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“Water” got me. Hehehe… I really enjoy your lesson!

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    “water” got me too.


    ME too.

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      Me too! :D


    tricky question

    I fell into the trap

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    Dear James please explain all the tenses in one class and how to use,when to use with the main differences.

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    Me, too. :-(

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hahaha I’m happy that I got 5/5 !!! ><
Thank you for your video! It can help me a lot.^^


Thanks for your wonderful lesson, James.


what did u said of this lesson i can’t understood……..


Hi ! James.

i think we should do a video lesson about Active , passive and punctuation in that lesson give us the some tips about active ,passive and punctuation .

Taimoor Alvi


Thanks teacher for your lesson, I got it.

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thanks teacher for your lesson but i need number 1 ,
may i get it?




Hello, well lesson, but I knew about everything so I hope that this lesson will help others students. Please tell me what is the fucking differnce between MAY & MIGHT? May somebody could tell me what’s difference betweeb them?


Hi guys!
James, you’re a great teacher! You can teach with a bit of fun, this’s awesome! Thank you very much!
Best regards,

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These lessons are very interesting.Its helps me to improve my knowledge.


whatsupp with “WATER” :) I got 4 out of 5

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i am want lean english


well done James, thanks a million. would u do a lesson of body parts one by one man n’ woman please be nice. bye.


water got me too. nice lesson. thanks!


Thank you a lot James! Another one very helpfull lesson.


Thanks for interesting lessons


Thank you for the perfect lesson and for the wonderful way of teaching


wow .. you are really GOOD at teaching !
thanks alot for your lesson
and the Q ” water” got me too :D , but 4/5 not bad huh ?
thanks again :)


good explanation James


Thaks James.

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I’ve got 5 out of 5!!! Thank you James, it is very helpful.


Thanks a lot Teacher James you’re the best :)

Mervin Maligaso



i really like that site,thank you for your efforts


very clear teacher thank you very much.

Aamal Al-Shahrani

Could you stop to use this annoying marker, please?! lol


this a perfect English i never heard. Unlike the other this is the simplest, easiest lesson that everyone will enjoy to hear it. I hope that many people will enjoy to hear a simplest lesson. GOD BLESS


I love ur lessons and way of teaching. i have a question about grammar:-
what is the difference between
– do you have a pen?
– have you got a pen?
It is quite confusing for me. so, could you plz answer this question. Thanks in advance………

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me either..


got 5/5


May i know why water is a permission?
I got 4/5

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4 out of 5 is not bad.isnt it? you speach very fast mr James.could you please speach littlebit slower next time?thank you anyway.


this is sajid i’m new user i like this website and all teacher very well teaching way


thanks to engvid. i got a lot of knowledge on your lessons.

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“Water” got me. Very interesting!

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Hi, It is very helpful to improve the communication skill.

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J adore votre leçon!! Sorry sir, i would like to see the other lessons.


James. You’re Awesome. I like your way of teaching. (rock)


may be it is one of the the lesson i havent see yet…good skill in teaching


James, thanks a lot.. I like the way you teach..

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“water” I don’t get it???

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hahaha.. it’s very helpful..

anyway,i got 4 out of 5 because of ” water” .

tnx sir james… more power.!


    Me too

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Thank you.
I got the water. =_=
Next Quiz,I will read the questions carefully…

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Water is not modal, wrong question, in fact, wrong offered answer. . .

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Excellent teacher!
Could you explain me a little bit more about the application of ¨be able to¨… tks a lot!

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Your teaching method is really good.


Water is not a modal, right? why I am wrong? My mind said would but then I read the last word water. So, I answered water . I’ll just drink that water to get rid my depression..lol.
Thanks Mr. James. Hoping for more lessons to come. I know you would do that. Have a good day.


james thank alot , i like your teaching


Thanks James… I enjoy your lesson… help me a lot…you are a amazing teacher


Water! ((((((((((((((((


hi Mr. James thank you so much for this wonderful lesson it’s helpful for me and the other people who wants to learn English :D


thank you so much Mr. James, you are the best
. . .

Ni KaEs

how can water qualify??xplanation please!!


Hi mr James. I really like your method teaching.


James, when are you going to hold the lesson on SEAM Modals Part 4? If I’m not wrong you left that part out…

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    There are only 3 lessons about the SEAM method, jingler.

