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I got 100 :) thanks for this useful video Emma, I’m going to take the TOEFL test and I guess that I could take this tips too, thank you so much for this information :)

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    hi Carmen.im interested in taking the toefl too.where in Monterrey you are taking it

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      I’ll take it in my university.

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    Hi Carmen, as far as I know the TOEFL test follows a different format. Apart from that, it does not integrate language skills as the IELTS does.

    However, some of Emma’s Tips could help you out with the listening part of that test.

    All the best to you on the test!!!

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      Just a brief comment on the IELTS and TOEFL exams:

      Unlike the TOEFL exam, the IELTS measures actual language skills. For example, in the writing and speaking sections test takers actually write and speak.

      As far as I can tell, TOEFL measures these two language skills indirectly.

      Thanks very much Emma for these useful tips for the IELTS listening test.

      Take care.

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    i want same result in exam

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    Plz share with your actual score. thank you

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Hi Emma. Ur subtitle is wrong. I cant understand clearly if I dont have a right sub! Thanks alot!

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    The subtitles are from youtube, don’t trust them

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Emma, thank you very much for this lesson. I have a question: if I write down “lunch time” instead of “lunch time” or “four door car” instead of “four-door car” it would be wrong? I would appreciate very much if you can answer this. Thanks

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    sorry, “lunch time” instead of “lunchtime”

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thank for ‘double m ‘!but your subtitle running too slowly when you say so i can’t understand all what did you say,but i really like this lesson..i’ll listen again more sometime…

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    The captions are now fixed.

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Thank you for your great tips, Emma :)

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Many thanks Emma.

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Thank you, Emma.

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Thank you.

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Yeah not very well, but anyway don’t give up and go ahead, thanks for the next priceless lesson Emma.

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It’s real interesting to anyone need to learn well.

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very helpful information, thanks a lot

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very very important lesson…..got 100%

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very inspiring

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hi Emma,how you doing.i have a question,i speak good english and lately i have been thinking a bout taking a test to prove my knowledge about the language but i feel like im not ready for it yet.and its prety weird because i answer the quiz with out watching the videos and i answer all of them.how do i know im ready for the toefl or whatever its called.

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HI, Emma, your lessons are so great. I have done the TOEIC exam and my mark was very horrible. I heard that the IELTS is more difficult than the TOEIC. so I am really confused. I don’t know my level and I don’t know how I should learn. please give me some advise.

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As always great lesson my dear teacher love u:)

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Thank u Emma for yr great lesson I got 10/10

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I got 10!!!!

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I got 100:)

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I gtg 10/10 without watching yhe video,but i still need to practice more and more as i’ll pass the ielts on June .

Thank you Emma for the video

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thank you very much Emma :) I’ve got 100%

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    hi essra how r u ???

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Thanks alot
I have got 9/10

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thank you very much ^^

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thank you Emma.. its interesting lesson

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I got 9 correct out of 10. :|

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    i ma also

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Thank u Emma

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Thank you!
I am going to take IELTS test in a couple of months.


Hi, Emma,
your lessons are always very useful.
Thanks a lot.

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Hi Emma,

Great lesson as always. I have a question on tip 11. Where can I find program or site to exercise my listening at numbers and letters?

Thank you in advance.

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    HI roshavbg, follow this link.I think this will help you.

    esl-lab DOT COM

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      Thank you very much stefany stk.

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Hi ,Emma, Thank you for lessons. You’re my favourite teacher ever !!!

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thanksssssss>> Emma

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hello people

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Thanks got 60%.

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Lots of thanks,Emma.You have pushed me ahead.Before your lesson,I couldn’t know where I should go to improve my English,and have had a bad period.Something look likes ” a black line “. Have an incredible day!

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Hi Emma, it’s my pleasure to hear you again, let’s me thank you for your advice and your motivation for the IELTS essay!!! i underline that i got 10 out 10. Kindly

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keep more listening here:)

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Emma.. it’s been long I’ve not seen your videos!! so glad to see you again :)

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100%, good morning IELTS, here I’m

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Thank-you . Have a nice day!

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thanx) 100

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Thanks Emma

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I got 100% because you are a great teacher. Your explain is very clear and simple. thank you, Emma!!!

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    I want to practice English with you. If you agree please leave a comment.

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Got 100

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Hi Emma,
I´ve been studying from this website, I love it…I would like to know how can I improve my listening. I can understang what you say, but i still have problem with songs, for example.

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Hello Emma, Thank you for your useful tips.

