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Thank very much engVid for all those efforts that you give us.

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    You’re welcome, Khalid1977! It’s our pleasure. All the best to you.

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      Great class as usual dear Rebecca. Oh my Gosh! You explain everything with great ease. As for the examples, context helps us to undertand much better how to use these two question words.

      Now, we’re ready to put this into real practice.

      Thanks a million Rebecca.

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10/10 thx teacher :)

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    so do I 9/10.The best way to improve english skill is to talk ,read,listing as much as possible .So don’t hesitate and join some skype conversations/fb groups

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Simple and clear as usual.Thanks Rebecca.

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100 thx teacher :)

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Hey Rebecca!
great lesson, appreciate it.
would you mind next lesson to go over the “future perfect”, for example:
I will hav finished cleaning the house by the time mom arrive.
couldn’t find any leasson regarding this topic.
wishing you all the best from Israel!

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    Thanks kindly for your feedback and lesson idea, Naor575. In fact, I was planning to do a lesson on that topic! As we say in English, “Great minds think alike!” We use this expression in a joking way when we want to compliment ourselves and the other person. All the best to you from Canada, Naor.

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you have been teaching very interesting and easily understand. Thanks a lot!

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What kind of food do you prefer?
Which do you prefer among pizza, lasagne with ragù and tortelloni with sage?
I personally recommend them all!
Dear Rebecca, you are always very clear.

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Thanks Rebecca, this lesson was great and easy….I got 10/10…I alreasy finished my english course.but is good to learn more and more :)

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Is there a similar site for SpqnishM

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Is there a similar site for Spanish?

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Thanks teacher, we hope long standing life for you.

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Thanks Rebecca!

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca!

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I got a perfect 10 on the quiz! :D

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    Me too

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Thanks Rebecca for your wonderful explanation between what and which. Finally, I did that 100% answer accurately.

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    Thanks and congratulations, Anuproy. So glad you found the lesson helpful. My best wishes to you, today and in the future.

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Nice and clear as always Rebecca! The truth is, until now, I didn’t know when to use what and when to use which. So thanks alot for this lesson!

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Thank you Rebecca !!!
Very good this lesson as a repeating-lesson for me !!! :-)))

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Thanks from Turkey

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Thank you, Rebecca. It’s very important to study the difference between these words. I wish in ‎next lessons to study the difference between some words, such as wish and hope, furthermore ‎and however, and because of and due to… etc.‎

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Thanks Teacher Rebecca!
Now I understand more about using appropriate questions by choosing those words.

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    Congratulations, Ye Yint Aung / Albert. So glad you found the lesson helpful. How wonderful to have lived in so many different places, and to have been exposed to different languages and cultures. I wish you all the best, wherever your may find yourself.

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Thank you so much. It is really a simple, great, and helpful lesson.

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what do you think about this lesson?
this lesson is great!
thank you, Rebecca!

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You’re truly the kind of persons who make difficult things easy
Thanks Rebecca

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    Thank you kindly, PacoBe. You made my day. When you can touch people’s hearts in another language, you have achieved success! My best wishes to you.

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Very nice explanation, I used to mixed them up when it came to speaking. Thanks a lot Rebecca. These video lessons are quite important since they fill the gaps in my mind.

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    Very well expressed, Fernando. Thanks for your kind feedback. One small correction – you should say “I used to mix them up.” If you decide to do the IELTS someday, as you mentioned, check out my site: goodluckielts.com. Your English seems very good, and I am sure you will reach your goals. My best wishes to you.

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Thank you Rebecca

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

Great Thanks

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Got 10/10 ☺ . Nice lesson. You are looking cute And smart Rebecca .keep teaching us. Loads of thanks .

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Excuse me tutor. May I ask you to teach us how to make complex sentences, which second parts start with that, wich etc. Thank you Rebecca.

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Thank you Rebecca! I got 10/10!!!

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A very good lesson to remind us about the correct use of these words. Thanks Rebecca!

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Thank you

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Thank you Rebeca

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Thank you Rebecca. You are a good teacher. At the begenning seems too easy, but it has a secret.

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Thank you

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Hi Rebecca, thank you for the lesson, I got it! Greetings from Brazil :)

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thank you very much

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Thank you very much

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This is the question: Which is the correct answer – “what” or “which”? now I have the clue! Thanks Rebecca, you’ve clearly explained the use of those words. I wish you all the best.

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In the video, for the first example,(time 5:25)
you say “What should we say: What or Which?”
There is two options to choose “WHAT” or “WHICH”. So I think you should say “Which should we say: What or Which?”

Am I right or not?

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so easy

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Thank’s teacher. 😊

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I would be very obliged if you can give some lessons on how to use “aint”.

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I do appreciate this lesson, the first of yours (Engvid is new for me).
For the choice of kind of computer, I choose “which”, because there is just a few kind of computer. If the word kind disappears, “what” computer becomes true. Do you agree ?
Thanks for all !

