hello you are the best and your all of video teaching is good and useful.
Your kind
Please add my email add and to learn English I hope you will help me.

Friday, August 20th 2010

Hello, you are a great teacher. your lesson is helpful. I like how you teach.
Thank you very mach for you help.


Saturday, August 21st 2010

thank you teacher ..

you are cute .. :)

Saturday, September 11th 2010

Thank you!

Sunday, September 12th 2010

Hehehehhehehe ¡ I like the way you say HAMBURGUERS ¡¡ love you ronnie, will you marry me? (just kidding) you make me laugh with your classes, that’s the way I LEARN ¡ thank you so much ;)

Friday, September 17th 2010

Hamburgers*** sorry I made a mistake

Friday, September 17th 2010

i liked you teaching teacher

Thursday, September 30th 2010

Realy I like you so much teacher , thank you for all

Monday, October 18th 2010

wow! I like the way you deliver your lessons, I hope you will continue the style of teaching because in that way you were able to get the attention of those who are really good in terms of listening ability.. (: thanks Ronnie..

Monday, October 18th 2010

I am a teacher of English and I like watching your videos.You are great.Thank you for you time

Thursday, November 4th 2010

very simple lesson thank u very much Ronny

Thursday, November 4th 2010

can use show us the different uses of the present continuous, will and going to

Wednesday, November 10th 2010

Hello Ronnie,
What do you think about these sentences?
“I’m going to GO to the party.”
“I’m going to COME home.”
In the grammar books these are incorrect examples.

Wednesday, November 10th 2010

    Hi bynorty,
    Unfortunately nobody could answare your question. It’s a secret.

    Wednesday, December 1st 2010

Would you guys help me on (future continuous,future perfect, and future perfect continuous)please a really appreciate for your help.. Thank you.

Friday, November 12th 2010

    Okay… future perfect = will have + past participle. We use it when there is a time limit, such as “by 2015”, or “Within 10 years…”
    Future continuous = will be + verb+ing. We use this usually with the verbs work, learn, study, teach, and live. Eg. “I will be working in Mexico.” These actions take a long time to complete (years usually).
    Future Perfect Continuous = will have been + verb+ing. We use this for actions that we began in the past and we are still doing now. Eg. “When I was 8, I started playing the piano.” So I can say “By the time I’m 18, I will have been playing the piano for 10 years.”
    Hope that helps!

    Saturday, November 13th 2010

Hello Mam Ronnie
ma’am i have a question why you did not discuss the shall in future tense..
thank you.. ^_^

Friday, November 19th 2010

    Hello Ryan!
    I did not discuss “shall” in this lesson because we (in Canada) hardly ever use “shall”. It is more British English or old people who would use this. Simply, “shall” is outdated!

    Friday, November 19th 2010

      ronnie can u explain/comment on the difference b/w canadian english and british english.there is any major diff. because in this video u use “will” with “I” but in u.k english
      I,WE = shall
      please answer because this confusing a lot.

      Friday, May 24th 2013

thank you very much…

Saturday, November 20th 2010

_________________such a inteligent woman…^_^

Tuesday, December 7th 2010

thank you very much all teachers help me a lot

Thursday, December 9th 2010

thank you very much for help

Thursday, December 9th 2010

You´re the best than other teacher ^^! I´ll study that.. thank u.

Friday, December 10th 2010

Hi, I am an ESL teacher and found this website REALLY interesting and take my hat off to you guys. I would like to state my difference between the use of Will and going to. Here it goes:
1-When you are making predictions about the future that are based on general beliefs, opinions, or attitudes, you use `will’.
The weather tomorrow will be warm and sunny.
I’m sure you will enjoy your visit to the zoo.
BUT When you are using facts or events in the present situation as evidence for a prediction, you can use `going to’.
It’s going to rain . (I can see black clouds)
I’m going to be late. (I have missed my train)

2- When you are saying what someone has decided to do, you use `going to’.
They’re going to have a party.
I’m going to stay at home today.
When you are announcing a decision you have just made or are about to make, you use `will’.
I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed.

3- In promises and offers relating to the future, you often use `will’ with the meaning `be willing to’.
I’ll do what I can.
I’ll help with the washing-up.

