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Thank you very much > honored to be a student of yours.

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    I am honored to have you. All the best, Muhammed.

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Bingo , ten out of ten
You’re a very good teacher Rebecca . keep up the good work

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    I did really enjoy this extreme English lesson Rebecca. Just a couple of questions about it.

    Is it possible to say “I haven’t seen you FOR AGES” instead of “I haven’t seen you IN AGES”?

    Is there a difference in meaning?


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      Yes, the expression “for ages” is also used! All the best, Regino!

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        Have you got an account on facebook for connection

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thank you! This class was totally awesome!

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Thank you! I remember for the ages the word – exaggerate)))

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thank you for this new lesson…

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I got 9 correct answer out of 10 !

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thank you ur totally awesome

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Interesting! Totally awesome :D Thank you, Rebecca :)
One day, My daughter told me in Japanese that thousands of people were waiting before the new Pokemon DS softs advance order.

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    Thank you. Your daughter may have been exaggerating or there may actually have been thousands of people waiting for that! My best to you.

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Thank U so much.
U r totally awesome

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I’m dying for your lessons Rebecca!!! : )

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    Me too! I’m dying to know what’s Rebecca’s next lesson topic.


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      … making mistakes as usual . . .

      Correction: . . . I’m dying to know what will be Rebecca’s next lesson topic.

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Thank you so much Rebecca… I really enjoy the class ;)…/I use to be exagerete when I speak and I have a friend who reminds me…that I’m the biggest exagerated in the world ;) “The whole world…” it’s a phrase that I use to say xD… So long

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Thank you Rebecca.

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oh no !
i can’t believe that i have got the full marks thanks rebecca hundred of thanks

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    Oh yes! You did it! Congratulations and best wishes to you.

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Thanks, rebecca.

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thank Rebecca, I know it isn’t easy to study your lesson but it is totally awesome.

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Thank you very much.

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Oh, Rebecca! Great lesson! If possible, you could give us some tips or even techniques about how to watch a movie and take advantages on improving our English, ’cause it’s easier to use subtitles and audios nowadays…
My best wishes!

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    Thanks for the idea. I will pass it on. My best to you.

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Many thanks

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    sorry but i want to correct something > you have to say : i am from . not i from ^^

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      She said I am from

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Thanks Rebecca , Informal english , speaking very hard to naturals .

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Thank you for absolutely great lesson, Rebecca! Lately, it’s getting cool, so I don’t have to encounter gigantic infects. It’s pretty good, isn’t it?
To improve my English, I have to memorize tons of words. The way mastering English is totally long and winding. But I’ll make myself endeavor for it.
Thank you, I appreciate for the useful lesson.

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want to improve my english help me my teacher

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    I’m trying! Watch more of our videos, please…I’m sure they can help you too. All the best!

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Thank you!Great lesson!

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    Yep! I agree with you, it was fantastic!


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Very good class!

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tons of thanks to engiv team . i’m improving bit by bit . i got 90 .
if anybody want to practice english with me ,my skype name is “dev.pra”.

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hi i’m new pl help me

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Thank so much Rebecca for your informative lesson. Is it exaggerated? :)

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i don’t know how to thank you rebecca

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    روح يامرسي دور علي كرسي

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Awesome, I got 10s, In my coutry exaggerated means ‘Alay, lebay’ words. Ya, We have same things. thanks a millions Rebecca


    Thanks for your feedback and congratulations to you.I wish you all the best.

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thank you so much rebecca

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thousands thanks!

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thnx .!!

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It was easy to me because we have words like these. Thank You)

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Many thanks , Rebecca.
It is rare to see you acting so humorous like this lesson. In Hong Kong, we speak Cantonese instead of Mandarin, gorgeous means 超正。

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wow i like it so much thank you it was a Great lesson

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am new hear so i hope that i learn moor

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I got a 100

I wanted to say thank you REBECCA, I believe you´re one of the most gorgeous teacher I´ve ever heard! haha

well, you are a cool teacher, I like these site,

see you, thanks again.

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thank you

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The lesson was infomative,like Op said you’re a gorgeous teacher.. A bientôt

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Its done

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Thank you

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Thank you..

