Hey James,

this lesson is so useful!!
I will live for the next year in USA for an internship, I hope to use some of your expressions, like

“I was sleeping around, but we were on a break so this means that I wasn’t cheating on you”

I think I get the lesson ;)


    My name is laura,i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.
    Here is my email address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    I believe we can move from here!
    I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
    (Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) yours laura


      love to hear from u

      john williams

        i realy like this lesson so much becose i got idea htnks teacher for teach english


What an interesting lesson! Thanks a lot :)

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This lesson is useful but you speak to fast ! We aren’t from USA so please speak slowy like Miss Valen next time.
Thank you.

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    The teacher speacking well it’s enough for understand him and it should be better for when u will got him it will mean ur eng good. Yeah really usefull lesson. Than’s for les…


    not agree with u


      yha!not agree with you.


I love to be one of your students so love me as your student and speak more loudly than before


    check out ur computer or labtop or may be ur ears hahahaha. i dont think they have to speak loudly because they r not here to shout ok. they r doing well


    Love me as your student:DDDD

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I love this guy. His lessons are so interesting. Ather teachers too. Hope to see more lessons. Also this project engvid.com is awesome. Appreciate it !


Hey, James
Your lessons very interesting, you very good tearcher – like artist!
I am from Russia, engVid – the best!



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    Maybe you can give me more information on your problem? Do you see the video in the blue box at the top of this page? It is embedded from YouTube, so if you cannot watch YouTube videos, you will not be able to see the lessons unfortunately. You also should have the latest version of Flash installed on your system.

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hey Engvid, my name is Chris. i’m from indonesia, i like all your video lesson, ’cause it can make me understand, so please upload more video about english learning, and you must know in my place, we’re watching your video together. i love the project envid.com and hope it will be better in future.

I’m not sure you can understand what i’m talking about exactly, but i hope u know,
i just try to tell u, i like engvid.com.. thanks..


    Hi Chris. It’s great to hear that you watch the lessons together at home and that you find the site useful. What would you like to see us improve in the future?

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

      okh,,that’s right..we always wacthing the lesson together with any other friends, and we hope you will always upload the best lesson video, coz important for us, to improve our english speech…. tq al..


        hey man what u mean? engvid is the best. if u think it is not good then dont watch ok


          Thanks, Amy! We try hard :) Glad you are finding the site helpful.

          Profile photo of engVid engVid


          MARCO 666

      I really find your web is very usful too so I wish you the best.
      I am from Aden in Yemen

      kind and warm regards
      Wajdi. M

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It’s helpful a lot to me

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thanx a lot :D


Hi James the true is that when you are teaching,if you talk and write down at the same time is more easy for understand you,and if you do a quiz for us I think that we can learn easily.
Thanks a lot.

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james you are gud teacher Your lessons very interesting, you very good tearcher I love to be one of your students so love me as your student and speak more loudly than before cool! thank you very much


goods video thank you James!

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Hello! I’m from Russia and today I watched about 6 lessons with James. I have learnt a lot of useful things about English language. When can I watch new videos from James? I look forward your next lesson! See you soon, but on the other hand that’s pitty that I can see you, but you can’t((


    HI Alena I am Sabir from Jordan can we practice English together.

    Profile photo of sabir aqa sabir aqa

It’s cool, James . This is the frist time I join to Engvid .I like the way you are teaching. This is a good topic but you were speaking a litle bit fast. I look forward your next lesson. Thank a lots, James


Hi, I wanted to say that you are doing a great job for us, people from all over the world with different level of income, giving us access to view and learn English from these free lessons. However, there is may be only one thing, I think, needs improvement. It is lack of usability on your website ;( Although, everything else is on top. Keep it up guys!



Hi teacher, i love your lesson, i want to talk with you…hehehe

Do you talk with me by headphone. I want practice reflex that is important

Thank you verry much!