That is all for now, It has been just an additional explanation.
Thanks again Ronnnie.

Saturday, December 11th 2010

    Hi, where are you from?I agree with you, it is written in all grammars i have gone through.

    Saturday, April 9th 2011

      I am from Ontario, Canada!
      Thanks for watching!

      Saturday, April 9th 2011

        thanks a ton.
        nice to see you in action while teaching. i learnt a lot from ur jovial actions. Nice way to teach with fun

        Thursday, August 11th 2011

    Wow!!! Excellent. Thanks

    Thursday, February 21st 2013

Thank you

Monday, December 13th 2010

Hi, Ronnie you are a good and lovely teacher…. Thanks for lesson… :-)

Thursday, December 30th 2010

Thank you

Saturday, January 1st 2011

thank you it is greet laseon

Sunday, January 9th 2011

thank you for a good lessen …
I want to be speak English very well but I have problem with grammar it’s make me like that > :(
I need some advice from you >>> sorry maybe I have mistakes *_*

Tuesday, January 11th 2011

thanks for your lesson ….

Wednesday, January 19th 2011

Ronie your lessons are good but you should avoid noise with your
nasty mouth(CHASQUIDOS) you are a teacher, and place more emphasis on the wii because they are used or not goint to and pronouns

Thursday, January 27th 2011

Everything is wonderful! Lessons should not be boring. Thank you Ronnie! ;;))

Sunday, January 30th 2011

Hi ma’am Ronnie,Thanks to your topic,it’s really great.But there is something bothering on my mind…Could you explain to us about the difference of yours,your,and you’re.And how could we use in a sentence?

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

    YOURS (pronoun)the possessive form of you
    1. The larger boots are yours.
    2. If I can’t find my book, I’ll take yours.

    YOUR (adjective) The possessive form of you.
    Used as a modifier before a noun
    1.I will take your ballpen.
    2.Your accomplishments.

    YOU’RE-CONTRACTION OF “YOU ARE”. 1.You’re (You are) so sweet.
    2.You’re (you are) so strong.

    YOUR- Adjective
    YOU’RE- Contraction.

    I am YOUR friend.
    YOU’RE (You are) my friend.
    YOU can take my things and I’ll take YOURS.

    Please correct me if Im wrong. I just want to help you guys.

    joneru- I hope this will help you. I am also from Philippines.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011

    YOURS (pronoun)the possessive form of you
    1. The larger boots are yours.
    2. If I can’t find my book, I’ll take yours.

    YOUR (adjective) The possessive form of you.
    Used as a modifier before a noun
    1.I will take your ballpen.
    2.Your accomplishments.

    YOU’RE-CONTRACTION OF “YOU ARE”. 1.You’re (You are) so sweet.
    2.You’re (you are) so strong.

    YOUR- Adjective
    YOU’RE- Contraction.

    I am YOUR friend.
    YOU’RE (You are) my friend.
    YOU can take my things and I’ll take YOURS.

    Please correct me if Im wrong. I just want to help you guys.

    joneru- I hope this will help you. I am also from Philippines.

    Thank You EngVid and Ronnie.

    Sunday, February 13th 2011

      My examples are very simple, sorry for that.

      Sunday, February 13th 2011

        ı want to practice english. could tell me please how to do it

        Saturday, July 30th 2011

how to use have been and have being

Saturday, February 5th 2011

thank ronie and james and rebecca for this ideas but i’ve probleme with writing how to improve my writhing ansenr me quickly

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

    Write a diary everyday.

    Wednesday, February 9th 2011

1000 thank you

Monday, February 14th 2011

excelent class and test too

Monday, February 14th 2011

good job guys I really apreciate the help of those who really wants to help others

Saturday, February 19th 2011

Hi Ronnie how r u ur this lesson is very helpful for me in my exam……….I got that where i have to use WILL and GOING TO.thanks

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

I am Gul_zaib thanks for lesson

Sunday, February 27th 2011

thanks for lesson!
I thinks Quiz English for lesson have more questions. It is better!

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

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Sunday, March 6th 2011

really nice lesson, I loved the quiz as well but can you make more questions 4 the quiz??

