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Hi Emma. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 9/10 in this quiz. Thank you so much and stay safe :)

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Hi Emma. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 9/10 in this quiz. I am trying to improve my English Thank you so much and stay safe :)

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    It is said in Pakistan that Indians know English by birth. Is it true?

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      brother no one is good in anything by birth

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I got 10/10, I justly am working on it, many thanks Emma.

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A friend of mine used to tell me, “if someone does not understand me, this is their problem” :)
Joking aside I believe that the pronunciation is the most important part to be understandable.
Thank you for the excellent lesson.

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Hi Emma. I apretiate how you like different accents and you do not see any problem when someone has one. However, I sometimes feel judged or disadvantaged because of my accent. Thank you for your help in this video, I hope it will ease the strength of my accent.

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I got 10/10, the lesson is very useful and interesting, your explaination and your accent are clearly and easily to understand, Thank Emma

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Thumbs up

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Thank you for teaching us these details of pronunciation and also the tips.

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thanks you Emma, million dollar tip of the day,

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Congratulations, the class was great.

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Hi Emma, very interesting and useful lesson, thank you. Particularly, the problem for me is the vowel pronunciation, when I read words that I never heard before I surely make mistake on the vowel pronunciation.

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Emma, I love your calsses!tks!

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    Hi from TURKEY

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i have a question ?

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Let’s dream to speak with Emma’s accent and clarity. Dreams cost no money.!

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Thanks a lot Emma.

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7/10 it is not bad for me

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Good lesson ! I admire your style of teaching. Be blessed a lot !

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Thank you, Emma for another one lesson very good. This tips can do us better learners. I really love your content here. Thanks again.

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Thanks Emma!

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Thanks Emma. The class was amazing

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Tsk Emma! I got 10 out of 10!

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Panama Republic, September 1 year 2020.

Good morning Citizens.
Teacher, professors, Students. etc.

This lesson is (was) will be in my opinion a priority for nursing. Why? Because when some person can not understand the speech related with hearing loss.

I can understand the nursing diagnoses is called :
Impaired Communication relate to effects of hearing loss.

Is good to hear, listen this lesson providing the goal for improve ability, skill, it is evidence as good lesson.

Also, I would like to encourage to everyone,
those one in their comment (typing) about their point, with the next question:

What they can recommend for help the intervention from a nurse?
taking in consideration my understanding in the nursing diagnoses.

Thank You.

Best Regard.
Tech Nurse.

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I got 10/10 =)

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Thank you Ms. Emma. It’s pleasure to listen to you.

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I got 9/10. thanks Emma, execelent class!!!

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Hi there . That was good . Thanks

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first good listen am really benefit and Emma you have a special style admired me

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10/10!!Wow! It’s my first lesson! Didn’t expect such results!

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this is very useful video, so thank you very much.

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I am really benefited by this video.keep providing this kind of videos.thank you very much.

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Thank you Emma, It is a great lesson!
I got 9 out 10

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Thank you

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Hi Emma..I watch your vedio..it is useful..naw I want to change my accent..my pronouncesion is bad..

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hello, Emma, I got 10/10. Thank you for your lesson.

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you rock
Thank you Emma

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hi how are you my friends

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Tank you Emma

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Thank you. It was so useful and practical.
Also I got 10/10 in the test.

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