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    just to say go ahead, thank you very much indeed


    Thanks for the video! Can I have a question: for example: It has been great time (but I’m talking about some meeting which took place a few months ago). My question is: Why is the perfect form correct if the meeting was a few months ago? I’m just trying to find some connection with the present as that is the present perfect. Thank you very much. Adam from Poland

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    The Best At all

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Respect for the video!


HI thank you have very good away to explain the lessone thank you very much I want say this first time I understand the present prefect simple and continuous thank you very and also thank you

good man


Hi teacher, nice tip, but I have one question.
I was thinking about the short activity, What If I said: “I’ve been waiting to get married about twenty years”. would that be right!?
Thanx, keep it on.

Fabiano Oliveira

Fabiano O.



thanks man


James, thank you lot for nice lesson!

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James I want to thank you so much. You do great things for a lot of people who want to learn English. I had seen that you aren’t like other teachers, you’re their chief:d. It’s a pleasure to me to asist at your lesson, because I’ve seen that you are writing, speaking, and drawing while you are teaching us what to do. I found you on the internet about a week ago and I feel that you have a lot of things to teach me. I’ve seen that you use your left hand to write on whiteboard, and I know that you’r use your right hemisphere like I do. That’s why I like your method of teaching. Jams you’r great!!! you should do this forever, I don’t care how, clone yourselfe:)do something. In the last part I just joking. I wiss I had a teacher like you, a teacher who care. But I hadn’t so please excuse all my mistakes. thanx MAN a lot!!! I mean it.

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good teacher.

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I’ve studied english for 10-year and nobody showed me this grammar like you did it.
Tks a lot!

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It is a nice lesson. I liked it a lot. The only thing is that the marker does not look very good. It looks opaque.

Thank you


Hi teacher! I am very happy to find you on online to teache me and others who are very interested in learning the english language. I have been looking for some one like you to teach me the correct English and make me understand the grammer a lot better. I have been trying to learn english for a long time may be from when i was 12years till today. I don’t know what exectly do i need help with but as you can see i can write ,but still i make mistakes here there. May be you can help me to improve my writting and give me some tips.I would really apprecite if you first teach me the grammer rules and may be then i can contiue learning the other english usage rules. I have watched this video where you are teaching english tenses ,but i don’t see the other videos where you are continuing the lessons. where do i have to excectly go to watch the other lessons of the tenses.

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Very good explanation but could you avoid to use light colors? I think dark colors looks much better.

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i like it mmm


Thank you for the lesson!!!


Thank yuo for the interesting lesson. I hope to learn English with yuor lessons :)

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can you help me? i don’t speak and hear English very much. i want to speaks English


Hi James,

what about a similar lesson about PAST PERFECT SIMPLE vs. PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS??



The best!!

Simple and very funny, when I grow up I’d like to be like you.


thank u but Iwant more practic for present perfict


thank you ,you make it very easy for me


Your are amazing teacher… I really love to learn with you…!!! If you teach me… English will be simple for me…….. thanks thanks…..


thank you!!! it’s amazing!!!!


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Châu Nhật Long

Hi James,

I fond of your lessons. You are such a good teacher. I would like to give you an advice.
I think the “how much money do you have?” sentence is not the best example for present perfect because it was said in present simple.
Thank you so much for giving us these lessons.


THanx teacher >>Good job =]

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You are a GRAET teacher. ! thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Teacher..
I have a problem with this following test I found in Internet .
( Present perfect or Simple present? )

I WILL WRITE IN CAPITAL LETERS AND ” – ” ) what I think I have to write BUT i know it´s WRONG and I do not UNDERSTAND WHY is it wrong. ( the first two sentences, I leaved then in blank.( I just wrote them to understand the hall meaning)

1)Daughter: No, I (come / just)……………. home from school.
2)Mother: You (come)………. home from school two hours ago!

3)Daughter: Well, but my friend Lucy (call) …..”HAVE CALLED “…… when I (arrive) ( why(3) is not Pres.Cont. if i do not know the time she arrived?)

4) Mother: (you / see / not)…” HAVEN´T YOU SEEN”…. Lucy at school in the morning? ( why (4) is not Pres Contin.. if I do not know, if is morning now? )
5)Daughter: Yes, but we (have / not)…..” HAVEN´T NOT HAD the”……. time to talk then ( why (5) is not pres cont.. if may be she just finished to phone?

thank you very much for your answer.!!!! You are a GREAT GREAT GREAT TEACHER !!!!


good day..

