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thanks! James. I really like this lesson. Hope you will up more video, Engvid


this is amazing i love this so ****ing good


Hello, James
Thanks a lot for your video class, i aways study a lot with you. Waiting for ur new vídeos.
Best regards,


Thank you James.I enjoyed the lesson so much.Good teacher.


Thank you James. oh is English your native language? :)

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Thank you so much James for your efforts and you are my best teacher .


Thanks James, you are the champion. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to You!

Les (Poland) ;o)


i like your teaching.i want all information about all topic send my email

dipti tanaji kamble

sir I hv learnt this lesson from u and get so much ideas of improve comprehensive . sir I would leave here one question for you how is the best way to read newspaper?


yoouhh!¨¨ i am the 4thr thnks ¨!¨¨it was good

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Thank you so much Teacher.


You know what? Your personality is fascinating ! :D
Thanks for the lesson.


thank you so!
you`ve born a teacher! ;)

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Thnks James ,you are best teacher.

Hello sir



that was really what l was looking for
thank you


muchas gracias!

Shing mang tun

oh Thanks James it was lesson Great.

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Good course, thanks.


Thanks a lot! I’ll try it every day in my busy life)

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Thanks for the lessons!
I’m beginner in English and I have problem with understanding why in 9 point the answer is “rest between sessions” not “every day”.
Maybe I don’t understand the question?

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    I understood the same too. Maybe did he wrong it?

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this is good! pls help me to tech the “o” sound using jazz chant. thank you.


thank you


thank you , your lesson is so nice


this is the best method for learning English
good luck




thnks for your great video


i like your teaching style. its’ really imoressvive method and helpa for beginners


thaaaaaaaaaanks !!! ur soooo coool.
I liked your lessons

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I think you’re speaking even faster in this video, so this class should be for “advanced” students, but I could understand the mean ideas anyway. Thank you.

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hi james thank you a lot for such amazing lesson i want to ask you if this mothod works with stories i mean iv just bought stories books to improve my vocabulary but i spend much time in cheking words and expressions yeah this method is used to and so helpful i used it before the problem that i’d undestood the story infact i did’nt improve my vocabulary i just ran to catch the end of story nothing else soooooooooooo sir how i can get fast in reading and in same time get benifit i mean rather than comprehention i should at least win a word so what’s the key according to you yeah this method is so helpful in class or in exams or tests i’ve experienced is realy 100% useful but what about enjoying reading skill with a benifit mmm how!? plz sir tell me i realy inneed of your help imagine i spend last time 3 months in a story with 545 pags so i’m realy in dilemma so help me plz . thanks and best regards to you James :)

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    Hi Zazinou, I read all the comments here but your English looks very nice. I am really enthusiastic to be your friend through FB or SKype so that we can exchange our educational opinions and can learn English from each other. Please add me Facebook: Sifatullah Safi, Skype: Sifatullah.safi3.

    Thanks a lot
    wish you best of luck

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Thank u for teaching This’s my frist time So I’m a (green horn) Did I Spell Right? I don’t know But That meaning is someone is new Is that right???


nice lesson I really like it

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Great lesson, as usual !

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thank you vere much james and engvid have anaic day


Thanks James. Your tips are amazing. They really help me (;


james you are the best now I could finish my book report and improve my reading :)


Thank you so much james, I really appreciate your advice, this lesson is so useful and im gonna visit this web page more often right. Thank you again. blessings, marry chrismas and happy new year..

bairon stiven

James, Could you make a video about word “pitch” and different meanings of this word. Every time I see this word while reading or watching something, there appears to be one more meaning of the word depending on context. I can’t catch the idea how and where to use it or not to use. Or at least, tell your colleagues to make a video on it.


    That’s a good idea! “Pitch” has so many different meanings–it can be a kind of tree sap, a playing field, a proposal for a new book or movie, throwing a baseball, and more. I’ll add it to the lesson request list.

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Very nice lesson.thank u.

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that s so great


Thanks james .
I need help to understand what I read can read fast but idont understand anything I have ielts test in few day’s later

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Pleas if you can help me

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it actually keep me inspired as reference tool motivating advanced basic building reading lanuage.


Thanks for help the world for free

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good advices!

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thanks very much my teacher ok the easy way to undersood the vido language ok /

fasil kebede


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thank’s james


I want to lean English

Ratana men

Thank you, Mr. James.

My name is Ayik, i’m a student,
and my english is bad. I just searching for english lesson on internet few days ago and found great site, and i love to study in here every day :D

I just finish your lesson about “Reading skills that work” and take the quiz and i got 90 :D
when i take a quiz, I always check which part that i false,
and in this quiz a false on number 9.

“9. Is it better to practice every day or to take a rest between sessions?
– every day
– rest between sessions”

my answer is “every day” but the correct one is “rest between sessions”. It seems weird to me, is there a mistake at your question or i just do not get what the question mean ? can you help me ?

Profile photo of ayik ayik

thanks for the helping ,

Halima saddiqi

Thanks for the lesson and i improved reading by following what you said


Thanks James!! God bless your life..


i think it’s too fast for beginner like me. :((


thanks james. pleaz can you make a video lesson on how to read a novel and benifit from it


hi teacher James (*^_^*) I’m a newbie here! it’s amazing your teaching method is so effective! I really enjoying it! thanks so much!

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I enjoyed it. Thank you James.

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I’ve just found, and i do like a lot this website , Regards from Amsterdam

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thank you

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you are ready for HOLLYWOOD !!!!!!!!!


thank you so much

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Excellent, thanks.

