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I got 78 ? Adam, i m feeling glad to comment here first. I have one question irrelevant to that topic which is ” What will be the correct grammatical sentence if someone memorizes us about something and we wanted to thank him for that?


    It could be simply said that “thank you for your reminding me of that thing” or ” thank you for your bearing it in your mind”.


      Do you look for a word in a dictionary or do you look up a word in a dictionary? Which question is the correct one?

      The reason why I asked this question is because I noticed -at the beginning of the video- that you used on several occasions the phrase “…look for a word…” when you meant to look it up in a dictionary?

      Please correct me if I am wrong Adam.

      Thanks in advance for your feedback.


        Hi Regino,

        Generally, they are synonymous. On a more technical level, you look for a word in terms of finding its entry in the dictionary. You look up a word for meaning. Not sure what something means? Look it up. Need t learn about this word? Look for it in the dictionary and see what the dictionary says about it.

        Does this help?




    Hello Anny .
    Maybe you can say ” Thank you for reminding me ” or ” for making me remember” .
    See what Adam will say .


    Hi Anny,

    Kami88 and Tsamp got it right: thanks for reminding me.
    To memorize is to remember something completely so as to restate it again later (e.g., memorize a speech so you don’t need to read it out)

    Hope this helps.


I have the honor to be the first one and thank you for this excellent lesson.


Sorry, I am the second now…


    It’s all good Beemaard :)


Adam can i say like this : “Thank you for memorizing about that .Is this correct?


    Hi, Anny. I think you should say ” thank you for remembering me about that”. But, I’m not sure.


      Hi Thiago,

      Remember = call to one’s mind.

      Remind = call to someone’s mind


Hello Adam, that was a very useful lesson thank you so much. I really like to read in English and I normally skip all words but from now on I’ll try to look up the difficult ones I have Oxford dictionary. Thank you again and I hope you could recommend some good books for intermediate and upper intermediate books English learners.

Jude Benyamin

    Hi Jude,

    There are many great books, but I always recommend reading things that are interesting to you. What types of books do you enjoy reading?


      Hi Adam, thank you for replying to me. I like to read about history, and sometimes mystery novels as well. I find a lot of history books but most of them are too advanced.

      Jude Benyamin

        Hi Jude,

        Have you read The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown? It is history and mystery in one (and there’s a movie too).


          This is so cool book Jude…read it…so nice and the movie..well I didn’t like LOL…


hi Adam . thanks a lot for the websters they help me alot and thank you for the intresting lesson
good luck :)


thanks Adams, your lessons are more and more interesting and exciting!
have a good weekend!


You have so fun to how to taught the student great stuff as well as great professor please keep up.

Muhammad Abbas

Do you have a video about phonetic?


‘Culture & tips’ videos are very interesting. Congratulations Adams!


Is this dictionary available in our country’s bookstores?


    I don’t know, Stanos. You’ll have to go look. If not, you can buy it from Amazon r use the online version.


“You got 9 correct out of 9.” Thanks, Adan!


Just great…..my congratulations to you!


really great


Thanks, Adam ! And now time for me to blow dust from my old Oxford Vacabulary. It’ very intresting aproache. Thank you!

Master Hans

thanks Adam it was very useful with your explantations and the online Dictionnary


Hi Adam. I really really like merriam Webster but it’s pronunciation isn’t available offline

Vasif isaqov

Thanks Adam!!!!

Aline Matos

Useful lesson, I like it. Thank you Teacher.


Thanks Adam. Grt help.

Priyanka prashar

your explanation is very clear,I thank you for this


9/9 thanks


Hello Adam , hello everybody
Thank you Adam , we are on the same wavelength .
Personaly I try to read aloud using the good pronounciation even before trying to understand each word ( that is why phonetic is important , above all with a papier dictionary because no sound get out of it ) . A book is long enough to let the author repeat words that I couldn’t get correctly but finaly I can understand because of repetitions and context and , at the end , the complete text make sense . It is clear that some vocabulary is required so it is not necessary to start with difficult books . However a pause can be made when to much new words are added to the list of what has to be defined . My advice is , as much as possible , never translate in your own langage . My second advice is : start learning at young age . Things get into your brain better when you are young rather than 50 years old .

Bye everybody
See you


    Yep! We’re on the same page.

    As to learning, children learn faster because they’re learning with both brain hemispheres. Speaking for myself, I’m too old for that.



      Never too old to try Regino ;)


    Thanks Tsamp. Good tips ;)


Thank you Adam.

rur ba

Great Thanks


Thanks Adam!! Nice lesson!!
I don´t know if it was just me or the merrian-webster’s webpage runs a bit slowly. I prefer the wordreference.com translator. It´s just a matter of taste ;)


    Hi Knopfler,

    The M-W uses flash, which slows it down. You can try shutting it off.


