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Such a funny topic!

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    ….& the ? of mine is:
    What r the different meanings of
    “that’s (sb’s) funeral ?!!

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very funny!!!!I like this :) Thanks

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its so cool, l like it.


I’m from Brazil. I’d Like tallk át. Skuype

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    you are the best teacher I have seen on youtube .


    Hi, add me on skype: jason_themax


I like this topic.

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    I have met many students from your country , to be honest , girls study better than boys , boys in canada for falh ^^


    Hi.. How are you.

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    Hi.. How are you. How long you are with this website .

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you are the coolest, James!!!

Love your videos!



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    Advice is uncountable… So, I guess it’s incorrect. You can’t “pluralize” it.


I like to take quiz because I learn more English, Thankyou engvid.

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Hi James! Awesome video. But what about fruits? Should I say “wash my apple”?


It was a funny lesson, I liked it, thanks!

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Nice it’ make me lol


ha ha ha funny!

lin siew ong

I remember when I was teenager I had pimples. But I don’t have it anymore. Very funny lesson.

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I like your way. It’s original style. Thank you very much.

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I find your lessons great and I am very motivated to improve my English. Thanks a lot!


This lesson was very helpful.




hi james ^^ what’s up ??
my name is khadidja from algeria
first, thank you for all your lessons they’re all funny and i lerned about a lot thanks again ^_^
second , i have a quostion for you hope you can answer me soon


it’s me again ^_^ so i do a quiz and i don’t inderstand the last anwser : quotion 10
“condition” what that mean?? and is it a noun ? or a verb ? o_O please help me james


so positive explanation!

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really awesome…!!
Hi James.. you are the only one to handle like this topic in funny manner… :)

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Hi James!!! I love all of your lessons!!! They are great!!! I have a guestion!!! What is the difference between take a shower and have a shower? What about have a bath and take a bath? Thank you in advance!!!


    They mean the same thing!

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so funny and of course necessary topic…… :)
thanks James.

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Thanks James
May I smile while you’re teaching me???

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Uhuuulll, James is an English teacher and an entertainer as well!!!!!
It is a real show !!!
I love it!


Funny lesson .. ^^


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very funny lesson,thanks



I have a question regarding the quiz.
In question number 3, it is written “I shave my face…”. Didn’t you say that we cannot say it? It’s obvious that you shave your face and something else.


    You are right, so I have to choose the answer “wash” instead of “”shave “.

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    you are right but the sentence after “because” define which word you should use. generally,a man feel soft his face after shave
    I ______ my face because I like my skin to feel soft.


I am greating you-ENGVID from Azerbaijan :) thank you for teaching ,keep going,come up please such a great vucabulary lessons-I liked ;)

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I don’t understand the word “condition” in the context of the last sentence of the quiz… need help ! :-)

Profile photo of logicos logicos

    Hi logicos,

    “Condition” means: put something (hair in this case) into a proper or desired state for use.
    After washing your hair with some shampoo, you are supposed to use some hair conditioner in order to brush it more easily and keep it healthy and shiny :)
    You can also use a lotion that conditions your skin ! Got it?

    Best wishes


Excellent job, James! :)


this topic is perfect to all this people from middle east to south asia, (pakistan, india, all that stinky countries etc) they smell so ugly, they didn’t know nothing about be clean and smell good………. so please learn “the curry” is not a perfume… is an ingredient……… and don’t forget….take a bath stinky people of middle east and south asia!!!

Profile photo of davidx davidx

    davidx, I don’t want to discuss if Indian people are stinky or not, but maybe you don’t know a lot on Geography because Middle east consists of Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Palestine, and all these contries don’t eat “curry food” and they clean themselves a lot


    You’re Just an asshole dude. You can’t even speak English. Learn this language first then come and talk about other people. And don’t forget People are the same everywhere. Don’t say bad things about others you are not better than others.

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Your lessons are very amusant. ;) thanks a lot

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talking about cleaning I need to take a shower right away. thank u James this topic was freaking great.

Efrain Dominguez

Very important to advice some classmate.

Thaks James.

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Really interesting and helpful! Thanks a lot for the nice lesson!

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Thank James!I like your style of teaching^^ always be funny and effective.

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¡¡Muchas gracias profesor!! Thanks so much teacher!!

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thank you teacher


ooh it was so nice and funny tn the same time thank you mr


fun and funny. I love this.


