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Thank you very much Mr Adam


    Well, as far as I can see talking about the stock market is complicated.

    Getting familiar enough with all these terminology, however, it is a must for those planning to invest in the Stock Market soon.

    By the way, have you ever invested in the stock market Adam? You handle the terminology with great ease.

    Just one more question, do you MAKE or DO an investment?

    Tough lesson, but interesting.

    Have a marvelous week!


      Excuse, the question is not adressed to me, but the answer is ‘ make an investment’. Have a good day, dude!


        …Make money, etc…


          Video Time (6:46)… ‘make some money’…


          …’make some investment”…*


      Hi Regino,

      Yes, I have played the market, but it’s nerve-wracking so I stopped :)

      You can make an investment, but ideally you will invest in something.


Thank you Adam. Very useful lesson.


90%! Good class! Thanks Adam!


70% first time done! Thanks you very much Mr Adam!


For me…it was very difficult lesson but good study. Thank you, Adam :)


Great skill of teaching ,Adam

Thank you….


Thank you so much Adam your lesson is quite difficult but however I got 7 correct out of 10 . I am happy with my score. Thank you Adam and Engvid.com


Thank You Mr. Adam


Thank you very much. Your explanation is easy to understand although the topic is total new to me.


thank u very much Adam, i got 90 scores :)


I would like to appreciate you Adam for touching upon this vocabulary.Thank you very much for that:)
I have chosen “Capital market and Securities laws” subject for my higher studies.Even though this topic is confusing to understand,i really enjoy it in fact i have to deal with this kind of concepts daily.
I am quite curious about the bull sculpture which is generally put up in front of stock market.I don’t know whether i am right or wrong but i think it is considered as an auspicious sign for overall trading of stock market because bullish phase means market is going up which is a good sign.So i think we can relate it in this way.
Anyway,Adam your overall explanation was excellent as usual :-)Many thanks for that once again.
I would like to get a video on LAW VOCABULARY RELATED WITH COURT.


    Thanks Tejalkk, I’ll see what I can do about the legal vocab lesson :)


Good for you)

tania tania

bond: a sort of government spy! LOLLLL


Thanks, Adam.
But I have a doubt.
“I will be back soon.”
then “I want to be back to… (a place)”
any grammar mistake here? esp. “to be back to”?
Thanks if you could help. :)


    Hi Sophie,

    I would say I want to get back to… or go back to… or return to…


Fantastic lesson Adam, thank you. I am really thinking about investing money these days.


Great lesson!If someone wants to communicate with me, please add me on Skype cowberry120898


Thanks Adam, now i’am ready to invest a lot money to get rich!lol!!!


Thanks a lot, Adam. 80% i think not bad for my knowledge in finance )) Exelente lesson.


Thanks sir for your effort it was an interesting topic :)
But I was wondering if u could please make a lesson about the news because they always use a high level vocabulary and I dont understand a word lol xD and also a lesson about the babies stuff and what they need because I dont know how to talk about them in English,,

Thanks sir you R the BeST ♡

Rena jackson

    Hi Rena,

    I’ll get on those ideas :)


hello sir i am so happy that i came to know a lot of things from your lessons. i want an email address of your to take advice for my future.


Great Class Adam!! I have to learn more about this 60 :(


Hi Adam,Thanks for your lesson.I got 100 score:)


I think it’s named BEAR MARKET because bears are clumsy and not very smart…am I right?


    Hi Katrin,

    It’s a good idea, but bears are actually quite agile. It’s the way they attack and bring prey down with their claws. :)


      Agree, Adam.


Hello everyone, I wish to all of you have a nice day. I am a newcomer to this website, and I would like to ask a question that I have had for a long time. My question is about writing in English. Could we deliberately replace words in a sentence in order to make it seem more complex? For instance, intead of saying “I am sad,” could I say “I am dismal?” And instead of saying “You have a good behavior,” could I say “Your demeanor is bounteous?(I’m aware that those sentences are a bit distinct).” And I know that exists a particular context when trying to write certain words, but as far as I’m concerned, English is the most rich language in the world with about 250.000 words. Anyway, I appreciate your attention to my question. Thanks.


    Yes, you can — but don’t overdo it, or else someone will tell you to put away the thesaurus! People can tell when you’re using longer words to seem smart, especially when you’re not 100% sure about the way the words are used. (For example, a native speaker would say something like “I am feeling dismal” and “Your conduct is exemplary.”)