Very useful lesson
Thank you very much.


I got 89 :) thank you Adam it was very useful.

fatima khatibi

Great lesson. Excellent quiz.
Thank you very much.


Hi everyone! A great online dictionary I use a lot is this: http://www.macmillandictionary.com
It has all the features Adam mentioned on the lesson.
And Adam, thanks for the good advice you gave us!

Valderí Andrade

Many many thanks for you Adam , and you guys there is ” Merriam Webster app ” available in google play and it is truly amazing , i started using it about 3 months ago and yeah i started getting better since then ;p


Thank you Adam, very useful lesson.


Excellent class. I enjoyed


Thank you Adam.


thank for your teaching


The first English book I read was “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, I know you may think I’m crazy but the fact is that I had read several times the Italian translation before, that’s why I found it relatively easy.
To tell the truth I found it almost….magical!


that feeling when even I had to translate the word “Skip”, because Adam uses it like a “common”…




78, I hope to increase my skills !!!


    Hi, how long do you lern English?


thx adam


I’m new member, can any one help me how should i began? or from where i have to start?


    Hi ziveh1!

    Firstly, be welcome to the Engvid community! Well, besides seeing the video lessons, you can leave comments, reply other people’s comments and interact with the other students.

    Good luck!

    Eduardo França

    Welcome Ziveh1. Just look around and join the conversation.


Nice TIPS Adam!!! Thank you!!!!

Luiz Brasil

Hi Adam

Thanks for giving us this explanation about when and how to use a dictionary. This lesson was very interesting.


Thanks Adam. It was very interesting lesson


Thank you Adam ,that’s good for us!


I want to leave a spécial Thank you to Engvid builders .
You have given to all the Ipad’s users the possibility to answer a comment .
I have just tried it and it works .
Thank you again


    De rien! We’re glad it’s working for you!

    engVid Moderator

Guys, one question. What means fall quarter, spring quarter and summer special season


    Hello! I think quarter means in this case one fourth of an year (three months)


    Hi Leonam,

    It depends on the context, but if it’s about academic schedules, it’s the different sessions/semesters of studies (Fall- September to December, etc.). Summer is usually shorter and more intensive, so special.

    Hope this helps.


I like to read in English, even if I am not a good speaker. And this is my method: when I am not sure about the sense of an word I write the entire sentence in a notebook and I check it in the dictionary later. In this way I don’t interrupt my reading and and also I learn to write. This works for me.


    Good tip, Arma. Thanks :)


Thank you Adam, Good luck.


Thanks Adam.


“So” at the end of the sentence

Joseph Anthony

    Not sure what you mean, Joseph. What is the question?


Howdy Adam!

That is an awesome lesson! You have taught us how to use the dictionary in a very effective way. I agree absolutely with you. I love reading, and I always try to use your tips. If we interrupt our reading all the time to look up a new word in a dictionary, it will become very tiring and tedious.

On the other hand, dictionary is a good tool to improve our vocabulary, no wonder. I have learned a lot of words in it, even when I was looking for other words, just because they were near or in the definition.

Thank you very much, and see you in the next lesson!

Eduardo França

Thank you for your positive lessons!!!))


I got 10/10 thanks teacher adam!


i got 89. i lost in one question due to my carelessness. What a shame. Thanks Adam.


    No worries, Chocho. It’ll be 100 next time ;)


Hello Adam , It is very interest context , Thank you so much to view that concept.


Thanks a lot adam. I am a new member. Also, i am a collaģe student for english education. I want to be able to speak in englih and i want to know all about this langguage. I love english so much. Your lesson is very useful for me.

monica sinta

    Welcome Monica :)


very usefull thanks!!

Julia Mara Silva

so sad


    Don’t be sad, iTaeRii :)


Thanks, Adam.
I would like ask about preposition.
“Wind blows over/across/through the land”
which preposition is correct?
Thanks in advance.


    Hi Sophie,

    It blows across the land, ie. from coast to coast. It might come off the ocean, blow over the land and go to the next ocean. In some places it blows throughout the land (i.e., everywhere).

    It’s all about context. :)


Thank you so much teacher for such a wonderful lesson teacher I need to ask you some thing I use a British English to English dictionary named “Longman dictionary of english language and culture” and its really a good and helpful one but still there are some words when a look for them and the way they define their meaning really makes me confused that I even become unable to understand the actual meaning of the word like I looked for the word”Convert” and the meaning starts like this[to(cause to)change into another form,substance or state……] I’m really unable to understand this(cause to) whats the use of writing this in the start what does it mean please define it to me it really makes every definition more complexed for me.Thanks


    Hi Eichi,

    It means that it can change itself or cause something else to change. Bill convert to Buddhism, and Jack couldn’t convert him back to Christianity.

