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Thank you very much, really useful!


Thanks a lot for everyday English slang expressions. It expands the exposure to have real English street-like conversations. But I have a question: are these words more American or British (or they have a universal meaning). This is super important to understand the differences between them, cause I have had a very embarrassing experience while talking to my homie from Australia. We got a misunderstanding about the meaning of the word ‘thongs’: this word means a piece of women’s lingerie in America, but in Australia it means flip flops kinda a pair of sneakers.


    Hi Alice,

    Yes, there are differences among all English speaking countries. Don’t worry, though, native speakers have these embarrassing misunderstandings too:) . If you make a mistake, just ask the person to explain it. That’s how we learn.


Hi sir!
I am an elementary English teacher. My students ask a lot of questions about the difference between synonyms; like the difference between under and below and a lot more. So, sir how I deal with it and is it important to know the minor differences between it.
Please guide me.

Arshad 1122

    Hi Arshad,

    We have some videos about these things. Look for the search box and type in the words you need to look up.

    And, yes, it is sometimes very important to know the differences, even minor ones.


It was sick! thank you so much for your very useful lessons!

Zohreh Moradi

Thank you so much, very useful lesson


Much appreciated for the lesson!🙏

Juu Chyan

You’re an amazing teacher, Adam.

It has been a really useful lesson. When I come across expressions that are called colloquial or slang, I sometimes turn away from English; because I can’t understand and I’m disappointed. That’s why this lecture encouraged me. Thanks so much for this great lesson.

Kind regards


Wow, you are sick! I have a beef with you, though: Why wouldn’t you elaborate on the etymological side? E.g., where does this “problematic” meaning of the word “beef” come from? What about “crash” and “sick”?


    That is a good question! One reason is that the origins of slang words are often very unclear. I looked up “beef”, “crash”, and “sick”, and couldn’t find any definitive answers—just theories and speculation. Often the best we can do is tracing slang to its first written appearances or to dialects/regions/subcultures it might have come from. For example, “sick” might come from skateboarders on the West Coast of the US in the late 20th century. But it is now used very widely, and you don’t need to know this to understand or use it.

    engVid Moderator

    Hi Ousi,

    As the moderator mentioned, slang often starts very regional and then spreads via celebrities, media, etc. Especially now, the internet spreads these terms even faster. It’s probably safe to say that most people don’t know where the expressions they use come from. Most don’t think about it too much as some of these terms tend to disappear or fall out of use after a while too.

    I also looked up the origin of ‘beef’ and found about 4 different sources, so … not sure which is right.


It was very informative and helpful. Thanks


Thanks, Adam!


It was sick, man!


Thank you, Mr. Adam


test comment


Thank you more

Hussaina Abdulkadir


Hussaina Abdulkadir

thank a lot, Mr.Adam


I want to learn english and sleek with it but Idont how?


    100% thank you for the information 👏

    nabil elmeskini

    Keep practicing Nardjis :)


very informative. thank you Adam


It was very useful

Maria Delia

Hurrah!I didn’t make any single mistake!




So trickish


Thank u for all information!

Nazifa Guluzade

Adam, u’re SICK! 10 out of 10//Thanks!


The beggining for me seems good, I hope i can learn more and more words every day.
Thank you for all.


Your class is sick!


Thank you everyone :)


thank you very much really enjoyed leasing to you

chermat abdelwahab

That’s sick


Wow! This page is sick!


10/10! Thank you so much for all your sick sessions!! And now, I gonna veg out….


Its a sick lesson, appreciate your effort sir

Essam Sasa

It’s a sick lesson, Thank you, Mr. Adam

Jasmin kamal

i am gonna veg out and crash on my sofa.
the car is so sick.
I got canned by looking at the dirt of someone.
the cobs busted the criminal in the corner.
the house got trashed and it’s so messy.
i don’t have any beef with you, what are you talking about?
the party was dead and I got bored already at the beginning.


Wow, what an amazing lesson! That was sick!


Thank you Adam I learned some new words


thanks a lot for that amazing lesson


imagine your friend when he did something good and you said you are sick

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