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Don’t forget to do the quiz to test your knowledge of the video, everyone! And as always, thanks for your incredible support!

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    Did someone say cheese?

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So interesting..!!! tkx

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Got 90/100. Thank you Alex.

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    Nice job! Keep it up!

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got 10/10 thanks Alex you’re awesome

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got 10 out of 10. Good lesson. Thanks, Alex.

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    My pleasure. Thanks for checking it out.

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Love this video

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nice quiz! thanks Alex!

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    You’re very welcome. Thank you for studying with me! :)

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But when we study (or if some of us teach) English Language in Russia, we learn a lot of information about Passive Voice and how to use it. And we are constantly told (or,on the contrary, if we’re teachers, we tell to our students) that Passive Voice is used very and very often. And I admit it’s quite difficult for us. And we’ve got many mistakes and difficulties in the comprehension when we learn it. For we don’t use its equivalent in Russian Language so often. We have it but we don’t use it often. So, I don’t understand now why we spend time and try so hard to learn this Grammar Rule if it’s even forbidden as a rule in English schools (I have just been surprised very much to find it out!)

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The quiz is awesome and brilliant! ROTFL
I appreciate you ideas and creativity, Alex!

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    I’m glad you liked it! I love making a memorable quiz as much as the videos sometimes.

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90/100:) Tks a lot Alex!!!

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Thank you very much, teacher…!!

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jajajaja It was really funny. You really love cheese!

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I want to deeply thank you for this amazing video.

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Nice quiz thank you

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Not bad. Thank you

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Thank you very much Alex.

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I’ve got 100. But I didn’t know some of these “rules”. Therefore, at first it was not quite clear for me what you were talking about. I couldn’t not write the comment somewhy.

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i find your topic interesting. this can help me to become an English teacher.

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The video is great (got 100/100). And the quiz is funny, particularly re cheese:)) Thanks for your work Alex!

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Nice grammar tips! I think double negatives are very common in portuguese, it happens sometimes. :)
Thank you Alex

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Nine out of ten, lovely.
Great job Alex
I wanted to change one of my answers, but I couldn’t, I need this choice while I am doing the quiz

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Best quiz I´ve ever done on EngVid XD
Thanks a lot Alex!!

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Long live Gorgonzola and Taleggio!
A smile:) Funny quiz!

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Fun lesson! I made 100 and had fun! I love your lessons… and …but…never ever boring

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This was the oddest quiz I ever passed. Anyway I got 10 of 10. Thanks.

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I have 9/10, the lesson is quite difficult but I want to really say never give up, thank Adam

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Dear Alex,
The lesson was very interesting and helpful as always!
I like your lessons very much because you make difficult things simple.
The quiz was very funny for me. Your sense of humor is superb!
I wish you all the best!

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Great lesson.
Fantastic quiz

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Can I exchange my hundred percent for a little cheese?

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got 100/100. thanks dear Alex sir

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got 100 but in the second round after to watch the video twice

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Breathtaking class dear Alex the greatest cheese eater of all Canada, by the way could you please make a video of Canadian cities and their pronunciation and if you want the origin of those names…… anyway…. many greetings from surco

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Oh, boy, this is one of the best quizzes I’ve ever taken here :D
Many thanks for this lesson, Alex!
PS The best cheese is plant-based cheese ;-)

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The quiz is quite difficult. I have no idea about question 9.
Thank you very much for your lesson!

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[100] L O L – suddenly i feel like to eat some chesee

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Merci Alex, c’était une leçon un peu difficile mais interessante.

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Thank you very much Alex.

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Cheese! Lovely!

Thanks Alex! 10/10!

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Great lesson. Super helpful! Thanks, Alex! You’re a great teacher!

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I don’t like the lesson, though the teacher is good.

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But I did not do the lesson yet.
Congratulations for creativity on the questions.

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Thanks Alex,I’ve got a good mark this time,

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Thanks, Alex. I’ve laughed a lot with the answers of your test.

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Thanks a lot Alex, you are very clear !

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I was loled out from ‘don’t pick this’

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Thanks to the Almighty, I had a marvelous teacher while I lived in the United States. She teaches English with the same open mind you teach. Your way of teaching is so similar to hers. Obrigada!

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Thank you very much. I got 90. I’m very happy.

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Thank you so much. very helpful

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hello sir I have a general question related to verb after ‘who’ and ‘which’, for example
1) Irma is one of the girls who comes\come late
2) Josh is one of the teachers who is\are my favourite.
kindly give logic too.

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I’ve got 5 out of 10. Not bad but i want to understand really well. Thanks Sir!

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thanks Alex. That was a wonderful session

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That was really tricky!
90/100 score

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Thank Alex

I got 5/10

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