Thanks James!
You are the best teacher I have seen before.


    Thanks Maxim… *ahem* you made a small mistake.

    You don’t have to say “I have seen before”. The present perfect means that something has happened before and has an effect in the present (I taught you in the past and you think I am a good teacher now) so all you have to say is,”I have seen”.

    If you want to use “before”, then you have to put a subject between the past participle and the word before.

    For example, “I have seen you before”.


      Oh James, sometimes it’s strange, how to use some phrases correctly. For instance: “What are you talking about?” In the end we have an extra word “about”, ok I know it came from beginning of sentence and here it is not an extra word :). But there are many other examples, unfortunately I can not remember any right now (maybe because there isn’t lol). I don’t know why but “I’ve seen before” sounds for me good and correct, maybe because I heard it before. I’m not arguing, you are right of course :) and I will be know now. Anyway I can talk and write this message more less correct just after 3 months of studying, and this is because teachers like you make learning interesting, enjoyable and as effect effective. Thanks!
      Your friend forever, Max


        As James explained. If you want to say “before” when using present perfect, you have to put the object between past participle and “before”. For instance, I have driven “that car” before. You noticed that I used the object “car”. So, you are the best teacher I have seen. Regular usage of it would be like this. I have seen that teacher before. All this sound very similar, but however there is slight difference…


        Looking years back at my comments I clearly see how lame they were. However, this is a learning process and when you try again and again it gets better every time. You are so natural teacher, welcoming new students and basically start from scratch with them, in a short time making them capable communicate in English. That’s a grit and thanks for all your hard work.


      Mr.james i have the TOEFL test in next month i just want you to give me your advise because i am confused about the exam please help me with that and thanks


    Hi James !

    Your description is very impressive. You’re the best teacher I’ve seen :) Greeting from Turkey.


      he mades lessons more interesting. as he told us :) greeting from indonesia.

      Amirah Balgis Jordana Kalfat

      slm abi ben turkceyi ve engiliczeyi ogreniyorum >ben iyi bir site ariyorum ingilizce ogretiyor ama turkce dille bana yardim edermisin iyi bir siet biliyorsan memnun olurum

      doaa magdy

    I think you forgot “ever” in your sentence:
    You are the best teacher I have ever seen (in my life). This means you’ve seen many teachers but this one is the best. You may emphasize it using “in my life”, “before”, “so far”…

    Well, this is what I learned at school.

    Hope it helps :)

    Cristian Llanos

    very useful


The best teacher ever ! :)




    Hey thanhhungpro8x ,

    I’m working on an essential grammar video package that you might be interested in. It will cover all of the essential grammar points you need in order to go on to the advanced levels — from the simple present to the perfect tenses.
    I’ll leave you details when it’s ready.



      Hello James,
      This is my first post to you and first of all I want to thank you for all this great lessons :-) They are very helpful and this video, you talking about here, is exactly the thing this site is need for (and of course we all)- a complete course for a general topic.
      I’m sure we all waiting for this package impatiently. Eny news so far? Is the “Past Simple vs. Present Perfect” lesson part of it? I hope this is it.
      However, I want to wish to you to be safe, be well and, if it is no big trobule, to have spare time for making more and more lessons here, in engVid :-)

      Once again, thanks for all of you.


      hi James.. very thanks for your help. can you pls send me also ıf ıts possıble. ı need to lısten.(for my mp3 player..: ))


        Hi James, your class is wonderfull. When you have details of your essential grammar video package, please give me the details too.


Thanks James ! This lesson was very helpfull ! I hope you’ll do more lessons on learning skills


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the kind words… now get back to work learning English


Hey , James !

If you happen to be in Brazil someday , let me know . It will be great to get to know you personally! hahaha .. Great tips ; Great site ; Great English ! My speaking has improved a lot . Trying to eliminate my brazilian accent as much as i can . We have the tendency to stress the sylables too much . oops . Question : tendency to do sth. or tendency of doing sth. Thank You a lot . Tchau


great tip, James, and great site! I’m an Italian ESL/EFL teacher and all these videos are very very helpful for me and my classes :) thank you so much!


hello, my question is , if i it’s correct to say “what time did you eat breakfast?” or if i can say “at what time…


    Eliminate the “at” saying “What time did you eat breakfast” is correct itself.


very good,very nıce, perfec website


    friend you word spelling mistake – Perfect


Hi James,

I am from Asia and working for a MNC. Our official language is English. I have to communicate with Americans and Europeans through calls. Here is my problem.

