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thank u so much .
i like how rebecca explane everything.i wish she was my teacher years ago in school so now i m going to have all that troubles with my english.
good luck :)


    Your welcome and Rebecca is really helping me i got 100% on my my language test


    Ty Mrs/Rebecca


Thank you very much for the information about Essay’s

I’m having my first TOEFL next September and I’m very nervous.
grammar, listening and comprehension english?
Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards, and congratulations for your wonderful work.


I meant If you would help me at suggesting me any site where i can find information in order to perform my grammar, listening and english comprehension…?


Can you send to me all video clip about learning English?
My email’s levannam@mof.gov.vn
Thanks so much.


I`m going to lean english but i need help .
i`m abiginner


    and a small outer?




Hi first . lam start study English since February .i need help .thank you very much…

ahmat almakiny

    i’m grathfull for help guys i wish you put some conversation videos please for helping hear perfectly ..

    madsteven joseph



Hello Rebecca,
I really like your course, I have found it , when I google to find some
materials about TOEFL. Your explanation is clear !

Your are also good looking !

Thank you !


Thank you Rebecca about your nice English lesson I hope to find all vidio grammer ,my be I’ll having English grammer with Rebecca if she is Teacher inhouston.please if any body good webesite for English send to my e mail…..

Mohamed Eisa Nasr

Hi Rebecca,
your style of teaching is excellent.Can you help me to correct my written english if i send it on mail.the other formality iam ready to fulfill.
let me know.thanks.


Hi Rebecca,

Hello Madam, How are you. This is Vinod.R from India\Karnataka\Bellary\Hospet. Madam your teaching is very understandable, your way of speaking, face expressions, demonstration and pleasing voice admired me lot. If u can, please teach all the other tenses in grammer.

Thanking you,



Hi Rebecca,

Hello,Ms Rebecca How are you. i am kashani baloch from USA/FL/jax Ms,Rebecca your teaching is very amazing and magical , your teching is admir me a lot.we requst you from Our deep in hurt please keep in touch and please teach all the other tenses in grammer.we want all the tenses plessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Best regards


    please is spelled p-l-e-a-s-e


Thanks everyone for all your kind words. Teachers appreciate positive feedback, just like students do!

Vinod and Kashani – both James and I will be uploading some more lessons with the English tenses so please keep checking back on the site.

John – I have sent you an email about the arrangements for correcting your essay.

Sorry, Mohammed, I’m not in Houston but if you come up to Toronto, I’d be happy to teach you.


Hi, Rebecca

Thank you very much for your information. This is very helpful website that i have every seen. please tell me how can i improve my grammar, and writing ?


Hi Rebeca, you are a great teacher…your vedios help me a lot…….i recently approach this site and find your lessons………i feel it will make defference in my english speaking…i want some more lessons about english grammer used in conversations in america………..can you tell me proper link or send me on my email? it will help me a lot. Thanks


Hi mam and sir,
u both have given me a lot of information about the english.
I want to thank you very much.
But I want more videos where can I get?


Hi Kuku

A good book for improving grammar is English Grammar in Use by Ramond Murphy. There are many books for improving writing. Depends on what kind of writing you need to do. For the TOEFL or IELTS essays, you can use some of the exam guide books such as Delta or Barron’s which are quite helpful. Have a look at the Writing section of http://www.goodluckielts.com for sample essays, keywords and other tips. All the best!


    I loved this suggestions :D


Hi faiyyajshaikh

Glad you found the videos helpful. We are working on more lessons. Please let us know if you have any special areas of concern and we will try and address those topics. Good luck!


Hi anilbds1984

Glad to hear the lessons helped you. The grammar used in regular conversations in America is pretty much the same as anywhere else. However, the pronunciation can vary and words are often joined together in casual conversation so “Would you” can sound like “Wouldja” and so on.

We’ll try and put together a lesson on this for you. Thanks for watching.


    Hi Rebecca your lesson helped me too get a 100 on my language test Thank You


u r a nice teacher Rebecca


    And you are a kind student, Honda. Thanks. All the best to you.


      hi dear Rebecca!!! i’m from Afghanistan-Bamyan, did you hear about Bamyan??? however,
      so i want to be your student in the intermedate level, so could you please guide me about this? please please help me, so i love to be your student.

      gulaqa yaqubi

      Hi Robecca , could I use this sentences ( I am going to go to thailand )and ( I am going to com ) please explain me thank you very much


Very lucidly presented


    Thanks. My best to you.


Nice lesson,Rebecca!

Sometimes we just ignore the difference between “going to” and “will” because they mean kinda the same, but now I know the difference. (planned and unplanned)

Talking about Future Tenses…
I just wanna ask: When do we use SHALL and SHOULD?