I’m going to explain like that to my young daughters and that will be easier to call her to the bathroom…

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Heyy man,very good video, but how about foot smelling?

Alfredo Gama

James, great lesson.
I have a question.

I heard you say that we don’t say “I shave my face”.
But why sentence 3 says “I shave my face because I like my skin to feel soft.”?



whoa,, James you are the hell of the teacher
thank fella for every single lesson ^^

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It is an interesting video which helps you to learn many vocabulary items easily in one session.
Thank you Mr. James


Thanks teacher! you are so fun :)

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I love you! I want to marry you!


    Sadly, a lot of people want to marry our teachers. I will add your name to the waiting list.

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      hey hey director, what about me don`t forget me

      i have to be included in the list

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        I’ll start a spreadsheet…

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I love it~


I like this lesson because it easy and interesting.


I got 10/10.

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well i did’nt know that one should wipe his ass before coming outta toilet.


How can i speak English languages online with …


i like this lesson


thanks man

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It is so fun , you have a nice spirit , keep going
I want to add anyone in my skype to get practice my account is vip_alsarri

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c’est bien c’est un sujet rare et c’est la place ou il faut connaitre ces termes


thanks a lot James!

your teaching way is great!




Very usefull. I have fun in this funny topic.
Thank James!

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Hey. I realy like this topic !

Dinh Gia Hung

Hi Jamens!!! Thank you for help us!!!

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James, Im live in Ireland to learn English, and it;s really true what my teachers say… if you understand the Irish peolpe, you will understand all the world!! hahahha Your pronunciation is very clear, I understand everything you talk, it makes me happy!

Profile photo of patyserwy patyserwy

Dear Moderator,
Tx in advance,but where’s Mr. James himself?!!
Who’s gonna answer 2 our ?s ???????!!!!!!!!!!
Probably no one!

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i like it

suha khairi


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I m preparing my IELTS. If any body wishing to talk me kindly add me on Skype,my ID is myn271


its so good


Mr. James thanks…
nice video
everybody should be clean everyday…
cleaning is a good for our body…
Health is Wealth…


I like it! :)

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very educational video, i hope my english vocabulary will improve, more power to engvid.com interesting topics and easy to understand..


James is very funny!!!
One of the best teachers I’ve seen!

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jame you are the best for me


I love your imitation of other countries’ accent

Vu Uoc

Hi James. Good Job. Thank you for your great lessons:). James I’ve been noticing That American people Do not Pronounce T in words Like Mountain, and It’s too damn hard for me to pronounce it:(. would you please make a lesson on this? and for pronouncing this word AMERICAN, Is the first letter Like apple or like Everest?
Thank you so much and you Rock James.

Profile photo of hossein1234 hossein1234

what a nice way in teaching im from egypt and im muslim so we have 2 clean our selves alot


jam u r the best teacher


I really luv lsn


Hi James! u r da bomb i realy like ur style of teachin, but i feel like i am not improvin my english skills that is so frustraded to me. why don’t ya make a job interview questions n’ answers video? including job positions u knplease!!!!


oops! making mistakes is one of my best qualities lol as i was sayin’ job positions u know what i mean. be good


Hi James, I have a questions about Quiz 3 !
You mentioned that we said ” I shaved today ” instead of “I shaved my face ” but why the answer is “shave” in this question?
I ______ my face because I like my skin to feel soft.

In addition, could you please write down the words or slangs you explain in the clip ! That will be help for memorize.

Thank you so much ! you are very great and the clip is really inspiring !!

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hi all!


Hi James. very funny lesson. I like your stile of teaching.


hii guys, im from Indonesia. i love making friends. :)
i love engvid so muchhh

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You’re so funny…!!!!!!!!! I like you very much …!!!!! Awesome! You’re the best teacher that I’ve seen. I really want you to teach me everyday…!!!!! I like you !

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i like that.

stanley merius

I got 10/10 :D


nice one i like it.. i have problem to red english worlds .. can u help me !!! and wright


I’m really impressed the way you teach p.p, James

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…so funny and I hope, Im not fugly… :)

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it’s fun, easy to remember, i like that


Such a funny lesson, thanks :)

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It’s a very good way of teaching.Thank a lot our teacher. Nasser


thanks teacher

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very thank you, teacher! I always excited with your lesson. Can I know your email? sometimes, I really want to ask you some problems of mine about english.