English is not my first language. To get a job, I learned this language. In my family and friends circle, I am using mother tongue. so when I spoke with my customer they are saying that I have very much of $&%% accent and I am speaking bloody English.

I know that my English is not perfect, but it’s not worst.

I want to speak good ( wish to speak ” Perfect”) English.

Would u please help me with this ?

can you give me some tips which will help me to speak English as my mother tongue?

I can hardly spent 30min – 1hrs ( max )per day to learn English.
Ya know what,

I am one of the household bill payer. I HAVE to go for job and lots of things to do. Please try to understand me.

Give me some tips which I can do … it should be practical…please…

Awaiting for your prompt reply


Thank you james! for giving advice.


My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.


    Thank you, Heartburn. The more you tell your friends about engVid and post links to us on your websites, blogs, facebook, orkut, etc, the more we English lessons and new teachers we will be able to add!


hey james why can’t you teach a lesson on punctuation?

i hope you will make a video on it


Hey James!

I have been seen your videos, so nice, fantastic. Durant this week i learned a lot things. I would like to thank for class, and now i know that´s very important to re-see my homework in 2 or 3 weeks.
Thank you so much!


    yes jame’s lessons are good


you are realy good teagher. because you attract the audience by your clear explenation and let ideas clear to anyone could understand english.i wish to you great success in your field and ask you and your colleages to give us anual study or so on.
finally all teachers are exciting and interesting and everyone has his attractive personality i hope them except my request ,by the way I ask you to show us suitable mean to study over the internet here in midleast there is one populor mean to shopping over the internet but all famous learning website do not except it.thus start my big problem WITH LEARNING OVER INTERNET, I HAVE TIME AND MONEY TO STUDY BUT I LACK TRICK TO GET THE RIGHT MEAN.SO I NEED YOUR HELP.


hi sir i m very thank full to u that u ve provided such lessons by engvid plz provided me some new lessons i ll be very great ful to you thanks.


I Love You Sir! You are so cute and magnificent! Love the way you teach!

God Bless us!


Hello . Professional teacher . Very interesting style of teaching . Can you explain , please , in some lesson when we must use perfect tense instead of another ones. I have a problem , difficulty in differentiation of one from of the other . Every time I try to insert it somewhere in to a sentence .


This is my first visit to the site and i wonder that i am in deep love with your amazing website.

Thanks and Regards.



Hi James,
This lesson allowed to understand my difficulties.
I am experiencing other difficulty to understand what the peolple are saying.
I can understand very clearly what are you saying, but some guys…
Could you suggest something for me?


hi, this is a good way to learn effectively.I’ve tried it .
thank you very much.


Hey James, Do you have MSN?

I think it would be cool if you have one.

;) You r a great man :P God bless you.

Please reply me, will check soon

Jay El

Hi EngVid,

I have never seen this type of site before to impore communication skills,

who are all supporting this site(developed, mantaining the site and preparing classes)all the best.

I have heared, we have 7 wonders but I can strongly recommend engvid as 8th wonder


Hi EngVid,

I am new to this site, when i opened this site i wonder when i saw the online videos of english. If see any one is facing problem with communication, i ask them to open engvid.

Great Work entire team.


the teachers should speak more slowly because were are studying english.
Can you show me how know to study vocabulary effectivey ?sometime I can’t remember all the words I have learned.


I think this wesite should arranger every part more learly .Every video lesson must arranger one private’s part .So,everybody can find it more easily.


thanks james for dedicating the best way to learn english. it really touched me a lot,


Hi, I just have one question. Is it necessary to use big words when writing an essay? I mean, i can still use small words and my essay is straight up on point. Does it require more big words to make it perfect?


Hi, James!
U r great teacher!!!! :)))


Thank you! Good advice. :)


oh thanks realy you are a good techer and i learn more efectively for your style of teaching.


no thing


Our schools needs teachers like You. Thanks a lot, You’re wonderful!


Hi, James!

Congratulations for the video. Actually, all your videos and EngVideo’s in general are so helpful. I really recommend that you repeat this great production!

