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You’re so funny
I like you lessons, you really get the lessons across :D
Greetings from Mexico


    sorry youR lessons


      You are so lovely Ronnie.


Hey Ronnie, I love your way to teach english. Really you are a fantastic english teacher, I’m usually watching your videos.
Congratulation to Engvid.com you’re good.



Very useful.

Rey - Brazil

I’m interest your theachcourse And it is useful

mr yermoua

I interested by your course So I aways to study with you

mr yermoua

Hey Ronnie thanks for this useful lesson…
I’ve got a doubt: how do I use the word cramp?
Is it I’ve cramps?


    You can say I’ve got cramps or I have cramps. ‘Cramp’ is a noun, so you need to use a verb in the sentence — have!

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Thank you very much.You are a good funny teacher.I love your lesson.^^

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Thanks a lot :-)


Hi ! Ron. when I come engVid I always follow your lesson all the time I study a lot its very clear and useful I asume there is a few people born with a teaching gift realy that have got you are the most wonderful teacher ever I met


Hi ! Ronnie, you are a good teacher to teach english languge very easy to understand and the way of you teach is great !!


am elsa,I knew a new vocabulary from this new subject


we need giffted teachers to teach english languge we are happy to meet a wonderful teacher like you


I love your lesson.I never think how I can say when I have P.M.S.Thanks so much


    You can just say “I have PMS”!

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thanks you Ronnie, i like a manner wich you teach english, it’s easy, professional, i like to watch your video,
simo from rabat morocco


Very hard


Thanks for your lessons!
Please, tell me if is correct to say: SHE HAS CRAMPS…

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    Yes that is correct! Great job!

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I liked Valen too much. She’s good teacher.Thanks


your lessons are so perfect .. useful and important ..
T. there is a word i cannot catch it .. when u say ” bitchy is a nother word for ” …..”

all thanks to u .. go ahead ..

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    it’s “snarky”.

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than u it very useful

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thanks alot


Thank you Ronnie, you are the best teacher !!!
you calmly and explain your accent is perfect


i hate cramps!!! thanks for the new vocalubary ;)


l like your lessons…
and you help me a lot of…..

thank you VERY much~~


nice lesson it’s easy to understand and you get to learn some knowledge you can’t usually find in regular ESL lessons. thx a lot!!


very funny…teacher


Thanks for that.



I am vary thankful too you.
vary nice lesson and vary nice teacher i love this teacher,
God bless you
Thanks Regards


thank you soooo much

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    hi, are you from India?


you are good english teacher.

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You’re excellent teacher!!! Thank you so much


Thanks alot .i wish .i can replace you with my teacher.

Shayma EL,

I like the way you teach English… I didn’t know this words… Thank you very much.
Greetings from Mexico


    Sorry… I made a mistake *these words


Hi, I find this great lesson but if I say I have cramps they understand it period not other things!!
thank you.

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HI, i like ur lession so much. my English is not so good but can understand u. ur teaching style is nice.

Raana Anjum.

dear rani
I am jhoni from India (Chennai)
I saw your English teaching videos
i like it then i need your help i do lot of spelling mistakes so can you tell me how is rectifier this problem.


    The only way to help with spelling problems is to write out the words many times!

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i have seen ur lectures i am very impressed from ur teaching style well i want to know the meaning and usage of this sentence i have had fewer for 10 days?


    The sentence “I have had fewer for 10 days” makes no sense at all. Perhaps you wanted to say I have had a fever for 10 days. That means you have been sick for 10 days!

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Hello my dear English Teachers
Thank you for giving me great spoken English learning classes.My mother tung is Marathi(Indian language).I was trying to learn English from 18yrs I was searching these trick,tips and lession since 10 yrs and now i got http://www.engvid.com, it’s cool.the best part is Videos and quiz .the teacher’s are amazing .These classes are very help full for me to improve my English in professional work life.I told my yelder brother,sister, my friends and coluege also.
i have one request for you,please dont mind,could you send me the sequence of lesion’s.i am bit confuse, please guid me from where to start
I appreciate your help,

sameer Keshav Bhagat

Profile photo of sameerkbhagat sameerkbhagat

    I am so happy you found the site!
    The lessons are put into levels for you. You should start at the “beginners” level and then go up!
    Good luck and thanks for watching!

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really interesting topic. I have learned English in the USA and I never had the chance to learn these vocs.
thanks for the lessen, but I have a question. do you think there are different idioms in US about PMS from these you use in Canad?


