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Great teacher, I thank you for your help.

Friday, August 14th 2009

    I like that women really awsome :D I like the way her mounth speech.

    Sunday, March 10th 2013

It’s really a good lesson , thanks alot.

Friday, August 14th 2009

That is a very good lesson.thanks

Saturday, August 15th 2009

It’s a really good lesson I like it. I have a question ” Is there exist difference of prounanced letter P & B if it came in middel or in the end of the word?
thank you:)

Sunday, August 16th 2009

    yes! it depends what vowels are in front of or behind it!

    Friday, January 8th 2010

      in fact i’m attending to a business English course and my instructor keep telling me that i have a problem in the sentence structure , and i also find it hard to construct a long speech i don’t know why , what do you think should i do

      Saturday, July 19th 2014

Simple but I have never myseft thinking about this.
Useful lesson
Thanks :-)

Monday, August 17th 2009

yes- the letters surrounding the letter P or B may change the sound of the letter!

Tuesday, August 18th 2009

Your lesson is very great ! Thanks a lot !

Tuesday, August 18th 2009

Thanks for your lesson…Could you explain the pronunciation between your and YOu’re?

Wednesday, August 19th 2009

    yes this is very easy- they are both pronounced exactly the same! When we say these words they sound like “yer” – for both!!!!

    Thursday, August 20th 2009

Hi teacher I’m Alex I’d just like to say that your lesson are fantastic..
and I want to know about your private lesson on the skipe I stayed very interested I go to leave my email ok

thanks for all

I hope to can chatting soon with you

Wednesday, August 19th 2009

Thank you Ronnie, You are a great teacher :)

and I’m really interested in your private English lessons on Skype

Could you send me some information about it ?

Monday, August 24th 2009

Great,but actually still difficult to me.

I am interested in your private lessons,please send me more information about lessons on Skype.


Tuesday, September 1st 2009

am serec plese anser me ok

Wednesday, September 23rd 2009


    Friday, January 8th 2010

      LOL :D

      Monday, October 8th 2018

you are an awesome teacher ronnie. we all like your lessons ….

Monday, October 5th 2009

Thank a lot

Saturday, October 31st 2009

Though this instructor seems to be a good teacher, she is actually making some serious errors here. When you say the names of the letters, that’s totally different than saying the sounds that the letters make.

If you say P, it is voiced. Why? Because it sounds like “pee” and all vowel sounds are voiced. It is the sound /p/, not the letter name that is unvoiced.

Wednesday, November 4th 2009

Very good lesson Ronnie just one little remark… when you say “P” or “B” they are the letters of the alphabet. It´s different from saying /p/ or /b/ which are phonemes ( sounds), and you can´t hear the vocal cords vibrate, you feel them. Regards

Thursday, November 5th 2009

very useful lesson

Saturday, November 7th 2009

how can i communicate or contact with you i need to ask you many questions and thank you for you good contributions

Tuesday, November 17th 2009

I know English a little.please help me :(

Friday, December 4th 2009

I am very happy to learn the difference between these tow letters because it was difficult for me to pronouce well.Thank you

Monday, December 7th 2009

tank very much

Monday, December 7th 2009

i like your way of teaching . but i have a big problem when i pronounce a big word . could u help me more ….. plz

Thursday, December 10th 2009

thank you so much; really you are so helpful.

Friday, December 11th 2009

good and best…………….

Thursday, December 17th 2009

Great Lesson, I heard you offer a private session through SKYPE, what is the cost?

Thursday, December 17th 2009

Your lesson is very great ! Thanks a lot

Monday, December 28th 2009

very Great lesson … Thanks a lot :)

Friday, January 22nd 2010

Good afternoon Miss Ronnie

I am writing from Peru. I can’t thank you enough for your lesson , it is a wonderful class and i enjoy it so much.

You are the best teacher that I have ever seen. Really!!

All the best to you, sincerely.

Dorian García.