J. Leite


Thank you mr.James you are best teacher


İf you will come to istanbul, let me know. send a message to e mail. i ll travel kapalıcarsi, sultanahmet, moscues, aya yorgi, taksim beyoğlu districts..these places are super..


That’s great
thank you

david avia

You haven’t mentioned not to drink alcohol much. It decreases your ability to remember (checked by me:))


James,I agree with people that you are a very good teacher.By the way,it seems like you are a sporty person.If it is not a secret, what kind of sport do you practice?


thank you very much. I begin learn English. I want to learn good English. What do you way, now?


Hello, James!

How’s it going? I have to say that your classes are pretty good. They have been helping me a lot. Since I’ve started watching them, my skills improved a lot. Nowadays I can understand English much better than I used to do in the past. It’s been a great pleasure to take part of your classes. Thank you for all your commitment. And keep on doing this kind of video which is very helpful for us. It’s a very good idea to give students some tips on how we can learn English in a faster and more effective way.

Bye Bye.

Carlos Eduardo – Brazil.

Carlos Eduardo

Excellent page, and James is a pretty good teacher i liked the lessons.


you are great. james… thank you


Do you have lessons on letter writing ?


Thank you for the good vid. You Rock!! you are better than my school teacher! I felt i had learn a lot of things here , not like in my usual falling alsleep in class kind of stuff as the teacher was too boring and i am the kind of Shy GUYs in class. i hope you will continue make such great Videos.i am looking forward to it!


Hi james
thanks for all lessons,you are abest teacher.
can I ask about these vedio,pleas
when I finesh up these vedio can Ido TOFEl exam, or Ineed to learn more.

sara aa

teacher…i have been learing english for only8 mounths ..and thanks God i am doing well in learning more and more English..but i still have some problems so far ….fist of all my spelling is toooooo bad….. i thank i dont have alot if problems in the grammer so far..please guide me to the best way to save alot of word easlly and nicelly…really it gets boring sometime…so please give me a hand … ineed to learn ENGLISH…


contact me by my e-mail ok…


Hi James!

I always knew that to learn something without giving urself much headache, lessons should be interesting, BUT what you are saying here is more useful for teachers who want to teach more effectively (here I’m talking about the “interesting” only :)). May be you can also give an advice HOW to make the process interesting if you are learning something by yourself?
Thank you in advance :)


can you teach me how to write an essay in fastest way and please in details


right now im very poor in writing can you help to improve particularly in essay and descriptive report and im planning to exam my IELTS this next month can you help me or is there tips for exam


Hi you are agood teacher that I didnt meat anyone like him thanks for the lesson

hussein saeed

“wops ” Iam sorry about theword . its not meat it is met because am talking in the past

hussein saeed

Hi there,
I like this idea that something should be interesting in order to remember it. If you find something interesting then your emotions are being stirred up and you remember things better. Reviewing is also fine but those two things are not enough. We should also connect new vocab with something that we already know. Then our brain neurons create a powerful network that is link to the existing one. That’s why I highly appreciate James’s lessons on roots, prefixes, vocab pyramid and stuff. they just connect the new with the old and I remember better.


thanks a lot


You’re such a good and interesting (according to your key words)teacher. Thanks for your help.


To Valen,
Your classes are wonderful they help me a lot I do not how to thanks for these classes


to James
I am in the 9th grade and have some troubles writing essays. I was hoping you could help me. i still don’t understand how to write a thesis and a conclusion.


Thanks for all, James


James, it’s a genius lesson!!! It gave me the answer to the question that I had been thinking about for several days!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well, enough…. :))) Now I get back to work learning English!!!




James,thank u very much for teaching me english.Are u on orkut?


you are unusual English teacher !
thank you


after finishing ur e-book pls send the link to my email id




Hi James,
I would like to know the chronology of the lessons…Started from beginner to more complicate.. Can you please tell me how to follow the lessons..

I hope you answer will advice me how to learn better the English..

Thank you..


I understand sentences the moment I read, but I couldn’t able to express them in my own words. It’s the same case for vocabulary. Could you suggest me how can I improve?