    Thanks, Nilo.

    First of all, shall is used more in questions these days, not sentences, For example,

    Shall we dance?
    Shall we go to a movie?

    It is a very polite way of making a suggestion or offer or invitation.

    Should is used more to imply that it is a good idea that something is done. For example,

    We should really stop smoking.
    You should wear a jacket. It’s freezing outside!

    Hope this helps!


Thank you Rebecca 4 giving me a good english lessons.
I hope to see all english lessons in this site and good luck you all


    Thanks for your feedback, Priyantha. My best wishes to you.


Thanks of million

In my country we respect the teachers and we respect him/her equal with god bcoz who show the right track a beginner and shape his life
I am really happy and kind your team and management spread free awareness of ESL to all over the world .

You are really a good Teacher.



    Thank you for your very kind comments, Sunil.

    I really appreciate it, and when students respect the efforts of their teachers, we have a win-win situation where everyone benefits. Good for you that you know how to receive, which is as important in life as knowing how to give.

    My best wishes to you.


hi james i would like to ask you about some grammer


thanks, I’ll implement this or I’m going to implement this


    Good for you, Weer. All the best to you.


hey teacher..
when ever u teach me i feel that u are great …


Hi there

This was my first lesson here in EngVid. I think it was so interesting and could understand so well the concept of the lesson, despite the fact that I have a lot of problem to understand listening.

Thank you Rebecca


Hi Rebecca
I’m really glad to find out your site since it is the greatest site I’ve never ever seen one like it. Also, I’d like to thank you for your work as a teacher for hundred of sudents; I really admire you as a teacher and I hope you are my teacher at the University.
I’m a new student in this site and I’d like to aske you to give us more lessons about several tenses.

A new student values you as the greatest teacher.


    Thanks, Lisa. So glad I could help you. I wish you the very best with your English.


    Hi Lisa. We’ll be adding some lessons on various tenses in the near future. Keep checking the grammar section, and thanks for the kind comments.


Thanks to everyone for your comments. It really gives all of us here at engVid a lot of motivation to continue recording new lessons and to know that we’re helping you.


Hi Rebecca,
Your teaching is wonderful.
I am sitll confused about when I should use future tense like “will be +gerund”. what differences between “will be +gerund” and will + verb”, when I use future tense?

Sarah (from Vancouver)


    The difference is this:

    In the Future Simple, will + verb, you are describing an action that will happen at a particular time in the future. For example,

    It will rain tomorrow.

    Susan will watch TV tonight.

    In the Future Progressive, will + gerund, the action you are describing, will be in progress at a particular time in the future. For example,

    The children will be sleeping when I get home.

    The action of sleeping will begin before I arrive home, will be in progress when I arrive and will probably continue after I arrive.

    Hope this helps!


fist i’m a man my name’s jama i’m staying in norwey i heppy to learing engilsh, and i’ll heppy i wish winnig


    I’m glad you’re happy to be learning English. Hope we can help. All the best to you.


Oh, I am here for first day and I made mistake:
First I made quiz based on this lesson, and after that I saw the lesson from film.
Now, I can make the quiz without mistake buth it is late.
Thank you Rebecca.


Hi Rebecca,your explanation on the use of the future tense is clear and helps a lot.


thanks Robecca your lessons really help me a lot… thanks again :)


hello rebecca,
I really like your way of teaching. you are so straightforward and to the point. there is no scope for any confusion when one listens to your lecture. good job!


I have a question relating to the future tense lesson.
You said if it is planned, you use ‘going to’.
ex: I am going to visit my mom on sunday.

But I was wondering if we could say the same planned thing by using WILL which is normally used for unplanned activities.
ex: I will be visiting my mom on sunday.

I would be very thankful if you could clear my doubt.


    You could certainly use “will” and it will be understood, but usually in conversation we use “going to” for planned activities.

    Hope this helps. My best to you.


also I would appreciate it if you could give a lesson on when to use the following sets of words:1) also,as well,even,too.

2) end,finish,over,done,complete.
ex:class is finished or class is over.
ex:you finish your homework or you complete your homework.

3)many, few,some,much,more,less.


I know im asking a lot of questions but after watching your video I liked your way of teaching so much that I wanted to get all my doubts (which i’ve been living with for years) cleared . could you also tell me the difference between several and many.
ex: I have many friends or I have several friends.
ex: many people were crossing the road or several people were crossing the road?


    You never need to apologize for wanting to know more! That’s a very positive act.

    There is no difference between “many” and “several.”.

    They are synonyms, used to refer to countable nouns.

    All the best to you.


Thank you!!! This lesson was vary useful for me. Your lessons help me to understand how to use English language in real conversation.


