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Hi Everyone, I am first all of you, but unfortunately
my score is only 40. It’s seem to me very hard.

Muhammad Abbas

From what I have seen so far, I can say there are a lot of expressions to use in English. The first impression I got was they were so difficult. However, it comes to my attention that EngVid teachers are so qualified, and I can learn thanks to them. Having seen a lot of videos on EngVid website, I think everyone can use these expressions easily. Only studying grammar for someone may seem like a good idea, but I cannot go along with this. According to many linguistic scientists, we can learn a new language naturally like a baby. Having read about this extensively I have been convinced now. What I have learnt from some publications is to carry out this technique. I believe we need to jump on this. I am sure you will see how beneficial it is.
Thanks Benjamin!


    Wow ! Excellent work !!! I´m taking my hat off to you, hd.


      Thank you. That’s very kind of you.


100 points!^^
Thank you, Mr.Benjamin, it was useful lesson.


Thanks Benjamin!!Interesting lesson ;)


Thanks for this helpful lesson!


Hi Benjamin,

thank you for your lesson.

There is a sentence at 2:10 : I´ve come to the conclusion.


I think, it´s a present perfect; however, you described it as a past perfect. I think you made a small mistake.



    I agree with you. What a careful man you are.


It was easy for me to learn and understand the expressions as we use almost the same thing in German.


Thank teacher Benjamin for this useful business English lessons. I just watched this latest lesson and took a quiz. I got 10 out of 10 so I got the confidence that I have at least the ‘feel’ of the expressions and I can read and listen. But if I want to use them in a real situation, I think I should practise them many times and make great efforts like everything else if I want to do them well.

Insoo Yeo

I got 9/10, but actually i don’t understand everything, I got the impression that the lesson is very difficult and your explanation is not clearly and hard to understand, anyway thank Benjamin and hope next lesson is easily understand

nguyen van long

    You are right

    Muhammad Abbas

Interesting professional expressions in English.
A somewhat high level for me, but that’s how I practice.
I have even found it difficult to understand your explanations.
Thank you for your work Benjamin.


That was really fantastic lesson, thanks a lot.


Hi Ben! It was useful. The benefits are clear. I’m sure you’ll see my progress!


Very helpful, teacher!


wonderful class, Benjamin. Congrat!

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