    I think for sure there is different slang for talking about PMS in Canada and America!!!

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u people r doing great job


i love you, Ronnie! :)
i hope you make some videos again about everyday life situation, which vocabularies are not quite often heard by non english speaker, like topics in real conversation. i hope you get what i mean :)


    Yes I understand what you mean! I will make more videos soon!!!

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hi ronnie can i say I HAVE MENSES Is it correct or not plz tell me i am waiting


    To say you have menses is the medical term for your period! Most people would have no idea what you are talking about, unless they have a medical background!

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Peace be upon you
My name is Emad of Iraq, I am 22
Tsaeidin I can learn sounds and words


i’m very lucky to be one of the site members , which gives us the chance to develop our E skills


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good topic, now I can talk with my American friend who is older than me with 13 years only

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This video is very helpful for me,you were right that we never learn that in esl class…i was in trouble with those things before b/c that is topic secret of ladies…^^ Thank you.


hi! thank you so much for the videos. it really help me a lot!


hi,actually i am a post graduate student and my native language is telugu(indian language.so previously i was not able to speak in english but after listening too your lessons i got confidence,i feel very happy to have a teacher like u.

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    That is fantastic!! I am glad you can do it!

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can u tell me when to use
see,look,watch,screen and display?

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Hi!No body’s perfect teacher ronnie. I like you site very useful. More power.


We need a video a bout hair cut

Profile photo of elomdagh elomdagh

    hair cut sorry

    Profile photo of elomdagh elomdagh

Very useful for lady <3. Thanks

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Hi Ronnie,
I’m Anh, from Vietnam, I’m living in Tacoma-WA.
I’ve watched your pronunciations,that were helpful for me. I’d like to ask you how to pronounce “l” after vowels. Ex: milk,still, ill, sell, shell,steel…..how about lip?
I hope receive your mail.
Thanks for everything

Anh P. Nguyen

    I will try to make a video for you! I cannot write how to pronounce the words!

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P.M.S,quite interesting topic,now,i got it,thanks a lot.

Profile photo of frank0952095252 frank0952095252

hi ronnie, please could you tell me the full meaning of P.M.S just like (p=for_____,M=_____S___) thank you so mush, to sharing those video’s with us,


    Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

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i like the way you teach..


Hey Ronnie, my name is Shaun an English Language Student currently conducting research for my dissertation. The topic is to do with on-line teaching, and whether a critique (of some kind) could be developed. I was just wanting to know the thoughts from you and your team here at Engvid.com you can get back to me from the email that i have had to leave.

Hope to hear from you soon.



It’s really important theme for girls. thank you for your lesson, it’s so funny))

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i found out ur lesson on YOUTUBE
U R the best TEAXHER I’ve ever met
thanks a lot

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    I am glad you found the site!
    Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks you that is great for me… ( I’m a lady )

: )


    I am happy you liked it!
    Thanks for watching!

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Thank you , that is great word for the lady….. :)


you are supper

Profile photo of evyta37 evyta37

I want to learn english as I speak spanish… so good!!


Good lesson…


hi ronnie.thank you so much .your lesson is really helpful to me .but my problem is .i understand hundred percent but I can not speak properly .but after 10 second I will get what would I said in that time.How can I improve my speaking


    I have made a lesson on improving speaking! It should be ready soon!

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Hi Ronnie. I find your classes awesome. I’m an University Professor from Brazil and I’m doing a PhD here in Toronto. I’m looking for private English classes to improve my learning. Is it possible to have ono-to-one classes with you or any of the other EngVid teachers? I said “any” because you guys are really good. Thanks.


    Yes, I offer private lessons!!!! Are you studying at U of T?
    When would you like to do the lessons – how many per week – for how long etc… let me know and we can begin whenever you are ready!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hi Ronnie. I was out of the city during last week and with no access to internet. But I’m back today and happy with your reply.
      Yes, I am a postgraduate student of U of T. Actually, I’m doing part of my PhD at SickKids Hospital. I work at the Hospital everyday from 9 to 5, except for Wednesday, when I have the whole day off.
      I am in Toronto since last September and I will be returning to Brazil on August 26, 2011. So, I would like to try to have English classes until my return to Brazil (in 3 months). Initially, I was thinking about having 1-2 hours of class per week. maybe more. However, I need to fit the classes in my “budget”.
      Please, may you let me know about your scheadule and the cost of the classes? Thanks once more for your reply and I hope to hear from you soon, Ivo


i like your lessons soooooooo much you make me love english i hope you to be muslim one day and teaches islam religion in english langauage to new muslims all over the world you are a wonderful teasher


I interest you lesson thank you
so much

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thank you so much
good lesson

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hi,ms Ronnie,your lessons really attracted me.i think i’ll earn a better grade in english if you’re my english teacher


realy good lecture , I enjoy it very funny and good lecture .
thank for share this .


thank you


hi teacher
how are you
i want to ask you how to improve my speaking
thank you

Profile photo of wasif77 wasif77

    I will have a lesson on that subject very soon!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks you sir.

