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I really liked these advices ever,thank you James ,we’re waiting your next videos keep it up.

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    May I correct you? ADVICE is UNCOUNTABLE noun so we can’t say “advices”.

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I really liked these advices,thank you James ,we’re waiting your next videos keep it up.

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I appreciate your advice and a big thank you from Athens.

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I really like the idea that how you were saying learning a new language is like working out physically, instead we are working out our brain mentally. Thank you very much for the lesson Mr. James !

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    I really like the idea that how you were saying learning a new language is like working out but mentally. Thank you very much for the lesson Mr. James !

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Thank you James for good tips!

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    Hi Tanya! can i know you?

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Thanks James.

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you are amazing James

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I really like how you teach, and these issues are very useful, I’ve learned so much with you.
Thanks a lot James.
by the way I got 10/10

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100. Thanks James. I am going to back to an english course,to improve my conversation. I hope I can use well what I learned here.

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Hy J this lesson was a little difficult and I had to watch it twice but at the end I got 10. I’m very satisfied I’m getting better thanks to engvid. Bye.

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Nice rocky I like it

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I’ll do it better now. Thank you!

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Very interesting lesson and advices. I really the rest is important because when we are very tired is more dificult to learn.

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Thank a lot James. I’m trying to be active learner. Cheer up.

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thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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thank you so much teacher james but the lesson is so long ^^

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Very good advice Mr. James….I really like your teaching method….using analogies to help us understand better and remember more easily what you teach!! Continue like that!
Thanks a lot :)

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thank you Mr.James

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hi James,

I really like the way you teach and in particular the way you explain phrasal verb: I agree with you saying that if you get the meaning of the particle, it is easier (and enjoyable!) to get the meaning of the phrasal.
I’d like to ask you a couple of questions about phrasal. The first is about “make up” when it is used with the meaning of “become friends after arguing”: why make UP? maybe we use UP becasue it means “closer” (like in come up or creep up on someone)so, after arguing, two people come close again, anyway, what’s your take on that?
the last question is about the particle “away”. Sometimes it means ” do somehting continuously or with a lot of effort”: why?

thank you so much and i wish you the best



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Am I not watch this video and my results in the end of quiz 6 of 10.Not bad hehehe….

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thanks a lot im rally enjoyed withh your lesson you are so helpfull and u can make anyone learn easily… by te way i got 9/10 for my first quiz :)

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One of the best lessons!

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I always cram information into my head. yeah it’s the bad way just because I have too much to remember.

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What about the correct using of “a” and “an” ?

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he is a good teacher

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Thanks a lot teacher James

I got 10 correct out of 10

That means you’re very good teacher

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Nice work out my english, very good advices to begin my programme, thanks Mr. E.

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That’s really great! Thanks James

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James, you are a very smart teacher, because while you teach us your method to fix the new languange, you teach a new vocabulary, new expressions, new constructions too.

I’m studing english a couple of months ago, and before I didn’t understand nothing that you told in your videos. But I always understood your classes. So these days I’m understanding you so clearly and you aren’t so fast as you was. It’s great (ok, ok… I know you can speak very very faster than you can in your videos.. :) I know, I have to follow a long journey yet so that I can say that “I speak englishhhh” and more still to I write a long letter without to search by google translate, but even so, today, I can try. Thanks.

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I got 10 by second time

Profile photo of claudio77 claudio77

Really thanks my teacher..i like to hear your lessons!~

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Thanks you so much for your lesson. I appreciate to learn with you. I will follow your advice, I hope I’ll improve English! Thanks Jame.

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James, I hate you. Almost every of your videos forces me to change something in my learning program. It is helpful, but again, DO NOT APPROACH TO MY HAUSE! (I hope you know the word ‘sarcasm’).

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    if you hate him then why do you even visit the site just don’t come again if you are that rude to a teacher that is trying to teach every one something . dude , if none has mentioned this before you are a very very annoying guy , i just don’t wanna see your face in the site again !!!

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      Hi, primous. I’m afraid you got me wrong. I tried to write the sentence with irony so its meaning is oposite. I like James and his lessons very much. I wanted to emphasise that he enforces me to additional work, wich is good of course.

      Profile photo of hiubhp hiubhp

Learning for a long time without taking a break is no good indeed! I tried to work out too much without taking a break before which turned out to stress me out. Thanks for your tips!

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We do it rite @ first time.

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James I really enjoyed your videos, you speak quite fast but I get used to understand you clearly. Keep teaching us !!