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thank you

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Thank you. Your smile is very pretty:)

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Thanks Rebecca … this site is totally useful for me :)

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Thank you!

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    Hello, can you add me at skype or gmail/gtalk? I’m trying to learn Italian. Can you help me?

    @: llleonardomiranda@gmail.com
    Skp: llleonardomiranda

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thanks for you it’s really helpful for me

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Thanks Rebecca This class is most popular of tons of people in the world for learning english.

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    Thank you for your kind comments. I wish you the best with your English.

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thanks is very interesting lesson

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Thanks Rebecca. This lesson is clear, easy to follow and useful.

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before show the video i have 8/10

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Hello, Rebecca !
It won’t be an exaggeration to say – you look like a million dollars !
Best wishes !

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Got 9 correct answer, nice;)

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Thank the teachers, by teachers that I had a good night’s sleep (say hear do not understand what all)

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It’s good lesson Rebecca !

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tons of thanks for your excellent clarifying
ıf I didn’t use this vords how I would explain my feeling rebecca
my best wishes to you

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    Thank you for expressing your feelings so clearly! My best wishes to you too!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you very much Rebeca. You are an excellent teacher!

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Thanks a lot everything was really clear!

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Many thanks, I got 10 in the quiz, as usual your lessons are always very nice and clearly.

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It’s great

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I Love it :)

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thanks a lot. thanks to this video ı have learned thousand’s of information :)

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How to be exaggerated and totally understood.
Can you spend “5 seconds” to read this “tiny” opinion? “Million of” things look “absolutely gorgeous” when “100s” of candidates speech to gain

your vote.
A “huge” number of corporations are behind these “piles of” promises. All of them looking forward to get your money. People continuing “starving”

and homeless “freezing”. A croud of “1000s” complaining around the world to stop this “tons of” nonsense. “In ages” we didn’t see this “gigantic”

manifestation of people “totally exhausted” of corruption. Even though we have not seen changes for now, “in years” this will be history. However

I’m not sure if they will talk about our victory or domination.

Profile photo of Suraya.abdallah Suraya.abdallah

    Oh My Gosh ! ! ! Where in the world did you get this extract? It is just GREAT and very illustrative.

    I did not spend 5 seconds to read your opinion
    I read it in no time Suraya.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    All the best.

    P.S. “A CROWD of 1000s complaining . . .”

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi Regino, Thank you! I created this with my exaggerated imagination in one minute… lol

      Profile photo of Suraya.abdallah Suraya.abdallah

        Thanks again for sharing Suraya. Bye for now and take care.

        Profile photo of Regino Regino

    Nice work! You certainly found a lot of extreme English! My best to you, Suraya! Thanks to Regino, too.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Your tips are a huge inspiration Rebecca, Thank you!

      Profile photo of Suraya.abdallah Suraya.abdallah

your class has a lot of useful information ,I am freezing in place till you did your next lesson .

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it is great class!

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very informative lesson…thank you ^_^

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Thank you for the learning me

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    You’re welcome. Actually, you need to say:

    Thank you for teaching me.

    The teacher teaches. The student learns.

    Although, philosophically, the teacher always learns from the student too. All the best to you!

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Thanks for your lesson, Rebecca.
But I’ve a question:
“southwest” or “south-west” which one is correct?
or both are correct?

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Thanks! Very good

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It is ok.

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very useful I like it!

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You know something incredible Barbara, in this lesson you were huge, totally awesome, I’m speechless, believe me, I lost all my words. Even engvid.com didn’t said nothing but even him was gigantic too. A gigantic hug for all 10/10

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Istanbul is a tourist city. Due to its fascinating history as a center of several different empires, religious monuments,delicious food, museums, and friendly people If you travel Istanbul you should visit some of places where are Hagia Sophia, Blue mosque, Grand bazaar and my house ,Rebacca

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

    Thank you kindly for the invitation to your country and your home. I am touched. My best wishes to you, my friend.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Your classes are a knowledge booster on English. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks Rebecca your lesson absolutely gorgeous.

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Thanks Rebecca your lesson was absolutely gorgeous

Profile photo of kara001 kara001

Thanks Rebecca!! and great video.. so clear in my mind (the words you say) the lesson you gave is totally useful..