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welldone, thank u so much really it is great opportunity to have such kind of these lessons, i am very happy to watch these vedios and it makes me impress. i love all teachers who r teaching through this website they r doing great job. also i wanna to thank those who give these opportunities please keep this job it is really helpful!!!


i am teacher too.but of arabic language and its my first time to be here i was suprised when i have see this site…..i was looking for this way for long time….for this i want to thank every teacher ….thank u very much


This is an amazing video!!
I like the cheating and sleeping around part.



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Hey EngVid , i find this site really useful coz I’m ahigh school student and that helps me so much with my lessons so i want to thank you all , and please i want you to make some videos about how to speak English like English people and like Americans and how to understand when they speak English , that would be so useful for me too
Thank you soo much and best wishes ,

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and one more thing , I agree with Reynaldo , because im not so good at understanding people’s speeches so its hard for me to understand some of ur explaing ,James .
so please write down what u say and try to be slower and Thank you so much ,

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Hi James,

It is a great site. I really love it. I have been learning English for long years. But here in Hungary English teaching sucks. Maybe because the structure of our language is very different. My English got better when I bought World of Warcraft. I was a member of an international guild. I used my English a lot. But becouse of it my accent is awful. I went to take an advenced language examination and I passed the writing part. It was two years ago. But I didn’t try to pass the oral part.

Now I am working as an Engineer in a Factory. I use my English every day. Usally I speak people from Germany, Italy, France, Israel and Poland, people whose native language is not English. I understand everything thay say, and I can make myself understood.

But, my greatest problem when I meet a man from a country where the native language is English. The ask me all the time to repeat my sentence. After a while I am terrified and don’t dare to say anything. I can understand what they say, everything, I watch movies only in English, but I cannot have a pleasent talk with an English, WHY? What should I do? Should I speak slower? What can be the problem?

I am really looking foward to your answer, thx in advance


    Your English writing skills are amazing, Laci!^^ I hope all is going well for you now with speaking English to native speakers^^ If you’d like, I’d love to talk to you sometime–on skype–so i can listen to you and give some advioce–but, may i say, i am just SO amazed at your level of writing–and i really respect those who can speak/write another language as fluently as that! bekahbugdotcom@hotmail.com


cool you are a great guy and great teacher


Hi James,I would like to know “What were you aiming at in this lesson?”


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thanks james this was a greAt and entertained lesson

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hey james how do you call a person whose couple constantly cheats on him or her?

Profile photo of eleuterio eleuterio

    My girlfriend.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

    Haha. But seriously, you call a person who cheats ‘a cheater’. You could also use ‘slut’ — someone who sleeps with everyone, though that is a rude word. The proper word for a married person who cheats is ‘adulterer’ or ‘adulteress’.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

      What eleuterio was asking, I think, is how we call the person who’s being cheated. Is there any word for that?


      jajjaja, that’s a good ? and no mr engvid , he is not asking that , in colombia there’s a word 4 the victim , so to speak , not the cheater, so is there a word to refer to the person that is being cheated on? I want to know as well

      MARCO 666

      hi engvid what do you call someone who is really desperate and is looking for a girlfriend

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James your lessons very interesting, I love you so much!!!

Jana, Ukraine.


Hey James, your ideas to relationship is making me Fascinating and willing to participates more in your lesson teaching, this is a cool lesson I ever enjoys from you! Thanks for providing this lesson on youtube.

koko Tun

Thanks a lot,your lesson means so much to me.

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Thank you very much, your lessons are very interesting, I’m very grateful to you

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….speachless!! the best teacher a meet in my life……maybe because i’ve had only two teacher in total :-) kidding
anyway i don’t like submitting this kind of comment but it’s the only way to be read from you….i know you might be “full” of this comments o requests but i have to try. you can see my e mail…..so…if you want to give me the chance to get in contact to you plese don’t hesitate to send me an e mail i really would like to chat to you……funny and beautifull guy. ( i’m not hugly don’t worry ;-) )


Absolutely great vocabulary lesson!
I told my students to have a look at it.
Thank you very much James, you make a difference!

