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thank you for all lesson video. you are the best


Dear James, Thank You very much indeed for Your lessons and this lesson. But I want to ask a question. “it is no longer that useful” how can it be paraphrased?I have some doubt about original phrase. Thank You very much indeed!


Thanks a lot. It was nice to watch the Video. 9 rights is a good rate I think. Though I must admit, it’s difficult to understand your English.


Excellent vocab. lesson, James. Thank you very much.


07 :-/ . I need to watch the video once again. Thank you James. I admire your work <3 hats off!


Very useful lesson among the latest lessons. Thank you for your incredible work! In my opinion, Engvid is the coolest website nowadays! I wish you all the best in this year!


Thank you so much for this video!You’re the best!


you are the best teacher.. I like so much your class. tks

Luiz Deforme

Thanks a lot


Thanks again, Teacher. sincerely appreciated.


Excellent .. Thank you so much :)


Cool lesson. I wrote two sentences and I am not sure if they are correct.
1. My computer is OUTDATED, so I need to buy another one to write my master’s thesis.
2. OF LATE I have slept too long because I am unemployed.
Sb can help me?


    for writing ?! really? what is your computer? what do you study?
    I think “lately” is better for number 2.


Good job, I like your videos, are so funny and smarts. Thank you.


Great thanks

Ph nagam Saad 1985

Thank you very much. I learnt a lot.


thank you Teacher i got 9 out 10

Jerry Hardy

Thank you, Mr James…!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thank u teacher James


Thank you, Mr James. I got 9 out 10.


Sometimes I like to wear old fashioned clothes and walk and see people expressions.some like it. for example blackboard an chalks are out dated but when I use them, it makes me feel warm I don’t know why.Nowadays everything changes very fast even each year has it’s own style.these days fashion designers don’t care about comfort and healthy that much.I’m gonna use ancient Persian colors this week. Each day has a color and I would go green this Monday and white for Friday and ….., yes life is colorful and shiny with Great teachers specially you James you know that I love you.


    Hi, Soozi. Pretty nice HW =) If I were James, i`d give you an A+.


Hi! I really like this page, so i’m going to pick a lesson or maybe more than one every day. I’m going to leave my comment if it doesn’t mind :), if you wanna talk to me, it would be fine to me
so here’s my comment
My laptop 2501 from 2000’s is old fashioned
I thought, it was old fashioned studied english, but it’s not.
My grandma told us about her teenage old fashioned stories.
Taylor swift’s music from 2006 is old fashioned
My last christmas had been old fashiones since we’d watched Home Alone.
I’m so tired of my mom’s old fashioned music
And that’s it, i hope you can help, i would be so grateful to you
bye, greetings :)

Jesus Guzman

I got a 100 :)

Jesus Guzman

would somebody talk to me?
make friends you know :D

Jesus Guzman

Thank you very much James for your video it is really helps a lot.


thank you all for the lessons
i really appreciate


James, YOU are the best. you’re my favorite teacher here in Engvid.com
thank you big time!


Thank you James. I got 10/10 from the quiz. I like your teaching style. Whenever you upload your new videos, i never miss wathing them. I wish all english teachers in the world take you as an example.

An English Lover

Thank you for the lesson James, always a pleasure learning with you.

Gabriel Bones

Thanks, James. Wonderful lesson, as usual. But I clearly dont see differences between “lately” and “of late”. If someone can explain me, it will be great :)


    I have the same question?


      i am confused about it too, but looked again the sentence about of late, looks like it is closer to past more then lately. Cause after using of late, we see a lot thing happened in his friends life before saying that.


thank you for your lesson. I’m always waiting for the new one


Thanks James your lessons are excellent and different You are very good at your job.


thanks.i got 10 correct. it took me a lot of time though.
time vocabulary is not that easy.


Thank you James! Your lessons are very good and impressive.


the better place to learn

Feli Romero

Hi James. Can you teach us about the gerund following after phrasal verbs. Is it a constant principle that we should use gerund after each phrasal verb. The sentence with 2 verbs f.i.Subject + phrasal verb + verb +ing + object.