Profile photo of Fandy1 Fandy1

Thanks a lot, Rebecca. I have a question: “I haven’t seen him in ages” or “I haven’t seen him in ages”?

Profile photo of ahobez ahobez

Oops! or “i haven’t seen him for ages”

Profile photo of ahobez ahobez

    “In ages” is most common but “for ages” is also used. All the best to you!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca.I really liked this lesson but I have 2 questions:
# why we can’t say : she has millions and millions of money,,,I think it’s as extreme as tones.
# can we say :I haven’t seen my friend for ages? Or it’s in ages? Or depends on the tenses??
Thanks again :)

Profile photo of Rahaf Rahaf

    You can say,

    She has millions (and millions) of dollars.
    She has lots (and lots) of money.

    If you use the word millions, you need to use the name of the currency. Yes, you can also say “for ages”. All the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      You could also say:

      She has millions of coins, or bills, or notes, etc.

      Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hello Rebecca. Thank you very much.

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That was totally helpful. Thanks.

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Rebecca is the totally gorgeous teacher I’ve ever had!

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thanks rebecca

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Thanks for making easy to learn this language :)

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    Thank you. My pleasure. My best to you!

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Thank you very much!

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thanks the lesson was totally helpful…..i got 10 out of 10 in the quiz :)))

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hello dear Rebbeca thanks a bundle I really enjoy your teaching

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it’s really good video . Great . :)

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Hi, Am a new comm er, came across by mistake these lessons found it very impotent for a English learner.
Hope all the teachers and other friends all over the world wellcome me … Thanks all..

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Thank you my nice and favorite educator, I got 90% without watching the lesson.

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    Wow, you’re really good! Hope you got 100% after watching the lesson. All the best, Abdul!

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100% thanks a lot teacher!

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Thanks to all of you who took the time to leave comments. All the teachers appreciate getting feedback from you, and I do too. Thanks for watching, thanks for caring about improving. You can take that same strong attitude into all areas of your life and just watch how your life takes off in positive directions. My best wishes to all of you.

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Wow! Superb lesson. Thank You.

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Wow superb … It was a really “informative”(learned what was tough) lesson…hehe .. looking for more lesson .. u r the best. y didn’t i meet on web
u before …

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I am very happy to learn more from your best teaching

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I need to know when to say not,and no.Thank You you are very nice like every body there.

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It’s is very interesting lesson) Thx

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Thanks!!! You are really amazing teacher! I`ve learned a lot! :)))

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Thanks alot dear Rebecca I appreciate your effort and your explanation is so useful ..
I am interested and veey happy to learn from your great experience ….. best wishes for you dear…

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please i wonna know level in English …thack you are may best teacher ever

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please i wonna know my level in English …thack you are may best teacher ever

Profile photo of hassan aaa hassan aaa

    I would need to interact with you more to know your level. Sometimes people are at different levels in different skills, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. You could watch lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and learn something in all cases. I wish you all the best, Hassan.

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it’s totally awesome , i would like to thank you tons of times

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    Thank you very much Ahmed. All the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

zilion of thanks rebecca

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I got 10 correct out ot of 10…… thank you for this helpful lesson

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This is my first lesson, i wasn’t so good! But i will better!

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    That’s the perfect attitude! I am sure you will go far with such determination. I wish you all the best.

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i got 7 of 10 hhhh

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10/10 Thank you, Rebecca! Can you make a lesson about punctuation in English?

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tnx mam i learnt a lot

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it is fantastic lesson

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Thank you Rebecca. I got 10/10. You are really a great teacher on engvid.

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Oh :S igot 8 to 10

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Today I found your website and I enjoy it the first lesson ant I want to continue. Also is the first time when I leave a comment for a video and you are the first teacher that I wrote. I noticed auto-corect sistem that you have and I think that is useful for us/me. I have already an account and I want to use it. So I see you on the next video

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    Welcome to engvid, my friend, and thank you very much for your kind feedback. I am honored that you chose to write and share your comments with us. Please explore the many levels and sections of our website to find the best lessons for your needs. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you very much

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thank you :)

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thank you very much

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Trank You …. It’s awesome!

