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Thank you teacher! I’m the first! 😷

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Thanks Emma I got 10 out of 10

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Emma. Thank you so much , I like how you are teaching.
lovely Really

Best regard.

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Thanks for the teaching

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Interesting quiz..

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Thanks for the lesson

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Hello Emma , hello everybody
In question 5 « Those » doesn’t refer directly to  »shows » but to  »my favourite kind« . And « my favourite kind » refers to « shows«  . How this group of words that replace a noun is named ?
See you.

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    Hi there,
    There are many kind of SHOWS. My favorite kind are THOSE that include a singing competition.
    so here, THOSE came right after the period, and the noun before that period is ” SHOWS ” . therefore you’ll know THOSE refers to SHOWS.
    instead of saying : my favorite kind OF SHOWS are SHOWS that include a singing….. we remove the repetition of SHOWS…
    does that make sense ?

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Thanks Emma. Got 10/10. Need some advance type of English grammar to teach and designed some hard kind of questions in the quiz section.

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Thank you! That was super helpful

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Thank you teacher, i’m getting on well.

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I’m really happy, I got 100% about questions. Thanks for the class teacher

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Hi Emma. Thanks. But why in 9 question I need use “her”? I think “It is Janet’s mom’s birthday. Janet gave she a new TV.” will be better?

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    Hi. Let me explain you
    You use she when you want to start a sentence both affirmative and negative form that discribes a specific action done by only one person. For example: she reads a book per month

    According to your question, you need to use a relative pronoun that is “her” because you have a verb before. This verb represents an action done by another person who starts the sentence. In that case it´s Janet.
    There are two people involved in the sentence: First one who does the action (Janet) and second one whom receives the action (Janet´s mom). This one has to be repleaced by the relative pronun “her”.

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Thank you I’m from Morocco

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Miss Emma, you’re very pretty!

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Thank you

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I quite enjoy your lessons, they’re always clear and useful. Thanks, Emma.

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Thank you very much for the efforts.

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I got 10 correct out of 10
Thanks Emma

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100/100 thank u that was wonderfull

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Hello Engvidlove
Thank for trying to help me.
Sorry for my bad English but my question is just : Is there , in English grammar , a name given to a group of words that replace a noun in a text , and this group has no meaning on its own without knowing the noun to be replaced .
Now , reading again the question 5 , I see that this is not ‘my favourite kind’ that replaces ´shows’ but just ‘kind’ and it is singular .
How do they call this ?
Have a nice day .

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Thank you for your interesting lessons.

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Hello, dear Emma!
hope you doing well and wishing you more and more success in your profession. I got 10 out of 10
thank you so much
you are the best

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your teach is good

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Thank you! That was super helpfu

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I enjoyed this lesson.
The content in it help me a lot.
I hope to get it in one.
Thank you Mrs Emma.

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Thank you Miss Emma.

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thank you emma

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10/10 I am good! Thank you!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.
Thank You

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Thank you your classes will help me to improve .

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Emma, Thank you for your lessons. For me, they are very clear.

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Thank you, Emma. I got 10 correct out of 10

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Thank you for your best efforts

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Good. I liked.

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Thanks alot Miss Emma I’m understand what u said.

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thanks a lot

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Hi there, thanks for the teaching

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Thank you Emma I can’t believe I got a 100% on this test I can’t believe it was so easy.

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I really love this class in particular, I got 80/100 I still tried a little bit and I wish to improve more on this

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Thank you!

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Thank you Emma

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it was wonderful and i have got 10

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thank you Emma you the best

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Interesting teaching

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Amazing! I got 10 from 10

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thank you it is a good exam

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I m new here!!
Welcome me.

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Great job guys thx

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thank you

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It was cool lesson, thanks :)

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Thank you


Thanks i enjoy it same time i understand it

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Thank you

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    Thank you verry match

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Nice lesson with quiz indeed, Emma. Thank you.

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You are the best Emma

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Thank you Emma. I like your lessons

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This is really good!

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thanks my teacher,,,, im understand u very good

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thank tearcher

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Thank you

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Thank you for classe

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Very helpful this lesson

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I got 9 correct of 10
Thanks ms emma.
I got many knowledge

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Thank you so much dear Emma, you are one of the best teacher.


Thanks, Emma Teacher…

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Thank you, Emma I got 10 of 10 !

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Hi Emma, wow. I really appreciate the way of your teaching.

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Thanks Emma, you’re the best teacher, it’s increíble how I can get all what you say so easy, I love your lessons

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Thank you Emma! I got 100%

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Thanks Emma, you make it very clear with simple words and examples.

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Thank you, Emma. I got 7 correct out of 10

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Hi teacher which book is useful for TOEFL

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Teacher , you’re the best

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Thanks Emma I got 10 out of 10

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Thanks for the tips

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i got it 10 answer

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Thank you

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Thank you I got 10 for my first lesson 🤗🤗

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All correct

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Thank you Emma. Here i am new but i have answered 10 of 10)

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Hi emma I am taking IELTS exam..Is there any tips how to pass or what is the best way to study easily.? Many thanks

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Thanks to you Emma😊

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You did a great job!

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really so great job dear! I will keep learning because I got many new information from u and your team. thanks so much.

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    Hi mate, good to see you. Let’s practice our English. Here is my skype: live:.cid.4b026f39b262c0b1

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Thanks you.

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Yaho! I got 100 😄 Thank you so much

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Hope you are all doing great.
I can’t find the words to thanks you all dear my torturers for the best lessons you’ve delivered and spread them out. I’m really thankful of all of you.
You sincerely:
Nazir Ahamdi

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thank you teacher. You are the best

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thks for teaching, u are talented

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Hello dear my teacher!
I’ve a question for you:
1. What’s the correct pronunciation of the word “Specially” in American accent.

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I’m completely thankful Emma about your class.

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Thanks Emma, greatest lesson.

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How can I thank you?

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i want say to all teachers “thank you” specially Emma.she is very funny,inteligent ,friendly.but i have one questions ” how can i put on my photon on the mt profile?…thanks from Azerbaijan..

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Thank you Emma.


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Great!!! I got 10. Good in pronoun

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10/10! Great! I find Emma’s English teaching video on Youtube when Covid spread all of the world. I studied by her lessons everyday. Thanks, Emma!

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now i have one mistake from the last lesson i have two
thanks emma

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Thanks Emma!

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Dear Emma, it’s a very pleasure to follow you!

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I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thank you so much!!

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thankyou Emma, your lesson is very helpful. love you

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Thanks a lot Emma, I enjoyed the lesson.

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Thank you so much mam for your outstanding lesson!These tips are so useful while reading.It’s more informative,and very clear.I like the way you teach,it has more effective and easy to get any point from the lesson.I love your lesson as ever.I pay attention to each lesson of yours.

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Thank you, Emma. I got 9 correct.

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