Monday, January 25th 2010

Hi Theacher, I am interented in the private leessos on skype ,my skype is alberto.santiesteban , please help me….

Thursday, January 28th 2010

Dear, Ronnie
I ma thanking you very much and I enjoy seeing your style how to tech specially in Pronunciation . is my comment correct ?

Wednesday, February 10th 2010

This is an owesome lesson, and so much fun too!!

Thursday, March 4th 2010

Was a funny lesson ronnie thanks.

Monday, March 8th 2010

thank you teacher Ronnie, for beautiful lesson.

Monday, March 22nd 2010

i can understand your lesson. nicely you are explaining. thank you lot.

Wednesday, May 5th 2010

thank you Ronni, My name is Viviana, I´m from colombia, God bless you, I understand you lesson, and I am begining to learn, How long you think you can handle the language, single study on the internet.
thank you

Wednesday, May 5th 2010

Good afternoon Miss Ronnie

Thursday, May 20th 2010

Be better before breakfast. A policeman put a paper not a picture.

Monday, July 5th 2010

hi my name is lobsang i want too improved my speaking english so i saw ur video on youtube its very usefull for me and u teachers teach really well and i will try my best to improved my english thank u so much u guys doing great job god bless…..thanks a lots

Wednesday, July 7th 2010

    Hi lobssang i just want to correct something in your comment .. you should say i want to improve not improved :) just a help

    Saturday, April 6th 2013

thanks for ur help teacher…. good job

Wednesday, July 7th 2010

thank you teacher this was very helpfull to me.
But is it right that the ‘p’ pronounciation make a flow of air out of the lips . And what are the letters which may change the prounciation of ‘p’ and ‘b’ when surrounding it .
Thanks alot

Saturday, July 17th 2010

I like your videos so much, I will learn more from here, I hope can be improve my English level, after then can communicate with others easy.

Saturday, July 17th 2010

thanks ronnie!!since my childhood i had difficulty in pronuncing in P & B,now i got a clear the regular follower of your guys are doing great…keep it up.thanks once again

Wednesday, July 28th 2010

Mam i like your all videos, thanks for offering us free videos. i learn many words and take a lot of knowledge.Which person teach/learn me only one word. You are my teacher, i shall always respect you Mam. And i always remember you in my prayers. Mam your method of teaching is very very good than other teachers.i,m doing graduate. Mam my English is too weak, please help me in this case because our language is Urdu. English is an international language thats why i want to learn English. Its my aim and desire that i speak English like British natives.Mam can you provide more videos for speaking English fluently and vocabulary.

Saturday, July 31st 2010

Nice dimples, Ronnie. Thank you for all the lessons. You are awesome.

Sunday, August 1st 2010

u r really a good teacher

Thursday, August 19th 2010

there is a role but i do not know the meaning and when can i use it
s+get+somebody+infintive with to +something
i am waiting for your reply..teacher

Thursday, August 19th 2010

Roni: When teaching the sounds of “p” and “b”, it is best not to use the name of the letters. To express the unvoiced “p”, an explosion of air should be forced outward from the mouth through the pursed lips. To express the voiced “b”, voice is combined with the lips closed and then opened. In the video, you actually said the names of the letters rather than the sound those letters make. If students use the letter name when pronouncing a word, the word will be mispronounced. “Pop”
will become “pee-op”. “Baby” will become “bee-a-bee”. Perhaps you can re-record this lesson again.
Perhaps you can

Sunday, September 5th 2010

Yours clas It´s very good, thank you teacher

Friday, October 1st 2010


Saturday, October 2nd 2010

Hi Ronnie, I like you as a teacher very much. Please don’t stop teaching you are making a difference in my life. My pronunication is improving.

Thursday, October 7th 2010

thanks for letting me know the difference between p & b, so good video i like it

Saturday, October 9th 2010

Thanks a lot teacher this is perfect >>

Wednesday, October 13th 2010

i like this teacher! thanks a lot.

Friday, October 29th 2010

thank you very very much. i hope so good speaking english.good luck

Saturday, December 4th 2010

OMG – what a waste of time! Did not help a bit!