I have a question..

what if i say “I’ve been waiting for 10 years”.. will it fall in present perfect simple or in present perfect cont??

It confuses me a lot..!!



    I would guess it’s Present Perfect Con’t. Correct me if I’m wrong James.


    Yak Wui, Bong

    I was asking myself the same question. Would be great to get an answer of someone who’s sure himself about this issue :)




Thanks,Mr James.I wonder to have teacher like you in our class.


thank you sir sow much


Thank’s james so much


This lesson was a litle bit for me thank you James.



i wouldn”t talk too much simply u r the best

but I have a question

you said that when we r talking about a long time we use the simple form but if we look at this sentence

we hane been coming here 4 our holidays since 2002

y we dont use the simple form here?
and thnx again

I am looking forward to hearing from u

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and another question
we say he looks tired. i dont think he (has been sleeping or has slept ) very well recently

and y?

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I’m glad that I found this amazing site, because from nobody else I have been learned so much as I do now…

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i don’t understand when you say about”how much”….you say that for present continous we use “i have been waitING….” (for short time) and for present perfect tense we use “i have been”. But what form must have the verb after “i have been” (for the present perfect tense). He must have “ING form”(and we have no difference with present continous) or “ED form” (i have been waited” for 3 years)…..or other form?…please help me !


    Hey Robin ! that depends what you are talking about E.g: present continuos you are describing something in the preent like : I can’t go out now because I am working and you should say I have waited for 3 years and not say I have been waited . I hope it cleans up your mind.

    ricardo alessandro

No quis :(


No quiz :(


Hi jammes
The way you teach is very much impressive.I am your fan.Thanks to helping us by applying different method on us.


hi James ?
could i ask you a question about the lesson , which is how can we turn this phrase into passive ??
” i have been waiting you for 20mint . ”

please ,thanks


Sorry, I don´t understand which is the structural of frase. How I can write a sentence in Present Perfect and Presente Perfect continuous. Thanks a Lot!


Thank’s so much james, you’re a great teacher.


my dear teacher James::
thank you so much for this valuable lesson.

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Thanks , But i have a question :
When i can ues ‘ for ‘
When i can ues ‘ since ‘

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sir you re a good teacher,you example is so nice .my english well be prove here.

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from Thailand


I have been confused about these present perfect simple and present perfect continuous for a long time. In this way, you made it very simple and detailed. You are a good teacher. Thanks a lot.

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you make things easier ,you really do.thank you very much.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Great teachers are here :)


good day.. i have a question…you have mentioned “how much money do you have” is this a present perfect simple question? or a present simple question? when we are discussing a situation or maybe an event under present perfect simple we should also use a present prefect simple question, am i right or not?


hi james
thanks for the lesson it is very usefull to me.But i have a question…
in the example why did yous say >>> i have been married for twenty years and not ihave been marring >>
thanks lot


Good job James! Thank you.


I have grammar test coming up next friday :)
Thank you for the video !!!
James.. I like the way you explain and how you start this video..


you r amazing teacher !!

i ‘ve learnt a lot of things

so thank u very much

Naif Alzain


I have watched your video about present perfect simple and continuous. But i have one question:
Are’nt there any words that i can use in both, my teacher told me 3 words: Work, teach and live, but arent there more than that?
Sorry for my bad english :)

Mathias Sørensen




what about the past perfect simple and past perfect progressive…? I would really appreciate a lesson on these two tenses.


Anil ESL Teacher

this is very good

awad sadiq

How you explain it is very nice.


thanx aloooooooooot
I always return to this wbsite whene I have a grammer exam
u explain better than ma teacher ^_^


James this is owais i have been watching your videos for a long time. i have some problams or i can say some confusion please tell me what is this “i can’t help” i red a sentence i can’t help teasing my mom.
what does it mean plz tell me ?


I have so much respect for you guys thnk you very much im ready to make my test :)


oh I never met teacher who have the way of teaching same as you before.
I use to confuse about these tense.

Thank you


the way u teach is pecfact one i totally out of this world truley speaking

puneet mishra

sir body provide me the rules of tenses on my mail id

i m from india delhi

puneet mishra

thanks james.. i think you are good teacher..