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But isn’t SEAM a 4 letters achronim? E stands for “Express PAN”, A stands for “Ask for a PASS”, S stands for “State POP”. And what about “M”??

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Thnx Sir.

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would you please help me how i can download your videos? or i can just watch them.
i must confess your great thankkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssss!!!!!!


Hey! james, your lessons are funny as hell hahaha! I really like them and the plus is that I’ve learned a lot watching them. Thanks a lot dude :)
You’re a bad ass teacher.

Wilber Rojas

Thanks a lot for ur teaching James ,I really enjoy learning.


Man, I saw water and went berserk ;) Thanks for the lesson :)

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You’re incredible!

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5/5 :D Hahaah, James, could you shoot me? Haha thanks a lot , as always very good useful job, rigards


please told to somebody with nick “inyaki” that it was joke for a smart one with this water…




5 correct out of 5 ^_^ “water” is not a model right ?!! thanx James

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5out of 5 thank you !!! :)

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“Water” I don’t get it????????


Thank u for ur lesson sir

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WATER WATER , great trick though ! Got 5/5.. James keep up the good work bro !!!! God Bless U

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Hi James. I like your way to learn…and your sense of humor..thanks a lot! but you know what? Could you speak a little bit slower? I sometimes don’t understand you cause you talk mile a minute.

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hello Mr james and Mr E
we’re accustumed to your snake lol
can you tell me why you always draw this snake
Me E i think you both have a long shared history

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JAMES I just got a job in a hotel and I would like you to do a video about hotel vocabulary

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Thanks got 60%.

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Water? :O

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water?….. I don’t get it ,

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teacher I did not feel into your trap.I got 5 got of 5

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Very funny quiz. I was trapped your quiz.
Thank you for your lesson.

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water killed me ;-)

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Great teacher !

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I got 80% correct! got trapped with WATER.

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You’re great James. Thanks a lot!

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Hello James. Thanks the lesson. John

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James u r so funny..lol…tks for the lesson!!!

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Water! Interesting
Like your lessons ! Hope more lessons from you.

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Humain à l’eau!

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thank you :)

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Thank you that is a nice and crystal clear explanation.

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Where that “Water” comes from ?

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Grrr ! “Water” got me too.

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thank you so so much , great teacher

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Hi James! Nice lesson :). Would I say “I’ve been trapped in ‘water’ “? Thanks a mill ;)

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I wish this quiz was a bit more difficult. May I ask you to add a dozen of tricky questions into it?

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Thank you very much for explaining the register in can, may, could usages.

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Permission would be with “can”, “may” and “could”, and assistance would be with “can”, “could” and “would”, but sometimes they depend on the form of the question you have to build. Thanks a lot, teacher James from EngVid, I will have to study a little more to distinguish permission and assistance.

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You should explain what you mean water

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Thanks James! you are a good teacher. you teach us a lot being so funny!

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Aha!!! there is a cheat in number 2 :)

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You are a great teacher
. Thank you!

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It´s a very good lesson. You are a very good Teacher. I got 100%

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I got 5 correct out of 5 thank you

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eventhought I saw a comment about water I selected that one jjjjjjj oh my God!!!!!

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Gimme some water please))) Thank you for lesson, teacher, and you dont have to show your bum in every lessons))) ahhaha i m kidding, so that it is your business with biggest budget)))hahah

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3. What is the correct way to ask for permission?
would you mind if I smoke?
asking for permission?

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3. What is the correct way to ask for permission?
would you mind if I smoke?
asking for permission?

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I got 4 correct out of 5.
It’s a trick.
So funny James.

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hi James your your way in teaching is really amazing(is superb)
basically i have a question is the Canadian language differ from the American; i mean in pronunciation or anything else?
thank you

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Thanks, I really enjoy this lesson, water made me confused

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You got 4 correct out of 5.


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Thank you

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I thought: water?? How absurd is that??
Must be tap water, ha ha!

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    You should have pointed out one from “modals” Water isn’t “modal” :) It was a tricky trap.

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thank you

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Excellent teacher. Thank you

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hahaha i fall into tricky I got 3

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narf water ….

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I would answer 5/5 but the tricky question with water got me.

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