I truly enjoy listening to your lessons. Can you explain this sentence to me?
I could see the waves lapped against the rocks. Someone told me that I shouldn’t use lapped. Thanks.


Thanks for adding me as friend in engvid.com Thaaaaaanks…….


So will future is uncertain when used in conversations and becomes certain as soon as it is written on paper?

If will is more formal, can’t I just use will all the time, when writing and conversing?

Thank you.

PS: In the fifth question of this quiz is a typo. It reads regis(t)ered, without the “t” in brackets.


    I have fixed the typo in the quiz. Thanks for letting us know about that.


Halo Rebecca
Thank a lot for your lessons but may i know what is the different between will and shall how and when can we use them.


Wow you are so good thank’s Rebecca i want more for video than’ks again


Thank you very much for your teaching in English I learned a lot of different used in terms of communications and the correct usage, I am one of your vivid fans, in your English club, more power to your group.

ben topacio

ji thank you so much i anderstand this lesson well


Hello Rebecca!Thank you very much for your lessons!I m Josie Im from Checheniya.maybe you have heard about it.I try to do my english better and you help me in this way!Thank you again!Good-luck!


hye Rebecca Mam,
good evening,
you are so nice and cute teacher.i feel glad to know u,when i get through ur lessons.these lessons are very helpful for me.can u plz tell me about english literature literary terms i.e political allagory,satire,irony,sartorial imagery,fable and epic etc.m reading novel THE ANIMAL FARM BY GEORGE ORWEL and i need some notes on it,if u dont mind can i send u these questions.if there are any gramatical mistakes in my email then plz tell me.waiting for ur reply


Hello. Teacher. Im from Korea. I visiting to your lesson first time. It was interesting and i understand this lesson. Thank you so much Teacher.


Hello. Teacher. Im from Korea. I visiting to your lesson first time. It was interesting and i understand this lesson. Thank you so much Teacher.


Im so happy for than ,I have a good but ,very good teacher Rebecoa , I understand a lot . My languaje is spanish ,is dificult for me the english. Tankyou so much . Im from Nicaragua , Im living now in Key West Florida USA.

Rene Tellez

Hi Rebecca,
I like this lesson too much, Could you please explain more lessons regarding all tense like Present perfect, past perfect,future perfect and more lessons regarding tense.These lessons will be usefull for all.

thanks a lot for this lesson.
Rupali (India)


Hi mis this is Selva.I’m in canada. I’m lernig english in a adult centre. First time I got lesson from “you tube” and got your web address from it.Now Everday day I’m using it to study english. Your lesson was great. Very good explainig. Thanks a lot for you mis. I am 100% sure you are doing very well. Thanks again to you and engvid.


hello teacher,could you explain more about future progressive for me…thanks a lot…


hi!..in the following question…The Bank has made an official announcement that it _____ lay off 500 employees next month. Everyone is really tense.why did we use WILL?..i think it should be going to bcz that’s plnd..


you are great teacher!!!


hello ma’m……..i liked your each n every video on youtube….i m looking forward for one one video for each tenses bcoz this is a weak point of my english….you r a very gud teacher and i respect you a lot….i think….you r teaching with very basic ideas so that any average student can understand your lesson….it will be very helpful for me as i m preparing for my toefl…..
thank you so much….
take care.


I’m going to visit John and
I’m visinting John on Sunday
are two different things.
At the intermediate level it is important to make the distiction between using the present progressive and goint to to express futurity.

You are misleading students when u say you can say
I am going to visit John and
I am visiting john on Sunday
mean the same!

Please read Leeach Geoffery’s Meaning and English Verbs

George Varughese

very good explanation! Thanks.
I think about the Present Simple tense. It is also used to talk about the future events. For example: “The game starts on 6 p.m.” I would love to hear more about using correctly the future forms.

Good luck!


Thank you very much. Your video about the future tense is great and helpful. It gave me a clear idea about the future tense. But I am still confused abou using the future simple perfect and the future perfect continuous. Do you mind if you send me more vidoes about verb tenses on my email: zokaalwan@hotmail.com. thank


Thank you for your help and God bless you , I’m student in Greenwich college in London, I learned English ,greet all member of staff.


Hi Ma’am Rebecca, I’m a Filipino and i’ve been looking a site like this for a long time. I’m so glad that i found a teacher like you here, i watched some topic on video to your demo and it is helpful to learn and to enhance my knowledge. Thank you very much, more power and God bless!


thanks for these lesson i am glad to learn english


You had done a great job Rebeca …….
I m quite impressed about your work ….
I wonder if i get some more English lessons from you,I would be highly obliged if u can send some English lessons to my email id….


nice lesson
i got 90.00 in the quiz


hi Rebecca,
please can you explain what is a diffrance when we say
“i will” and “i shall”….thanks


thank u very much. How important and interesting lesson that was!


hello rebecca plz i want u to send me your email in order to give u my essays to correct them.let me know plz very soon.thx


thank you


Thanks Rebecca,there is really a slight difference between the use of “will” and “going to”;
Remark: I think there is a trouble with this video, the picture and the sound are not enough clear.