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What about if someone ask me … How long do you live in Canada? my Q is How can tell them?
1 I have been here for 20 years
2 I came here 20 years ago
3 I live here for 20 years


    1 variant is more suitable I think.

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thank you sir so much for this, but can you give the room of the “s” and “d” positions?
because i need it so much, and thanks again

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Hi teacher James I’m one of the new student and i like your lessones,but it’s very short,.
anyway i like to help me betwee(tenses):- ‘past perfec+past simple’and ‘Precent simple +precent perfect’.
thank you for teaching you and all teachers at engvid.

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Thanks for the lesson, it very interesting but the quesion’s it’s too small, and also you need to be display the answer.


Thanks too much James your lesson was useful too much now i understand perfectly what is of the meaning of present perfect




thanks alot
but please change the marker. it’s too faint, i can hardly see .


thank you so much but i little sad , because there are not more lessons about the tenses in this forum .

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thank you so much because you are you are good teacher james


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Please, Is it possible you are putting a test



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I’ve seen it three times.


thank you alot james i m moroccan student and you help me a lot.comez mr hames and visit morocco


Hi James!
Thank you!

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Mukhtiar Ali Gaho

thanks a lot of James, from now there is no secret about pp simple and pp continuous !!! you’re a great teacher, i agree with other friends !!

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i really enjoyed the lession.thank u very much.


Is very funny this videos and quick… It help me so much……I’m learning with his class teacher….thank you


very nice


very nice :D


the difference between the present perfect simples and continuous ithat the first there is a focus on action the second there is a focus on duratin . thank you very much.


hi master james u ur perfect teacher i saw i diidnt saw it in my life u know i have been learning english for 6 mounths in gollage but iam not got sense in them because of my profssor i really dont like them because i didnt understand on them i wish i wish u had taught me please come in kuwait in british council i wonder jioing with u


Thank you very much for your lesson, it’s very useful enjoy


Hi teacher,
I have a question.
If i said I’ve been teaching English since 2008 and i used that sentence for a long time. is that correct?
Thank you so much teacher.


Thank you very much.super explanation.
Now i got confidence that i can learn lot from this web side.
Good job sir.
Thanks again.


presaent perfect = how much how many– result,long time
present perfect con.= activity,short time


plz answer me the action of the present perfect here is contuniueted t the present i ve been a pupil since 2009


thank you very much, your website is a great help for esl teachers..kudos!!!

teacher jet

please, explain the difference between past perfect and past perfect continous tense..thank you!

teacher jet

thanks. but where are the quiz?

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    There’s no quiz for this lesson!

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Very nice!

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thanx for this great lesson but unfortunately i’m still confused


You are the best of the best thanx for your explanaition and good acting play so cool and adorobal you are great


thanxs!!! tenses is really confusing but i guess i’m getting it now
i have question

it …….. for ten hours (rain)
should i take ten hours as long period of time or short
and please do tell me which tense is used here


thanxs!!! tenses is really confusing but i guess i’m getting it now
i have question

it …….. for ten hours (rain)
should i take ten hours as long period of time or short period of time
and please do tell me which tense is used here


Hi…This is my favorite lesson…lol…James u r the best,i listen lesons everyday…Regards from Serbia…


Thank you my teacher Valen could you add all tenses in the lessons please


Hi man! You should learn us the “Who questions”. It’d be nice. And please we need another video about Present Perfect. Keep up the good videos!


thanks !

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Hi James,

thank you very much indeed, I didn’t know about short time activity for present perfect continuous and long time for present perfect activity, but I’ve just learnt the difference.


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the best english teacher i have ever seen. thankyou


thanks a lot…..


Great lesson James. Thank you !


I whish have you as my teacher
if you were my teacher before I WOULD NOT BE IN TROUBLE NOW


Hi,James!Thank you very much for your lessons!

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Hi James!
I´ve been quite confused how to use the Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous a long time but thanks to you finally I understood it!
With best wishes to you EDYTA from Poland

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We love you JAME!!!!! You’re genus. I hope that god will bless you forever! :D =))))
You are the best teacher ever

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Hi James, thanks a lot for your lessons,i really like the way you teaching, i can see when i watching yours videos, you do this with pleasure,you care about all this people who want to learning English!! you born to teaching us lol!! you are the best James, Regards from Brazil


i m learning but want to learn more and more

rafia imran

munir from afghanistan these grammar lessons that you offer are really useful and effective for all English learners. I wish all the teachers the best success and hope to offer a lesson on definite article too.


thanxs james.your lesssen was very helpful to show me the differencecs bet the toe tenses.
these are my examples:
-i have been watching englishvid since 7 clock.
i have watched this vedio since 2008.