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Hi Emma i get nin—–ty

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Hey I’d like to know when we should use, for example:
The door’s key
The door key
The key of the door
(In general, not only explaning this phrase)
Thank you =)

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Thanks Emma i got 90%

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Thanks Emma. i have got a lot from this lesson before i didn’t know.so it helps me to improve my listening skill.

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Thank you Emma,a very impressive lesson

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thank you i got 100

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this video is really good.
Thank you Emma you are a great teacher.

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Thank you Emma

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thanks you Emma. i understand your lesson

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Thanks emma u r the best teacher I ever seen Yet :)

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Thanks Emma I got 90 now I know I need to improve my grammar.

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Thank you Emma!

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You can also predict in tip #8 that it’s going to be a pluran noun.

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Emma, this lesson is very informative and useful!
Also I’d like you to make the video about how to open an account in the bank (I mean some vocabulary, expressions you should know). I’m gonna be grateful to you.
All the best!

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10/10 Thank you Emma, you are wonderful teacher and person.

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Thanks Emma.
In my opinion you are best teacher in this team.

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I got 100%

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thank you Emma very nice method of teaching

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Thanks a lot. A very useful lesson for me.

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Thank you Emma, Superb! :)

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thank u emma…

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Thanks Emma I got 100%

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I got 100%.Thank you Emma.Your lessons are very useful.

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Thanks Emma

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first of all this is an amazing website to learn and practice, many thanks to Emma if was not you i could not knew any answer to this questions.
then i have a suggestion if you could attach a link that offers free online IELTS test i will be thankful.
i have just starting preparing for IELTS, so wish me success and luck.

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By the way i got 100%

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Thank Emma you are fantastic!
I have gotten 80 at first time.
ensha Allah I will be able to exit from IELTS during our short semester.

please uplowd new vidios.

your sincerely student.

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Thanks you too much Emma, I feel more confident… Your way of presenting is easy to follow, attractive, friendly as well

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I got 9 out of 10. Thank you Emma. My English is improving. The engVid is a great job all of the team teachers.

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Thank u so much for giving such an important lecture. I really improve myself by practicing on it.

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These tips are very important and helpful for speaking and writing.I got 8 out of 10.I need improve my English urgently.thanks for this lesson.take care you too…

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i got 60% nd i am happy coz i was not sure for that …. thanks emma …. i love ur teaching style…..

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I have got 100..thanks Emma

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Dear Emma,
I’m appreciated by your extraordinary lectures, would you like to give a lesson on different pronunciations of ‘X’…. such as Exam, Maximum etc.

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Thank you Madam Emma. I got 9marks out of 10. Hope follow you continuous.

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Thank you Emma,Its useful practice. keep going .

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dear emma,
thanks for your excellent lesson.
in reading portion of IELTS, there are some questions regarding list of heading.
Would you please have a lesson about the easiest way to specify the headings.
thanks again.

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thanks a lot Emma I’ve got 100 it’s useful and practical !!!

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i don’t know how and when i can use “However” and “rather than” ,so could you please Emma give us a special lesson on that???????

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thanx Emma hope yu more success.


HI AMMA I got 40

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Thank you for tips

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thank u very much I got 100% :D

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    Hi Eman , did you passed the test ? tell me your experience

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Thanks For Tips and how to download the lesson

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Hi teacher Emma, you know? I understand almost all of your words, I feel happy for that, on the other hand, when I listen to teacher Jade, I understand only a 40% of her words, and I feel sad for that, has she a british accent?

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Hi Emma I don´t understand why this tip is not helpful for the listening test “Before the test, memorize answers to as many IELTS Listening sections as you can.” ???

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    Because you get confuse and waste your time.Just be relax look at a glance and focus on the blank and guess.

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I got 100 Thank you :)

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thank you emma..:)

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i got 100% that was good
thanks Emma

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hey Emma thank.I got 70%

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thanks but i don’t know what is verb,Noun & Adjective ? so how can i learn this ?

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got 9/10, I think with more practice, I could perfect it as well next time, thank you Emma!

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thank you sooooooooooo much , i’m going to pass the IELTS test strongly.

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thank you emma for this tips

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wow!!! i got 100

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thank you so much emma. i take 70 in this quiz. on comparate with my medium level i’m very proud.

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80 % :) !

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80 % :) !

Profile photo of AshieHR AshieHR

Thank you, it is very important for preparing ielts exam

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I got 100 thank you Emma :D

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I got 10/10

Thank you Emma i love the way you explain

You so postive person so that i hope to study with you as my teacher

Take care

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Who is the british teacher on EngVid?

