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I got 4 correct


I got 7 correct


thank you teatcher I got 100


9/9 :D
thanks a lot, Mr.Alex for your unpricing advices
English has many regional varieties, and I have to make time for studying the one that will be most useful for me.


    You got it! :) You’ll hear and see both varieties for sure, but try to focus on the one that will be most useful for you. If you’re just studying for fun, then studying both is just fine, too!


I once watched a movie set in the hospital. There was a janitor in the movie and he pretended to be a doctor in the emergency room because there wasn’t a doctor. A seriously injured man arrived there and asked the so-called doctor, “What will happen to me?”. “The burr in your eyes worries me a lot,” the janitor said. If knowing English is this hurt man, I think British or American English might just be a burr. I mean the important thing is to be able to communicate with someone and feel good with English. If you ask me which one is your favourite? I would say it’s British English because it sounds fancy and more musical. It attracts me to itself like a bee is drawn to a rose.

Thanks, Alex!


    That’s a good way of looking at it. And everyone has their preferences!


Hello Alex !
The only thing that seems important to me is to be able to exchange as fluently as possible in any country in the world. Of course, it’s not academic English, but if we could understand each other, that would be enough for me and so much the better.
And it will be thanks to you.


    You’ve got the right idea. At the end of the day, the most important thing is communication, so if you can make yourself understood, you’re already on the right track.


Sorry, but I think the translator is wrong.
thanks for advance.

Enrique Otero

    Thanks for letting me know! I have informed the engVid technical team.


It was great

Bhavna Der

Thanks Alex for the lesson, but the translation was wrong


    Thanks for letting me know. I have informed the engVid technical team. :)


Hello, Mr. Alex, I am Khaled, a high school graduate, and I did not know how to speak English. I want to know the difference between it and other countries, so that I can be a translator, but rather an Arabic. Will you help me to gain a mother tongue?


Dear Alex,
As you mentioned there is no so different just a little bit different on pronunciation that is my experience as I am a new comer in the Netherlands most of the Dutch people speak British accent but I practiced American accent in Afghanistan. nowadays in communication I feel the different of accents for example one day I talked about lawyer I pronounced this word in American accent the dutch person did not understand me so explained my point he told me oh lowyer he instead of (A) pronounced (O) he said your mean is lowyer:lawyer.
suddenly I checked on dictionary that I have understood there is some difference on accents and pronunciation.

Sher Hussain Hussainpor (sher.hussain58@yahoo.com)

    Yes! The British AW and O sounds can be a bit different from the American pronunciation. I hope you’re feeling more comfortable hearing different accents these days.


I agree with all about learn is most important, to get a way to comunicate with everyone.


    You got it. The most important thing is to be understood by others.


Hello, Alex!
How nice is your class about the difference between American English and British English!
I got 8/9, what I think that’s not too bad.
Congratullation for you help to study english day by day!!!
Take care!
God bles you!!!

Miguel Geronimo

    Thanks, Miguel! Nice job on the quiz, and I wish you success in your English studies. :)


Dear boss iam sory

Md Rifat

    Iam not English

    Md Rifat

    Thanks for learning English


5/9 op´s

Isabela Amaro

I’m new here how can I follow the episodes in the correct order


    Welcome, Mmohamed731!

    You can watch the videos in any order – most videos are not part of any series. If they are, links to the next/previous lessons are in the description above the video. You can also use the menus at the top of the page to find lessons by different teachers and on different topics. (The English Lesson Finder is a little broken right now, but we’re working on fixing it!)

    engVid Moderator

I corrected 8/9


I really appreciate about this lesson. It was a great support to me to learn more about English. Have a lovely day! Thanks.

Aye Sandar Kyaw

pleshelp iwent lern inglish

Barzi Abdulxaliq

I got 9 of 9


I am very grateful for your presentation. I like to take British English courses

Eyob Yimenu

Thank you very much, teacher


Hi Alex.
I enjoyed watching your video. It was great and helpful.
I got 7 of 9 from the quiz.
Thanks anyway.


I got 7 of 9


I got 100%


I got 78%


Very good!


I scored 9/9: D

I do really appreciate your presentation. It is enjoyable.

Thanks a lot!

Muhidin Jemal

I GOT 9 OF 9


I got 7 of 9 thanks Alex for useful advise


I really like your style of learning. keep it up

Thanks Alex


thank you teacher for you help

farah hirsi

I need more practice

Xavi Tiburcio

Thanks for the vidéo and for your time. I can understand you clearly Mr Alex. I think because you speak and pronounce the phrases clearly. I can also understand almost teachers in ENGVID. I have a problem with Américan movies… I difficultly catch a few words. So how to get the ear for understanding américan English


Thank you very much. I dream of moving to Canada, but my teacher has a British accent. How do you think this is the problem?


please subtitles

Felipe Hernandez

Igot 8/9


I have got 9/9.

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