The resolt of my test is 10 to 10 :-)


Could u plz explain the difference between “onto And into””


Thanks a lot dear James for your brilliant class You re my favorite Canadian after michael j fox …….greetings from surco

marc anthony

thanks for the lesson its true that some words which refer to the future causes confusion.However, i feel that im making progress and in nowadys ur methods of teaching are definitely not outdated


Nice video!


Thank you, James! It is very useful video


I got 10 that was a great lesson thanks a lot

miss isamulden

thank you for all lesson video. I help me a lot, great job, you are the best


Thanks a lot, James


Thanks MR James ??

husam simawi

Hi! these are my six phrases.
1. I’ve seen some clothes in the mall, they were outdated.
2. there are some books in my college’s library that are obsolete.
3. Nowdays, i am always, a little bit tired.
4. Latest news were so cheerfull
5. this friday, i am going to travel.
6. the day next tomorrow is unknown


I really like you lectures and you as well you are the best teacher I have ever seen, hats off. Thank you very much for being there.

Mir tawsie

Great lesson. Thanks james. Your accent likes me too much because is a little difficult to understand XD


thank you, James!



aya atif

Thanks James your lessons is very fanny. Congratulations!!!

Rod Garden

    Hey. Fanny* is incorrect. Funny is the right word. ?

    Reetika Vaid

Thank you. 100%


I just found this page and this is the video i have watched and I actually learnd from it


Thank you Mister James!


Thank you so much, James! I love your classes!Your English is the best and very easy to understand!
And You´re so funny! You made me laugh with your joke about slide rule hahahaha

Kenia Torres

thanks a lot james i got 8 out of 10
you are the best…..


All correct! Thanks James.

Reetika Vaid

Hi, James. Your lessons are awesome.
Writing letters by hands is a old-fashioned way to communicate and people usually don’t use it in daily basis. Instead of that, people nowadays write to others on special days or for important events, which is a good way to present their wishes and sincereness. Hand-written letters are not totally obsolete that could be used for a new purpose. From my point of view, I believe that the latest communication tool is instant messaging applications such as Facebook and Snapchat. To be honest, I actually want to check my phone now because I am waiting for my friend’s reply. I just asked her if she can hang out with me this Sunday. If not, we can only meet two weeks from now since I will not be in here next week.


I got 9 out of 10. James, oh good for you, you got the latest t-shirt.

Kingsley Kunda

thank you teacher


I got 10/10, Thank u James, you make me excited to learn English anymore.

Selpiana Sembiring

Thanks, excellent as usual.

Shaimaa Nabil

Thanks. James. I recently start learned English with your Video. Because I quit my job last March, I have a time to do lately. Actually I had learned English with out dated books. so my English level is not high now. I continue watching your latest video. I hope to be like a native speaker the year after next>


I got 100 again :)
Here is the homework:
1, My mother is literally a old-fashioned lady.
2, This computer is outdated so i think i should have it replaced soon.
3, I lately have some kind of stress so i have better take a week off from work
4, This is such a empty time as i cannot go out because of the COVID 19.
5, I have to turn in my assignments 2 weeks from now
Anyway, eternally grateful for your commitments, James <3

Arthur Nguyen



Newspapers have been gotten outdated, as internet got available for many people.
Nowadays, some old-fashioned styles come back.
There were not so much good news lately.
It’s said Covid-19 will be defeated the year after next.
Probably people will live on Mars the century after next.


I got full mark! ? :D
Thanks a lot,Mr.James
Greetings from Kazakhstan o2 Jan2o22


I am saving this video to watch later.
I will comment again when I do watch it.


I’m studying James’ lessons these day.


1. My phone is good but old-fashioned.
2. He was here lately.
3. I will go to vacation after next week.
4. Latest singer of the concert was awesome.
5. Wood wheels on car are obsolete.
6. This Friday I will go to the cinema.

Daniil Slepchenko
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