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its so useful. thanks ronnie so much

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hey your way of teaching is very brilliant…….


its realy good teacher

YOGESH kumar

hahaha”Please murder someone”

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Thank you very much, Ronnie! It’s so great the way you share your knowledge! Thank you for such a good help in improving my english in many directions. Best regards!


thank you very much .

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Hi Ronnie,
These phrases are not so commonly used in Britain.Brits are more likely to say:
I am on my period.
I have period pains.
Time of the month.
‘on the blob’
She has got the painters in.
Best regards!

Profile photo of missjeksi missjeksi

thanks Ronnie that’s helpful and make me sure .Sometimes i think is not all female have it .i’m thinking crazy about this ,but now i make sure :)

Shayma EL.

hello madam.i m disha from india.i want you to provide me online private class.Is it possible mam??i want you to guide and help me to speak english.please madam do something for me. please email me.i m waiting for your response….


    Sorry I do not offer online classes.
    Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i need to know the pronunciation of hair and her plz thank you :D


Great! and funny ;)

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Hey, Ronnie.
Loved your lesson, it is very useful.

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hello dear instructor, i would like to express my deepest gratitude for your lesson, it was really useful. and i want to ask you is it possible to say ‘ i have got cramps.’
if you do not mind, i want to warn or tell me about any mistakes that i have made or written in this comment.

Profile photo of rawa rawa

    Yes, ” I have got cramps” is correct!
    Mistakes in the comment – only a few!! You must ALWAYS use a capital “I” in every sentence, “I want you to tell me about any mistakes I have made. Also, at the beginning of every sentence, you have to use a capital!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Hi, Ronnie. Could you explain the difference between “I have/I have got”? I think it’s an old expression “I have got”. Nowadays people say: “I have or I don’t have@

      Profile photo of tatjanastar1 tatjanastar1

      Hi, Ronnie. Could you explain the difference between “I have/I have got”? I think it’s an old expression “I have got”. Nowadays people say: “I have or I don’t have”. Without GOT. Am I right?

      Profile photo of tatjanastar1 tatjanastar1

hi ronnie
i like all your lessones


Greaaaaat ^_- thank u !!!

Profile photo of lylliek27 lylliek27

Hi, I’m from faculty of science,already I studied by english but its ascientific word,now I want to work but I don’t how to speak with people.what’s your advice to me?

Profile photo of evabol evabol

    I think if you watch American tv you could learn more natural English! Watch with English subtitles….not Portuguese! Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello Ronnie. All your lesson are really useful. Thank you very much.


Ibuprofen I guess


HI Ronnie, could you please make a lesson on using going to and gonna, I mean when we should not use the short version and when it is acceptable.
And one more thing annoying me – we say Thank you FOR doing sth/sth and I am sorry ABOUT I did sth/doing sth/sth. Is that right? And when want to thank sb for sth sb did in the past we say thank you that you did? …


    We SAY gonna and we WRITE going to. It almost always acceptable to say gonna in causal conversation – but in business or formal speeches, it it better to say going to!
    Thank you FOR doing sth/sth and I am sorry ABOUT I did sth/doing sth/sth. Is right!
    In the past you don’t need to change – just say Thanks or thank you. If you want, you can say thanks for what you did!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you for the answer.

      Profile photo of malgosia malgosia

Bets teacher that I met !! are you comedian ? LOL

just kidding as you !!!

Profile photo of danyelok danyelok

HiRonnie Thanks for this important class.
Hugs from Barranquilla Colombia

Profile photo of kellyreyes kellyreyes

I love the method of your teaching .I haven’t had any teachers like you,I wish I could take part in your classes,you are perfect


hi this is really a very use full site , and the way u teach is really good,r u sure we will be able to learn English by watching these videos?