    “Demeanour” means someone’s face, manner, attitude — less concrete than “behaviour”. Like “He said nothing, but his sinister demeanour made me want to leave.” “Bounteous” means “abundant” or “generous”, not just generally good. Like “We can look forward to a bounteous harvest this year.”

    engVid Moderator

      All right. I got it, thanks for your time. I hope a happy day for you. :)


    Hi Anthony,

    First of all, welcome :)

    Just to add a point about language: complexity comes from sentences more than words. Using big words doesn’t make your writing better. Actually, it makes it less accessible to more people. It’s good to know these words in order to read a wider variety of books, but not necessarily for writing (unless you are writing poetry of some literary novels).

    Hope this helps :)


heloo Mr Adam. Can you give me any lesson about on the “IF CONDISHENAL”??


    Will do Grigol. In the meantime, so a search in the box at the top of the page and you will see some lessons already available.


Great class Adam, but i think that the stock market is not too good for investment in Brazil nowadays

Faustino de souza alves

    Hi guy, why my comment wasn`t approved?

    Faustino de souza alves

      Possibly because you hadn’t commented before! First-time commenters need their comments manually approved.

      engVid Moderator

        Ok, thank you and have a nice day.

        Faustino de souza alves

You’re the best always Adam Thank you so much <3
For my colleges Who needs to practice his Accent , you can be in touch on my FB account


Thank you


Excellent explanation Adam, please could you make a video about “Adverbs Collocation”?


    I’ll see what I can do Valgarv ;)


Thanks Adam! Important subject with interesting vocabulary very well explained!

Yields are generally defined to a certain period of time, such as one year, isn’t it?

Fabio Cicerre

    Hi Fcicerre,

    The yield is the gain, but it is usually expressed in terms of annual gain. Yield itself does not mean a time period.

    Does this help?


      Hi Adam!

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes, you made this very clear.

      Fabio Cicerre

nice lesson, thank you Adam


I got 10 correct out of 10 questions again. With these good lessons it is easy. Congratulations and thanks for you Adam and the engVid.


I learned a lot with this video. There are a lot of theories about the origin of Bear Market and Bull Market terminology. I just though of one that sounds funny but make sense. Since Bears are great hibernators maybe it means that during negativism and pessimism we are forced to save more and invest less, a kind of “financial hibernation” quite what happened in the great depression.


    Hi Iconica (new name? :) )

    I like this theory. ;)


      Hello Adam, thank you for your videos they are awesome, and yes, I changed my name, ;).


It was not easy to learn the terms of the stock market for me. I have had to review again and over again this lesson for understanding and memorizing them.
Thank you, Adam for this interesting lesson.


Thanks for that


thank you Adam it was very useful

ahmed elreweny

Thx a lot


Adam You are always overachiever when it comes to or understanding . Thank you so much

For my colleges Please if any one has good accent need to practice with me ” I have a fluent accent” You can be in touch with me on


Oohhh… :-O
It seems that a teacher from engVid has a future at the London Stock Exchange or Wall Street (And also as an Economics Professor… I got 9 correct out of 10) :)
I am sure you are practical with these tricks in your daily life.
I know my father regularly checks his bonds… (He reads stock indexes on teletext every day…) ;)
I should make that, too ;)


    Hi Antonella :)

    Why aren’t I rich then? lol




Without watching this video I managed to get 90% ..(Lollz) my market knowledge is checked by this :p


Really cool lesson! Seems you have some experience in investing


Thank u so much ,,
it was so hard i got 70

Nona Zraki

Hello Adam,

This topic is really essential for those people who are in business. Thanks, I really benefited from it.
The more lessons on business English you give, the happier I am :)

Hoping to see you again soon, bye-bye!


thnx adam verry usefull




Good lesson, Adam


I really learnt some knowledge from this lession!

Charles Xiong

Thank you very much! That’s very helpful! I got 10/10.


Thank you so much Adam :) <3
Your lessons are always great.
I've got 90%.


Thank you so much

yacine bouyousfi

You are my hero!I petty like watching your video.

Vincent chen

Thank you!


very good lesson!


Good lesson!


Great Adam! Explanation very clear, easy to understand and simple. I think you will be an awesome finance teacher. I just got 100%!!! if you can come with more securities terms like that I will greatly appreciate it, just to refresh my mind in finance.


I am very passionate about that field. I think if you come with more topics, I will put more interest on it. I created my portfolio in CNNMoney in order to practice, but sometimes I didn’t have good understanding in term of strategy.