    You are right, nabeyle. This was one of the first engVid lessons, when we did not yet have proper equipment and YouTube’s video quality was very low.


i would like to get good lesson about


Your way of teaching , pronunciation is amazing….


HI REBECCA, i wrote you before, to let you know
i realy appreciate all the help that you provided to increase my english thank you


Hi Rebecca, I was doing some search online when I came across your website and I just wanted to let you know that you’re an excellent teacher. Very simple, yet very useful. You’re amazing! Congratulations!


Hi,i’m interesting English more the past because of you.But i’m not enought for visiting America.I’m going to skil english every day.Thank you


I’m freaking good a t this, got 10 out of ten… Rebecca, thanks for helping me getting this across…


hi rebecca ds s anne from phils…wow! this is my first day in your website,it really helps me a lot. How I wish you were my teacher when I was a student…thanks again! Take care and God Bless You!


hey! i m really thnkful to you . i m student of bcs in pakistan but i am very weak in english but after looking this video i m hopful that i can improve my english thanks


I would like to hear about Future perfect continuous and Future simple perfect tenses. Is it possible? Please,help me! I’am counting on you! Thanks.


This is my request to you please if i do any mistake to solve the quiz, web site must flash the correct reason in front of the question-answer, though i could understand how i did mistake.


    Hi vijay. Some of the quizzes do give you the reason that the answer is correct, but not all. I will ask the teachers to write these explanations for more answers.


Dear admin,
this is my request to you to improve the voice quality of the videos, i think you peoples are using hanging micks for sound recording, instead of that you should use shirt collar mike or may be something else like that, so that the quality will get improved. currently there is a little-bit echo in almost every videos.

i hope you will consider my request
and this for madam Rebecca – VDO was nice madam..!
thank you


`Congratulations for this site and thank you for teach us so many usefull things. I live in Argentina and told a lot of frends to visit this page. I would like to known more about verbs followed by ing or infinitive. thank you very much


Thank you
That’s really helpful


    Thank you Rebeca for your all lessons, it’s very import for me to learn and I hope you ca n teach me and other learners more in the future.
    Thanks million


..Good day..I took the quiz ma’am Rebecca and i found out that if the sentence is an interrogative sentence it should be “going to”, may i know why? it really confused me… thank you…

tAtay Manz

Many thanks for your lessons, they are fantastic


Hi, teacher. I have some questions to ask, do you mind to explain it to me? Thanks.

1)The Bank has made an official announcement that it _____ lay off 500 employees next month. Everyone is really tense. Why the answer is ‘will’ since the Bank has made the decision?

2)_____tomorrow? Why the answer is ‘Are you going to work’ and not ‘Will you work’.

I’m confusing about these questions and hope to get teacher’s explanation. Kindly thanks.


    me too
    but 2.question is right


thanks teacher,it’s help me a lot


hi mam, now im in india, i finished M.PHIL economics. but im not speak english fluently.i got married, my husband in canada,after 6months i will be there.i want primary school teacher.what qualification there need, i don’t know, could u tell me mam…?i have lots dought, i hope u, sure u will help me.as soon as possible for me ,im waiting ur ans mam.u class is very useful and also confident to me. thanks lot mam


thank u rebecca you are the best of the best.but pleas can you help me i have a lot of meastak in writing


hi rebecca thanke you a lot pleas answer me


thank you guys

madsteven joseph

thank you very much. tour class help me a lot. GOD bless you,


Rebecca is the best I love she .she is very good teacher thank’s a lot


hi rebecca
i want to thank you for the splendid lessones and clear explanations


this is the first time i watched your video and it was great.loved the way you explained each and everything by giving examples for clear understanding.I’m definitely going to watch more of your lessons.. Thanks.


Hi Ms. Rebecca,

I am a beginner and I really want to learn proper English. May I request a chronological list of lessons so I will know which lesson I should take first.

You prompt reply is highly appreciated.

God bless you


Thanks Rebecca,for your great topic on your lessons.I got 100% in the quiz.


hi..Rebecca, it is a pleasure to have found your site, as an english teacher i sometimes find difficulties in teaching grammar, but when i see and lesten to your expl, i find it easier now. thank you so very much


You are amaizzzzzzing
thank you very much


I’ve understood , al last, the future tense.
I do appreciate so much your lessons .