Piyananda thero

ur are very attractive teacher u have very good ability to teach…… you were born to teach

Piyananda thero

helloi wanna say thank u for the interesting lesson

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Thank you so much :)

but I wanna ask you,can I say “I have period?”
that`s my teacher taught me ;)

Profile photo of bashayer bashayer

    No, You have to say “I have my period”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi this is very nice lesson by RONNIE MAM especially for ladies, thanks


One of the side effect of ibuprofen is water retention.


Sorry to say I couldn’t understand many words through this lesson.

So what should I do, please?
By the way, I’m Egyptian.


I always learn a lot with you! You´re the best!!!

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

I knew it just bitchy,thanks to u Ronnie. now I know what the hell with the girls in this world.


i like your lessons it’s very interresting to know things for our bodies we don’t know it thank you Ronnie you helped me


Hi ronnie that was very helpful lesson. ,my girl friend always has cramps during her period and I can see all the symptoms that you present in this lesson and I am now aware how to help her or at least understand her correctly.


Hi Ronnie i like way you teach.thank you.


very nice explanation. nice teacher. I´m a man but this information is very useful to me.


even if i am old enough for these instructions this lesson is very useful for the new age groups of students! nice try! in greece such a lesson would not be a reality even in the near future! congratulations!


Hello Ms. Ronnie,

I just want to know for personal classes from you but how come to take classes as I live in Karachi.
Though I have done few levels from Berlitz. Do you have any idea about “Berlitz”?

Look forward to see your prompt resposne.


    Sorry, I only offer lessons in Toronto!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie! I find your lessons pretty clear and natural!

In this last video I have a doubt about the word cramps. I understand the meaning but I don´t know how to use the word in a phrase, I mean, would it be ok if I said: I have cramps?

Thank you anyway! Best regards from Spain!

Profile photo of saritol saritol

    Yes! “Cramps“ is a noun. So we say “I have cramps“

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Lesson is good.


Hi Ronnie,
It´s very nice to have a class talking about subjects that we never learn at an ESL course. That´s actually the “language in use”.
Tks a lot


we also say it as periods na?is it ryt to say,i have periods

Profile photo of simran96 simran96

    We don’t say we have periods in the plural!….. I have my period!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

IT’s the most useful lesson I have ever learnt.
you know what teacher you are wonderful , I always liked the funy teachers , I don’t like a teacher who looks very serious and never simle . OHHHHH , but you are absolutely different and I just loved you .


hi very nice lesson.

Profile photo of dwinar98 dwinar98

you know i have my period lool


Hi Ronnie i do not understand the relationship between PMS and become a BITCHY is it a psychological case?plz i need a response thank u very much.[Roro]


you are great, i love your lessons, thanks


v.usefull vdo imust say ..bt i’ve one cofusion in it ..
hw’d we use word bloated ..lyk we say .. my tumy is bloated or sumthng else?


    Yes, that’s the right way to say it!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Yes, you can say “My tummy is bloated” or “I am bloated”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Very useful vocabulary!))I like it)

Profile photo of annytka annytka

Peace Roonie ;I really adore you and I find your lessons very interesting and giving me much more help thank you for giving women in the Arab world a chance to know the hardest vocabulary in English, love you ,Fatima

Fatima Rouabhi

I like the way how you teach!!


Ok, I’m a male and I just watched it ._.


    That is great!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks for useful lesson, I didn’t know how to talk about this problem, you are very nice English teacher.

bui thi hanh

thanks for ur lesson madem ….

Profile photo of thimira thimira

Hi mam I’m an Indian (26M) working in UAE, I used to watch ur classes,it is really helpful to me thank you so much for that..could you please give a class about usage of ‘would’and ‘could’)would have, could have etc.in different tense.


Thank you for the valuable information..GBU


hello dear Ronni, i appreciate alot for all the videos & the way you teach , i enjoy alot & i learn alot , could u do a favor & help me about these topics? i don’t know whether they are avalible here or not, ” all the terms & expersions in the school” like the name & posiotion of the guys who are incharge of differenet divission or deppartments & instractors , & ….. ” actually i have some prob with these terms , please help me , thanks alot,


    Usually at a high school or elementary school, there is a Principal, a Vice-Principal (V.P), and Teachers.
    At university : Dean, Associate Dean, Directors of Administrative Departments, Associate/Assistant Directors of Administrative Departments,Chairs of Academic Departments, Graduate Coordinators, Undergraduate Coordinators

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much teacher Ronnie :)
I love your way of teaching :)
I am Abeer from saudi arabia .


very useful,i like your teaching method


U r Brilliant!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of morra morra

Hi ronnie;
I like very much your lessons. but for suggestion I would like that you create a chatting room to practising what we teach with you in engvid.com
is just an suggestion good luck and thank you very much for your efforts
I hope that i am clear in my message :)


Hey mam u r fantastic teacher..I love the way u teach..Thnx for giving valuable information !!