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hey :)
it was really useful and funny.thanks a lot.
i´m from germany and tomorrow i´ve to write an exam about valentines day.but usually we don´t learn vocabulary about love in the lesson.so i think they´re going to help me tomorrow:)
i like you videos
best regards:)


Thank’s James For your help


Thanks for this, there was just one part that I didn’t understand.

If you could, can you elaborate on the last paragraph/part of it. I’m not 100% sure why, but I can’t wrap my head around it.

I guess it could be all the coffee I have been drinking today :)

Jenkins Smith

I am heading out for the night, only I just wanted to post a comment here so I can recall to come back in the morning.


most useful site is ENGVID. john is excellent teacher. thanx a lot..


I am very much delighted I came upon this posting. The info was very valuable and will be very pleased to bookmark it. Will be back in the future to view if there are going to be some new changes.

Jerome The Movie Expert

really love this website and you are such a great one :)


I think he speaks too fast. The other teachers are easier to understand. If he tries to speak looking to the camera, maybe will improve us to understand him.



hi jame u r bieyond discruption buddy!
your methodology of teachi is very very very good

salman mayar

Hi, I am addicted to your lessons, can’t stop smiling…;)
…again, you’ve made my day, thanks :)


very interesting lesson… indeed.
i wish that our teachers would see it…
it lasted only 11 minutes, but i learned more than for 2 hours lesson.
I appreciate your teaching magic.
another thanks))


James you are so funny, you’re doing an excellent job, God bless you!


Hi James, I’m learning english and i found so hard to learn the different types of advers. That ‘d e fantastic if you could give me a help with that. Thanks in advence.


Dude, great job.

It’s nice to remember that you’ve people from all over watching these videos and as a teacher, you should set the example in ALL levels, always. that’s just the way things work. I really didn’t find it hip, cool, funny, to actually induce people to hook up with as many people as they’d like.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
well, this was mine.



i like this lecture…verry tallented..he know how to teach properly..we verry intressting about your all of your lessons..keep it up.


hi Valen
i download your lesson and it is so good
please put the IPA lessons also in your Website
thanks for your teaching


I like your presentation style.


Jame your lessons are great,, keep making more new videos. goodbye thank you


Hi James!
I’ve been watching your lessons for a while. I am a teacher of English. I studied it at the University and while travellign and I’m still learning and learning how to teach in a fun and interesting way. I must say you’re the best teacher I’ve ever seen and I get to know a lot from you about the way of teaching. Thank you for all the work done. Keep it up! Lots of respect and good wishes,


hello my great and ideal teacher the leeson was clear but im still confuzed how to sue hooke up would you plz give mre more examples thank you verymuch


This lesson was very funny-i like the way you teach. nice! Thank you


Hi james Iglad for your expressions I hope learning better whit your help congratulations


u r doing a great job man1thanks 4 ur good,excellent and wonderful lessons.All u guys r really really doing great things 4 pple like us all over the world/thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much.


Hello dear Teachers. I am from Afghanistan. I took a test in ETS in Kabul in which I got 507 with 4 in TWE. I have to get 580 scores in my next exam which is on 4 March 2011. Can you help me in this regard? Can you send me some materials for prepration?


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Hey there, what amazing videos U make there… Your way teaching is unusual and unprecedented but very effective.. I’ve found them useful, therefore, that’s my duty to thank you for that..)) Thanks a lot and wish you best! You are holding your own..)))

I’ve read several comments here and I cant hold my peace, so I have a message to our viewers:

Dear viewers,
Please, DO NOT ASK ENGVID teaching stuff to teach you personally, that’s real stupid and irrational.. Do u think someone will teach you sacrificing their time and nerves without getting any benefit from it? They have nothing to do and they’ll start teaching you or just amusing and entertaining you(all of you), talking by skype and all of this kind of stuff despite jet lag, 24 hours 7 days a week 12 week a year? That’s completely unwise…

They are silent because they don’t want to lose their clients and that’s right, but somebody has to open your eyes…

Best wishes,
Azamat, Kazakhstan citizen…

p.s your work is here(hope you got it and had a feeling of accomplishment ;) )



I’ve watched this video and it’s so funny! Great way to learn English expressions! Let’s watch an other vid! ^^


hy j i watch ur video and i hope to impruve my inglish u and ur lessons help me in this


Man you’re a MaSTER!