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plz share some inf about clauses and sentence


I honestly find it easier just to say:
“have + verb in the past” = PPS
(means something finished)

“have + Been + verb in the gerund” = PPC
(means something goes on)


James, you get all confused. lol. He has gone. it shows no numbers and it’ss till PPS.


Dear My best teacher,
I try to learn from you every day and thank for your spend useful time to teach me. I do hope that i will become English native specker in the future.
May god bless you
Best wish,
Bunthann Cambodian


thank you teachers




Hi James,
I`ve watched your classes since two weeks ago. It`s been very helpful. I`ve been enjoying it a lot.
Tks very much!


James, the reason you think ‘read’ and ‘have read’ mean the same is that ‘read’ is correct and ‘have read’ in incorrect. Your understanding of the present perfect is incorrect. You should not put incorrect information out to 200,000 people. Those people need correct information. Write to me and I’ll explain what you need to know.


hi.thanks for this lesson.I want to leran Future Continuous and Future Perfect.Can yon explain me this grammar?Please.

Profile photo of ilaha ilaha

sir actually i have a question,, there is no knowledge about the word for example where its uses in ………….

have+ing having
used to be
have got to be
have had together i have had food like something please understand about the above mention grammer topics
i want thanks to you by heart specially the ALEX sir i requesting to you sir please understant about this topic you way of teaching is nice and the voice clearty is so good ..


Thank you very much teacher.

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Thank you very much!!! from Ukrain!


thank you so much Mr.James
I want ask you about past perfect simple and when we use it and why ?
hope you are going to make a lesson about it because there is no any lesson on engvid about it thnx again

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Good class. I´ve noticed that your pronunciation is quite different in this video when you say “read”. It sounds like “ready” just in the begging of the word because the letter “e” sounds strong . It doesn´t seem American language.


u r d best teacher.thank u very much.ur way of teaching is unique.


thanks alot. I understand the Grammer from this website
Many Thanks :)




you r faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab….




Hello I’m russian. And i’m writing from Turkey now. Thank you for your lesson. Very helps but May I ask u something? Could you speak more slowly?




Hi! The lessons are very useful but the sound is very poor. We can hardly hear the teacher’s message. I hope that you can improve it. Thank you very much.


    This is one of older videos. Our new lessons have better audio and video quality, Georgeta.

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Thanks a lot! Good job!!! you helped to improve my grammar. I’ve never seen such kind of explanation. You’re perfect teacher.


Hello my name is carol, i´m brazilian and i need help to my english test how much is a long time ? how much is a short? 1 hour is a long or a short time ? Thanks


Thank you :D

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Thanks,you are wonderful my dear.God will bless you for helping your brothers and sisters to rich their gold.


great!! thanks alot teacher


thank you so much Mr.James
I want ask you about present perfect simple and when we use it and why ?becouse Iam don,t understand this you can help me?

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dear james,,,

i have completed in morning
i completed in morning,,which are right please give me your consultancy

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Why I use the PRESENT PERFECT CONTINOUS instead of PRESENT CONTINOUS in these sentences?

1) Michael and I are colleagues. We’ve been working togetherfor two years.

2) Katie and Hanna have been sitting in the park since two o’clock.

3) Shall I remind the waiter about our order? How long have we been waiting for it?

a: Mark isn’t playing very well in this game, is he?
b: No, but I’m not surprised. He hasn’t been practising.

thx in advance!

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Hey Teacher pretty nice explanation, however, I just wanna tell you or request you to reupload this video with a better quality, because the background light did allow me to have a good image!!! please

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great .so far so good

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[…] – grammar video on Present Perfect you can watch as extra study for those of you having difficulty with this tense. For Danish students, remember the present perfect is the same as førnutid. Past Simple is the same as datid. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookDiggLinkedInMoreTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

Intensive Intermediate Class 9.2.12 | English with Renée

keep teaching good work


The same here where is the Quizzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank sir could you give me the meaning of play off


hay teacher .which one is true?
1.how long have u been there?
2.how long do u live there?


good, thanks a lot


Sir, you said in the lesson.(I have been married for 20 years.
My question is that (married) isn’t it a past tense of marry and how it came in present simple and continuous?


