Thank you for the tips Ronnie. How to write thank you letter after the interview ?


i use teams :D

Patryk Szkoda

Thank you, Ronnie, Where is that blue ring?


I’m going to have my interview tomorrow. It’ll be my second iterview in English. I have really bad memories from the first one. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m filled with dread but I try to stay positive.
Thanks to your videos my English have gone much further. Although I still lack of confidence and speaking with strangers especially in English streesses me out.
Thank you for this useful and realy digestible lesson.
All the best for everybody learning English.


    We hope your interview went well, marcin95!

    engVid Moderator

      Thanks. I’m after the interview which went well. I believe I performed well. Of course it could be better. At least it was better than the last interview which was terrible for me. But not this time.
      Thanks to EngVid I developed myself.


Hi, Ronnie, actually I don’t understand total the lesson, it’s very hard to my level and you speak too fast, the lesson is too lengh so it became more difficult. Anyway thank Ronnie and hope your next lesson is easier, thank you

nguyen van long

Good luck to everyone (including me) with your interviews whenever they are! And thank you, Ronnie, your lessons style is so unique, like it so much


Bless you teacher

Mohammed Abdalkreem

Ronnie, thx!


God bless you ronnie


Hello everyone. I discovered this page about two days ago and thanks to her I met a teacher who talks to me, thank you very much Ronnie


hello mam.. r you have YouTube channel for English teaching classes?


can i get your video which is relating burp sneezing and fart sentences


Hi teacher Ronnie,
I am very happy for your tips about several kinds of things, your explanations let me more confident to speak English naturally.
Paulo Vidal
Brazil, Paraná, Ponta Grossa
p.s. your are a great teacher.

Paulo Vidal
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