Great website. You are explaining very clear. Thank you very much




Great Thanks


your lesson is very useful rebecca however may I request you to teach us a lesson about come and go. Ex. Are you going with your husband to a cinema? or Are you coming with your husband to a cinema? Thank you!


Thanks, Rebecca great job!


Your teaching style is amazing, hardworking and interested. Thank you for your effort.


thanks, Rebecca


thank you so much rebecca

modibo diabate

Thanks a bundle.. :)


Dear Mada,

i have Enjoyed your Video class. but I have gig problems with Spelling. It is making very band face from my office. So please can you help on this matter last 4 yeas i tring but not…
God Bless You


Dear Madam,

Dear Madam,
I can speck good English but cannot write I mean my spelling very poor please can you help me


thank you so much and you are my beautifull angel i love you miss rebecca



Your audio in this class was not good. It was hard understand what you were talking???


    It’s an old video. Our new ones have better audio. I will give you your money back.


Please I would very much like to know where to to use phrase verb:WILL ang GOING TO when talking about the future events.


with it’s exception to the rule just i there any.

I wish you a nice day



All of you is my teacher. Thanks for your teaching Alex


hi rebaaca, i lestion your future tense presentation. i easlly got the point

thank you


great lesson. im going to learn english from such a nice teacher that is Miss Rebecca.


Thank you so much you’re awesome! maam if do not mind i have one question to you.. I know in English there is one word, but there so several meaning like for example the word.. ANGRY “synonyms” ANNOY. IRRITATE. MAD. FUMING HEAT…
Example: Madam Rebecca got annoyed with me or
Madam Rebecca got mad with me or
Madam Rebecca got heated with me!
Plz correct me maam if I’am wrong because I was very confusing of that word!

Reynaldo Q Paquingan

hi Madam,I am so impressed from your teaching I listen your teaching every day.I am learning a lot of from your teaching Madam what can I do to improve my speeches give me advise please I shall be very glad your student Mohammed zubair afghan

mohammed zubair

thank’s i learn more and more things of your english vedio once againg thank you very much


Thank you so much you’re awesome! maam if do not mind i have one question to you.. I know in English there is one word, but there so several meaning like for example the word.. ANGRY “synonyms” ANNOY. IRRITATE. MAD. FUMING HEAT…
Example: Madam Rebecca got annoyed with me or
Madam Rebecca got mad with me or
Madam Rebecca got heated with me!
Plz correct me maam if I’am wrong because I was very confusing of that word!

Reynaldo Q Paquingan

Thank ur useful videos.Now i can distingue between “going to” and “will”.I hope to receive many useful videos about some other topics such as sport,movies..
thanks a lot.


dear rebecca thanks for helping me with ur brief lesson.I just joined ur lesson recently ,it is wonderful.Iwas wondering if you could tell me about this guestion,iam alittle bit confused .The bank has made an official announcement that it-lay off 500 employes next month.every one is really tense.
i thought the answer is going tobut not, is it not a planned action?it says bank will announce next month.


Miss Rabbeca,
You are really a teacher. Your speech could be followed easily for me. Thanks


Thank you Rebecca fo this lesson!
Edyta from Poland


You are the best !!!


yet i can do the test 9 in 10 coz of ur teaching very clear i love it..xxooxx.
i am going to be a good student …:)
thanks in laos we say khop chai


oh no…I got low score in this test..I’m still confused how to use will and going to..huhu…


hi, i have seen some of your lessons. your method of teaching is great. i really loved your style and way of teaching. could you help me in speaking English fluently. thanks


    reply me rebeeca


Hi, Rebecca, I have a question about tenses future, If it was the sentence ” I’m visiting London on Sunday” will be for future, but if was ” I’m visiting London” will be just present continuous. Did I use” will be” Correctly ?
ex: These buildings will be the biggest
or these buildings are going to be the biggest
or these buildings are being the biggest.
thank you very much.


    Hi, hudhayfah27
    I think
    1. These buildings will be the biggest. – It means “I think they will be the biggest” (only your personal opinion). Am I right?
    2. These buildings are going to be the biggest. Again, you make a supposition that they will be the biggest (considering certain conditions). This is more sure.
    3.These buildings are being the biggest. That is not correct. To be is a stative verb (in this situation) and continuous can’t be applied here. Take a look at https://www.engvid.com/english-grammar-stative-verbs/
    and http://engtek.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/stative-state-verbs/ and study.

    The question about “I’m visiting London (on Sunday)” is interesting. I want to know correct explanation, too.