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I got 7 0f 10 .however this helpful advices for to develop our skills in any field . but need smart decision then hard work . thanks
trainer .

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James, could you explain about nearly vs. almost and where they differenciate in the near future?

Thanks a lot!

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Very good. Thanks.

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I feel that my english always improves with your videos, I appreciate every minute of watching them, therefore I want to thank you for every suggestion and piece of advice! You are the best teacher I have ever had !)

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Thanks James, I got 9 out of 10.

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First, thank you very much for the lesson. I got a problem when I started learning English. I was very passive, so I understand what the people says, but I didn’t get neither writting or speaking. Now I’m improving that.

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Thank you, James! You are amazing, man!
Keep teaching us, please.

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WOW.. Very good. I like it’s!

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Dos cervezas por favor!!! ajajjajaaj! he knows what´s up!! Really good advices by the way, greetings from spain Mr. James!!

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Wow, thanks. This lesson was like a little of fresh air. Thanks you James.

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Thank you.:)

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You are the best James :) Thank you

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Thank you James,I’ve learned a lot in a minutes.
I got 8 out of 10

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Thank you James!

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Thank you, you were wonderfull. I will follow your advises.

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Thanks James :)

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very ineresting, thanks

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Good videos for me! Thanks!

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Well James you did a great job with this lesson! And the quiz (100% right) is the proof that you made yourself vey well understood! Love you lessons!

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James, thank you very much for this lesson. Advices that you described in this video are very useful for me and my study. I’m waiting with impatience for next lessons.

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Thanks you James, I really enjoy watching your videos.

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That’s right. You are the best. Thank you so much.

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Thank you, James!
My Brazilian friend is right about engVid! It’s awesome! I’m a new subscriber, and I guess there’s a lot to explore and learn. Looking forward to it.

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Hi james you Said every body but not every one !? what’s the different between of these to wards

Profile photo of musaab musaab

    It’s the same.
    One more thing WORD is with “o” and DIFFERENCE ends with “ce”.
    I hope it’ll help.

    Profile photo of nadia07 nadia07

what’s the different between of these to wards

Profile photo of musaab musaab

thanks james!

You spaek english quickly and i don’t understand well. I am a student! :P

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Thank you so much for letting me know about studying skills!!

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Thanks a lot James,
This video is very usful for me.
I’ll try to study English hardly, So i’ll make frineds from the other country.

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I like your class.

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Hi James, how did you make the subtitles? Do you make it automatically or by hand? Can you give me some information about it. Thank you very much.

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Thanks James!!! I love your lessons!!!

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    I love too james lesson, can u be my talking friend by which we can improve our English speaking paper may be…

    Best Wishes

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thanks a lot

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Hi James,
You’re my favourite, you’ve just that special method of teaching and explaining in an amazing way, the thing is that I want to practice English ( talking ) with you, & I want to know what you do think about my accent since I’m speaking American English.

Hope you will reply soon, so if you want to and if you won’t be bored or busy so let me know by adding me on skype. ( hoobastank22 )

Thanks ! ^^

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James is the best teacher, tanks for your explanation.

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James, I really appreciate the lesson and I would like a advice how to improve the pronunciation??There is any website or program that I can exercise this deficiency?

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Thank James i like it and i am going to improve the workout ,,

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really enjoy tins helpful lesson, i don’t even see the time is running… this website is one of the best.. keep it up

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You’re right James when you say that we have to study constantly. I’ve been studing English for several years, but I’m not making progress, I can’t speak, I can’t understand native speaker… I shoudn’t interrupt studing what I always do these years..
Thanks a lot for this lesson!

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I just want to give a big thank for all brilliant lessons you have taught, I hope you will never stop giving.

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Watch out miss Dora, that now I’ve these advices I can substitute you (*evil look).

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I feel love with a foreigner for the first time.
James, your teaching is fantastic. marry me.

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Although. James said just to study half an hour, I would like to see all your videos 24/7 and repeat them again and again..

Thanks for your english classes1

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Excellent tips , thanks so much

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Thank James!

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Thanks I’m really happy to find this page, I can correct my mistakes and improve every day.. And James you explain great congratulations you are the best.

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Ok. James, I will take into my account. Thanks.

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you always rock..james..what ever you say is correct..but i hesitate to speak with my friends..i dont know how to remove my hesitation…plzz give me some advice..i will be thankfull to you..