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i am so young and still single but i will try to understand the reality


    oh thanks


hi! james.u r so king of english.


I am an ESL student in University of Memphis and your video is very useful..thanks a lot
i am looking to have friends to practice my languages
contact me: moon underscore peak at hot mail dot com

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I feel good to watching youre video and learning english . ^-^


Oh,you are the james boy.

you know something james,Ilove the way when you teach ,It’s so amasing.

thank you so much.


:X thanx u 4 the lession. It’s really useful. :X

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Hi James, could you give a lesson about the past? wich past do we have to use when we talking about the past Plzzzzz :-(

you’re my pushy and I love you!


I am curious about something!, where is he from?. I am studing english in Ireland and I found really interesting the way he speaks and some new words like garbage, I knew it before from movies, but here we use rubbish :D, and trash means bin ins’t it?. It’s really interesting for me to hear others accents, as here people speaks quite different, and a little bit faster. well done teacher.

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Hi. I have just known this website and i like it so much. But my Enlish listening is rather bad :( I wonder anybody here could explain me the meaning of I’m taken and We’re seeing each other. I try to listen many times but still not understand :(
Thank you very much

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Great lesson…

Could you please tell me if the expression “she ditch me” is the same as “she dumped me”?
Thanks a lot..!!!


thanks for this video.
sir, how can i conquer my fear in speaking english.. seems im distructed every time i try to speak in english in front of other people. here in our country some of the filipinos are very particular how you deliver your idea correctly. also you cannot apply for higher position in a company unless you can speak and write english fluently. like what i had experienced in my work, I applied for a particular position but I failed to win the position. ;( hope you can help me

Profile photo of laarni laarni

Nicely taught!!

Shahbaz Khan

Hey engVid! I’m from Mexico, and I’m trying to improve my english skills..This site is very useful for me, and I thank you for your help…I have the doubt of some exercises, which I don’t understand(grammar exercises) .. I put them in a word document… to send it to you and take a look…I don’t really know if I’m able to sent it to you, (by knowing your mail or something)…My e-mail is iswer_10@hotmail.com…What do you think?

Profile photo of sergioisaac sergioisaac

Hi Mr.James
could u tell me how can i increas my vocabulary in just less than one week,in orther to understanding news


Hi J…luv it so much,i’m just poor in english, i found the words that makes me confused like the conversation

“favorite moment?”

“this one’s
climbing the charts”

“i’m flattered”

what does the sentence “this one’s
climbing the charts” mean?

is that kind of dating or some other thing?
i found it in a movie
hope u not mind to answer it
thx alot n luv ya…….

Profile photo of susikurniawati susikurniawati

Great lesson! Enjoyed a lot :) Although I missed here all these romantic sides of love, having buterflies in your stomach etc :). This was so… pragmatic ;)


Good to learn such as words.


Hi James.Will you mind if I ask your age?


It’s sooooo nice =)
Thanks a lot!!!!

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Hi speak turkish and English as well


AHAHAHAHA :-) you made me laugh


Hi!!! This lesson was really great I think is very useful!!! I learned so many terms that I didn’t even know!! THanks!


its really usefull lesson…thanx

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hi will you send me the script page. I like this page

this is amy from the Philippines


hello james great thank u my teacher a lot for all ur lessons especialy batman lol i love u man i think we need more new slang please


Hi! Coment above appricietd ur skills keep t up


thank you ,

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Woah this blog is excellent i love reading your posts. Keep up the good paintings! You understand, many individuals are searching around for this info, you can aid them greatly.

cute hairstyles

you are a great teacher! and funny too


sorry, what does it mean the word taken in this context? and also I didn´t understand so clearly the expression “dumped me”. Could you help me just a bit?


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, thanks so much u r a good teacher.