I am now not positive the place you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend a while learning much more or understanding more. Thank you for fantastic info I was in search of this information for my mission.


Thank you teacher..Tomorrow I have exam and i must to know exercise and definition of all tense like simpel perfect progressive tense and perfect progressive.!

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Hi. James. I wish you’re fine. I’m going to tell you about this lesson I can’t understand may be I need to watch this lesson again. SO it’s bad manner if you move a lot in the lesson and do some imagine I was confused so I hope you won’t do it again.

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It was very useful!Thanks a lot!


thank you,I wish to read this lesson ,who really wanna know about grammar .


you are a great teacher . why should i go to col

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I have been looking for teacher like you to give me private lessons to improve my English I hope I’LL find him

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i have question
is the present perfect progressive
and the present perfect Continuous the same


i have a Q can we use past tense as well as present perfect for completed action e.g. i offered prayer. and i have offered prayer.plz clear me.


hi james
u r such amazing teacher ,u have that unique quality we must understand what u want to say…………..good job thanks


Hello there, just changed into aware of your weblog thru Google, and located that it is truly informative. I’m gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll appreciate when you proceed this in future. Numerous people can be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

frases de amor

James, thank you for the nice lesson!

Profile photo of elentuf elentuf

James, you’re confusing them, e.g, ‘I have been married for twenty years’, only if you are still married. If you are no longer married, you say ‘I was married for 20 years’. It has nothing to do with numbers. It has only to do with continuation. You’re putting out bad information. You DO need help.
br dot bradvines at yahoo dot com, if you like.


Hi! Great class. Congratulation and go Corinthians!!!

Profile photo of Ricardo Agnelo Ricardo Agnelo

thank you very much for this fantastic video and for your great efforts
I want to ask a question about:
when I use “been” in the present perfect simple like :
I have been married for 20 years
Is it when I’m talking about a continuous action that takes along or not ????

Profile photo of heba28 heba28

Sorry, but one of your examples for the Present Perfect Simple not correct. “How much money do you have?” has nothing to do with the Present Perfect Simple. It’s the Simple Present: something that is true at a certain point in time! Present Perfect Simple is: have/has plus past participle. How much money have you had? would be the Present Perfect Simple.


Thanks for all your videos! Next Saturday I will have the Ielts exam in Florence (Italy), I was a little bit nervous but with these videos, now, I have improved my english……..

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It’s good notes to know ,Thank you .


Hi Jim,
You are a very good teacher, but when your video class was at 7min35sec, you make me confused.
Which sentences are correct?
1. I have been working here for 3 years
2. I have worked here for 3 years.


You have taught for 10 minutes a very good lesson! I have been learned two really useful tenses, thank you.

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    Sry I wanted to write learning

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hi teacher. really you are good teacher. thank you so much.


Thanks, and happy to see you on this website


Thank you very much ,it is really the great project.

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Dear James,please don’t use the light colour marker pen,because I can’t read what you wrote on the board.

lin siew ong

Where are the exercises???? I need them…:/


“What were you doing at 2 o’clock?
I’ve been reading.”(c)
Priceless :) LOL

But we got the concept and that is the important thing! Thank you!


I think that I have just understood this tense.Thanks a lot.

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very good attempt


Hi, James! You’ve helped a lot understand the difference between the Present Perfect Tense and The Present Perfect Continuous. As a Portuguese speaker, those tenses are tricky for Brazilian students to grasp. I’d like to know the difference, if there is any, in sentences such as: “Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve been fixing the car” and “Sorry to keep you waiting. I was fixing the car”. For me, both mean the same. Hugs.


thamks james this is my first time i saw your programe it,s nice n i like it bt i would like to ask you a question.the grammer is hard for me so how do i start garmmer from beggin up to end?


I have found it so useful ;)
so thanks Alot teacher


Great lessons!You gave some tips to teach my students.Thank you


It is correct if I write: I have been watching the games every Sunday for 20 years ….also if the time is long is correct to use the present perfect continuous?


James is a great teacher. I love him so much!

Hey guys, I noticed James doesn’t answer comments!
So if you want to ask questions, ask Emma or Ronnie, for example!

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Very helpful lesson. I also couldn’t understand difference between these two tenses before watching this film.