    Good luck!


very knowledgeable


Thank you so much ms.Rebeca 8)


thank you Rebecca for your useful lecture .
I didnt understand this question:Isn’t it a planned action of the bank?
The Bank has made an official announcement that it _____ lay off 500 employees next month. Everyone is really tense
-is going to


Thank you for Lesson. It’s great!


Hi, Rebecca.
You are a great teacher and you help me a lot.
Thank you.

Elva Verlang Kramer

How intersting it is! I’ve got a lot of knowlege and it is also presented in an easy to understand way.


hi rabecca,and thank u soooo much.u done amazing job gud luck…….


you are far more understandable, thank you!
10 out of 10

huseyin çeri

Thank you teacher.


Hi Rabecca

I have no words to say how much you help me to improve my English, both the grammar and the vocabulary . You are so clear, your examples are perfect to understand the topic you teach and i will continue watching your videos as much as i’ll have time.

Many thanks



thanks very much for your video English teaching.
it is really benefit improve the my english. i am so thanks your perfect teaching.

meng hoa

I like your method
keep going


I like nice teaching


Hi Rebecca,I was wandering if you could please answer me about time management I have know idea what I’m going to do.
Thanks for helping


Hi teacher!
Could you please give me a while to tell me what are differences between your English and American English. Sometimes I got confusion between them. That gives me hard to explain to pepeol. I mean pronunciaton.


@@!!! This lesson was in 2009 so was the teacher.


mam i need your help to learn pls


hi mam


hiii rebecca how are you?you are really a good teacher…


thanks for all video is very good
and this is wil help me to improve my english


thank u so much .
this is will help me to improve my english


Can I just use will in both of them?
I kinda got confused, so can I use will in both?


And I always say I will have my test tomorrow
Is that correct? Eventougt I knew it going to happen


Thank you so much for your videos. These videos could improve my English.

Bunseang, Phnom Penh

Bunseang SUY

Hi Ms Rebecca.thanks a lot for your lessons.i’ve made the quiz and done a mistake in the question about the bank that has made an announcement.why shouldnt we use going to instead of will?due to the fact that it has been planned.could you explain it if possible?again thank a lot!


Thanks for teaching diff in future tense


Hi madam thanks a lot for ur nice teaching. I want to learn english so i want to come to canada, now what can i do? Please informe me. i wish u Good luck.




    Your welcome and are is your last name osalavan


Good examples. Thank’s a lot Rebecca.


Rebecca, you are lessons are simply superb. I do really appreciate your presentation skills. Really i learned a lot from you,and as a teacher,I thank you for you services…


    I am sorry, please correct my mistake..
    i wrote it as ‘you are lessons’ instead of your lessons…thanks a lot..ragu


what is the present word of Know


what is the (future) word of (Know)..


thankx rebeca i like ur lesson so much amr from egypt


thank you teacher.


excelent lesson.Thanks Rebecca.I am 54 years old but today I have laarned how to use them confidently.No need to read grammer books ıf someone understand what our teacner says .Thank to youtube .Bcs I reached through their website.

Safak Erman

Thanks lesson.But I get bad score in this lesson.I think I not understand the sentence expression.So I’m going to know again.


thanks a lot


Great lessons and very useful for speaking skills. Thanks


thanks for your excellent lesson


thank you so much Rebecca
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It’s absolutely going to help me!


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My korean teacher always taught me that “be going to” is used when the future is close and “will” is used when the future is far. So I knew like that until now. However, after listening your lecture, I’m able to clear the conception of both. Thanks Rebecca ^_^


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What have you planned, Gladys? are you going to have a big wedding?

whether HAVE YOU used in the above sentence can be written as YOU HAVE.


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hi. I did’nt underestand question number8 n 9 of this quize. would you explain for me please.


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Hi,Rebecca!Please,explain me what the difference between using “related”,”concerning”,”regarding”,”engaged”,”in terms of”?Thank you in advance!


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this lession really help me to understands future tense. but madam i want more full lessions on each and evry lessions .
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sometimes both options seem to be correct, i did the quiz and scored 10 out of 10, but to be honest sometimes it wasn’t totally clear which of the options were wrong or correct. Is “I’ll” just preferred in the sentence at the end of my comment or really the only correct answer grammatical wise, because both sound correct (I’ll / I’m going to ) and you could argue that it’s planned that he is going to speak to his family about the job offer.

“I just got news of the offer, but I’m really not sure what to do. I think _____ talk to my family and then decide whether to take this job.”

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Hello. Was wondering how I base my practice? . Many thanks


hii.rebecce your teaching method is exellence.. m facing some difficulty in would have been..could u plz male me understand.how and when to use it..


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I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you , dear Rebecca , my teacher and adviser.I have benefited from your guidance , great kindness and patience and I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.
I hope you were near me and be supervisor me .
I found you late .