How are you? I hope you’re doing well!
I’d like to make a request for a video about the preposition “to” followed by a “gerund”, as the following examples show:
She admitted “to having” stolen the car.
He confessed “to having slept” through most of the film.
She gets “to fretting” if I stay away from home too long.
I know that “to” is acting as a preposition, and similar to other prepositions, the verb must be followed by a “gerund”. However, sometimes this gets really confusing ’cause we’re so used to using to+base form (infinitive) that it sometimes seems really awkward.
Looking forward to hearing from you and watching the next videos.


    I’ll get on that Henry :) I know it gives lots of people trouble.


Hello, …. yes? Can I speak with Mr “Michael Adam Douglas” please? And who wants talk to him? An old toothless yuppie from the 80’s you know, I still have some stocks from that time, I want to know if he is still interested on buying them!…..KLONG….?? Hello, ?? Hello? Are you there……? Hellooooo?!?

Jorge Pedroso

    Wall Street? lol


Oops 9/10

Jorge Pedroso

great lesson Adam!love it.thank you.


thanks brother


Thank Adam for your financial explanation


Hi Adam, Do you have any private lessons?


    Hi M. I do Skype lessons for test prep.

    You can get more info at writetotop.com


    Thank you for asking the Q.


100% Thanks


Thank you so much. I got 70 and I think that is good time to listening

Katherine Nguyen

Please make a lesson video on Hairdressing, haircutting, and whatever situation in contact with the barber, hairstyle maker and the vocabulary related to types of hairstyles, beards, sideburns etc..
Thank you.


    I’ll see what I can do Omaxios


goog lerning with mr. adam
I hop contacte with evry one hwo spack english well


Learn well with mr.Adam
I hope to communicate with everyone who speaks English
By scype: amerbathich


Hi Adam! Is there any list of verbs after which ME,HER,THEM,HIM,US,YOU must be used with TO? For example:
I spoke TO him; I called her.
Thank you.


    Hi Katrin,

    I’m not entirely sure I get the question. You can say I spoke to Linda. Any verb that involves an action directed at a person can take to + pronoun.

    give, take, bring, etc.


      Adam but CALLED action too! I can’t get that…


        Oh, ok. You’re having trouble with transitive and intransitive verbs. Transitive verbs, such as called, need an object (so no ‘to’). Intransitive verbs don’t take an object, so if directed at someone, they need a preposition.

        John laughed at/shouted at/pointed to Bill.
        John cried to Bill
        John hit Bill.
        John insulted Bill.

        Does this help?




Hi Adam, thank you so much for this new lesson, it really helped a lot. I’m recommending engVid to my friends. It’s a very good tool for us who are learning English. You’re an excellent teacher as well your colleagues. Is there a way that I can contact somebody to practice my English?. Thanks for all your great lessons.


    Thanks Sahuayo,

    You can ask everyone here in the forum. I’m sure someone will be happy to talk to you.


i got 90; Suwun yo dam adam


last task, it must be “portfolio”, not fund, why??


    Hi Mukti,

    Actually, fund is the correct answer. It is managed by someone else. Portfolio is the collection of investments you own.


I really love this website! lol


Thank you Adam, this lesson helps me a lot to understand how the Stock Markets work.


Excellent lesson Adam….

If possible, I’d like to watch a lesson about Foreign Trade: Import and Export Goods, Custom Clearance, etc.

Thank you!

Enilson B@tist@

    I’ll see what I can do Enilson.


Thanks a lot Adam , I t is one of the most important lessons I learned.


Hi Adam how you doing ? Ok I would like to ask if you can make a lesson
About pronunciation ,there some word out there wich are very difficult to me to make difference in their pronunciation exemple : weird & ward , word , wast , waist , etc……
Hope you could help
Until next time , have a great day


    Hi Oussouby,

    I’ll see what i can do :)


You got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks Adam


thank you Adam, This lesson so useful for me :)


thank you Adam this lesson is very intersting

manuel hernandez

Thank you Adam!

Khai Tran

Adam one more question. The sentence:
– I just try to leave a little more room for diversity(room means opportunity).
Is this sentence OK or there is some more common way to say that?
Thank you.


    Hi Katrin,

    room here is more about flexibility (which includes opportunity). It’s about not limiting yourself.


      Thank you. The sentence is OK..?


        Yup, it’s good.


    Hey Katrin) please write to me


Excellent !!!


