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Thanks Ronnie! It was a fucking interesting video. Some of idioms I knew, some are not.
So, I wish you Happy New year and good luck in 2023!


    f*ck is a bad word

    Apple Bloom

Sorry, but I can’t see the video.
Happy New year.
Feliz año nuevo.
Feliz aninovo.

Enrique Otero

Why can’t we see the video?


    Sorry, YouTube didn’t like the video. It should be fixed now.


please how to speak l perfectly listen,read,writer but don’t speak why?


Hi Ronnie, my name is Emiliano and I just want to say thank to you for all of your lessons, where you are teaching English without giving a fuck of what the others person thinks on the way that you taught. You are an interesting person. Thank to you for teaching me English. Someday I would like to have conversation with you in English.


Thanks i knew some idioms before but it’s okay and i like ur style of teaching and let’s fuck it

Faisal Abdulsalam

So fun… love that ! Thank you Ronnie !!!

Eric Lavardin
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