IT”s a great lesson.tanks

NEZAR from Morocco

Hi m awadhesh u’r great dear james i l u and i read all ur opinion on ur site

Awadhesh Kumar

A great teacher with nice method

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Oh, it’s hard for me to listen him tell. My english still is bad.
anyway, thank you about your lesson. :D
9 Day, my sir.

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Hi,EngVid! And you, James, personally, coz I’ve been watching your lessons for a year or so. I find them very useful and VERY interesting. I practise the same way of conducting my lessons for making them not so academic as usual schools in Russia have. I only regret that I can’t possibly catch everyhing you sometimes say)))).Shame on me!((( I realize you’re a native speaker and you speak fluently and so on…)))But can I ask you to make your speach a little louder for at least I could catch it)))
Sorry, I didn’n mean to offence you)))


Thanks James! the lessons is very usefull, but you usually are talking too fast, please have mercy of us ;)

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brilliant lesson!!! i haven’t got any another words!


James, you are the craziest teacher that I ever see, I just watched his lesson relationship vocabulary with Esiquio (the worm thing), you cracks me up a lot.

Profile photo of martinms martinms

very nice, laying it all out there, probably couldn’t have gottent he info out of my brain on my own, mb in convo with my students but..

ADD english teacher

James i’m gonna correct my sentence:
You’re the criaziest teacher that I ever see, I just watched your lesson realationship vocabulary with esiquio ( the worm thing) You made me crak up a lot…. Let me know if I did right correction… Thnx

Profile photo of martinms martinms

hi engvid. i found this site very interesting and useful. when u will create application for ios or android? i think it’d a good reason to expand the amount of users. for instance, i want to watch videos on phone. it is more convinient.
thank u

Profile photo of saran1 saran1

Can you explain the other expressions like “to get with someone” and “to make out” ? Thanks a lot for all your help. Your videos are awesome !

Profile photo of tatounette tatounette

Great lesson.
Thanks James!!!!!


If I write : They met in the Grand cinema during queue to box office , this is correct?


thx all


hi teacher James .. i really need this information to use in relationships..thank ya

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

The way James explains sth is amazing.He’s my favourite teacher.


thank you for this lesson because i just got a friend , it we’ll be useful for me to improve my english. please Jame don’t sheat on your students we want to be with you every day . all so i like to see new lesson. thank you


ythe level of speaking is good, i mean your rhym of giving the course.


Hello James,
Today I have discovered your classes in youtube and I have seen already 6 videos on the trot. I think you are an excellent teacher and the most important; very friendly and funny!
I have a good laugh in all your videos, but in this one…OMG this one is the best, can´t stop laughing, especially in the explanation of: SLEEPING AROUND!! “We-ge- we-ge- we-ge-we-ge!!! ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!” I LOVE THAT MOMENT!!!! James I have to tell you: you are the best!!!

I am learning English and in the same time I am having fun, I really appreciate that.

Thank you!


I definitely love you “Wihi wihi” loool
Very good lesson, as usual ;)



Really good lesson to useful. thank alot

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Hi,James! Do you teach English on Skype?

Profile photo of libelle libelle

Hi teacher!! good lesson.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Hi James,
I am watching your lessons since last week. Just today I concluded my register to comment your lesson. I am learning a lot. And I’d like to say thanks. Because you are amazing. Congratulations! :)

Profile photo of solange30 solange30

    Hi Solange, how about your English since you moved to the States (The United States).Have you made considerable progress? I suppose so!!!

    Total immersion works wonders.

    Bye for now!

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

I loved it!

Profile photo of Medusa Medusa

Good video.Thank you James:)

Profile photo of mammadov mammadov

Dear James… you speak so fast… Tks for the lesson!!!