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Hello my teacher,
You are extremely extremely excellent teacher, the present perfect simple and continues make me confusing all of the time , thanks a a lot for your best teaching , best explaining, best example,GOD bless you, GOD bless you, all of you are the great human for us.


I have confused so much. My teacher in one time taught me. He give an example: there are a fight between a lady and a govement officer who force her to move out her home. But she doesn’t agree. So she yell: ” I have been living here for 4 years”. So when do we use ” I have lived here for…time” & ” I have been ling here for…time”


its so good i can speak english because you i love you


Thanx teacher,Good job


Hey teacher ,I’ve never seen teacher as you (great method )Thank’s alot from Suadi Arabian.I h’ve got benefit form that lesson ,please keep goin :)




thank you

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Very good thanks.


pronunciation difficult to understand,sorry


Hi james
When do u have to use present perfect and simple past. It’s gonna be more interesting and funnier if u put it as a video.i’ll be thanking u .


Great teacher

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thx :D !


Maam, which is correct.
I learn English these days or
I am learning English these days.


i really learn a lot with this page it’s amazing..you’re good teachers :D


Sir.. can you give some lesson on past or present or future perfect progressive tense? I didn’t find any special lesson on that.

Profile photo of Arun Khanal Arun Khanal

James, how do we determine a particular period of time as a long time or a short one? Here, you compare 20 years to 20 minutes. How about 20 hours or 20 weeks or 20 months?
Thank you

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i didn’t understand to much, present simple is a fact, right, example “i play basket ball” it’s a present simple right, why that’s the no. is only a present simple,and the present continues i am playing basket ball, am i right?

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present simple for facts and habits, and the present continues for action in progress now. am i right?

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its a helpful!! thanks

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I have been living here since 2001. :-This is a correct sentence. But u said in that, for long period we use present perfect simple.So confused :(

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Hi teacher, I want to know more about the used of the present perfect and the used to “already, still, yet”,. thanks

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I wonder something
My teacher said we use will+v.1
but at academic said we use will+v.inf
which is correct?

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Teacher I think you said in vidéo after 7:28mn “we can use present perfect simple to tell people we have something for a long time I have been mmmm..?? long time, if you use short time we can use the present perfect continuous I have been waiting, I have been doing mmmm.. short time” but you make me confused, please explain more.

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Thks cool vid, so the present perfect simple is for example when we try to say an activity that we doing that for a long time may a week , month or a year (i have been driving for the 2 last weeks) and the present perfect continuos is the activity that you´re been doning, for example i have been reading the newspaper or like you sed Zaineb i have been waiting for 10 minutes.

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Hi James,
I’m an ESL tutorial teacher for Korean students here in the Philippines. When I taught this to one of my advanced student, she had a hard time understanding the usage of the perfect tenses, as most of our students. It’s a good things I’ve seen your site. Now, I can teach my students the easiest way to understand these tense and especially the usage. The explanations you’ve given are way more different than the explanations in the book we use for teaching, it’s a British book anyway. Yours is simple and clear. I will recommend your site to our head teacher. Thank you so much.

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Teacher I want to ask you how to use Since and For in present perfect and continuous.Im not sure thz teacher

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Thank you very much for this lesson James. It’s the first time that I hear about the differences of time (long or short) when you use these tenses. I’ve been using the sentence “I’ve been living in Japan for () years” for a long time. I’m still living here, so the correct way to say it is: I have lived in Japan for 6 years. Wait a minute, I’m still confused, what does happen if someone asked me….How long have you been living here?

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I hope someone could read my comment :( . I’m still very confused about because I found in other resources that it’s correct to use Present Perfect Continues for my sentence.

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Thank! I only listen your explain because I see nothing on the blackboard. Anyway I understand ewhat you say. Can you make a video of Future perfect and future perfect continuous by using time diagram to explain it. Thank you teacher! Good show!

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Hi james,first of all thanks a lot for teaching us.I am still confused.when we say the meeting has been cancelled.and we have been served.these examples shows short activities or long time.according to your lesson we use present perfect for long time such as i have been married for 8 years.and for shot time we use present continuous.plz help me with these examples.

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One more thing James,She has just had a baby.it’s present perfect or something else?plz give me some examples with have had.

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Extremely appreciated and helpful for me to improve my English practice. #LearnEnglish

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Hi sir
I just want to ask if i want to talk about my friend,
Should i say,i’ve known him for 15 years.
Or i’ve been knowing him for ….
Olso if i want to talk about my study
should i say,i have been studying english since
Or i have studied english since….
And what is the difference between them
I appreciate your kindness and cooperation.