    To change (or to cause to change) into another…
    Then they just take a shortcut to save space.

    Does this help?


adam please make a lesson about the word ” due ”
thank you so much


    I’ll get on it Tien ;)


Thanks, Adam, it was very hard for me but some of your lessons are very enjoyable for me.
Unfortunately, I got 33 in this lesson.
Thanks anyway and I hope always be healthy and happy.
Have a great time.

Mohsen Tatoo

Thanks Adam!

I usually learn new words by reading and searching for them in the dictionary.com mobile application in an Android smartphone. I’ll buy the Merriam Webster’s paper dictionary and I’m trying to use his site to lookup new words — this is a more direct dictionary.

Fabio Cicerre

Thank you Adam. Actually I use your advice but I don’t have a dictionary like this. I’ll try to buy it.


9/10…Thank you!


    They are 9, not 10. If you did 9, you did 100/100 :)


Is the website Vocabulary.com considered a good dictionary?


    Hi Erik,

    It doesn’t seem to be a traditional dictionary. They have their own system of building your vocab. Try it, and if it helps, then it’s good ;)


Thanks Adam!! 9/9 yay!


Hi Adam… Your tips are very useful, however, to be honest I didn’t like that Dictionary, but it was my first impression, anyway, I really liked your tips.

Fernando Moreira

    No worries, Fernando. You have to be comfortable with the dictionary, so whichever one you like, use it. Just have a backup in case the one you use gives a complicated definition.


      Hi Adam… Thanks for replied… I got it.. Anyway, thanks for correcting me… It’s always hard use the correct word in english, but I will study hard to try don’t commit more mistakes :D

      Fernando Moreira

Thanks for you Adam. I have got more useful information that how to use dictionary. As far as can tell you more learners try to learn new words with difficult. But I hope this lesson to help to everyone soon. Me may say your lesson is “New words leaning system and techniques”


Thanks for you Adam. I have got more useful information that how to use dictionary. As far as can tell you more learners try to learn new words with difficult. But I hope this lesson to help to everyone soon. We may say your lesson is “New words leaning system and techniques”


Thanks everyone.

Remember, there are lots of options out there. Find what is comfortable for you and go with that.


Thanks teacher the lesson is great as usual I got 89.teacher i still get confused in sentences where have,has,had,(have,has,had been,being) are used in the sentences my mind just stops making any sense of the sentence please explain me all possible uses of has,have had,been,and being specially in such kind of sentences like “Had I studied a little more I would have led a more comfortable life” in such sentences some people use “if” instead of Had and also use” would have been” in place of just “would have” tell me how these sentences are different believe me teacher this have,has,been,being family is the main obstacle in my way of learning english can’t they be removed from english forever.


    Hi Eichi,

    The only problem here is that this answer would be way too long and complicated in writing. I will try to make a video about this, because the verb have has many uses.


      Thank you teacher,then I must wait for the one


so do I eichi I wish if they remove it forever

mahmoud ali kasim

Hi Adam teacher. For 2 years i watch movies, but dont understand them as i wish. Do i have to keep on watching movies? Thanks from now


    Hi Seymur,

    Ideally, the more you watch, the easier it will get. But, no, you don’t have to do anything you don’t like.

    That being said, try watching a movie first with subtitles in your language, so that you understand the story. Then watch it again with English subtitles so you can practice following along, then finally watch it again with no subtitles and pay attention to the language. This should help you improve faster (make sure you only do this with movies you like, not the boring ones).


good lessson, teacher. Congratulations!


yeah! i can get TOP TEN..Adam teacher. Thank you for very new experiences for me to use M-W.com Finding dictionary online. so good.

polly poohly

Hi, I am Kate from the Czech Republic in Europe. Would anybody like to write with me and practice English on Whats app? My number is 00420 723 802 593


Hi Adam! you teach so great and helpful. I appreciate you my favorite teacher. this is my first comment ;-).


I am so excited I got 89.Thank you Adam, I keep on studying till November 19 when I will take Ielts exam


I am so happy to take part to envid.com, I would like to sound as well as an English speaker

Adhemar Doly

adam sir i am from tamilnadu i like your english lesson video very much,thanks


good job.i always support this channel.


fascinating lesson . I have really enjoyed it . I really love reading especially in English , but when I use my dictionary a lot of times I got confused , and I feel kind of sleepy , I really like the idea of guessing . it is gonna benefit me . thanks teacher


Thanks Mr Adam, You Make use dictionary easier for me. And I hope that easier for all
I’m very glad to be member of engvid.

aiman adam

Thank you for dictionary. Its means me a lot. I like your video and I gotta 78 out 100 thanks to you.