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Thank you!

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thanks i got 100 :)

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I am just starting to make quizes,
super nice, it really helps. Tons of thanks Rebecca!

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thankyou rebecca, it’s a nice leson ;;)

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This class was really awesome! =P

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Thanks Rebecca, this is great lesson.
Extreme English is good way for us to express our emotions, feeling to our friends.

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Thank you very much.I’m really grateful to become a student of you.

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    Thank you. I am honored to be one of your teachers. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

You are best!

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thank you i got 100
I have a question:What is the meaning of the word “Titanic”
is it exaggerate word

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That was a Great lesson! Thank you so much Rebecca. you’re an amazing teacher!!!

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Thank you so much :)

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Many thanks for the lesson.

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it’s a great Lesson
hi all,
Is there any person want to speak with me via facebook to change experience with each other???
I’m waiting guys

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Thank you very much > honored to be a student of yours

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    Honored to be one of your teachers. Thank you for your kind words. My best wishes to you.

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u r highly appreciated dear Rebecca… i am so much interested in ur ELT.

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Thank you!

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I got 100% correct. Thank you, Rebecca.

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hi rebecca …you are greate teacher … thank you very much for your kind and interesting teaching style .

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Hi everybody, your welcome to my Skype : KIMO-00

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totally useful

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Dear Rebecca,
Thousands of students follow your teaching.
Your actions on the EngVid site are totally informative.
This result is absolutly gorgeous. Congratulation.
Best regards.

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I am thankful to you for your lesson.

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Could you please help me to improve my English,
in a ordered manner or which lesson should I start first and further on how to go?

Profile photo of apurvamonal apurvamonal

I got 100%.Thank you ,i’m totally happy!

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my quiz emma:
You got 9 correct out of 10.
4. Exaggerate the following sentence:
She has ___________ of money.

a lot
x millions and millions

“Millions” might be exaggerated, but the structure doesn’t work here. my wrong answer

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great lesson! Thank you.

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Hello Rebecca. Hope you are doing well. I haven’t seen you in ages:) I was busy with my awesome tourists from Bulgaria. hope if you can come one day and visit Jordan.

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Thank you
I got 90%!!

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got 9 correct out of 10.
while i got tons of money :(

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Ms. Rebecca i got 10 out of 10 thanks for the new lesson.
Your teaching style is killing me.

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I have’t seen you in ages. Where have you been?

Profile photo of Serwatkhan89 Serwatkhan89

Zillions and zillions thanks,Rebecca,you are so f… good.The best.The real deal.
This was an extremely awesome lesson I ever had
in my entire whole life.

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always distinguished in your manner ,,, thank you

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Very useful. Thanks Rebecca.

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Thank you my dear Rebecca

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dear Rebecca

Thanks for the useful tips.

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Thank you teacher Rebecca!

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca! The lesson was totally awesome, :) Also, I loved it when the examples are classified by type of word. See you, then.

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In sense to pay a homage at the extreme I reached 1000%kkkkkkkk.

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this is a huge lesson it has a tons of information
actually we always like to exaggerate things
h have found this lesson beneficial for me .
thank you

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How good!thanks.

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great lesson! Thanks

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Thanks a lot.

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thanks you

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Thanks a lot Rebecca!

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very very heplful in daily english conversation,i have watched lots of your lesson and i found out there are three points i really impressive about you Ms.Rebecca,the fisrt one is your voice, very clearly and sweet, number two is the theme on your lesson is close to daily life and easily to learn too and especially the last one is the way you organised everything is logic and simple to learn, so this is just my perspective,hơpefully you will allway be healthy,happy anh make more english video like this.thanks you very much

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I got 8. I love u ma’am as a teacher and as a person,too ☺

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thank you ma’am i got 100

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thanks a lot

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Rebecca is total awesome teacher I ever met in my life! Sounds good? :)

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you..

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:)) millions and millions of thanks

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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10/10. Thank you Rebecca.

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10 out of 10
Thanks millions

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Got 10/10 Thanks

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I got 100points.
Thank you for Your good lecture.

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Thanks a lot.

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