Tuesday, March 8th 2011

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Friday, March 11th 2011

thanks a lot ronnie.. i love engvid.. godbless

Wednesday, March 16th 2011


You are good teacher

Friday, March 18th 2011

hi i have one question about tense can you tell me that which tense will be shown and condition..
i am going to eat a meal..
once time my friend said me that this is an immediate future tense, is it correct

Saturday, March 26th 2011

    I am going to….. is future tense. There is no such thing in English grammar as “immediate future tense”.
    Hope that helps, thanks for watching and good luck!

    Saturday, March 26th 2011

thank you

Saturday, March 26th 2011

Sorry I don’t have any notes. I do everything on the spot!

Saturday, March 26th 2011

thanks. i was perfect

Tuesday, April 5th 2011

    your not a perfect person. heehe

    Sunday, April 24th 2011

i appreciate all your help Ronnie

keep going

thanks a lot,

Thursday, April 7th 2011

Dear Ronnie, when it happens to give students a test concerning(will,be going to or present continuous as future), I remind them the moment of planning with (going to). What do you think about multiple choice tests?

Saturday, April 9th 2011

    I think multiple choice tests are good if you are a student who doesn’t study! As far as from a teaching P.O.V multiple guess tests are useless as they do not test the students ability to use the learned grammar in a real life situation.

    Saturday, April 9th 2011

I think these lessons were so easy…and practicals. I learned quickly

Sunday, April 10th 2011

thanks ronny for the lesson i can’t comeent a lot bicouse i have problem with write englis i can speak bat i can’t write can u half me pleas

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

    Writing English just takes practice! I suggest you write a diary each day – write down what you did or how you felt or where you went.

    Monday, April 25th 2011

thank you techare see you son

Sunday, April 17th 2011

Misleading and not clear at all. Just a tip but “will” is used to express decisions (often called spontaneous decisions) and “be going to” is generally used for intentions. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t used for other things too. The relevance of the comparison in itself between “will” and “going to” is questionable.

You are very welcome.

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

very interesting; thanks a lot

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

Tanks teacher ronnie (:

Thursday, April 21st 2011

Hi Ronnie,
Thanks so much. Your lesson it’s was good for me.
When I lived in USA, I never understood this verbs in the future, but now I understood.Tks

Saturday, April 23rd 2011

hi Ronnie
i related from a deprived area of pakistan.so after ten years i have learned ABC in english languages. but i still try to my best because i want to be appear in IELTS for education. my speaking pronunciation is not strong as well as writing. so plz advise me. because i have learned , 05 languages English, Urdu , Sindhi , balochi and other local languages.

i appreciate you and your team who has been served in international language free of cost.

Friday, April 29th 2011

    The best way to improve your writing is to write a diary every day or write about something you are interested in!
    The more you write the better you become!
    As far as pronunciation goes, the best way to improve is to listen to native speakers and repeat. If you can find some kind of recorder — tape or digital (I know there are some free websites you use also) and record your voice. Listen to it and try to improve by actually listening to yourself!

    Friday, April 29th 2011

How can you often use Future Continuous,Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous. Because it’s hard to me.Can I use only verbs will or be going? Thank you for all.It’s interesting to listen you!

Saturday, April 30th 2011

Hi Ronnie you are the best thank

Saturday, April 30th 2011


Saturday, April 30th 2011

its very good teaching roonie

Friday, May 6th 2011


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Saturday, May 7th 2011


Can I talk to you on skype ou msn??

Sunday, May 8th 2011

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    Monday, May 9th 2011

I’m brazilian and I love you teacher. Thanks and take care.

Saturday, May 14th 2011

Simply easy to learn with you!!
Thank you for you explaination :)

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Thursday, May 19th 2011

Thank you! Your explanetions are realy good! I’ve been learning many things! I like how you show entusiastic!

Monday, May 23rd 2011

thank you a lot ms

Thursday, May 26th 2011

I really want to know about how to use shall..some people said that shall still use it with I and We. He asked me ” do you think that we can use shall with He/she/it?” I told him that I think we can’t. He replied me that no you can use “shall” with he she it when you really want to do or have planed to do it already. It makes me confused a lot, please answer to make me understand clearly.

