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A good tutor but please try to make each lesson maximum 15 minutes that would be nice.
Yours Sincerely,
Mansour Elsheikh

Mansour Elsheikh

    I agree


Hi James,
First of all I would like to thank you for this good lesson, and I’m sorry I didn’t got a big score, but next time I will.


I try to keep up with the latest engVid videos and I think today’s lesson is really helpful. I improved my understanding and feeling of using between “Excuse me?” and “Sorry?”. I mostly don’t understand what native speaker said at first hearing, so I often said “Excuse me?”, but today I understood that I’d better use “Sorry?” in such situation. I think that engVid videos are also very good for improving listening skills. I try to watch the videos without subtitles if possible, but I felt teacher James speak at a relatively faster speed so I watch his video with subtitles on and I really have to concentrate video not to miss any information he presents. I always appreciate his helpful lessons.

Insoo Yeo

James I love this class!! Thank, Thank you very much.. Kisses from Brazil !


I love this lesson!


Hello….I’m mad keen on brushing my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.


Thank you so much James I will write a letter to someone.

Sunantha Atsawakitthada

thank you teacher James


This is really helpful! Thank you, James. BTW – recently I’ve come across the phrase “Excuse you”, used in situations when someone did something inappropriate and didn’t apologize for that. By saying “Excuse you” you intend to persuade them to act properly.


Thanks teacher James, good lesson!


Very nice teacher but one thing no understand that is English because I am not sure what should I do




Thnx a lot 10/10 can u make a vid about cat behaviour I love cats! 🐈😽.Or vocabularies about the covid-19 that will be helpful after the epidemic.Thnx again!

Lamis Ayman

    Thnx a lot 10/10 can u make a vid about cat behaviour I love cats! 🐈😽.Or vocabularies about the COVID-19 that will be helpful after the epidemic.Thnx again!

    Lamis Ayman

It’s a smart class.

Dinaldo Araujo

i’m so sorry- imagine dragons
Is a sick song


ahhhhhhhh it’s ok I also love imagine dragons


teacher very intersting, your are funny. thanks.

Wilson Barrera

Useful lesson. Thank you James for these nice words and for teaching us how to use them correctly.


I don’t know how I did it but 10 out of 10. Sorry but the border between excuse me and sorry very thin.


you speak very quickly


I wrote this:
Dear Mark
I’m regret for not calling you back yesterday day,
I apologize for that.
I hope you pardon me.
so this morning l knew that your father died.
my condolences on the death of your father.
what do you think?

Ahad zagzoog

I got 78/100!!! Thanks teacher!!


I love your classes. I´m from Brazil…and I learn a lot in a simple way…thanks a lot

Raquel Queiroz

Thanks for this lesson. I am loving every class


Sorry, but you speak too fast for a beginner lesson


I got 7/9


This is my first lesson with you, James. I found so cool the way you drive the lesson. I can reach and understand perfectly the class.
Thank you for everything.


thanks for the lesson! very insightful as always. I got 8/9


thanks for this lesson


Hi Mr.James this video is amazing as always.You are a perfect teacher.And i like you so much♥.And i did 10/10 👍

Laplaces Demon

Hi.Mr. James this video is amazing thanks teacher


Thanks a lot


Hi I need to someone help me

amira abdallah

Thanks James, Awesome lesson.


Hello guys! Nice lesson. I looking forward to learning more.


I apologize for what happen I hope you pardon me for that I regret that I drive too fast for no reason and kill that family my condolences to Ahmed’s family and I hope that one day they will pardon me.

What do you think MR. James ?

Zahra fathi

I only got 68 points,but I learned something.Thank you.


hi james im happy to join this lesson even i got 67 points but it helps me to learn english


I got more than 60 points. Oh well, to be better you will do it again and again to be better. Oh! By the way James, I am so happy your my teacher.


How have you been teacher James?
Could you please prepare a lesson for me on translation techniques?

Nano Laurent

Thank you so much James for these lessons, I really feel that help me. I got 9/9 ;)


78 thank you


I love it very much! Thanks and keep posting more please! Love from Philippines.


I really entertained myself in class and I learned to use the grammar of when it is used and I learned something new that one is an adjective and the other is a verb and it will help me improve my grammar

att: Rafael Gomez greetings from Colombia


Hi.Mr. James this video is amazing thank you


Hi Mr.James.thank you for this amazing class.I have got 90 points in the exam.


I love the way that James taught, funny and useful.


Excuse me? and Thanks James!


Hi am new in this website. How do you known if you are progressing? What score is better.


    Hi, Mary! There isn’t a way to track your progress on the site. You can use the English Lesson Finder to find beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons on different topics, or by different teachers. But you can watch the lessons in any order!

    engVid Moderator

Thank you, I love all your classes.


Thanks a lot, you’re the one.


It is a smart class.Thanks for this lesson


Nice class. Examples were good. I got 9/9. Thank you teacher.


Thak you! 7/9


What if you make the order for lessons, because we would go through the steps to learn english as much as possible?


thank you

sheekh barkhadle

Great job, sir.


Thank You, Your lessons are great!!


Thank you for thıs lesson James :)


Thank you💕

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