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Hi Rebecca,it was a very helpful lesson for me. Thank you very much. These days I’m studying grammar a lot. At an English website, I learnt that there was a form of “be going to have done”, “be going to have been doing” and “be going to be doing”… Are these forms more usual? Can we use them as much as “will be doing/will have done/will have been doing?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks very much.


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pl.give lesson on future perfect and future perfect continous


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thanks for your teaching,i need complete tenses lessons.Would you please send video links to my mail ID: ravichandran757@gmail.com.


Rabecca,There is a sentence in your quiz.It is The Greens are going to send their children in the French school. They have already registered them.How you use the p.p in the last sentence whereas the Greens are going to.

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Hi Rebecca, First and foremost,thanks for your excellent English lessons. I have one question. I can’t understand at the end of the video when you say ” I hope __________ to make that clear to you and good lock with your English”. Which are the words missing?


Although I put it will for getting full score , I still think the right answer should have been ‘ it is going to lay off some staff. ” Because a bank seldom makes decision lack of plan.


Nice to meet you Rebecca. I have a question. On quiz number 3, why “He is going to” can’t be an answer? I don’t understand. The suggested full sentence is “He’ll” probably go home before coming to the party.


Thanks Rebecca, it’s clear now.


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Hi Rebecca, thank you for your lesson. Sorry if I bother you, one question: I am Italian but when I talk with English people everyone is immediately sure that I am Spanish. Why this? Do I have a wrong pronunciation? Thanks in advance.


Thank you and I scored 100% in this lesson can you teach more lesson on this chapter?


Hi Rebecca,
When should we use the present continuous with future meaning and when should we use the going to?

I understand both are planned, but is there a specific case when we need to use the “present continuous with future meaning” and another case when we need to use the “going to” future? Thank you!


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I didn’t know the difference between these modal verbs…

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Hi,miss! can I ask you some question please,with sorry! what’s the difference between ‘wanna’ and ‘ gonna’ and when do we use…


Hi,Rebecca. Thank you for your video, it is very helpful. Can you upload a video teaching us how to use Does or Is when


we use to ask a question.


I am very confuse, I don’t know when i have to use “Do” or the verb to be “Is” when it comes to asking.


what i mean is ask a question.


Thankg got 50%.

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Hi Rebecca! At first, thank you so much for this lesson. Although it seems to be easy, actually it’s not! I’m happy to get 8 correct answer out of 10. That means you helped me a lot. Thanks! During the quiz I had a question. Would you mind answering it, please? There was something like “the parents send their children IN a French School. Why not to say “TO a French school”? See you! Bye-bye.

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I am fully aware of the different usages of the future tense with( going to, will and the use of the present continuous). Personally, I consider this tense as one of the easiest tenses to deal with in the English language. However, I have always wondered, why do I sometimes hear or read statements that are clearly were somehow planned and yet were expressed with “will” instead of “going to”?. After watching your lesson, it totally makes sense now!.

Thank you so much.


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amd the Present Continuous with a Future meaning.”

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rebecca , first of all i wannan thank you for this lesson
seconly i want to know why did we choose (will)
in the sentence no 6 ,alyhough we have a period of time

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Hi Rebecca. I have two question:
1)Min. 1:58 you say:” this is a way to indicate that the action WILL happen a little bit later” can i use” is going to happen” too?

2) A friend of mine flew nach Paris and for example i would like to ask when she intend to come back…how sholud i ask: “when will you come back?” or “when are you going to come back?”



very good rebecca

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Interesting! thank you :) !


Hi,Rebecca. I’m from Malaysia. I thought I’m quite good in English as I can speak, read and write but now just i know my grammar is so poor. It’s really hard even i have learned it before.
Please help me on the quiz of question 6.
The bank has made an official announcement (isn’t it “planned”) on next month (“present continuous”). So i choose “is going to” but why the answer is “Will”
Hope to receive your reply soon. Thanks


    because that is a formal sentence


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i need help to start in helpful way which tenses in grammar should i beginning with ?


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I dont understand why in number 6 the answer is that. I supose that the bank had plan to lay off employees?.


It’s not clear fro me, when can I use will and when I have to use “I’m going to…”


the sound it is not so clear but you have amazing explaination thanks ?

issa arch

Hello Rebecca! I have a quastion! Why have we
used the “are you going to” in 9 quastion but not will you? After all one who was ased didn’t say that he decided to sell house exactly.


I got 5 of 10 questions correct! So definitely this lesson is very useful for me to practice, I didn’t know about this grammar in detail, thanks a lot.


dear rebecca
thank you a lot. anybody cant teach grammer as clear as you.you are the best


Correcting my comment above…

There are two controversies here. Number 1 – “Since we’re not done”… Hasn’t the speaker made a plan to call when he or she gets home?