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Hi! I want to ask you about some point. Can we use present perfect with short time? and Can we use present perfect continuous with long time? If can or can’t, Why?

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Can we have present results in the present perfect continuous? I found this example and I can’t understand it at all. “Why do you have a dark eye? I have been fighting”. I think that has a connection with the duration of the action as you said before, because it’s a short action and that’s why I can use it in the present perfect continuous and not in the PP simple that involves long durations. Thank you. Greetings from Argentina

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Once I was at a friend’s place, in America, and I was talking about my country, Brazil.

And, I’ve never forgotten this, a girl, Jennifer, asked me:” Do they speak American there?”

Americans are so used to using the Past Simple
instead of using the Present Perfect,( which is not a crime) that sometimes they simply can’t grasp the idea of the Present Tense.
One thing is for sure the “Have you been to…”
question is impossible to replace by the past,
although they insist on saying: “Did you ever been to…”

As languages are alive, they change all the time, one day this type of question may occur,
but “there’s a lot of water under the bridge”
until it happens.

Do you agree, Professor James?

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oooooooooops, I should have written …”the idea
of the Present Perfect tense. Sorry!

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

James, sorry to bother you so much, but
could you give some examples with the adverbs:
yet, already, still, just, and the prepositions
for and since?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello i have a question,what is different between came and arrived?thabk you very much.

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if compare present perfect continious and present continous that is very good.

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Although it’s an old video, I think there is a mistake between 7,30 and 7,45 minute. The teacher say the same tense for both long time or short time:

1) I have been mmmmm (instead of I have waited, done

2) I have been waiting, doing mmmm

Would you mind answer it? Thanks

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One of the most important videos in my opinion :)

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I’d like, if it possible, put examples on board. I believe that see the text could help more than only speak.

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It’s a bit distracting >_<

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Hi teacher!I have a question. Is it possible to say “I have been having this car for two years.” Or” I have had …” which one is true?

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Hello dear James,

I have a question. As you mentioned for short activities we use ‘present perfect continuous’ & for long activities we use ‘present perfect simple’. but why you don’t use present continuous for this example: I’ve been waiting for 20 min. ?


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Present Perfect Simple for long time situations and Present Perfect Continuous for short time activities, that is what I have understood. It’s useful to identify when we have to think in them. Thanks teacher James from EngVid, very interesting lesson.

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Hi James,
You are the best so far out of all the english Teachers.
I wish i could have read your videos before.

Keep up the good work.

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A thousand of thanks for all your lessons! They are unforgetable due to your personality! As for short and long activities – I have been angry with you for 10 minutes. Is it correct? If it is, the reason might be the stative verb to be. Or he has been writing his book for 10 years. 10 years is long even for writing a book, but Perfect Cont. is OK for this example?

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Hey. Thanks for the lesson. But I have a question.

I have been living in İstanbul. Is this is a wrong ? Cos Im still living here.

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Hey. Thanks for the lesson. But I have a question.

I have been living in İstanbul for 20 years.

Is this is a wrong ? Cos Im still living here.

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This lesson makes me wonder that how long is “long time”and how short is“short time”?

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Why the answer to the question “What were you doing at 2 o’clock?” is “I have been reading” rather than “I was reading”?

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Thank you and have a great day.

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Thank you A Lot

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Hey thank u for sharing the video. I recently found this forum. And let me tell you it’s amazing.
I have a question . What is the difference between below two sentences
1)I have worked here for 5 year
2) i have been working here for 5 years

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Hey.. thank you for lesson. Can you please help me to clarify following doubt:

1. Doubt for present perfect continuous tense

e.g. I have been married for 5 years.

As per Present prefect continuous tense structure,

Subject+have been+ verb+ing (Present participle).

However, married is Past participle. so not sure how both are mixed up and is statement in e.g. is correct?

2. Doubt for present perfect

e.g. I have married for 5 years.

As per Present prefect tense structure,

Subject+have/has + verb (Past participle).

Query/doubt: Doesn’t sound correct.

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Hi James, great lesson, but you teach as if it was that simple, present perfect vs continuous (so-called), is far more complicated than that.
Could you give us a more accurate lesson, this one is for beginners maybe, it seems as though it is the truth…

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