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Hello Gill! Thank you for this fascinating video. Could you create a video in the same format but about The Brontës’ poems, please?


Great lesson and great poem, thank you!


I got 7/10, the lesson is very hard, I must to rewathed sometimes, because it’s a poem so it is difficult for understand, and it’s quite length so also concentrate instantly in 30 minutes, anyway thank Gill so much, hope next lesson is better

nguyen van long

so exciting lesson, thanks Miss Gill


Beautiful poem, it really touched my heart and I almost cry.


Emma, thx a lot!


Wow! Another treasure that I found on EngVid!
Gill, I loved this class.
I studied “Letras” I mean, “Portuguese and English” at Colege. We read some poems by English and American authors, but I didn’t know English enough to understand them.
That time, despite not understanding the poems and sonnets very well ,I had already enjoyed them a lot.
Nowadays, I know the English language better and I was delighted to attend your class and get to know this beautiful Sonnet.

I am from Brasil and the history of Emma Lazarus’ ancestors became well known here with archaeological findings from an old synagogue in Recife, capital of the state of Pernanbuco.
Her ancestors must be the Jews who had to leave the city of Recife in 1654. As you said persecuted by the Portuguese catholic inquisition.

I am sure I will see your other classes about poems.

Thank you very much.

izabel gurnet

Dear Teacher Gill, thanks in advance for the time you dedicate to us.
I know this is a quite different topic…but..is there any chance to make a video on the right use and meaning of the word FEATURE?
I really can not understand it…
I’ll mention some examples: (this one comes from films)” feature presentation”, music: “Ricky Martin Fts(Features) Maluma”, ” main feature”, “featured hashtag” and so on…
Thanks again

Non wise Denis

Thank you Ms. Gill again.


    Thank you Gill! Could you do a video With a Robert Burns‘ poem for Burns night?

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