Number 6 – The bank has made an official announcement… Is it not a plan to fire the employees? In my opinion number 1 and 6 should be “going to”. Please help me Rebecca


Thank you so much
I’ve done this competition and I’ve got 8
I have answered wrong answer on two questions
6. The Bank has made an official announcement that it _____ lay off 500 employees next month. Everyone is really tense.
.. here
and here
9. _____ sell your house? Please let me know if you are. I know a really good real estate agent.

I have got the lesson
Thank you again


your lesson almost caused to remove my all problems with future tense i wish i could appreciat your efforts


I just got 8 out of 10 .Not good to me .I need to practice more ..


Thank you so much Rebecca, like always this is very useful. Thank

Marta Lopez

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Hello! Manhã thanks for this great lesson and cronograma for this work


your way in explaining is v easy thank you Rebecca <3

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hi, Rebecca i wanna to ask you an explanation for the answer of question six in the quiz why the answer is will + verb


Hi Rebecca I want to know what’s the difference between future progressive tense and future sample( be+ going to +verb)

It seems the same because we planned for the both action right ?

suzan ali

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Next month, I’m going to take IELTS exam, and may be i will take it on 21st January.
Mam, is it right sentence ? I’ve used both conditions (planned and unplanned) in my sentence.
I’m waiting for your precious rejoinder…

Muhammad Saad

I’m going to go to South Korea next month. I’ll be back home in between May or June. This is an example not real sentence. :)


    but you sure back

    ahmed khalifa

Unbelievable i got 8 out of 10,i am always unable to distinguish from each other.


thanks a lot that was very useful and also clear.


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that’s very useful.


Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for this course.
I don’t feel in my best form.
I didn’t understand 2 things relatively to the quizz.
2. Have you decided if _____ attend the lecture by Prof Williams?
Response :you are going to
9. _____ sell your house? Please let me know if you are. I know a really good real estate agent.
Response :you are going to :Are you going to

Is going to , is to be used only if planned.
Wwaiting to read your response.



thanks Robecca

ahmed khalifa

oh, thank you very much, Rebecca! you explained how it works. thanks!!!




Hi, Rebecca, Do you have text book for each lessons ?


I am going to the university library at 7 p.m
Would you like to come with us. We are going to the restaurant tonight .yes I will come with you.
Dear my theacher Rebecca could you tell me if these sentences are correct or not in grammatical way I am waiting your replay
Thank you for every thing


Dear teacher I know that I wrote theacher and it is incorrect……sorry


6. The Bank has made an official announcement that it _____ lay off 500 employees next month. Everyone is really tense.
is going to

Rebecca, isn’t the Near future something pretty sure? in this case, the bank sad something that certainly will happen.


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you.

M kartal

Dear Rebecca, I am a new member of the Engvid community. I love the way you teach in fact, I would never stop watching your videos.
Could you please explain to me why I should use the form TO + VERB+ING sometimes? For example, “I have devoted my life to helping people”. Did you make a video of this lesson? Thank you


I’m going to study English on engvid in every morning,maybe I’ll leave a comment after every lesson.


    Please do!

    engVid Moderator

Isn’t “an official announcement” considered as planning? in Q.6 ? shouldn’t we use going to instead of will?


thank you Rebecca


you’re a good teacher.. I got 90%


Thank you, Rebecca!


Hi Rebecca. Thanks a lot for helping us in your language.
I made 3 mistakes in your exercises and think they are all of the same kind. They were nr2,9,10.
In all these cases there is a question. The person who asks doesn’t know if the person who answers has planned/decided or not something.
My question is: each time we ask such questions, that is we don’t know if the person has decided/planned or not something, do we have always to use the form “going to”?
Thank you in advance for your explication.


Thank you Ms. Rebecca.


I think the easiest tens is the future but after watching this video I changed my mind TT
Thank you


i got 7/10


thank you very much

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Thank you so much Rebecca for this video. I am going to teach ESL online soon to Japanese/Chinese students. That is why I need to review all of the English Tenses to deliver it to students in a more fluent way. Your videos were a big help. Happy here that I got 100% in this topic quiz.

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I watched this video twice on July 30, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten out of 10.


Thank you a lot.

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Can you teach clearly about the differences between “be going to” and “present continuous”. I have a little bit confuse about them. Thank you so much. From Vietnam <3


best regards Rebecca (Kazakhstan 18 oct2021)


Thank you. That is very useful.


Rebecca you rocks!


Rebecca .. you rocks!


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It seems that when asking questions, you usually use “be going to”?

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