Hii sir.
I’m from India and I’m kinda confuse in grammar like where I have to put ‘has,have,had, had been, would, could, have been etc…’ sir please help for it.


I got 9/9. Thank you so much that was really helpful.
perhaps it has taken me around 3 years to find a skillful and knowledgeable teacher like you. engvid is awesome website i would suggest all English students to explore this website as there are many teachers- with different teaching methods and strategy- teaching on this website. Great job Adam.


Thank you Adam.


the best class ever!


hey adam

mehvish naveed faridi

hey adam
thanks for your lesson :)
i have really enjoyed your way of teaching.

mehvish naveed faridi

I’m very happy


Thank you, Adam! I’ve got 8 correct out of 9.


Thanks Adam , you are BEST !!! 9/9 i really understend a lot.


Hello, Adam… I’m Subi Indian, Sir please give some tips to improve my spelling, I’ve just started the coaching for IELTS. your lessons are really helpful. thank you. By the way, I like your smile :-)


i got 78 . thanks adam it was really helpful.


Hi Adam. Thank you very much. It was great.


Thanks Adam for your great work!

Jose Lazzo

I got 8 correct out of 9 thanks for your lesson :)


I got 78! Thanks very much Adam for your lesson!


Hi Adam,
I am Addie who is from China,nice to meet you here and thanks a lot of your lessons!
I have a question about :what situation should we use “the”?for example:i’m in printing business or i’m in the printing business?and why?
thanks a lot
have a good day!


thanks Adam.your lesson is as a key which is small but open big doors.i practiced some of your ideas like understand the meaning of the word without looking in the dictionnary.because and simply Adam i am lazy.by the way i’ve had the full mark in the quizz


Wow i got 9 out9 I am glad that iam Student of you Adam ..


hello adam i am minh hang i come from vietnam and i have some questions if you are free please help me
i have some dictionary and some words are different between all the definition so how can i choose the best of them and how can we predict the best if we don’t understand the context


What is the difference between “who and whom” when and how to use them. Thanks


Yippee! i got an 89, I find your style of teaching simple to follow and interesting.


Thanks a lot for your assistance Adam .


Thanks Adam….you are very helpgul




Thank you Mr. Adam, you speak clearly and I just watch your videos on engvid for now. Also I have a question: Should I use Merriam-Webster’s Learners Dictionary or Merriam-Webster.com?


I GOT 89!!!! YES!!! THANK YOU Adam.


Thank you Adam !
I use daily thefreedictionary.com which gathered several dictionaries, thesaurus etc..


    I meant “which gathers”, I hope you gathered…


I got 7 correct of 9.
It’s very useful lesson for me, thank you.


Thank you teacher


Sir, you have given wonderful explanation. even non-native speakers can also understand you. if we, non-native speakers keep listening to you regularly, we will definitely get rid of our fear of speaking English and easily speak english within a few months. thank you sir.


Thank you very much for dictionary!


Hi Adam! Yours explanation about how to use and when to use a dictionary is worth watching. Anyway, for a non native learner of American English, which is the best dictionary between “Merriam Webster’s Collegiate English dictionary or Merriam Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary? Your answer to this query will help a great deal of non native learners of American English.

Shaik Mohinuddin

Hello Adam!! Is this construction correct:”Paving the path is though but fundamental in starting an activity.” Is “though but” correct?
I thank you very much for each of your videos. You are great!


I got 8 out of 9. Thanks for the lesson.


hello Adam
(verb, noun, adv, and adj.)
it can be form one word that what do you mean about other forms


My first trial on this website of Engvid is mediocre.I will do my best to enhance my rank.


It was great, 89! I am happy. Thank you Adam for the lessons.


I’ve got 33 ehy


7/9! I will change the habit of using the dictionary English-Chinese!

Jerry Gu

Thank you

abdelaziz ata

thanks for your efforts.


Hi Adam,
I recently came across some of your videos on youtube and really liked your way of sharing and teaching. I was happy to know that you are based in Toronto as I am currently in Mississauga. Being a newcomer (1yr) in Canada and pursuing my professional degree in Toronto, I am afraid to speak out in English and that hinders my performance. I was wondering if you give private classes (F2F or virtual) and what would be the cost as I am very keen on improving my fluency and building my confidence in spoken English. Thank you.

Rahul Krishnan

Thanx Adam for this great lesson…It was very interesting and very educational as well..Again Thanx very much, and God Bles you…


hello Adam i have seen your video about dictionary. but i hava a question . Something i read book there is 5 or 6 new vocabulary for me. i guess or search dictionary. i can’t fully understand. so what should i do. can you give me some advice


Thanks a lot for these advices

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