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Anybody tell me about opening of video lessons on this side plz

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I like the way you are motivating us

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Thank you Emma,this lesson is really usefull!

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thank you

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I got 90 :)
I’m an English learner and I’m going to take ielts exam about 5 month later. I have to gain seven point so It is serious condition for me.
I need to improve my skills so any help, advice, and suggestion is welcome.
Here is my email:

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I knew that already. :)

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Thanks Emma , you are a great teacher and motivator.
Thanks for your tips I was ranked 5.5 in my first try and now after the third I am 6.5 and that in just three days practice .
I still missing and have mistakes in third and fourth section which make me crazy for losing marks .
My exam will be held on September 20,2014, and wish to have good mark.

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Thanks a lot !

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I got 100% because of you Emma. :)

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thx emma

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Hello Emma,
I am new to this forum, so I am unaware of the rules. I hope its okay to ask this question here.

I had a question related to listening and hope you can help me.
In the context of dates in IELTS listening section, if the question asks the date of birth and the instruction mentions one word and or/number, which of the following is correct?( the recording mentioned date of birth as 31st March 1972
Q. Date of Birth:……………………………………….)

A.31 March
B.March 1972
Are all of these acceptable?

I will really appreciate the help.

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can i learn enlish

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I got 100 in the quiz after listening tips. Thank You Emma for providing us with useful information and tips to get good score in IELTS. I am confident that going through your videos I will be able to get a good band. Thank you once again.

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Really helpful

Profile photo of steevie steevie

Thank you Emma for encouraging us. I feel more confident whenever I listen to your lesson. :)

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Thank you a lot

Profile photo of yousifwlda yousifwlda

I have a plans to try IELTS this december.

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thanx for that

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I got 100!! thank you Emma!

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i got just 80 very first time thank you emma.

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i like your method emma you are a good teacher,you helped me to love english and study ielits

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Thank you Emma this will help me a lot in my upcoming IELTS exam, but I do have difficulty in writing, could you lend me a help?

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Thank you Emma.

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Emma thanks very much for your lessons. they have really been of help.

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than you .

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    Thank you .

    Profile photo of shahriarshikder shahriarshikder

thank you Emma

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    Assalamu Alaikum. You may join with me for speaking practice. @Skype: sultan_du

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I got 80% :( felling sorry 2 wrong answer

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thank you all of teacher and especially emma, I wanna praktice for speaking on skype. mstarsln58

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thank you all of teacher and especially Valen,I got 70

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May I can take practice tests on this site.

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thank you Emma

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Hi Emma, nice to see you. Honestly I’m really happy to join your site, it’s amazing! now I will be able to learn those things which are really important to use in English conversation. But I’m a little confused about passive voice and active voice because now I’m learning French in France and it’s equal way of passive voice but if I clear in English, I will be easily learn French passive voice and it help me a lot,
So could you mind to explain me by video please, I hope you will teach me. RSVP

thank you

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madam emma u r awsum ur tips r very useful thanks a lot

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Thanks for this lesson, a like it

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Thank you !!!

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thanks Emma for the lesson. I m thinking you are best teacher in this team.I got 8 of 10 in my opinion it is not bad.

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I’ve got 10 out of 10
& Thanks Emma to teach us such a good tricks & tips .

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Hi Emma, thank you so much for your lesson :)
Are you teaching also privatly?

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Thank you

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Ok my first quiz and i failed just in one. i got a 90!!

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I got 100 thank you Emma

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Hi emma .. I m watching ur video i have learn some i hope i ll learn more … Thanks emma

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yahh i got 100 thanx ma’am

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It’s early for me to have exam soon, but I will practice, practice, practice.
No royal road to learning.
Thank you Emma for your nice advice.

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my quiz emma:
You got 8 correct out of 10.

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yey i got 90 heheeeeeee :) but that mean i can take ietls???

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Thanks a lot for this materials. I am improving myself to take IELTS on 16th May of this year. I can do it!!!

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hi friends thanks to all , i want to talk with all kindly find me on facebook mohan rawaat

Profile photo of mohan rawat mohan rawat

Thank you for very useful tips!

Profile photo of sahhak sahhak

I have a question:

If an answer has 2 words and I write 3 words that contain those 2 words and another extra word does it count as a wrong or correct answer?

Profile photo of hsam hsam

thank you Emma , you are very Kind

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Thanks Amma.