Tuesday, December 7th 2010

difference between p & b is a big problem and after ur lesson miss still a confusion isue but overall all thanks for your labour and time .

Monday, December 13th 2010

thank you so much.
pleas, add v pronunciation.
I’m so difficult between b & v pronunciation.
For example, berry & very . :)

Wednesday, December 15th 2010

    English is my second language as well. I have learnt it through an English grammar book the pronunciation of /V/ : if you put your lower lip behind your upper teeth and then let the air flow flow out softly pushing the lower lip back to its normal state, then the sound produced is very close to the native… try very, vivid, violet, vivian, valley, village, vow and wow
    Thank you Ronnie and all wonderful participants.
    Amjad Farooq Shah

    Thursday, December 6th 2012

      That’s an awesome tip! Mind if I share this on our Facebook page?

      Friday, December 7th 2012

thank u very muth.

Tuesday, December 28th 2010

thank u very muth

Tuesday, December 28th 2010

Ironically you pronounce the word “pronunciation” wrong. :/

Friday, December 31st 2010

I really love your class and explaine.

Monday, January 10th 2011

I liled it your excent it is very easy to understand and i improved my english more

Wednesday, January 12th 2011

ar u from canada

Wednesday, January 12th 2011

    Yes I am!
    Thanks for watching! Where are you from?

    Thursday, January 13th 2011

Ronni, you are the best teacher I ever saw and I heard. God bless and be strong to continue even against all dificulties.

Saturday, January 15th 2011

This is the best website to go . Here you learn pronunciation through different teachers . My english pronunciation has been improving since I discovered it

Monday, January 24th 2011

Thank you very much teacher, your lessons are great

Tuesday, January 25th 2011

it is a very easy way to learn english

Sunday, January 30th 2011

Dear Ronni. the way that you provide lectures is great, i like the movements that you have during the lecture.

Thursday, March 17th 2011


Sunday, March 20th 2011

thanks alot teacher your method of teaching english is very nice

Monday, April 11th 2011

hello! ronnie i really like the way you talk and the way way you teach.. its easy to understand. could you please include to your video the subject verb agreement please..thank you so much and god bless..

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

thank you

Thursday, May 5th 2011

hello ms Ronnie …how are you?
have you ever had student from Iran ?
do you know where it is ?
I very love Canada …special McGill university in montreal…I will go there soon .

Saturday, May 14th 2011

    Yes, I’ve had a student from Iran (she was lovely) and I know where Iran is!
    Montreal is beautiful!!!! Good luck at McGill – My mom went there!

    Saturday, May 14th 2011

hi. your teaching method is very good and i can understand it easily . iam reading in class 6th in govt my English is very weak .
it very helpful for me.

Tuesday, May 24th 2011

hi : my name is karzan and my english no’t good however i’m graduated from eng department . and it become two years that i don’t have practice so teacher i hope you show me the best way to learn the sweetest language in the world imean english language . i have respect for you teacher . my thanks to you so answer me coz i need you…………….

Wednesday, May 25th 2011

I never feel this befor. Thanks a lot. :)

Wednesday, May 25th 2011

many thanks too you

Tuesday, May 31st 2011

you are very excellent teacher
thank you very much

Tuesday, June 14th 2011

Hello !I am new in this website ,MSS Ronnie you are a graet teacher your voice is clearly thanks for you help . GOD BLESS YOU .

Tuesday, July 5th 2011

Yes, I had learned english pronunction with you. yeah…and others on ENGVID.COM.

Wednesday, July 13th 2011


Thursday, July 28th 2011

i feel very happy and lucky that i found correct site for learn english……………….thanks

Saturday, August 13th 2011

I also get dimples wehn i laugh!hey dear i wanna ask something about difference between adjective and adverb,If i say She runs Fsst,so here fast is consider as adjective Or adverb!plzz help me dear

Thursday, September 1st 2011

    It’s very simple, she runs fast. is (adverb) …if you say, “she fast” then it`s (adjective). the thing is that if you use with verb then its adverb because it`s adding in verb other way it`s only adjective. So, am I Right Ronnie?