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thanks alot ..


Very good lesson. I am learning so much with Engvid.

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    me too

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interesting topic.


I like it I really like it ^^


Thanks I love your videos I think I’m gonna learn easier with them :)


I like it, Mr james so funny Lol

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Hi James
Congratulation, I hope you to reach the 1000 lesson.

Ahmed Atallah

Hello James,

I had never seen so didactic lecture and energy.
Congratulations to you.
Do you really love what you do because it makes with dedication and love.
By, Ana.

Ana Carolina

I got 8/10 :)
thanks a lot.

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Nice! sum up Sacha!!!!!!!!!!!

mohamed harris

Funny!You are great teacher!


Wow !you are bast teacher


tnx mr.james


Thanks!Good Lesson and Engvid is the best site to learn english language.


XD Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hello, it’s very funny, thank’s. In french now, c’est très très bien, merci


I learned new words: pop, zit, floss, wipe, condition and I got 10 out 10!!! Thank you James!

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

Well, he didn’t mentioned conditioner. Did I missed? I like to use 2 in 1. So, I don’t forget using conditioner. Lazy me.


I thank you for this kind of teaching. i wish to lean online through my email or Skype. wish you all the best.


Amazing, i liked it.


I,m sure, it is a very nice topic

thank u


sure i learned a lot from this lesson, thank you so much

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Thanks James , I liked it .

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Thank you james, for very very good and useful video for men.


i dont wanna get 70 !!!!!!!! i must get 100!!!!

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Very nice lesson James, you are¡THE BEST!

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thank you, nice lesson i like it


Thank a loooot

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Thank you for this brilliant topic you have discussed.

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Thanks for this lesson. I’ll use it with my students.
I love Richard Scarry, too :)


Hi james,i like your lessons very much,Can you give me your mobile number???


hello, and thank you for this cours. I want to speek english to improove my prononciation, so, I need someone who i can talk to him every day. You can help me to do that.


hi abdnap.you want to improve language,me too.if you want talk to me,both of us improve language.i wait mail from you.thats my mail (semihbeylik@hotmail.com)

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so sorry abdnab i thing wrong write your name previous

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thank you for the lesson … excellent, you’re the best


That’s nice and funny….i find it very useful…thank you James


you are the best teacher I have seen ever


you are so funny!:))

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very beneficial lesson >>

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Ok, but what when a women say “I shave”? It will mean that she shave her face?

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good lesson!

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i can’t stop smiling. this lession’s very interesting ^^

Profile photo of nguyenluan nguyenluan

Pupu? “I am going wash my pupu???” Is it correct?

Profile photo of preiso12 preiso12

James, your lessons really helpful, but can you speak a little bit slowly? Because you use very useful phrases, but your speed of speech does not allow to understand many expressions:)

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HHHHH,I liked this leson

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hahahaha fabulous lesson

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Thank you James.

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Useful learning! Thanks James!!

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Hi¡ I want to improve my english but I can´t speak with anyone¡ would somebody like to talk with my by skype??:)

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It is a first time I come here. This topic is interested. Mr James draws so nice. Thanks a lot Mr James.

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Haha thanks for that James

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thank you i learning english

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thank you

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lol nice lesson

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thanks james alot you are easy to learn

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Very good.

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Such an amazing lesson!

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Tank you.I liked your lesson

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i like it. welcome to viet nam.

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Very good!

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Speaking English – Clean yourself!!!Great Lesson!!!

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I wash my hands before eating. Hahaha so nice lesson and interesting.

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Funny lesson!

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Thank you

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Now, I know how to speak about clean myself

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Thank y …great teacher

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you are the greatest teacher I ever met…
you motivate me to love this ,…

Profile photo of Wiola3866 Wiola3866

Shaving your face, it seems a little rough, maybe better washing your face and shaving your beard or your moustache, but anyway, it doesn’t matter if you understand that the main reason is to clean yourself. Conditioning your hair, it sounds like a manner to arrange your hairstyle in the hairdressers, not cleaning your hair but it would be dirty and loud, not washing it. Thanks a lot, teacher James, a very clean lesson.

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Thanks you are a great teacher.

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I clean myself every day, and I got 10!!! Thank you, James.

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

thank you..

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its really helpful thank you very much

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Now I´d like to take above….

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