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excellent audio of you video teacher.

Saturday, January 6th 2018

This was the most difficult lesson I´ve ever watched on EngVid.
Thanks a lot Benjamin, I´ll practice my pronunciation repeating your sentences once and again, although I seem a bit stupid XD

Saturday, January 6th 2018

So basically, the summary of this video is to do a tongue twister for each sound?

Monday, January 8th 2018

thank you my new english Teacher
i want to sh and s different tongue twister
this is required my tongue

Monday, January 8th 2018

Thank you Benjamin

Monday, January 8th 2018

Very interesting and very difficult to practice at first!But I like to learn English in this way.Thanks a lot!

Monday, January 8th 2018

Thank you, Benjamin!

Monday, January 8th 2018

Really unexplainable, really great

Monday, January 8th 2018

Thanks a lot

Tuesday, January 9th 2018

Thanks dear teacher

Tuesday, January 9th 2018

Thanks a lot teacher. It help me a lot

Wednesday, January 10th 2018

That’s kinda weirdo when you try for first time, but when you get it, it awesome. Thanks a lot teacher >< you is awesome

Sunday, January 14th 2018

OMG! Any chance of getting all this text online?

Friday, January 19th 2018

Thanks teacher for these lesson.

Wednesday, January 24th 2018

Excellent exercise,really great! Thanks a lot!

Friday, February 2nd 2018

Thank you teacher! I helps me a lot!

Sunday, February 4th 2018

Thank you sir

Sunday, April 29th 2018

That was very entertaining, I enjoyed it! :)

Monday, June 25th 2018

I TRIED BUT… I can’t repeat “Quickly” fast! IT IS REALLY HARD! ;-; I will try again! ;-;

Wednesday, July 18th 2018

This is a really cool way to improve how you speak. The lesson was fun and enjoyable. Thanks very much!

Tuesday, July 31st 2018

Greats! Thank you so much.

Thursday, November 8th 2018

Thanks Mr. Benjamin!

Sunday, December 30th 2018

Thank you so much Sir. This is really helpful for me.

Sunday, February 17th 2019

thanks for the help.

Friday, April 24th 2020

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