Thank you:) u’re great!


hello James. you are a best English teacher thank you for the lesson


my level is not enough for my understanding. however i really like your voice, Jame!^^
i often listen to your lesson over one time, and finally i get it. Thanks James alot


Hi James,
Will you please help me to improve my English vocabulary and give me some tips in this regard.


thank you james for this lesson i find it very interesting i hope that do more lessons like that


would u please recomend me how can i improve my speaking .it is my big problem now.i mean the fast way i will be greatful .with best wishes and respects


You are the one that would make me go to classes everyday.
keep up teacher . =)


Hi sir James,

wish they have free download mp3 audio


thank james you are best teacher thank you


Hi james, I have been follow 5days days a week engvid classroms, this one knocked me and moved to add day to day previous classrom overview and re-quiz.
Today I am in 2-3week rework. As when I was in university.
In Spanish it is said: “Exito(success)” is only in the previous chapter of “trabajo(work)” on dictionary.
Best Regards


i’m 16 i hope to speake english fluenly but i just in beginner level thake you a lot


I’m so glad I stumbled upon this video that if I were wealthy I’d give all the teachers in engvid a million bucks each. May we have more great teachers in the world.


thanks James for advises


Hi James!!!I hope you are well!!!

So,i just want to thanks you for these lessons,i work in a English Centre in Angola and i have been watching your lessons from YOUTUBE and you’re GREAT man!!I hope you still in this path showing up your knowledge worldwide.Hugs and may GOD bless you!!


hello james how are you ? I don’t know if I’m late I just found your website ,you are really good :) and I like the way you teach so glad to find you but i was wondering ,, may I have private lessons on skype or somthing :) thank you



Your English videos are very nice. I want improve my English grammar. Is there any place in Engvid, Do you have English Grammar series. So that I can watch videos in proper order.


Thank you so much! I have to say that this helped a lot (and I’ll be back soon) not only with my English but also with othes subjects, can’t thank you enough!


Just wanna say u r amazing oops or should I say you are the most amazing english teacher I have ever seen.
stay blessed :)


it is not played the video file


    Can you see other Youtube videos? It may be blocked in your country, or you might need to install the Flash plugin.


Sir, your left hand write
good brine

Thank you




Hi James,
your teaching style is excellent,I liked your formulas & I would like to thanks for all EngVid web site maintainers & EngVid teachers. these video are very helpful to everyone for learning English from beginners to advance.
Thanks once again for all.



Hi James, thank you so much for all of videos. This video is very special and I will use the recommendations. I’m a English student. I don’t have long time in England, but I try to learn fastly. I use to your videos and in engvid.com. Thank yo so much!


Hello James!
I just watched your video and I think it will be very useful. I have my 1st Language English IGCSE exam in two weeks and I’m freaking out. Although I am solving many past paper questions and reading books. But I’m stuck on how to write an effective narrative writing.
How can I improve my english? Can you make some video on how to write an effective story based on any questions, please? because now I feel really inspired to write but just need the right techniques.
Thank you


Sry, *videos


Hello James. I have recently started to learn English. I know that my English is bad for now. But I really want to ask you one question. You telling that the key is – interesting, need to find a good teacher. Our teacher is not so good, she is Director of English shcool and a teacher also. She left for 2 day and put another teacher to teach us. It was very interesing 2 lessions. We would like the another teacher to be our teacher, how we can say to the first teacher that your lessons are boring. She not gives etentions to us. After 2 days with the another teacher we know much more then after a munth. She is fun and we talk much more with echother. Exuse me for my bad english please) How it can be nice not to offend the first teacher, but we going to stay in her shcool anyway. Exuse me for my bad english please)


    Hmm… that’s a difficult situation. I think it would be easier if you approached the first teacher (the director) as a group, and made this suggestion to her. But it will be difficult no matter what.


ops) I wrote it twice


I love it when you give example about how to get girls. hehe . Thanks for the vid. It helps a lot people that are in need of a proper and effective instructor for english language. Godspeed.

mark dominguez

Hello, James! Thank you for the tips! I think this kind of information many peolple who study know, ut it’s easy to forget, so we al need to refresh how properly to study effectively.
Now, as I know you teach the phrasal verbs, I want to ask what is the meaning of the expression “do with” because Tina Turner has a song called “what’s love, got to do with it” and I don’t understand exactly what she want to say with it. And actually I would like to use this expression if it means that you sould be involucrated with something. For example, is it correct if I say “There is something you must do with…”?
Thanks again! Best regards!


hey james can i add you in the list of people who inspire me on facebook?
this much you inspire me,very nice teacher you are!