    Wednesday, May 10th 2017

thanks.I wanna learn how to be a real English teacher by speaking English as a native. How? I’m teaching English and I think I’m good but need to speak English all the time with my students.I use my main language,Arabic, to explain . Please help.

Tuesday, September 6th 2011

Hey Ronnie,your videos are awesome,I really love them and I have downloaded almost all of them, I have been living In New Zealand since May 2011 and I have problems understanding people with British/Scottish accent,do you have any suggestion? and one more question, what to do to improve my accent?

Thursday, September 8th 2011

By the way,I have one suggestion for you to make a video about, I was wondering if you could make a video in your house ( kitchen,bathroom,…) and teach student some common and frequently used vocabulary in daily life, vocabulary about cooking, fruits, vegetables and etc, because I have had that problem first month of my arrival in New Zealand,It is just a suggestion, would be glad to see more videos with your lovely method of teaching

Thursday, September 8th 2011

Hi Ronnie,
First of all, I enjoy watching your lesson. I try to speak Eng but always come up with frustration because of my poor pronunciation. I cant pronounce correctly or cant differentiate some similar sounds such as Bet, But, Bud, Bad, Bed and Bat etc. When I say “eggs”, people understand axes. So may I request a lesson? Thanks, Ronnie.

Sunday, October 23rd 2011


Wednesday, October 26th 2011

Thank you so much.

Friday, November 4th 2011

You are a very good teacher but in the “P” sound, I can feel the voice inside my throat.

Tuesday, November 8th 2011

Hi Ronnie!
You are an excellent teacher! I love the way you teach. What is the right pronunciation of puberty??

Tuesday, November 8th 2011


    Tuesday, November 8th 2011


Sunday, November 13th 2011

Thanks ronnie:)

Wednesday, November 16th 2011

Thanks ronnie!
It’s very useful lesson

Thursday, November 17th 2011

mam really i am very interest your pronounce explanation and improve different words it was difficult for me, and I like your fun understandable action thanks mama ronnia

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

mama i am interest why of your teaching so can you give me extra time with skpye please, if you can Ronnie ………….. thanks i am waiting your respond””

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

spectacular teacher .. really thank u very much for making pronunciation easier like that ;)

Monday, December 12th 2011

I don’t know what to say, but I do love people who try to help others.

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Thank you very much mam for you’r teaching

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

very good the best teacher in the world thanks

Sunday, January 15th 2012

Thanks Miss Ronnie you are smart English teacher im enjoying with your lesson …
I wish you all the best

Thursday, February 2nd 2012

Thanks Jonnie!
Anyway, could you show me difference when I pronounce vowels: /I/ (fish, bid); /i/ (empty, honesty) and /i:/ (feet, deed)? It is so difficult for me.

Saturday, February 18th 2012

i love you alot and amazing lesson thanks alot for you

Sunday, February 26th 2012

Thanks a lot

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

hi ronnie i try and i put my hand when i said P judt little bit i feel it the vibrazioni sorry i dont know how to write ciao

Thursday, April 19th 2012

hi Ronnie
thanks a lot
i have one question .
is this American English ?

Saturday, April 21st 2012

    Well…..sort of… I am Canadian!

    Sunday, April 22nd 2012

      hi, my name is danish and i am from pakistan i have been watching ur videos since 2009 and they all are very intrested i just want to how can we prounonce english letters or alphabets must reply its request

      Tuesday, November 20th 2012

thanks a welth for your teaching

Saturday, May 12th 2012

Ronnie, ur the best ,, u always make me laugh with your reactions :)) ,,, thanks

Saturday, May 19th 2012

thanks teacher, really, while watching videos on engvid, make me feel as i am having class in class room.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

i want start with you but Where”s Beginning؟؟؟؟ Please,

Thursday, June 7th 2012

    Start at “beginner” lessons.