Thank you

Sunday, May 29th 2011

Hi ronnie
Can you post a video on how and where to use all punctuation marks

Monday, May 30th 2011

Hi~ Ronnie.
Thank you for lessons.

Monday, June 6th 2011

I Like this .it’s can make me improve my skill in English TQ….

Thursday, June 9th 2011

hi teacher Ronnie,could you help me this common problem a wrong grammar??…i understand English when somebody is talking to me but i can’t deliver my English very well…thank you & more power
please reply..


Friday, June 10th 2011

    The best thing to do is just TRY and talk – I know it is difficult but don’t be afraid to make a mistake and just talk!!! You need to practice speaking to improve!

    Monday, June 13th 2011

hi ronnie thanks for your interesting lessons i am algerian and biginning in english language I have a big problem with the pronounciation what can I do????

Friday, June 10th 2011

    There are many videos on the site to help with pronunciation! Try them and repeat into a voice recorder to practice!

    Friday, June 10th 2011

thank you very much you are sweet teacher I have another question concerning will and be going to
my teacher said that the going to express the near future we use it when we have this morning , this night ..etc but when we have next month ,next year .. we use will
is this right ??

Monday, June 13th 2011

    NO, you can use both for anytime – it does not matter!

    Monday, June 13th 2011

thank you very very much you’re the best teacher i’ve seen in my life and i hope i’ll meet you oneday I have another question about the form negative of the auxilary to have
we say I do not have ,I did not have or i have not , i had not ????

Tuesday, June 14th 2011

    We write I do not have…..but we say I don’t have!

    Tuesday, June 14th 2011

we can’t write I have not and say I haven’t ???

Wednesday, June 15th 2011

hi ronnie,
your the best teacher and your teaching is very different from other it help me allot .

Friday, June 17th 2011

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Friday, June 17th 2011


Thursday, June 23rd 2011

I think you are a great teacher.
thank you

Saturday, June 25th 2011

nice and very informative lesson.

Friday, July 8th 2011

hai! good lesson thank u very much
and can u pls replay what it differs with “supposed to and expected to”

Wednesday, July 13th 2011

    ‘Supposed to’ and ‘expected to’ are very similar… the ONLY difference is that ‘expected to’ is something that you should instinctively know to do (and not be told to do). Supposed to is more like a written rule.

    Wednesday, July 13th 2011

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what’s the diffrence between have and have got

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dear tell me about the uses of BEEN ,because i am very confuse to use it. thanx

Friday, August 12th 2011

    Been is the past participle(p.p) of `be“, So if you use an adjective in a sentence that needs a p.p, you have to use been.
    EG I have been sad. Sad is an adjective. YOu cannot say I have sadded.

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Wednesday, August 24th 2011

    YOu have to say “What are you going to do this weekend”. or on the weekend
    or “What are you doing this weekend” or on the weekend!

    Wednesday, August 24th 2011

Hey dear,In pakistan we have tought THt we should always use SHALLL WITH word I,but if for something we r sure to do,then we will use will with I!IS IT CORRECT DEAR

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Could you explain to me, i’m confuse when to use ‘be’ when after will? i mean what the difference ‘will’ and ‘will be’?

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

    We use ‘will be’ if the next word is an adjective: “I will be tired.”
    If the next word is a verb, you don’t need ‘be’: “I will eat.”

    Saturday, December 3rd 2011

      Hello Ms Ronnie you said we use “will be” if the next word is an adjective? how about “I will be working in Mexico”

      Sunday, June 17th 2012

        Will + BE + verbing = future continuous! Your sentence is great!

        Monday, June 18th 2012

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I haven’t idea
I have no idea
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    I haven’t idea = wrong.
    I have no idea = correct.

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Ronnie can explain this sentence

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but i think we use going to if we have plan and we are sure but will with out plan

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Could you tell me what’s the difference between
I’m going to go home tomorrow
and I’m going to home tomorrow.

Monday, January 16th 2012

    I’m going to go home tomorrow = correct.
    I’m going to home tomorrow = incorrect.

    Tuesday, January 17th 2012

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i want to ask you about writing do you have any advice for me to improve my writing skils?