I was thinking of giving up English when I found Engvid.com. Now I have wonderful teachers like you. I´m happy because I know I´m really learning. Thanks a lot!

Sally S

i really really love it but im not very well in Eng and i dont know from were i should beginning can you help and don`t worry i well pay lol :) help me plz


i really really love it but om not very well in Eng and idon`t know were i should beginning
can you help me don`t worry i well pay lol help me plz :)


heyy mann ı love you thanks from Turkeyyy :)


thank you.
I understand you better and I like your style.


Hello, James! You’re awesome! I love, love, love your lessons!!! You do a great job!


you’re the most interesting instructor on this website James …

Samir El-Sharbaty

I want to learn mor effectively


hi james,I started watch this video on the internet since yesterday,I loved how you teach ,I started study english five years ago and I cant stop doing this because eatch day I learn a new way learning more
congratulation ,god bless you ,you are helping people all of the wold.thank you

cristiano from rio de janeiro Brasil

that was really good


thanks a lot…


thanks you sir james i m really proud of you and need now to learn more than ever. i m also an ivorian(west africa)

kone dopignon

That is really intersting.


Thanks James .I really am happy for this lesson.May you have more video like that?


I wonder how can you devote yourself to teach English free…or may be i’m just to narrow minded to figure out how to run teaching free as you do… well i adore the way you do to enlighten people..keep going buddy..

gus ri

Hi EngVid,
I am a new to this website and I watched a couple of video,s. It,s really useful and effective. As you see my English is not good enouph so I hope you don,t mind it.
I have problem with understanding the essence of an English test. There is only one video about thid topic. You explained that reading a title, asking a question, compair and visualizing are the best tips but I am wondering of I have enouph time to read it 3 times. Could you give me some extra tips?
Is it true that tat good understanding depends on good vocabulary? how can I improve my English vocublary? and my last question is:
in order to improve my reading skils, should I watch all the videos of this website.
I wish you all the very best.




Hi James I’m a Brazilian Student. I just want to say that you are one of the best Eng Teacher I’ve seen. Your free lessons are better than a lot of paid courses in my country ! Thanks again ! Help the world keeping up your good work !

Jefferson Silva

Thanks James ,You’re a friendly teacher and a good teaching .God bless you .Have agood one.


What is your opinion about learning styles?


Hi,James you have something makes who listen to you trust in him/her self may be because u have positive energy so who listen to your way while u talking feels it`s not hard to speak English , but what i missed to is the right way the life way i mean the common words and conversations that common between the native speakers. and thanks a lot for this notes.


I´m from Chile and I´m very thankful for your lessons, is very fun and interesting, I think that is the best way for to learn. To me sometimes is a little dificult improve my learning from english, but try go ahead.
Thanks for your lessons¡¡


Hi James,

It is the first time I see your lecture on internet.I blame myself why till now I just do know about you.You are the best teacher I have known thus far.

Hieu luong

hi Games itis good lesson but ineed your more advice




hay James You r a superb teacher,I like u soo much


Wow. I don’t know what to say, but you’re really good! I’m going to try this starting from today. Hope this works! :)


    why not hard work never gets vaste …

    Mir tawsie

    it has been 7 years now…you should be great on it.. am i right @CASSLYNCT

    Mir tawsie

hi jam am huppy to your cources.think you vry much.but a have a probleml to understand these two sentence.please help me.
having married very late ,he was only a year short of fifty when a was born.
2 a did not feel terribly shocked, ,having expected him to take the easiest way out.


Hi! I think that you are a good teacher apart from be so funny i like you so much


no any word i can say…….except…. thank you soooooooo much……

picky brave96

thanks james you are best teacher I have seen you before please advise me that how i speak fluently I can almost understand English but cant speak with others I mean I cant carry on my conversation please please please tell me How I do it.

Fahad Tunio

Thanks James!
You are the best teacher I have seen before,aim Arab Yong and aim respect you .thanks

jafar najajrah

i feel shy to speak english. is there any video for this problem.?
plzzzzz help me out..


Hi james, nice video.


