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My today’s result is 10 from 10 in the first attempt. Altogether, I am glad :) I achieve so results sometime. But my purpose is to achieve this results every day. How would I spend 1000 pts? To arrange a party all together! Dreaming a lot is useful sometimes :)


All together and separated, reminds me “why all together is separated and separated is all together”. Great, fantastic lesson.

Pedrop Guijarrog

it was great lesson. paying huge thanks for the great service. loving you from Pakistan. we crave videos about writing improvement


Thank you

El Beji Mohamed Amin

Great professor James.Excellent lesson.Thank you.




My everyday goal is to allot a lot of time for English and I do it every day. Thank you for this lesson.


We are here, all together to the same objective, to learn how we can use these words. I am here every day searching for knowledge and trying to improve my abilities.


There are two clients who are waiting for you awhile.
I’m going to come back to this in a while.
I’m feeling all right, thank you. I will return to work the following week.
The party was alright, you should come mate.
It’s his everyday habit to drink coconut water at breakfast.
He eats healthily every day.
Next time we would go there all together.
It’s not altogether necessary to complete this task.
I have a lot to say about your behaviour at school.
The chair alloted me a lot of time to talk about our needs.
She’s completely alone for some time.
Your kids would like to talk with you sometime, you know.


I’ve been studying a lot of English at EngVid for some time now, and since I found out I’ve been coming here every day! The lessons here are altogether amazing!


Good lesson.

Bahaa 70 Ibrahim .
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