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Thank you Emma

Profile photo of monu16 monu16

Very nice Emma :)))

Profile photo of vitaliy83 vitaliy83

Thanks Emma, I’m going to take the Ielts in the following weekend. I wish I could apply all those tips on that! ;)

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I have got 90.Thanks Emma.Your tips are super & helpful.

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You are a good teacher Emma ^^

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Good lesson and a great teacher thank you Emma.

Profile photo of waleedAlmoliki waleedAlmoliki

well i got 10/10 :D but i am having difficulty where they describe about a map… they talk too fast that its difficult to understand for me for the first time :/

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Dear Emma i love u u are a good teacher when u speak i easly anderstand u ur speaking is very good for new learner

Profile photo of Iqbalum1 Iqbalum1

thank you for your tips!;) we`re going to have an IELTS test tomorrow, so I hope it will help.

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Great lesson! 9/10 .
Thank you!

Profile photo of adela.maeras adela.maeras

I got 100% . Thanks for great teaching Emma .You made it easy too understand important notes.

Profile photo of javidhosseini javidhosseini

thank you emma for your helpful and magnificent tips.:-)

Profile photo of sadi67 sadi67

It is very much helpful for IELTS test takers who want to make improve his/her skill through each module.

Profile photo of amin6942 amin6942

I got 100 Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of indra4a0 indra4a0

thanks for teaching

Profile photo of samir)) samir))

Thank you!

Profile photo of aakillaa aakillaa

you’re giving me a lot of motivation to learn English!!!
Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Lkinter1 Lkinter1

You got 6 correct out of 10.
:( the first time try it .very helpful .i love you amma and thank you ,for help me .

Profile photo of jibon jibon

thank you Emma for this valuable lecture .Please, you have mentioned the answer will be considered incorrect if the singular is used in stead of plural or vice-versa ,does it mean no mark even 0.5 for example ?.I`d like to know if the all sections of listening have the same weight in marks
thank you in advance
best regards

Profile photo of haider j touma haider j touma

tanks, emma I’m happy when I lessen you.

Profile photo of sherif kassem sherif kassem

Tnx a lot Ms.Emma????

Profile photo of dr.sahar.m dr.sahar.m

I got 100 in the quiz, I’m very proud of myself lol. I need to get a 7.0 in IELTS to be accepted by the university I want in Vienna. I’ll take the exam in February. Wish me luck !

Profile photo of alarhu alarhu

very nice and effective

Profile photo of Ditan Rai Ditan Rai

i got 9/10 :(

Profile photo of asmao asmao

Thank you so much t got 10/10

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Good video for learn IELTS listening
This can help me practice my listening and pronunciation English ability

Profile photo of hoangminh hoangminh

very helpful
thanks Emma

Profile photo of hattemkishk hattemkishk

I’m going to register for IELTS soon. Now, I need someone for speaking practice. I already have a good fluency because I’m now working in a British company, and previously I worked in an English Daily. Please add me on Skype if you are interested. My Skype ID: sultan_du . Thanks.

Profile photo of sultan sultan

very useful

Profile photo of junedi1120 junedi1120

I got 100% thank you so much

Profile photo of stefvilvar stefvilvar

You’re amazing Emma.

Profile photo of Relias Relias

Great, I scored 100 out of 100
Very Useful tips, thanks so much Ms. Emma…

Profile photo of A.Guessoum A.Guessoum

great tips, thanks a lot teacher Emma.

Profile photo of mahdi target mahdi target

i got 90% thanks

Profile photo of shadya94 shadya94

I got 10/10 :D Thank you Emma. Happy study everyone.

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thank you Emma.. I got 10/10 in practice test..

Profile photo of avisek91 avisek91

That’s great lesson.

Profile photo of mpskumara mpskumara

I hank you so much for this information :)

Profile photo of wesam sadek wesam sadek

Thanks Emma, I aced it.

Profile photo of oksma oksma

in in 3rd test
9/10 also

Profile photo of mohamed90199 mohamed90199

thank you Emma

Profile photo of Mostafa@87 Mostafa@87

thanks emma i got 100%… the way of your teaching outstanding,,,,

Profile photo of ashfaque51 ashfaque51

i got 90. thanks for help
i can do will by your tips

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Thank you Emma it is useful

Profile photo of hbohisi hbohisi

Thank you Emma 😊

Profile photo of mrtaltinok mrtaltinok

I love these tips ! Thanks dear teacher .

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ok !