James, thanks for your help !!
I have difficulties in writing paragragh, it’s so hard for me. I’m from Vietnam, i am trying to study English, i’m studying IELTS
OMG it’s so hard, the hardest is writing

Red Waterfall

Hi: Got question from EinVid management….How Could I become a paid member..of EidVd……What would be the fee?




thanks for your sharing


Hey man. What did you say in the end of your videos? It’s like “tchau” that in portuguese is “bye”. And I think you’re a great teacher.


As a native English speaker I learn SO much from these videos. This is applicable for any class or material we want to learn. I never understood how the neurons operated before. Now homework and review makes sense, (this gives the necessary time frame) and I understand why “cramming” for a test is not the answer. After 60 years I am still learning new things thanks to the videos here.


Thanks a lot for your interesting teaching, James. I’ll try to do what you say, and I hope my English learning will be better.


thank u for your effort , but i think the video will be more effective if u insert subtitles to it .thanks again :)


I really really appreciate u! you are a good teacher.I’m interested to learn with your video always.because you are put unforgettable lesson in my mind!thanks a lot!


I have learned a lot here! Thanks for that!


Good day, would it be possible to contact James for one-to-one help with my English; grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc — please :o)
thank you. I have left a message prior but no reply yet.


I’m really excited with your way to give the information Mr james. thx a lot, your new student in engvid ;)


It is so so so good


hello evey body. i live in vietnam.i am learning english but i don’t do it well.i am up set myself. i need your help. i hope you can help me.i am studying the last year at university.
thank you so much

tuan nguyen van

Thanks, James! I learn English and also I teach American kids Russian as foreign language. So, your lesson is also helpful for me as a teacher. ‘Cause I’ve never been a teacher before. Thank you!


hi james. could i ask you question
i have learned English for 9 months
but until now when i read with loudly voice i can’t understand what am i reading
do you have the solution please
thanks anyway


hi james thanks for the lesson again
i sent you this comment before but i didn’t have the answer
“hi james. could i ask you question
i have learned English for 9 months
but until now when i read with loudly voice i can’t understand what am i reading
do you have the solution please
thanks anyway”
thanks again


    pleas anyone here
    James, control anybody here


thanq sir..
i am lucky……….
i am poor in english here videos are there how can i watch from beginning
please tell me sir…………….


hi dear teacher, your expresion r


rely i am sad
no one response my question


Dear james,
The method you have chosen to teach English is really wonderful. in my points of view of one of the greatest problems students have is that they do not consider English language very important.
i mean they think, it can easily be learned.
however, it really needs hardworking and practice
i am glad to have visited you awhile ago.
thanks and best regards,


You’re incredible,mam!Bravo!!!


Hello James! I’m an Italian girl, I’m finishing up college and I miss two exams in English language for me is a big deal. With your online classes I’m very understanding and are also improved slightly. thanks


Hi james, the grammer video package is ready? Please let me know. Thanx a lot for your lessons.


Hi James! I study in pre-intermediate course. How do you think? Which book should I read for fast learning? Can you add video about ‘Debating’?


very helpful!!! thanks


great tips James, thank you very much


I Like to listen your lecture,You are best teacher,
Also very humor 。


finally i found this website its really good thanks fo this videos n james ur doing good job for us thnk u very much to all teachers


Hi James,
You show the show, not English Lessons. I don’t like to listen to you because you mixed theme and you say not clearly.


i want speak english with any body


hi James, how offers can u give advices to learn English effectively for non native speakers?


sorry for mistake.


I,m Putu from Bali (Indonesia)
wow…when i type “how to learn english effectively” in google, rise engVid. So interesting. I have some problem with English. I can’t heard conversation in english well. May i get some technique to hear english well??

Doddy Heka Ardana

do you think a conversation class on internet, it’ll be great i think. thank you


that intelligent you are….


woooooow…it’s really helpful lesson

when i come to London..i’ll meet you to say hi and to give more info about English


hussein syd

I love engvid.com


Thank you James, your classes are always enjoyable.


You are the best teacher but I have one question.
I live in Kazahstan and I dont have enough practice….so can You advise me anything?


Thank you Sir



Haya Rashid

Thanks James for this helpful Advice :)


I’m greatful for all the lessons you made..


Good advice, James! Thanks!


your class was really helpful thanks James


James, you are the best teacher I have seen..


Best teacher Ever wohooo :)


Hi, there is nothing wrong with the word repetition, if it comes along with an intelligent or interesting course. So long.
P.S. I’m using Cambridge Dictionary for advanced learners. There is even an online version of it on the Web/the Net.


