Thanks for checking out this recommendation video, everyone! Should I do more recommendation videos in the future? And what are some of your favourite books?

If you would like to check out any of the books I recommend in the video, you can get a physical or e-book copy by following the links in the description, or the audiobook version by following this link and signing up for a 30-day trial with Audible: http://audibletrial.com/engvidalex

Out of the 5 options in the video, I would most strongly recommend getting Wonder by R.J. Palacio in audio format. It’s a beautiful book that uses multiple narrators, and the ending made me cry.


    Yes you should totally make more of this. I like it


    Thanks for your advice! Now i’m reading one non-fiction book “the 5 love languages”. And after that i’m going to start reading first one from your list – Charlotte’s web ^_^
    Yeah, please, do more recommendation videos – it’s very informative.
    One of my favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo, but i read this on Russian.


    I recommend you making more recommendation videos in future! My pick for Favourite Books are The Name of Wind, Harry potter series


Its funny because i have just started my lessons on this website, and bought my first book today which is The man who climbed out the window anddisappeared. I guess I am on intermediate level but i have never had any test yet, and I am learning by myself, so i hope this book and this website will help my grammatic rules. Nice Video!


Thank you, Alex, I really like your lessons and advice! We will, of course, love more recommendation videos. Thank you again!


Thank you teacher, I hope to get one of this books….!!!

Jakub Alvarez

THANKS a lot teacher….I will try my best to read at least three out of these five…these seem pretty interesting to me.

Carmody Nash

    Pakistani same here!


Thank you sir, I am very exciting as to read the book wonder


Thank you Alex.

ann ann

    Filipino same here!


The wonderful wizard oz I read it on my tongue.
Fallen seems to be interesting.
Wonder I watched the movie, its good.

Next talk about science fiction books..thank you.


Yes, of course! You should do more recommendation videos. We`ll love it! Thanks a lot teacher!


I like it in here,it’s very helpful.


Can you help me to write 2 sentences with all these ….
subj+time-(model)+(perfect tanse+P.P.)+(progressive-ing)+(passive-p.p.)+v+(obj)
the first sentence without the subject ..
The second one without the passive ..

Saud Asiri

    We can’t do your homework for you!

    engVid Moderator

I would like to learn English, but my English is not strong, I hope to get your support, How can I contact you, if I can talk directly to you, I hope to hear your advice .my email vantien19861812@gmail.com


Thank you a lot, Alex!
I love reading and out of your recommendations I got interested in “The Curious Incident…” the most. It reminded me of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” where the story is told by a crazy person himself and I liked it so much. Also my favourite books that I’ve read in English are “Green Mile” by S. King and “1984” by G. Orwell. Now I’m reading “Clockwork Orange” by A. Burgess.


Hi Alex!
Thank you so much for this lesson:)
I’m going to order these books in my local library, except ‘Wonder’- I’ve already bought it for my son, he needs it to his school:) And it’s for both of us:)
We all love to read. I read in English The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and many others. I read now Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. My way to improve English by reading is reading books which I have read in polish before.

I used to watch Ronnie all the time and I still love her, but now I watch only you;) And I like Studio Ghibli too :D

I have moved from Poland to Ireland with my family last year, I have to show my sons (11, 13) the note about you! :)))

Best regards!


And one thing.
In third book which you recommend is the name Siobhan. I suppose it is an Irish name and pronunciation is: SHEE- VON.
I still learn Irish names and they are really crazy;) But beautiful as well.
Caoimhe, Aoife, Saoirse, Roisin, Tadhg ;)))


I have just read “Charlotte’s web”. It’s charming. Thanks, Alex!


Thank you so much Alex, I realy miss like those books


Yes, this video is very useful. Could you please do more recommendation videos like this one.
thanks a lot!


i find ur vedeo so intresting ..thanks

moussaoui katia

can you recommend books that we can found in ibooks app store….please and thank you so much

zoooz Ali

Thanks a lot, Alex, for your recommendation! I’ve already downloaded all these books and starting to read right now!I feel like a child, who is waiting a new toy! When I’ve listened to your reading I’ve realised that I can manage! Thank you very much and sorry for mistakes.


Thanks for recommendation of books. I just ordered ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time”. I have not read “Wonder” yet, but I saw the movie. Definitely…Wonder :) Greetings!


thank you very much alex, I love your lesson, and I will go and try reading those books.


What a helpful video! Thank you.

Nguyen Thi Diem

Thank you teacher


Thank you.I will start to read a book very good recommendation


Thank you for your recommendation.

Wilton zamora

Well,my favorite book is the Bible and I became a Christian and all i got was this lousy tshirt by Vince Antounicci


I wish every native speaker of English could speak like you do. I can understand every word ou pronounce. Thank you for sharing this great work.
I loved your list. I am a little afraid of reading books in English but, I am being at the Intermediate level for about 4 years… I need to advance.


Thank you mauch


    Thank you much


oh thanks for the advice. greetings


Thanks Alex


Thanks Alex

Muthu Thangaraj

Thanks for this …

farhan Thakur

Thank you Mr. Alex for wonderful recommendations.


Thanks you Mr Alex, Nice and interesting recommendations!


Thanks Alex for your recommendations. I really like the way you explain and of course your accent. This is easy understandable !


Amazing recommendations. I really like printed version, so, I’ll look for them at my hometown’s public library. Thank you for share it.


Thank you teacher


Thanks Alex for your recommandations. I read The running man now. I love it but it is a bit complicated for me. Wich novel of S. King would be more easy ? (I like King a lot).

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