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca!

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I get 10/10….thank you very much teachers.

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Thanks a lot.very helpful class.

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thank you very much

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Thank you, Rebecca!!! Your lessons are always very clear and helpful!! Please keep teaching us!

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Great lesson. Thanks Rebecca!

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thank you so much for your amazing lesson.
i have some misunderstand in the quiz.Please help me.

(what) is for general.
(which) is for specific.

8. Alice: __________ did you think of my presentation?
Jeff: You did a great job! It was very informative.

I chose (which) because they are talking about specific thing (my presentation?) but when i got the result of my quiz I got 90% and one wrong answer in just this question. please can you explain to me?

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    its better to use what because there is no specific presentation(what kind of presentation)

    Profile photo of MACHOZIJ MACHOZIJ

      good evening to you my dear Machozw. I don’t agree with you because she used (possessive determiner)
      that’s was (my) she said (my presentation) in this case presentation is specific and the answer of (Jeff):’You did a great job! It was very informative’.His answer Indicates to specific question from Alice.

      I sincerely hope to you to have a nice time.

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    The correct answer is; What did you think of my presentation?

    The reason? We are referring to all kinds of possible, general responses to this question. It is like: What color do you like? Here too, we are referring in general to all the colors in the world.

    In addition:”What do you think?” is also a commonly used general expression. The other question would be: “Which do you think is better – the blue shirt or the red shirt?”

    Hope this helps!

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      thank you so much Rebecca for your explication

      Profile photo of MACHOZIJ MACHOZIJ

thany you somuch for this explane

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your teaching is very good

Profile photo of amirsaeidi amirsaeidi

your teaching is very good i got 10/10

Profile photo of amirsaeidi amirsaeidi

100 excelent class

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Thanks Rebecca for this amazing lesson.You are one of my favourite teacher.You make learning fun.

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That is an amazing job you are doing! It has been so helpful. Thank you all very much!

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thx for this lesson

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Thanks a lot.

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Not very complicated lesson, only two options but very useful revision of the general and specific context that we could find when we are speaking or talking about how transmit our ideas and thinking. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, it has been a very fun and amusing explanation.

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Thanks Rebecca. The lesson was very useful. You explained it easier. I have got it.

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I got a full class thank you and for your nice simple smile✨

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your way of teaching is so good.thanks a lot

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8. Alice: __________ did you think of my presentation?
Jeff: You did a great job! It was very informative.

Hello teacher, can you help me please?
For this questions, I put “which” on the blank space. But I’m wrong and I don’t know why.

Profile photo of LucasBonanno LucasBonanno

    As explained above, there were no specific answer choices provided, so we use the general question word “what”. All the best to you, Lucas.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you Rebecca excellent way to teach. What kind of chocolate do you like? :)

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The best lesson on Wh question words What and Which
I’ve ever had.Perfect. Thank you,Rebecca.

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    Thanks, zigmund! So glad I could help you. I wish you all the best, my friend.

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Thank you 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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thank so much I some times get confuse which i should choose which or what.

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Thks, I got it.

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Thanks so much Rebecca, and sorry for commenting so late. I´ve been busy this week.
Excellent lesson as usual :)

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    Always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend. Hope all is well!

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dear teacher i am good in english but the real broblem that i have i don’t have enough words in my memory please suggest me some power full and usefull ways.
thank you

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thank you, excellent way to teach

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Thanks teacher. I got it

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    Ah, mr.zen, you said the magic words every teacher longs to hear! Thank you very much and all the best to you!

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Thank you very much Rebecca. You have great fun how to make things easy . I would say, it is very useful lesson but credit goes to your experience. I would like to draw your attention about English tenses because I many attempt but I did not commanding position, every time I am confuse all English tenses.you are requested to arrange all verb tenses.

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Ass always, it is an interesting lesson. Thank you so much Rebecca.

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Thank you for your explanation. It was great!

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thank you so much you are a greet teacher

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I would love to see this lesson. Thanks sooooooooo much Rebecca. I love it!

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Simple and good. Thanks

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Thanks dear Rebecca. What can I say about your lesson? I like it very much.

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I’m going to learn more vocabulary.speaking and grammar lessons!I answered the last question ^_^
thanks a lot!

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10/10 Thanks Teacher Rebecca.

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Great explanation. Thank you so much, Rebecca.

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Thank you soo much Rebeca I appreciate your class, but I have a question about the word see and watch in the middle of your class you used the word to see a movie and in the question you used the word watch a movie, Can I use the both words, when I say about movies or TV or something like that? Thank you in advance!

Profile photo of Rashake Rashake

    We use both words, usually in slightly different ways:

    Have you seen this movie?
    What are you doing? I’m watching a movie on TV right now.

    Hope that helps! All the best, Rashake.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Thank you Rebecca, right now it’s clear to me. I appreciate it.