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and one more thing i dont have any person who would help me in correcting my mistakes when i speak english..what should i do?? any advice..then plz do reply…

Profile photo of gyanbiradar gyanbiradar

:-) Thanks for this lesson!

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Hey James I just sign in thanx to your youtube chanel! I’ve waached all your videos and you help me to pass my TOEFL successfuly and now because of you i’m going to universcity in the UK! Pleas keep doing it, keep helping me, hihi! Luv ya you are my favourit teacher! :)

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    hi james, monity and all

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very nice

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hai james sir,
you teached well.Thanks to god bcz he is responsible me to visit this website and then your lecture on “worked out english”.Basicall i am a passive listener,so i feel fear when i get a chance to speak with my teachers in english,but i wanna change now onwards,i really inspired by u r lecture.
thank you very much,
yours faithfully,
missy frm india

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Wao I’m so excited with your lesson, I can understand you. Yupiii

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nice, active learner, i need more practice. thanks James

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thanks, very much

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Pretty good lesson!

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something wrong with my browser Chrome (I have to scroll out to the bottom to send comments, the “leave your comments” on the top page don’t open a box to put words.

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    Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into it.

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It isn’t easy, but …

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100 in score and really Thank for this treasure lesson ,it did change me !

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this is very informative! thanks a lot.. i will apply this info in my learning skills.

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Hi James , I really like your way of teaching its really fun and helpful .I usually spent 30 minutes for English but I always thinks its so less time but I get tips from your lesson I really want to use in proper way.Thank you ,you are a great teacher.

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thanks, I love your lesson!!!!!!

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You’re awesome James. This is my first day at EngVid and I can’t stop watching your videos. Thanks!

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Thank you James

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100 B) I am the best! Great lesson

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I’ll do it now and thanks James , a funny teacher

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Thank you! I’ll improve my english!

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really helpful!!!

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thank you alote

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love your video, great thanks for your help.

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Hello, James. I’ve watch many of your videos. Thanks a million, they’re fantastic. But I have a question about one of them. In a video about “adverbs”, you said “towards” is a adverb. But my Oxford dictionary says it’s a preposition. But for forwards, onwards says they’re adverb. Can you help me about it? Thank you in advance.

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A lot of fun as usual))))

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Love this video,it’s useful to me. Thank you!

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Great Job again, James! I’m a fan of yours! I always enjoy watching your videos they were very helpful, impressive and appealing to the viewers.

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Thank you James : )I think the lesson of this video can apply to any kind of studies or practices.!!

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thx james it is a very useful sec :)

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I agree, thanks James

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I follow always your videos. That’s fun and I’m really enjoy it.
But I was astounded, because I couldn’t English well.
just now I’m realized, that’s inactive!
Thanks, James!

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Hi James. First lesson i see of you. EngVid moderator suggested me that you speak really fast but i have understood more than 90% of what you said.

Got 9/10 :(
i usually get nine out of ten but i hate when i do not get ten out of ten! xD

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Thank you James.I really like your teaching and make me impressing.

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I absolutely love his lessons

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i love you teacher Jame. your are a great teacher. i want to be an architecture. can you show me some?

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Mr.E became big and strong enough to afraid him:)
Look at this chest!

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i admire your style in teaching ,however something i don’t know because iam beginner

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It’s really great!!!
Thank You, James…
It made me change my program…

Profile photo of Argen Nasiev Argen Nasiev

Thanks James!
I will practice my bar English!


I really like it

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Teacher James! you always make me smile!!! Thank you for such a valuable advice!!! You are a great teacher!!

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It was nice that I got 100.
Thanks for your class.

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Keep up the good work, James!!
You’re cool :3

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You’re nice coach ;D
The jokes are great way to attract people to listen you, to involve them in the process of doing something.
I’ll keep watching episodes with your participate!

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Perfect, James!!! No pain no gain. Thank you so much.

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Thank you James, I enjoy watching your vedios your way in talking is perfect that i can understand each word you said, but i need your advice in how ican I improve my writing and speaking, i do very well in reading and and hearing but once i need to go through a conversation i get confused in how to manage the senteces and to recall the vocabulary the i know, and so in writing i have a problem in spelling and some times in grammer, so do you have any advice.
Thank you so much

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Thanke you.

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thanks !

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At last… Thank You James

I Need this video. But still its difficult for me to throw out the garbage…
Because I’m trying for over 1 year in bad way(wrong way)…

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Thanks James.
I’ll keep it in mind!
This lesson gave me a good motivation.