Ronnie you are the best teacher I’ve seen in this word, I can understand everythings you teach ,You born for this ,thanks for help me . I need to learn english ,for me use in my job. I’ ve learnt a lot with you.

Profile photo of DEL DEL

Dear Ronnie:
I enjoy a lot your lessons. You are a very good teacher. Thank you for your help.


That’s… weird.

Profile photo of Philontropee Philontropee

Hi Ronnie, your lessons are awesome. I´m from Costa Rica and it is almost impossible to practice here with native speakers. I have been watching your videos and they are a great tool in the process of foreign language acquisition. Thanks for your help.

Profile photo of icordobaviquez icordobaviquez

great job


you are too good, i realy love the way you teach. Thanks


Hi Ronnie, your lessons are very good. I have a request for you.
Could you do a lesson explaining how to separarate words into syllables?
Thanx in advance.


you r great


Thank you Ronnie, it’s really useful to me, i am glad to see the lessons from you, great lessons

Profile photo of anny89 anny89

hello Ronnie.Thank you so much.


Ronnie you’re amazing!That’s such a pleasure to watch your lessons after a hard day of work!Loving you, Alice from Russia)))))

Profile photo of alicello alicello

Ms.Ronnie.which one is correct.?
1. May i go to the toilet.?
2.may i go to toilet?


very good lesson, so it’s funny. i really like ur lessons


I just wanna say you’re great

thanks for making us learning with smile on lips.


Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡!!¡ I love red velvet cake!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get it!!!!!!

Ralph Beedham

wow~soooo good!!

Profile photo of katiehuang katiehuang

it’s a good lesson i liked it because i knew some new words as a man, i don’t come adross with them very often.

thank you

Profile photo of alialwajih155 alialwajih155

Hi, Ronnie. This lesson is really useful for women! I think all men should watch this video and understand it for your partner. Anyway, is this right to say “I always take a pill everyday to reduce PMS”? Thank you very much.

Profile photo of 3030dandelion 3030dandelion

    “I always take a pill everyday to reduce PMS”? You just need to say “I always take a pill to reduce PMS”? or “I take a pill everyday to reduce PMS”? You don’t need both everyday and always – they mean the same thing!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello Ms. Ronnie,
Hope everything is ok with you.
You did great job but let me ask you 2 question
1- Is it correct if i said “I have a period”\”I have period”?
2- What the different between pads and Tampons, I know that tampons like Always in our country Egypt “Always is name of product for the period”. Please Answer me.
Thanks a lot.


    We say I have my period.
    Pads are worn outside of the body, tampons inside. Always are pads.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie



Thanks alot for your effort,I realy enjoy your lessons and if you allow me I use them in my classes(as I’m an English teacher) and also I direct my students to watch these lessons at home, but I want your advice for a way to get my students study and learn more English as they hate it very much and think it’s very hard specially (this year, but in general students in my country hate English no matter what we tell them about its importance in their lif) please, I feel bad as I have taught many students over the last 13 years and most of them were very good, or (if I’m allowed to say) excellent student and we keeo in touch (using as much as we can of English). thanks again.
p.s. I’m from Aqaba Jordan


    You have to find something that the students like – music, movies, sports etc…that they can see/listen to in English. It’s probably the content that bores the students! Textbooks are very, very, very boring!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

you re my favorite teacher….


i luv the way u teach…u r tha best teacher+funny teacher..:)GOD bless u mam….:)thank u…


Well done mam.

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

Hi Ronnie, I really like your lessons!!. You are helping me a lot to improve my english..thanks!!

Profile photo of nadva nadva

hi rannie, my name is safaa and i discovered this website yesterday and really i cant stop watching your lessons , you made me addicted to english.
any way i love your lessons and especialy youra accent its very easy to understand it, its not complicated, but i notice something ther is not a lot of lessons and especialy in grammar like present perfect, past participal , past perfect and i have really a big probleme in this perfect things.
so plz can u do something to help us for this grammar problemes, and thank u sooo much , sorry if i bother you , take care.

Profile photo of safalip safalip

thanku so much for teaching


Dear Ronnie,
Thank you for such fun and interesting lessons. You do help us improve our English. May you and all your family and friends and everyone else everywhere be much happy and blessed.
You are a very fun and great teacher.
I do enjoy your videos.