      Profile photo of Rashake Rashake

That’s was great lesson for me. Keep working Rebecca! Also I have question for you Rebecca and others witch are reading my comment. What is the best web page or something like that, where you can have conversation with other people. Where you can improve your language. Thanks for answer! P.S Sorry for my grammar mistakes. Beginner… :)

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Thank you very much for this informative video.

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Hi, good day Teacher, is refreshing to see one of your new lessons; Thanks you for solve this mistake I usually make.

BTW: Nice necklace, match perfect with your stud earrings and eyes shadows.

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Thanks alot for your efforts

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thanks for your help

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Thank you so much for your efforts

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Hi Rebecca you always have a good smile on your lips, what is the recipe for being so smiling?

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Thank you.

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    where is Hungary ? in which country you are from

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I didn’t watch the video ,but i did the quiz
i got 10 out of 10

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10 out of 10.

Thanks, teacher Rebecca for your time and support on this video. I’ve been looking for a good explanation about that difference and I’ve found it here. Greetings from Brazil.

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    Glad I could help, Marcos! I wish you all the best.

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thank you Rebecca

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thank you very much

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10/10 i’m so happy :)

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Hi mam, many times I have confused between in these words and before to start conversation I have to thik which word should be right… Now I can choose easily and fast the word

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very good website, and good lesson, thanks very much

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Thank you very much.

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thank you for your beauty smile

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Thanks 💛 that was very clear

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thank you so much Rebecca.

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thank u teacher for this great lesson u gave I have began learn English in secondary school to graduate in it ,in university but I do not where can I use what or which before ur this lesson , thank u again for that lesson and I hope to post more grammar lessons here

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Thanks Rebecca now I will get the show on the road everything I’ve Learned here.I don’t have any doubt after your lesson.I’m afraid I’m going on.

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Alice: __________ did you think of my presentation?
Jeff: You did a great job! It was very informative.

Hello teacher, can you help me please?
For this questions, I put “which” on the blank space. But I’m wrong and I don’t know why.

Profile photo of ayse-nur ayse-nur

    I wonder how
    I wonder why
    Yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky
    And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree))))
    Look. Do you have any specific or limited choice in this case? No, you don’t. Is Alice’s question kind of general? Yes, it is.

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I am new in this website and i found this going to be very helpful for my writing skills.
Thanks so much. I will spend every day 1hrs in this. Thanks

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Thanks a lot . Very useful.

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I love your lessons!

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Great way to teach! really very useful.

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Thank you very much. it’s an excellent video.

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Yuhu 10/10 I’m so happy! Thank you for great explanation 😊

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This website is very helpful

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thank you i am so happy

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Thank you very much. I enjoy your classes!!

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i want my classes from basic where are the lessons of ESL

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God bless all of you great teachers. Good work

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Thank you Rebecca for this great and clear lesson. I make only one mistake. Is it possible to ask an information about an expression “To put oneself in someone’s shoes”. What is exactly the meaning of this sentence? For me, two possibilities: take the place of somebody for example in a job or a figurative meaning put oneself in

Profile photo of mclaude mclaude

the place of an other people when somebody has a problem about heath or life.
Good week-end. Thank you for your real help. Marie-Claude. Excuse-me for the 2 messages

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thanks for the lessons… i like very much..

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Thanks alot teacher

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thanks maam for ds tutorial.god bless u

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    I very humbly request you please don’t use false spell even you know better English than me.

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what subjects do you teach students?
Dear Mam,

above the written sentence is right or not.
and thanks for clearing confusion between what and which

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i got it thanks alot

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thanks Rebecca for this lesson.My mind is clear now on this point.

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thank you very much engvid. i hope its make me perfect about English.

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good presentation for this lesson and i wish for you more and more of progress

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Very interesting topic

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Thank you Rebeca! You are the best teacher! I’m from Kazakstan. I’m learning English, because I want to study abroad.

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It’s a miracle . I got all rigth

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Thanks engvid it so helpful for me

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Who the … is Alice? And what she’s doing here in this quiz?

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Which country would you like to go, Mexico or Honduras?

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My first comment heeeere! (y)

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Thank you Rebecca I got a 100% Not bad for a 72 year old

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i like this page and theory was very nice, thanks rebecca

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Hi Rebecca, Thank you as allowing yourself to be an instrument in helping us learning English easily the best way you can be.

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great!!! 10/10

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thanks a lot for this lesson, the different between what and which is now really clear!

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It’s clear now. Thank engvid.com

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What kind of sports do you like?
Can you tell me which one correct? As you mentioned, the question word WHAT is used for general. I understand that, but I’m not sure about the object. Can it be plural? Thanks :)

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Which kind of books you want to read? Islamic or history based?
Is it correct ma’am?

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(2)which will you do today, playing cricket or watching movei??
Which of the above option is correct??

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