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great website !


    Yes, you are right
    Great site!


    I agree with you Roger. it is a great website


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      Interesting lesson Alex on Internet vocabulary.

      It is a fact that nowadays it is practically a must to be familiar with these terminology.

      Understanding these terms will help us to surf the net with ease, no doubt about it.

      Alex, your lesson also showed us that the English language is constantly changing i.e coining or adopting new words; unlike Spanish that is reluctant to change.

      Thanks a million for this wonderful lesson!

      By for now.

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    Engvid has uploaded this video 4 us
    we will download it

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Hello Alex,Internet vocabulary video is very helpful for all computer users and thanks for the video.


hi Alex !!! yeah this video is really useful for everyone !!! and your explanations are very clear !!! thanks for teaching!!! I hope next video will be about the web too !!!

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very nice and useful lesson, thanks a lot! we hope more and more..


I’m hang over, I can’t think very well. I just want to say take care Alex n’ good freakin’ lesson.

Efrain Dominguez

it is very useful lesson. thanks


I scored 10 out of 10. It’s very intresting lesson. I hope this video isn’t a last and will be others lessons about “Internet Vocabulary”. I shared the lesson with my friends in order to they improve their engl. knowledge.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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Hey Alex! very good explanation as always! thanks for this lesson! try please to think about doing a lesson about, however, although, therefore,nevertheless, and the others words! how de we use them in speaking with people!?!. thank you!

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I really agree with youssef9’s suggestion. Conjunctions are so important while we are speaking in our dailly conversations. So useful sharing, thank you very much for your contribution Alex!

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Thank you for taking the time to make these videos .They are very helpful.
I have watched every single video on here , it took few weeks to do , but its was a very good experience.


Mr. Alex you have a great & clear specking power. You have an excellent accent. Keep on it!


hello Mr Alex,
How can you help me in how to evaluate my writing. I am practicing on writing letters & essays but I don’t know which score I deserve!!!! I hope to reply me soon.

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Hi Alex,

I don’t quite understan the term “stream”. Could you explain more clearly please? Thx


hello very useful lesson thanks


i like your lesson so much you’re very clear to us and i hope you can visit us in Iraq/Mosul city to meet our student face to face

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hi Alex! million thanks for the
lesson on internet vocabulary. you
presented it well with clear voice.
more power to you!

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Hi Alex, thanks for this lesson. what does “here we go ” means. i have heard it lot from native speakers. or could u please upload a video for it and other similar slangs( sorry i don’t know whether it s slang)


Alex, what did you say 2:46~ “I’m not blah blah”? I sometimes hear this sentence from online, but I’m still confused. Could you please teach me?

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    I’m not Alex, but I think I can help you. If that’s wrong, Alex will correct me…
    He says: … I’m not going to write the definitions cause I know you guys have seen the first word specially, you must …


      Thank you so much, Ruben. That cleared my head.

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Very useful tips on using the net.


Hi MR.Alex
I really don’t know how to thank you and the other teachers with you.i really exciting on your explaination.i have one question if you don’t mind to answerme what do buffering and my computer’s taking forever.forever.
Warm Regard.


It’s great

Manoj Barman

It was great. Thank you very much for the lesson. I need it so much.

Nataliya Kim

Hi all
I need someone to speak with me to improve my skills in English , please

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thank you sar

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Thanks for this lesson. Greetings from Poland. Zyga


    You have poor football team – last place in the group A EURO 2012 Hi Hi


I just found out you said “I’m not gonna~”. Thank you for the good lesson.

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thank you for the lesson is really great.


Thank you for this lesson

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Well, buddy, I have to tell you that this is a must for ESL students as well as for teachers. I just love the spontaneous approach that you use to present the containts. Congrats, Alex !


Online: Connected to or stored on the internet.

Modem: A device that allows computer to receive and send information through lines of communication, such as telephone lines. For example, dial-up internet access uses a modem and a telephone line to connect to the internet.
Dial-up access is usually slower than high-speed access, or broadband, like a cable modem or DSL. DSL is a different way of using phone lines to connect to the internet, and a cable modem uses cable television lines for internet access.