Hi ronny great lesson! eventhough I’m a guy! haha one question… you said that bitchy means “snarky” (that’s what I got) and I looked it up but I couldn’t find, is that a slang term? or did I get the word wrong?

Profile photo of matikorn matikorn

I really apreciate your lesson . I am so lucky to find your lesson. you are a phenomenal teacher .GOD bless you .


hiii ronnie , can you please your voice , because i couldn’t hear you very well ? and thanks a lot

Profile photo of moataz_212 moataz_212

as funny as usual!!!!

Profile photo of chochito1234 chochito1234

You are best teacher and I know you from YouTube,I very like listen your lesson,I continue follow you study English.

Profile photo of cryrain cryrain

hi, thanks for your lessons these r very useful for me i really appreciate it just tell me if these sentence r correct:I ‘m having cramps, i m having my period,i m getting pms , she has period,


    All are correct except you have to say “She has her period”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

and i also want to learn conditional sentences


your lessons are so useful and interesting but I have a problem that you voice is too low . Can you make the voice louder and clearer, please?
thanks in advance


hi ronnie,
is it correct if i say ” I am having my period”


    No = I have my period.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie! you’re so cool, everything you say is neat, it’s just a pleasure to listen to you! thank you so much!

Profile photo of stolzdernation1945 stolzdernation1945

thank uu


Is that possible to use spasm as a synonym for cramps? According to dictionaries both mean a contraction of a muscle causing a sudden pain.


    Technically, it is not wrong but we don’t say it. We say cramps.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi , your lesson is so useful , and you are on of the most excellent teacher i have ever seen.

Profile photo of mistersalem mistersalem

Hi, you are to funny… your lesson is usefull for all the woman. you are a great teacher, i just love your lesson, thank you for let me improve.


Hi Ronnie, Can I say, I am Bloated?




    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie
When we say it isn’t a rude sentence ?

Profile photo of arman39 arman39

    You can say I am in a bad mood! It means the same as “I am bitchy”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I am bitchy…
sorry , i don’t know why this sentence wasn’t send correctly.

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Hi Miss Rommie, first I would like say that I enjoy watching yours english classes, congratulations! you’re amazing; and if possible I would like learning vocabulary about how flirt, I think it will be funny!


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i feel that i have no appetite for the lunch today !!! lolll !!! anyway, the lesson was quiet interesting

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super lesson ;-)


great job but i want to know if you can use the canadian vocabulary in the american english???!!!

Profile photo of safa1 safa1

    You can but some people may not understand you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      ronnie do you mean that i cannat use all this vocabulary if i am not talking to a canadien person??????????”

      Profile photo of safa1 safa1

        You can use it! They may understand = if they do not, they will tell you!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you for your lesson
iam really thank full


Hi Ronnie! If I use those words to a native speaking, will they get my meaning correctly? I usually say, “I have my period”, is this right as well? And when you talked about pads, or tampons, did you mean the thingy that female usually use when we have period? I don’t really get the new vocabularies. It will be great if you have written down your words for us. Thank you for you lesson. Looking forward for your response.

Profile photo of anhnguyen26 anhnguyen26

    i asked her the same question and she told me that some poeple may not understand what you’re talking about

    Profile photo of safa1 safa1

    Yes, you are correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnia
It is so useful

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you are a great teacher,very funny, and you make the learning interesting and easy. send you a big hug.


Hello!I’m from Ukraine and I adore your lessons.They are awesome.But I also have a great favour to ask of you…would you be so kind to make a new lesson dedicated to differentiating participle from gerund in sentences?….sometimes they seem so alike to me.Thousand thanks to you in advance,good luck.Bye :)

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    Ok I will try! Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

gud teacher

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again got 4/4 not feeling bitchy

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Hello Ronnie!!!
I have a question, what is the difference
between someone/somebody and everyone/everybody?
Could you help me?


(luahhhh) you’re stupid girl

renata morais

LOL! I din’t know about this and I never thougth I’d learn it in this kind of web. I really appreciate the fact you teach anything about English no matter how rare is! =)


you are an excelent teacher .i love you so much ronnie. all my best wishes for you

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Hi, I just found the site today and I really love it. I´m from Panama. I got a question… what if I want to ask someone if is on the pms, how would I say it? are u on the pms or how?


like how you are teaching and the topic you are teaching too ;)

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ronnie you are so funny and lovely person,i am student from Georgia and your lessons help me to improve my english,thank you a lot of :*

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your lessons are really good thanks you so much


Thank you so much for your lessons. Could you please write the meaning of each letter for me. Because I didn’t get them.
Thanks a lot,


I mean PMC.