    Tuesday, June 12th 2012

Hi Ronnie!
I like your lessons so,so much thanks!
I live in a little town and I work very much then is very complicated practise English, but I like very much and your lessons help me!

Sunday, July 22nd 2012

That Was Gr8 rly..
Thank Yu From egypt,,have yu ever thought of comin’ here..i wish yu do,that was on of da bst lessons evaa..
:) thank yu:) !

Tuesday, August 14th 2012

Many Thank yuo are wugerful

Monday, August 20th 2012


Saturday, September 1st 2012

Hi Ronnie,
Your lesson is very helpful. I have some difficulty in pronunciation between cake and kick. Please help.

Thursday, September 6th 2012

Thanks for the great lesson. I have problem in pronouncing “paper” and “pepper”, Could you please help? Thank you.

Sunday, September 23rd 2012

    Paper = Pay-per
    Pepper = Pep=her

    Tuesday, September 25th 2012

Hello Mam,

your sessions are superb.Can u please take a class on how to pronounce the letters K,G and C.

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

Thank you so much it’s great

Thursday, November 8th 2012

useful lesson tnx

Sunday, December 9th 2012

Hello Ronnie I love your class

Friday, January 11th 2013

many thanks

Sunday, January 27th 2013

Thank you

Friday, February 15th 2013

thnk u :)ms ronnie

Thursday, February 28th 2013

where is test?

Monday, March 18th 2013

I think u need to make a vid for the allophones.

Thursday, April 11th 2013

I can’t thank you enough thanks rannie I love you so much ; tell me it’s no problem If I call u rannie without Madam ?

Wednesday, April 24th 2013

Ronnie, you’re amazing because you use simple examples, objective and easy to join, and the grace of teaching. It seems that we live. Thank you for you and EngVid.

Friday, May 10th 2013

I think in Algeria we haven’t any problem about pronunciation of the letters, but really it was a good lesson.

Thursday, June 6th 2013

thanks alot

Sunday, August 18th 2013

that’s really tricky

Monday, October 21st 2013

Great lesson!! Thanks!!

Thursday, January 30th 2014

Hi Ronnie
Thanks for the great lesson.
I still find difficulty in pronouncing P & B differently, but I’ll keep practicing.
But I wanna know as well how to differ between B & P when I hear them, this confuses me a lot.

Wednesday, February 19th 2014

Hi Ronnie,
thanks for your lesson. It’s useful for me.
take care

Tuesday, April 1st 2014


Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

Very useful lesson teacher!

Friday, September 12th 2014

Dear teaher i want your to send me some video lassons for communication

Tuesday, September 23rd 2014

Thanks a lot teacher…Now can I know what difference

Saturday, January 17th 2015

thanks a lot

Thursday, January 29th 2015

thanks Ronnie. Nice lesson.

Sunday, July 5th 2015

Real it’s the first time i note the differential between b and p . you have Impressive style. Thanks ronni

Wednesday, October 28th 2015

hay mam thanks alot but i don’t know which lesson have i start with? correct me plz

Wednesday, November 25th 2015

Thank you very much.^-^

Thursday, December 10th 2015

thanks Ronnie.

Thursday, October 20th 2016

Thanks teacher, for their patience and dedication. I would like a kind of pronunciation of z. Thanks and blessings

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Thank you Ronnie

Friday, July 28th 2017

Hi Ronnie. Thank you for this video. I was learning English from a long time and I still can not say P & B correctly. How I can take quiz for testing my pronunciation now ??

Tuesday, August 29th 2017

Thanks a lot!

Sunday, September 3rd 2017


Friday, December 29th 2017


Saturday, April 7th 2018

where I can find exercise for Pronunciation?

Thursday, June 14th 2018

Did you say foreplay?

Monday, October 8th 2018

where is the quiz Ronnie ??

Sunday, April 7th 2019

Thanks Ronnie. good class!!!

Wednesday, April 24th 2019

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