Link: A connection. When talking about computers, a link is a connection between one document or website and another document or website. If you click on a link online, you will be taken to the document or website referred to
in the link.

Blog: This is a journal you make and keep online. It can be open to the public to read, or you can allow only certain people to see it. This word is short for web log.

Chat room: An internet location where you can have almost instant communication through typed messages with other users whom you might not know.

To IM: To instant message. To send and receive brief messages from someone or more than one person almost instantly in a conversation-like way over the internet.

Discussion board or forum: A place where you write questions or thoughts, and other users read them and respond.

To post: To make something available for the public to read. Specifically, as related to the internet, it means to put information or questions on a discussion board, forum, blog, etc., for others to read.

To pop up: To appear on the screen. A pop-up usually refers to a new browser window opened automatically by a website or program. On the internet, pop-ups are often advertisements that appear as new windows. There are many programs available that “block” these pop-ups.

Spam: Emails you did not ask for that advertise or promote something. Also known as junk mail.

(Internet) browser: A program designed to help you look at information on the internet. The action of looking through different webpages is called surfing the internet or browsing.

Skype: mursaleen_1

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    Thank you for your vocabulary list.
    Dou you know whether the word spam is a abbreviation or just one word. Thanks!


    thanks for your vocabulary, its really helpful
    thanks Alex & mursaleen45

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    Thanks a lot for this valuable information Nursaleen45. No doubt about it, this complements Alex’s video-lesson on Internet vocabulary.

    You made a great work!!!

    All the best to you.

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Hello….,I don’t speak,study English well,so I need to improve the lesson English.

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thanks a lot for a very good simple English lesson!


God bless you master.

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Teacher, would you please explain us the difference between WAR & BATTLE.
Many thanks…

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    LoL,,I guess you were watching → The WWE When Triple H said “you won the Battle,I won the War” weren’t you?

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      Definitely not.

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    War is military conflict between two or more countries which over months or years.

    Battle is military conflict between two enemy armies or smaller military units that occur on 1 or more days.

    hope that help

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      I appreciate that..

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very nice and useful lesson for me. XD

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thanks for the lesson. would you please clarify the below sentence.

Ambulance belongs for the people.
Ambulance belongs for the People.


Tushar Singhal

I really like this website especially the Internet Vocabulary. Thank you so much for your lessons.

Quang Nguyên

Hi Alex, you are very good teacher, I wonder what is the difference between hold on and hang on. can you explain me?

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    i think it s the same meaning.
    it means: wait for something
    ex: to keep a telephone connection open

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Hi Alex! I realy like your lessons. They help me to improve my English. Bye-bye.

Nataliya Kim-1958

Please advise the difference between log in and log on

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Useful lesson. Thank you

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hehehe this is like a game and I win hehehe

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Hi Alex! All I think to say just now is: thank you very much for another useful lesson!

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thank you mester Alex four your lessons

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I like so mutch!

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    I liked so much!

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Hi Alex..! thank’s it was useful for me.


hi Alex thnx ur helping ur a wonderful teacher

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did we need to put “…ing” after every phrasal verbs?


Would you like to do a lesson about the use of “Before & Until”

Franco from italy

James you need to teach english better


Hi, Alex very interesting and useful, really my congratulation for choosin a subject like that.
by the way Alex. Could you please explain to me. What is the meaning of nerdy and geeky?
thanks a lot.

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Thanks Alex !!


its relly good way to learn

thank you


i can`t watch anny lesson, it said it´s not available, why? what can i do to start with the lessons videos?

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Thanks a lot for this site. This is exactly that i am looking for to study.

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hi Alex
if study all the lesson in this website then will i be able to speak english ?

the other problem i have that i have NO one to speak english with …what should i do

after one year from now i will grabuate from english department and i will be english teacher

please give me an advice


sir you are my best English teacher…..thank you very much for your kindly contribution for build up our knowledge….. thanks again…..

Ishara kapuwaththa

I have not missed any question quiz!

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hey, could explain the differences between “EITHER, ALSO and TOO?