Thank you, greetings from Poland! :-)


i like her too much — she has wonderful spirit during teaching lessons i hope to see new fr her tnx alot


I really liked it. It helped me to guide some of my students while they´re in those days. i would like to learn more about conversation skills. GBU

Melisa Juarez

Dear Ronnie,
You are special, funny, and caring. I admire the way you teach. I am a Pharmacist lived in many countries included USA that I am actually in.I love teaching but I didn’t have opportunities for doing that, by the way I believe your energy helps a lot the listeners, so keep going like this.Thumbs up!


I love your lessons because we learn things we don´t learn in an english-course.


Hi , I think this lesson was awesome and funny. I’m scared telling my parents that I have my period, should I tell them ever?
Nikki(age 11)


    That’s above my pay grade; try asking the good people at Scarleteen.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

I think I will stay here for long time to watch all your lessons )) For me it is much effective to study when it is interesting and funny!!! :)


hi ..this is thanga from india..thanks for ur lessons mam..:) i wud lik to speak lik u..

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Hi Ronnie thanks for that explanation that is very educational not only to women but as well as to men. Thanks and keep up the good works.


i wish i could be like you a great teacher.tanxs


Hope u do well,Madam
I’m a little bit confused with a question.I hope if,you could help me on.well consider this as an answer of a question ( he is the second child of the family) would u plz make its question form.how can we express the question of this answer?what would that be? by the way this is Mahdi,thanks for the prompt reply by you,
yours faithfully.


    Is he the second child of the family?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Yes i agree with Vindy, it’s important to have somme life situation in english…Ronnie Thks too much from Morocco ;))

La vida

I heard that some people say I am om my period is that correct?


Thank you very much Ronnie!!!! I love your lessons!!!!

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Thanks for your lesson I love that .
From Thailand

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hhhhhhhhhhhhhi Ronnie , thank you alot . i want to ask you if i have been in my period and i go to chop to sell tampons or the second pads i’d realy i dont know the defference may i say plz give me or i want some pads or …mm give me one box of tampons is this correct :/
i hope to answer me soon so thx again bye :)

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Hi Alex and I really like your lessons. It helped me to learning English free. As u In our Country”Afghanistan” students face to deffernt problems,case that they Cant go to english Courses.tnx form your usfull lessons,

From Afghanistan


Hello teacher Ronnie, I’ve got a doubt, it could be ridiculous, but is it correct saying She’s got THE cramps? or just She’s got cramps? thank you :)

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

    Only she’s got cramps. The cramps is wrong!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks a lot!! you’re my hero teacher ! my best wishes to you, thank you very much <3

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

haha`you are an amazing teacher , Ronnie :)) Thank you a lot ^^


Thank u very much, I like yr lessons…


hi Ronni. I love your videos. they are very use full. than you so much


it is useful. thanks a lot

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hi Ronnie,If i notice blood stain on sme lady dress. and i undersatnd that she has pms .what do i need to tell that lady?
can i say like this “lady ur bleeding very badly”….


drink a whisky :)


U R the Best teacher.


You are the best teacher i have ever met.thank you for everything. do you have any lesson for “pasive voice’




you´re a great teacher, Ronnie!


I am learning a lot.thank you Ronnie.

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Well one of the best parts where I use my internet is of course this http://www.engvid.com site.
I am very glad to be here. It is really a useful site for those who can’t attend the daily classes out side out side.
Really thanks Ronnie. You are one of the best teachers of my life.

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great video!I´s wanna more videos about period.

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thank you ,you’re a good teacher.

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U r great Ronnie i love your leasons

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that was usefull

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i do not known how to thank you

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the first, i want to say : Thank u very much. i very love u. take this opportunity i want to know do u have lesson about economic or management..etc ??

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Wow~ This lesson I’ve never had learned before.
I needed and wanted to learn about an English Expression like this.
Thanks Ronnie! You are so witty!!
It’s going to be very often to use in English :)

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eeee… 4/4 ..

Profile photo of isell isell

If you read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, you’ll know PMS also means “Pissed-at-Men Syndrome” =)))

Profile photo of kunaug kunaug

Ronnie, thank you so much for your lessons. But I have a request.
I can’t watch videos online and I can’t access to youtube without VPN. And VPN even makes internet slower. Please make the videos that it possible to download and watch it. Downloading from youtube is very slow. I download 18 MB from youtube after two hours.