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Hi James. That´s very importante device. I really like it. I`ll see all the vídeo you have done. Thank´s a lot.

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Thank you James

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You always make it easy for us, thank you James.

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Thank you James you answered about many question in my mind and make me understand easily

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I love james , he is very clear and funny , i like hime

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Thank you james this is a good lesson, I sometimes forget to give myself a break which make it hard for me to absorb what I’m studying.

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Thanks James

50% got

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Hi Mr. James thanks for the video, it’s very useful :D

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I’d like it very much, thank you James and The Responsibles of Engvid, this is a great website. And about the Workout Class, it was amazing, makes me think about my english practices and to review what am i doing wrong(even on this lil text) :D

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Thanks James, I’ll follow your advices !

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thanks for your lesson. It is very halpfoul.

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i make two mistake and the test and because i know the answers but i forget ckeck it and i check another. i guess its because i don’t spend my time to see what its ckecking.

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Woooow.. you are the best teacher i never saw before . Could you learn us how to improve Speaking Skills?

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Thank you, James!!! You are really cool teacher! And you know what? I think I fell inlove with your soft and sweet voice))))

Profile photo of Marina Yaduta Marina Yaduta

I got one mistake but then after I made that mistake I much more learn from it. I understand more about the mistake I made. I think I’m doing it right. thanks james.

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I love your lessons James!You are a great teacher! Greeting from Argentina.

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your information useful for me. Thank so much James

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Thank you! You have done a great job! Keep it up!

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Thank you! I change my mind. To learn english is possible!!

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Thanks Mr. James

Profile photo of Celso Rialli Celso Rialli

    Hi! It would be great to learn english with you in skype. My goal – to speak english fluently. And I need to improve my speaking skills very-very quickly. Thanks in advance!;)

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Thank you for lessons. It was very useful .

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great lesson had a very useful information

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you’r aweson that was very helpful

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hello james my listhenin is getting well but how i can talk to native speaker to improve my prounuciation

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Thans mate.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Thank you very much, James! You are one of the best teacher what i have ever seen!

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Thank you so much, James! Thanks to all EngVid’s teachers and the web site’ staff, of course.

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Thank you very much James :) you have helped us to improve our english
We really appreciate your fantastic job :D

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thx alot 3>

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10/10. Thank you James. Well done.

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I got 100% right! Thank you James for your advice.

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10/10.Thank you James

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Thank you James.Beautiful!

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What a funny lessons you make!!! And main, interest is the key. You know exactly about it

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ah! 60 i’m so poor…i’ll watch it againnnnnnn.

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yessssssssss! 100 i got it after reviewing the video thanks sir James for the impressive lesson.

Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

Fınally I should have a perfect teacher lıke you :D

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Thanks teacher.

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Thank you!!

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Thank you
great tips and great lesson .

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At the right time! Very useful lesson for me. I made several conclusions about myself and my English.

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YOU ARE GREAT Any one can’t appreciate you than this YOU ARE GREAT in teaching Especially in English language is concerned James…

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Thank you James! :)

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It was great! His advices are the same that A. J. Hoge gives in his lessons. I start thinking that James and A.J. know each other. Just two good teachers. Thank you

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Thanks you so much, you are amazing, I really follow your lessons. I am correcting my mistakes watching these wonderful videos, are very useful.

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thanks 9/10

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7/10 thanks james

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Hey Mr James , i’m very happy this time . I got 9 out of 10 and i’m realy happy . Thanks a lot Teacher !

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bravo James more grease to your elbow.

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thanks!what a wonderful method! thumb up for you!

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Thank you James. very helpfull

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Great lesson.Well spotted comparisions.xo

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Damn! You’re awesonme James. A Really good video, I really appreciate it.
I will try to find and fix my mistakes. Thank you.

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sir the way your teaching is great but I wish videos would be in 5 to 6 minutes

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Thank you, teacher James for this awesome lesson!

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You got 9 correct out of 10.


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Excellent James! Thank you very much!

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thanks, Sir James, honestly speaking I’m having a hard time learning English. it’s very difficult for me to construct proper English grammar and so on speaking. I think I have to study everyday to put all vocabulary in my brain and become part of it.

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Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Thanks a lot for your workout. I know how essential is turn passive to active learning but I don’t have opportunity so far to change it. You think I waste my time?

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I got 9/10 that’s great :)

Profile photo of YomnaH YomnaH

I have got 6/10
But I have learned new things that are I did not know ☺

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