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i got full score D:
Thanks a lot,Mr.James
I’ve been such a huge fan of your lessons


Great James very interesting lesson


James, thank you so much for this encourage lesson! The landscape is amazing! I’m glad that you’ve mentioned perfectionism because it’s a really disappointing factor of learning a language.
If I could speak English fluently I would quit my boring and meaningless job and find a better one with flexible schedule and without necessity to go to the office every day.
If I could speak English fluently I would be more self-confident during my holidays abroad and check-in and check-out in the hotels, book the tickets, order the meal in the restaurants, and ask the direction, exchange money at the bank, rent a car and so on without any troubles.

Zhanna Maltseva

    Me too,if i could speak English fluently,i would be more confident , even though I don’t need to speak English in my workplaces

    Wong ka fai

Thanks, James, I got 5 out of 6.
This English course is very helpful and I learned new things.


I rarely share YouTube videos on my social media unless they inspire me and others. This is one of my postings. His advice can be applied in our daily life, not just in learning English. Thank you, James.


Thank mr. James it was best lesson


Difficult English for me James, but interesting.


Hi, James!
Thank you for the great motivational video!


It was helpful. Thanks


Thank you mr james i got 5 from 6


James,your videos are funny. I am having great time learning English with you and Mr E

Mary Dong

Thanks, James for this lesson.
This video was very helpful for me.
English is really difficult for me, but you showed me a nice road for learning.


Thanks James. Those were very usefull tips. I am going to keep them in mind


Thank you James
I have watched some of your videos maybe 6 years ago
Now I missed you and I came back to you

Muh nou

Exceptional class! Loved it so much! Every idea is really touching. Thanks!!!

Mr Woo

ok…we will see the nexst :)

Daniela Cioccarelli

james, you’re amazing


Thanks, James, I got 5 out of 6.

Please, speak slowly at next class. :)

Marcus Kusniaruk

Thank you
I started learning English 2 years ago and it is the first time I see this method of explanation it is the best one.


Thanks, James. 5 of 6 is not so bad for me.


thanks! Very encouraging… plus a perfect exercise for my listening skill :)


Thank you Mr. James.


Thank you James, this is a unique life lesson.


hi James, thanks for this lesson, could you make a lesson about How works the prepositions at the end of the sentences? to me is too complicated! thanks in advance. I know if you teaching me, I’ll get it.


I watched this video and found it very helpful. I do agree with what you say sir, it is very important. Thanks for the lesson.


Thanks for this video. Really perfectionism is killing me. I can’t start talking because of perfectionism. I fell I have to speak perfect.


your lessons are the best ✅✅✅✅


This was the first video that I got from you, At that moment, I got 60% compréhension, and started to follow you every day, now I watched it again and I got 100%, thats because of you, I’ve a long road to go, but I’ll do it. Thanks again


You’re the BEST, James!!! And I get all this thougts before but my willingness to live English in every way is strongest you know? I will focus on in yours and Ronnie’s classes right now and other things to learn English! Thank you so much and keep teaching <3


Thanks James… your advices always are greats.


My name is Abdikani . really your lesson is very interesting because it is pointed the things that helps when you decided to learn a new language .

Home work
if your English speaking is poor . yourself feel less confident and you are not feel happy.
but when your speaking is fluent you feel comfortable on your friends area and other places where the language is important.


    My name is Abdullahi our names are close right ??



I Hope Getting my Ged is painless

BTW I AM 20 yrs


I got 5 score.Thanks Mr James


Thank you for the video. I was dealing some problems in learning English and Japanese but now you show me a way to come through the challenging difficulties.


4/6 that means I almost figure out the lessons now my English understanding is one idea better than before TY James


It couldn’t be better

Sher Hussain Hussainpor (sher.hussain58@yahoo.com)

Thank you, James. Studying the new language is a challenge. It is hard but at the same time it is so interesting.


That was a very good and warm lesson. This lesson motivates me a lot. Thanks James!


Thanks, Mr. James


thank you jemes

farah hirsi

Thanks, James. Not only for your lesson. You´re right – the possibily and the access to education is really privilege. In our country everyone has opportunity to study and not everybody is able to appreciate it. Education can raise one´s life chance, broaden one´s mind and strenghten one´s self-confidence. If I mastered English at the level I want I would feel better, more confident and competent. And this isn´t a small thing!


Thanks, James!


thanks for the advice, great


James always on fire.

Joe Ulanowicz

James, thanks a lot!

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