Profile photo of Denis Pissarro Denis Pissarro

Hi. very useful. but too fast for non-nativespeakers :)

Profile photo of jalehkazemi jalehkazemi

hey james,why is there no a quiz in the video? greetings XD

Profile photo of alianzalima alianzalima

This is amazingly hilarious! Love the way you teach! Kudos to you, James and the rest of the EngVid teachers! Thank you very much for such informative and useful lessons. :D

Profile photo of zhel zhel

thanks guy

Profile photo of Wolfy Wolfy

hey , i am asking if a girl would like a cool boyfriend . i am 13 and i hope to listen from you

Profile photo of primous primous

Really good course.Thanks and Thanks.

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excellent lesson :-)

Profile photo of erta erta

you are the best

Profile photo of erta erta

Why don’t give me a quiz to help us understand your lesson clearly?

Profile photo of vipngheo99x vipngheo99x

I like the strategy of your teaching. You are really good!

Profile photo of Jocs Jocs

i like that lesson very much. I watched the video over and over. The explanation was very clear. after watching that video, i said to myself what is my relationship status. very hard to answer lol.

Profile photo of lhidya lhidya

Hi,James beautiful lesson,thank u so much,you do a good job,man!

Profile photo of alainaldo alainaldo

Great lesson, James

Excuse me, I’ve seen other teachers too… to learn English :-)

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

So nice) I love your lessons James) I tried to cheat on you with other teachers, but you are the best!)) Your sence of humor is wonderful. Thank you.

Profile photo of Natunia Natunia

Hi mr James! i hope you are joking , aren’t you?!

Profile photo of Rafi31 Rafi31

    I can teach you a lot

    Profile photo of Wasaqqaf Wasaqqaf

    James always makes jokes; he is a hillarious person.
    This makes -in my humble opinion- his lessons far more interesting and funny.

    I always have fun watching James’ videos. I love his teaching style Rafi. How about you? Do you like it?

    See you! Take care.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Hi james, this lesson was really funny, thanks a lot. You are a great teacher

Profile photo of Tarik rahmouni Tarik rahmouni

Hi James,
I’m a student from Secretari Coloma in Barcelona, and today my english teacher told me to watch this video. As soon as I pressed the play button, I started laughing and learning some useful expressions about dating and relationships. Since I was the only one in the class who was watching the video, my friends were looking at me and asking each other what I was laughing at.
In conclusion, I have to say that is a very good educative video. Keep up the good work!

Profile photo of Pablo21 Pablo21

Oh, James, where do I start?

I mean, this lesson was amazing as expected from a brilliant man like you. Your vocabulary, your pronunciation, even your gestures helped me understand the lesson. I’ve already subscribed and followed you on all social media to support you in everything you do. Hope to hear from you soon!!!


Profile photo of Walrus11 Walrus11

Hi James,
I am happy I’ve found you.I’ve been looking for this kind of vocabulary since I started watching romantic TV shows. I’ve found some forums that talk about that but they are not as helpful and funny as you are. You’ve gained a faithful student! Thank you and keep up with the good work.


Profile photo of crow2000 crow2000

Hi James!!!!!! I discovered your profile today and I become interested in it. This lesson is very useful, I hope ypu upload more videos like this. Thanks.

Profile photo of marionaaaaaaaa marionaaaaaaaa

Well, after all, I didn’t know that these sentences had this “meaning”, and I wouldn’t have figured them out otherwise.
So, until now, I have experienced all these things, but couldn’t find an exact way to describe them, but anyway I don’t think private relationships are an usual topic that people talk about, but thanks to you, I’m ready for an occasional conversation.

Profile photo of HonkerSensuallyHonking HonkerSensuallyHonking

Hi James, thank you for doing this video.
Before watching it, I didn’t know anything about relationships’ vocabulary,but, after watching it, I learnt a lot of words.

Profile photo of IDJLL IDJLL

Thank you so much, you are very funny

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

Hi james
I like your way in teaching
Thanks a lot man
Wajdi. M

Profile photo of Wasaqqaf Wasaqqaf

Thank you *-*

Profile photo of Seydanur Seydanur

Very interesting lesson about relationship and some English Idioms with this word. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Nice lesson.Thanks James.

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

Thanks James! Very interesting lesson, hope to see more ones like that.

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