Profile photo of Anahita Anahita

Ronnie, you are so funny!!!
On the quiz: PMS = “Please Murder Someone”? lol
Thank you for the class, it was great!!

Profile photo of rosemarie rosemarie

You are amazing.I really like to be like you in future.

Profile photo of parnian parnian

hey I got a doubt what’s bitchiness mean…?

Profile photo of Jubert M27 Jubert M27

    Meanness/nastiness/irritability, basically!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

y do people keep calling u madam, is that a Canadian thing, it sounds so southern USA

Profile photo of thiagobonamigo thiagobonamigo

Hi Ronnie,
thanks – I learned some new :)
take care

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Thank you Ronnie! Very useful lesson ^^

Profile photo of Iselita Iselita

it’s delicate question for me, so that was very helpful! Thank you Ronnie.

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LOL. Hi, Ronnie! Thanks a lot for your lessons, especially for this “special” one! Your sense of humor makes your lessons exciting and enjoyable! It’ an asset in teaching… in life as well. You’ve forgotten to mention about the endless feeling of hunger and a strong wish to chew smth all the time during this “period”… :-)

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Thank you a zillion times.

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You´re so cute,Ronnie.

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Ronnie you are the best teacher ever.. ahhh… and you have the best name of the world :)

Profile photo of Ronny Ronny


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thx alot ronnie! i appreciate for this useful lesson :)

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Thank you~ thank you~ thank you!!!

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Thanks,,,It’s helpful lesson for ladies.

But I have a question:is bitchy a slang?? and can I say I have bloated and the others know that I’m talking about my PMS??

Profile photo of Rahaf Rahaf

Can you use the term “I’m on the rag” in other situation?

Thanks ;))

Profile photo of minichowskak minichowskak

got a perfect score yahoo!!!

Profile photo of mjmagaoay mjmagaoay

thank u Ronnie! It’s VERY USEFUL~ and btw i really love your lessons!

Profile photo of Julia C. Julia C.

What’s the last word you said in this video when you’re saying goodbye?

Profile photo of SalmaShahawy8891 SalmaShahawy8891

Hello Ronnie. I want to know if is a correct sentence?

Profile photo of ujalacool-g ujalacool-g

Good day. I understand that it is another topic.
But Could you please explain the difference between “smoking a rib” and “smoking hot women”? What does it mean? Thank you, Ronnie in advance!

Profile photo of Roman Bataschuk Roman Bataschuk

    Okay, so smoke is the grey clouds given off by fires. So a woman who is “smoking hot” is (metaphorically) so hot that there’s smoke coming off her.

    Smoking is also a way of cooking food in the smoke from a fire. There’s smoked meat, cheese, fish…Here’s a recipe for smoked ribs! And now I’m hungry.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thank you a lot!
Have a nice day =)

Profile photo of Roman Bataschuk Roman Bataschuk

Hi, Ronnie! You are my favourite teacher here. I love your video lessons and your manner to study :)

Profile photo of Irishka-2727 Irishka-2727

can the man say I have cramps?

Profile photo of well thank well thank

Hy Ronnie ! Thank you for this lesson, for women only… You could also speak to the mooncup. That’s a very good way to more appreciate our PMS.

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hi ronnie you are awesome teacher.Thankyou so much for this notes. these are very useful knowledge you are so pretty xx :)

Profile photo of polly-smt polly-smt


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Wow.. i got them more. Thanks.

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thank you

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Thank you, Ronnie! You’re awesome teacher ;)

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Very useful lesson. Thank you.

I have a question.

What’s the last word you used for bye?

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Thanks you so much Ronnie. Foot reflexology is indicated and has good result in PMS or Menstrual Cramps.

Profile photo of Juan Bernardo Juan Bernardo

exelent!!thank u Ronny

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Really useful. thx Ronnie!

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Good information

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Thanks you so much.

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it was the best lesson ever have seen to explain this vocabulary to my students.

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thanks , you are awesome ronnie

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Hi Ronnie, thanks for lesson,
How do we talk about bloated? is it like I am bloated?
Thanks in advence

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Hi, i want to ask for a lesson about pregnancy vocabulary please. :D

Did i write it well?

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Love the way you do the lesson Ronnie…

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Thank you so much for this lesson, Ronnie! You are great!

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Hi lovely teacher
Would you write the meaning of PMS I could not spell it

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Thank you.

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thank u

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Thank you.

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