Hi James,
thanks a lot for helpful lesson
take care


I know now why you’re my favourite teacher : you’ve worked with aspies before… I love the way you teach using mindmapping : so faster and clearer to make people understand and make links between things that keep stucked in mind for long. Thank you.


I love James!


Thank you Mr. James.

Abdul Qayum

Thanks James.


Hi. Mr Jame Teacher, you are the best teaching , please come in to Laos Country, and visit us welcome.
thanks so much !


simply awesome sir…
hats off to you…

Tilan Charika

Hi James
thanks for you give us the best useful grammar. really i liked for this lesson, anyhow i will try to friendly in this web. thanks James you and your friends engvid .

asha a.mohamed

    Haha… well, Smallville isn’t known for the best acting :)


Thank you for good lessen :)


Thanks to you James , happy teacher ,happy students.

Carlos Arechiga

thank you so much for this lesson. i found that i’m introvert so i’m looking for someone to practice and imporve my english.


Awesome lesson :D … keep going James u r the best


Thank you James!
You are a great teacher.




Thank You James for great tip.


can u send e-book to me also?

by the way subtitles need to correct.
new videos seems ok but the olders need rewiev.



Hi James,
I like to way your teaching, I need to improve my English written skills,let me tell best e-book?


Thanks a lot,James.


You are an interesting teacher. Thank you James!


Thank you very much.


Thanks James.


Hi James, I love the way you teach :-D
you have made engvid interesting, that’s why i come on engvid to learn English again & again, but i don’t review what I have learnt, form today will practice review too.
Thank You!!!

Ishrat Nawaz

    hi ishrat …
    actually my cousins name is ishrat too..
    and he is a boy.

    Mir tawsie

Hi James.
I´m brazilian, I’ve seen an video on youtube and I loved it.
I’ll see all about them, thanks very much!
You are so excellent!


Hay James why there is no some exercises under the videos that you make like what i find with the other teacher on the site


Thank you teacher!


I’m new here, and your classes are awesome!!
Thanks for everything!


Great! Thanks a lot for your advice, James


Great, Mr. James


Hi Mr. James,
I can’t get the lessons video,please lead me.


Good job James
I have problem in listening I couldn’t understand all your speaking because you are talking quikly

Mohammed Al-Tai

That´s amazing explanation James.. You´re the funniest teacher i´ve seen =P


Thanks, it was very good to know.


Thank you James for your knowledge sharing.


James is a good professor.

Aline Matos



Thanks James!!!!

Aline Matos

It was a interesting lesson about how to learn more effectively but what about to learn more efficiently? I prefer to be more efficient than more effective because I lose less time to learn, anyway we have learnt something else. Thanks a lot teacher James from engvid.


James, thank you so much. As always it was useful lesson. )




it was a nice and interesting lesson but there is a lot of mistakes in the subtitles could you please rectify them.


    Sorry, we didn’t use to have English subtitles, so older lessons will only have YouTube’s auto-generated ones.

    engVid Moderator

like a life lesson:) especially I want to noticed the word “long-term”… I thing it may be important so that provide to clearance mind…


Thank you James




Thank you so much James!!!


Sir namaskar . I am new to this channel . Just I want to know where to put my questions to be answered by u.


    How can you ask this question if you don´t know where to ask questions?????


      awesome question to the question which he thinks is not a question.

      Mir tawsie

It’s a piece of cake!

Bwar Othman



Thank you for your advice, I hope to be fluent soon!

Jonathas Wilhem

that interesting


Thanks James!


hello James!
you are really great and you are really the one i was in search of “sir”

Mir tawsie

thanks for being there.

Mir tawsie

old video but it’s still good
always love your teaching style and your sense of humor, sir,
I can say all ur lessons are interesting to me :)


Thank you, James!


you are the best ,,, thanks

Yousif .M

Thank you James, it is a very good strategy to improve vocabulary.

Mars CC Lin

Hello James.
That was awesome.

I am an Iranian person

Pride of my nation our chinese born to love homework.?Thanks for sharing!


    Haha, do you really love homework?


Love it!


Thank you Mr James for your useful lesson ???


Thank you to everyone who helped me.


I just love it!!!
Ill do it for sure

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