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Scored 90% Thanks Emma Please share the name of the British tutor so that I can watch some videos

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Dear Emma
Thanks so much

Profile photo of Ramiz Shubbar Ramiz Shubbar

I have got 8 out of 10

Profile photo of fawadrind fawadrind

Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of qi wei wang qi wei wang

Thanks, Emma. I got 90

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Wow that was good, wish the exam would be easy like this, got 9/10. Thank You EMMA

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thanks a lot Emma for this useful information. GREAT.

Profile photo of ibrahimbalti ibrahimbalti

i did it :)
Emma and Adam, i love you both sooo much

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thanks Emma you are a good teacher

Profile photo of oyinnio oyinnio

Thank you Emma !

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Yay!! 100!

Profile photo of Macber Macber

Scored 100!
Thank you so much Emma, it really helpful

Profile photo of dhani.badia dhani.badia

thank you emma i got 10 out of 10 :)

Profile photo of NeenaKaluti NeenaKaluti

Thank you

Profile photo of cocors18 cocors18

Emma is outstanding, excellent teacher, she provides useful tips and great classes. This website is great. Cheers!

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Thank you Emma

Profile photo of Fation Fation

Thanks, Emma :)

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Profile photo of bahaa0abdalla bahaa0abdalla

Thanks Emma, it is really so helpful as we got 100 out of 100

Profile photo of Wahab Wahab

can I write all my answers in capital letters?

Profile photo of Diego Martins Diego Martins

Not so Good…. need more helpful tips like Liz……

Profile photo of KMK HImel KMK HImel

Thanks Emma. Your video is really good and easily to listen. I hope you will make more videos about ielts. <3

Profile photo of Annie To Annie To

emma i got 90
i like your manner thank you

Profile photo of dahdouh dahdouh

You got 10 correct out of 10.


Profile photo of KARTAL KARTAL

good quiz

Profile photo of Ali H. Wheeb Ali H. Wheeb

I got 9 out 10 that`s great!! I hope I can get a good grade on Ielts!!

Profile photo of wcherubim wcherubim

80% thank you

Profile photo of Abdullah Mujally Abdullah Mujally

I got 100 thanks Emma.

Profile photo of Hashemamad Hashemamad

Thank you Emma

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

Emma i would like to say you are incredible. Differentiating numbers is a little bit challenging. But thank you for instilling in me the confidence, for sure passing is about practice and positive energy.

Profile photo of eunicebarbuch eunicebarbuch

Hi, could you please advise me the good website to do lots of practice test for the IELTS

Profile photo of sraman9577 sraman9577

Hi dear Emma.
Thanks for your helping so much.
Plz learn me how I can download your videos?

Profile photo of salarevergreen salarevergreen

Thanks Emma ! Great lesson. I got the higher score :)

Profile photo of Diegomgm Diegomgm


Profile photo of Viktoriya Viktoriya

I don’t know if this question was asked before but i would like to know finally when transferring the answers to the paper we should write them with pen or pencil ?

Profile photo of Ashka05 Ashka05

100% Thanks Emma , Posted quite long time ago but still up to date and useful tips.

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung

Thank Emma all of your tips were very useful for my interested i think to take the ielts exam as soon as i know the right dates

Profile photo of caugusto asto caugusto asto

better teacher

Profile photo of Elfouly Elfouly

I got 80 scores,,,, oh my god
I wrong the number five and six of questions.

Profile photo of BruceYang BruceYang

thanks emma
you are good teacher
and i got 100%

Profile photo of samehnagi samehnagi

100 thanks

Profile photo of Gamal Abdel-Aziz Gamal Abdel-Aziz


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The best Teacher.

Profile photo of Azad 56 Azad 56

Thanks A lot Emma, I got 9/10. I love your words of encouragement. It boasts our confidence that we can do it. Thanks

Profile photo of fooresight@gmail.com fooresight@gmail.com

Thanks Emma!

Profile photo of Mr.Meo Mr.Meo

Thank a lot Emma
I got 90

Profile photo of Alisalehali7127833462033 Alisalehali7127833462033

I got 90% thanks for great lesson..

Profile photo of GuriSaini GuriSaini

Thanks Mam, it was my first time here and now I’m gonna learn more through this.

Profile photo of Owesmirza Owesmirza

i got 80marks

Profile photo of Ahsan Rafique Ahsan Rafique

Thank you Ms. Emma.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

9/10! I fell more better these days. Now, I can read some short and simple English news. Thanks, Emma!

Profile photo of Jerry Gu Jerry Gu

Thank you Emma for your well articulated and useful tips. I want to prepare for IELTS General Test in the next couple of months. These tips will come in handy. My target is L8, W7, R7.5 and S7.5

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I got 100% in the quiz

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