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thank you so much

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Thank you so much

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Hello, I just found out about this website a few days ago and I’m in love already. I have a question: What’s the expression in english James used to say don’t get rid of everything??? (sorry for my bad english. It will improve, I hope)


I often ask myself, why I connot find teacher as James in Italian schools.

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great lesson


Thank you Mr.James . This lesson is very helpful : )

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Thans Teacher,this lesson is very import for me

peter franco

i want kiss you james…


I can not write a paragraph
kindly help me

Waqas Anwer

Hi Freinds, having Engvid a great learn and fun, I am very excited with engvid. I need a some of needy friends like me. I would like to introduce my self I am Daksh from India, I have been trying to speak english for last 5 years, But always found a big problem, I am not from English background, But Now Engvid has given me a boost, here we can learn best. I would like to thank engvid alongwith all teachers, every teacher of it has a different quality, Thanks Engvid. I am looking here a some friends to having chats with me on skype/face book. So lets start a practice we all, My Facebook email ID is daksh12345@gmail.com, Please search me…we must feel different…

Daksh Malik

    Hey Daksh, Sunil from Bangalore India here.
    Still feel u need a person to interact with?

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The lesson is really good, but video has a poor sharpness

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Thank you James.

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improving is the best. thank you James ^_^

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    سلام دوست عزیز. شما از کجا هستین. می خواهم انگلیسی بیاموزم مره در فسبوک اد نمایید.. This is my Facebook account; Sifatullah Safi

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Thank a lot teacher .. This lesson was very usefully ..

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it was important, than you

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very precious lesson

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90 %. Thanks

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Hi James. Great lesson, I learned a lot from it. Got to put on use quickly. Thanks

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    hi how are you my name is jhony i want to meet you if is possible my skype is kamaru67i

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Thank u so much. It is very helpful

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thank u so muchhh

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10 points! Ieeeeei!!!
Thanks! :-D

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what you mean other meaning of important i cannot understands the diction?

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James you’re a great teacher and I like your teaching way,it’s really useful for me.

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hi james i want to ask you a question if you a beginner and u want to reach to an advanced level in english how long will it take for u and with any rate i mean how many hours you will need to study english daily? thx alot james for your effort

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thanks you so much

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late comment but thank you very much

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tank you so much; James . You have an interesting way of teaching we don’t find it with most teachers.

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Thanks.It is difficult lesson.

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Thanks !

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Hi teacher, in my opinion it’s better to learn every day the foreign language and after a few days to take a break, not after a session. Anyway i like your teaching. Keep doing.

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Thanks sir very difficult lesson and hard to understand but useful and I got only 50%.

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Hi, James! Thank you very much!!!!! This is great and useful lesson for me and my friends!
Sonya from Ukraine.

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I hope to improve reading skill. The quiz was difficult for me to understand. But the score was nice for me. Just lucky…maybe(^^;) Thank you for your lesson, James and Mr. E :)

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Hi Jemes,I love the way how you teach and make simple thing to understand! Thanks i got 100% in all of your test!

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James is the best english teacher possibly born.

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hello mr.james
you are the best teacher ever i have seen.

thank you from all my heart :)

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Thanks James it was useful

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Hi James, I like a lot the extra tips about learning … It’s evident that you love your job. Thanks a lot. However if you some extra help with your Spanish or even Italian lessons I’ll be happy to help you. ;)

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You should just starting reading… or You should just start reading… Are both correct?

Profile photo of Perlamar Perlamar

Thank you James. I find your video very helpful. I wish you have a video on how to do the extended responds effectively. Since 2014 The American GED has been change and most of the students taking GED having a hard time on extended responds part including myself.

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Thank you James!

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thank you James.. your are amazing

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Nice lesson.

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How do we ask the 5 w questions? In what section of a story or poem is the introduction and what is a topic? What do you mean by what the paragraph or chapter does in summarizing?

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Thanks James

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You are amazing!!!!!!! Each of your lessons is interesting and easy to understand.

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Sparkle in my eyes!! You are so funny :)

Super helpful !

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Thanks you so much

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Thank for being excellent teacher

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I love this lesson . Great

Profile photo of mmm 2016 mmm 2016

I am a fan of reading …..better video …if any one want to talk with me ib English so my Skype I’d:countryzaib

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Thanks james

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thank you. You helped me a lot.

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I can’t read in correct way in addition I very slowly when I read 😢😭can you give me some advices , please 😯

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very practical ways to make an improvement. thanks a million

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Thank you, Jame. But you know what I have learnt with my English teacher at school, he teaches me to read the questions first finding the keyword of each question then imagine to synonym or antonym of those keywords then try to find them in the text. This is a panic way because I am not a rich vocabulary guy. Furthermore, IELTS’ reading task has a lot of tricks, especially the vocabulary sweep.

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I will have to watch the video again because I have many doubts at this moment about all these concepts. Thanks a lot, teacher James, a very good explanation.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

    Watching the lesson twice aid me to remember some grammatical structures I have listened to the explanation, like what a paragraph means, and it would mean that you understand the main topic and reduce the words that you use to explain it, you would run with a short explanation easier than the original.

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Grate lesson James! Thanks a lot!

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Thank you James.

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thanks James, have a great time

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why will the book talk to us???????

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Actually, I’m not a petson who will comment under video or something like this. But after I watching your video. I want to say thank you so many time. I really like the way to teching. You make I feel like grammar it’s not hard any more. Really apprecited for everything you did and share to social. Have a great life.

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Thanks for the lesson dude.

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