Tuesday, January 24th 2012

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Saturday, April 14th 2012

    I am going to go to the cinema. This is a future sentence because you use to be + going to + base verb!
    I am going to the cinema. Is present continuous = to be + verbing. We use this to talk about what we are doing NOW!!!

    Sunday, April 15th 2012

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Wednesday, June 13th 2012

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Ronnie, I find out in grammar book that we use will when we decide to do smf at the time of speaking, about new things. And we use (be) going to when we already decided to do something.
will – decision now
going to – decision before
Is that true or like you said it doesnt matter what I will use?

Friday, July 27th 2012

hi ronni, expression(i get it) means i do .thanks

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Thursday, November 22nd 2012

Which one is NOT correct?

He’s going to school tomorrow.
She will have pizza for breakfast.
I going to the football game.

in this mam u said .. we must folle am with i. i am going to. isn’t it?

Sunday, December 2nd 2012

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    Saturday, December 8th 2012

the way of your teaching is excelent

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Ronnie: I understood your lesson about GOING TO, but can I apply TO in the following sentence:

“Please, listen TO these conferences” or can I say “Please, listen these conferences”. Is there a transfer here as well.

Thank you

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    Listen TO is correct!

    Saturday, December 8th 2012

Thanks for your teaching
I can understand your class.
I will find more information in grammar books
and I have a question / when I have appointment
I’m going to see a movie with my friend or I will see a movie with my friend ?????

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i confuse in quiz no.5

5. Which one is NOT correct?
a.He’s going to school tomorrow.
b.She will have pizza for breakfast.
c.I going to the football game.

i think c. is correct in present con.
but a. incorrect because it should have go to after going to.

i love your engvid.com
thank you

Saturday, January 12th 2013

You are correct! C is wrong and A SHOULD BE going to GO TO school tomorrow if it is in proper future tense! But, we often drop the base verb when we talk about the future!

Monday, January 14th 2013

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,the future tense i will eat.& i will eating what is correct ? the sentence will so ing is use

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Thanks for lesson i liked it but i have one confusion.i saw in lesson when we can use can,cant,will its fine can u help me to know about when we can use could,had,should.

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Wednesday, March 20th 2013

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First of all I’d like to thank you for imparting such a valuable tutorial sessions with us.

I want myself to be looked more formal while speaking. The basic problem I face these days are the inter-mingling of the two forms of the language, i.e. Brit. Eng & Amer. Eng. along-with aggressive use of informal speech and slangs. This is aggravating.

Pls guide me, when & where’d I use the word ‘SHALL’ in place of ‘WILL’.

Thx n rgds. :)

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This lesson is also very useful and I could understand well different from ‘will’ and ‘going to’.

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    Sunday, October 27th 2013

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Ronnie i have a question, when i say “i will…” it is not necessary write “be”? a mean, when i should write “be”?

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

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Sunday, November 10th 2013

2. What verb do we use with “going to”?

Wednesday, November 20th 2013

Ijust want to ask which sentences are right:

a)Obviusly, I’m going to your wedding
b) Obviously, I will go to your wedding?
please gelp me. thank you.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013

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Saturday, February 15th 2014

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    Saturday, February 15th 2014

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Sunday, February 23rd 2014

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“I’m going to travel to the Keys next week”

Now, when we are totally sure it will happen,
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It’s called “Present Continuous with a Future

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Hi Ronnie, I saw this lesson and I did not like your explanation about when we use Future Simple (will) or Future (be going to). I have looked some grammar books up and they show:

We use the Future Simple (will):
– For predictions about the future.
– For threats or warnings.
– For promises or on-the-spot decisions.
– With the verbs: hope, believe, expect.

And we use the be going to:

– for plans and intentions we have about the near future.
– when there is evidence that something is going to happen in the near future

I have another grammar book which shows a comparison between will and be going to. We use will when we decide what to do at the moment of speaking and we announce our decision. We use be going to when we have already decided what to do and we announce our decision. For instance:

A: Mary phoned while you were out.
B: OK, I’ll call her back.

Be going to
A: Mary phoned while you were out.
B: Yes, I know. I’m going to call her back.

In the first case B did not know that Mary had called him and he realize it when A said it to him. In the second one, B knew that Mary had phoned and he had already taken the decision of calling her back before A said it to him.

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