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8 out 10 not so bad, thanks for this lesson Alex, i was refreshed on my internet knowledge.

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Hi Alex,

Very good video… it helps mainly for those guys whose native language is not English (like me) and also for all native english speakers that use Computers.

Thanks alote keep it up


Hi,Alex thanks for give me information about internet vocabulary

Ruhul Amin jafor

nice :)

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I like it, thanks a lot for your helpful lesson

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really nice lesson


Good lesson! Thank you, Alex!
Doing the excercise I didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘buffer’. What does it mean?


Thanks Alex. Useful class. I would like to know the difference between( in . on ) can you explain me it?


Hello Alex!
I am from Poland and I know how difficult is to express myself in English quickly, thank you for your great job!

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    i too poor in english ,lest we should help eachother

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whats up Alex ? “:”_)what about the twitter ? can we say “twit me ” ?


Dear Alex,

I have started your English course today, and I have really appreciated it and of course you. It is great!!!


Thank you Alex.


i simply love it


Thanks a lot Alex, Your job is so helping and useful.
Thanks also to Mursaleen for his accurate additions.


It was a very practical lesson. Thanks.
And by the way, if I may,the difference between downloading and streaming a file (video as an example) is that when you stream a video the program used to watch it treats the information at the moment you play the video and then puts it on a temporary folder, on the trash or erases it. When downloading, the file (video as an example) goes to a default download folder or to a folder of your choice and then you can watch it later and of course offline.(disconnected of internet).

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Excellent weblog right here! Additionally your web site so much up very fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your affiliate hyperlink on your host? I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol


Hi teachers I would like a video about contability vocabulary and other video about examples to send an e-mail for example asking for information or sending files attachment, etc. Thank you very much!!

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thanks sir for teaching us usefull vocab.

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wlh it is very important to me to learn more different words used in internet just it is easy to me classifying.

faisal duall shire

yes i am faysal listner from somalia ” really i can say it is valuable lesson to know more different words used in internet

faisal duall shire

thank for this lesson


Hi Alex, you are my favorit nerd!!! Great lesson as usual! But I have a complaint to make: The quiz has words that you didn’t teach us, so I got only 9/10… :(There are words like browser, click, buffering… and expressions like “taking forever”) By the way, what does “taking forever” mean? Is it the same as “taking a long time?

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thanks a lot, it is helpful in my learning process.

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Hi Alex, I have a question about the prepositions used with the word “Internet”:
I’ll contact you on/through/via/by/over the Internet? I’d like to buy it over the Internet/in the Internet? Which one is correct?

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Not bed, 70 %. Thank you Alex.

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60% ): I’m not sure about the word stream?

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    I believe stream means to watch something live from a site on internet without download it to your computer. I hope it helps you.

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Thank you Alex! 10/10 quiz :)

Profile photo of sgmmm sgmmm

I got 6 correct out of 10 :( I was confused. I should watch your lesson and try the quiz again. Internet vocabularies are necessary for users, aren’t they :)
Thank you, Alex.

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Very interesting !!!! It’s a very gooooood website.

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    It really was an interesting class Stsoso. Yeah, I agree with you… this website is marvelous.


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Thanks I got 80%.

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HI Alex…
I could not understand about the word “stream”…
could u explain it more for me ?!!

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    Yep! The example was not clear enough; I did not get it either.

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Thank you!

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Thanks Alex!

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nice lesson!!

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Another amazing lesson as always! thanks Alex!!

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Thanks Alex!

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Thank you Alex,for another good lesson.I dont think anybody else can beat it.
And about Regino,is there a way to talk to you on skipe,you write very well,I wonder if your good at speaking also.r

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Thank you Alex

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not clear with ‘stream’, can someone explain or give more examples?

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very useful
Thanks a lot

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Thanks for this lesson, even if I am down for the points but it is ok. I am keeping on to make you to be perfect. Thanks Alex!

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Thanks God for this Web site!

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Could you please make more lessons on vocabulary related to IT, Computing. Or are there any links to websites for self-study on this topic.

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I sign in to Instagram everyday.

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Thank you Mr. Alex.

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