Thank you everybody. Good luck with your investments, whether in the markets or in English, or in everyday life ;)


Thanks Adam!

Khai Tran

Thank you so much for explanation investing. Awesome lesson. Looking forward to seeing next your lesson.

Thank you again,


Ariunbolor Purvee


100% thanks so much.


good,mr Adam))


These are some difficult things for me to know about the stock market until I watch this video and get your explanation. Thank Adam.


kindda difficult but its needed to learn

cambo smiley

Very useful! Thanks appreciated!


fantastic lesson, thank you !


Thank you so much!

Kuchkarov Farkhod

Good class, thanks teacher adam


I work with stock Market and I found very interesting your vocabullary. It adds a lot. Thanks Adan.


My bad. Spelling mistake.


Hi Adam, I’ve got 9/10 point, if I concentrate on your lesson, I’ll get good results, thank you so much


Thank you so much…
sir Adam

Wajdi Bouasker

Very good class! It improved my vocabulary.


Really interesting lesson about a topic so complicated


Thank you vary much. it was very interesting


After greeting
I would like to learn English business in the filed of logistics, exporting, importing, the meaning of FOB ,CIF,.. ETC.
so if you can submit 3 or 4 videos for that I will appreciate your efforts.


Good lesson.
Thanks Adadm.


Thank you very much Adam. You are an amazing teacher.
All the best !

Del Carmen

Thanks Adam , have to listen the diferences between stock and share once more!!!
Great class!!!


Thank you so much, Sir..!!


First time that I study business word it so difficult .but when i have quiz i got 80 :)

Mony nich

Hi Adam, I love your business class. It was amazing cause I work with this matter.
Is it possible to attend a private class?
It follows my email address: ftroentle@hotmail.com


9/10 Thanks!


Thank you for a great review about stock market..got 9/10 ;)


A very clear explanation of business terms. Thanks Adam!

Precious Gee

thank you adam,for your good lesson…i got 100 score


yahoo,i got 100 score..thank you adam for your good lesson.


Hello Adam


thank you for the class. are there any other lesson about businees english?


It was just kind of Good lesson for me To learn more about Stock Market Everything is just necessary for English learner whoever just think that wants to learn English.. Must everything to know and Learn In English this is must I would say..
Dear Mr.Adam Really thank you for effort and you did your presentation well all the way can It can help to people who really wants to know English Vocabulary more and learning English language too..


Thanks! The vocabularies about stocks are really difficult for me.


Thanks Adam


yea so nice


I’m much interested in these sort of business lines & thanks for this helpful lessons Adam


thank you Mr. Adam ,it was perfect as all the time


thanks adam

abdeljalil saoud

i loved this lesson as it is my dream job to work in the market and become a broker.
that reminds me of my commerce college.


Dear Adam:
Thanks for the useful lesson.




HI Mr ADAM thanks a lot….
I have been watching you lessons since 2013.I wish you lucky in all situations in you life.


Hi Adam, I simply got 100% of my test and this is as a result of your brillant class. Congratulaions my friend

Zé Geraldo

excellent very easy to understand

Miguel Frontado

hi Adam, can you tell me something about
gilt-edged stock

Miguel Frontado



Thanks, Adam. I find the lesson useful in practicing business English.


This a a good site I am very happy that I found it and thanks for the (good) videos

My real name is Adam too

thanks for this amazing, interesting lesson.

LG Tahir


Sir, Request you to do a session on pronominal adverb(i.e. hereon, hereof etc.)

Kumar Prashant

Hi Adam, This is my favorite subject. Thanks !!!!!!

You explain with property each term, that it is not usual for outsiders of finance and investments… You are not only good teach, probably you’re a good investor too. Thanks again.


Interesting lesson, even if the concepts are not new to me. I’m happy I found you on youtube.


Share and stock still confuse.


Awesome !! Thanks…


Did you check the last question of the quiz? Is that correct? I don’t remember the question but “fund” is not the same “mutual fund”. 9/10 I failed in that.


I really like to learn this lesson and I hope I can improve my English.thank you


Nice lesson


Teacher Adam thanks for this lesson , I don’t really like economy or business but this video is so smart and simple , you really have a distinct way of lecturing and a nice accent . is it Canadian ?

Aya Ayo

Thank you sir Adam. Some of the vocabularies are new to me. Thanks so much. I got 100. I am so happy =)


thanks, I really got the point. thanks Adam


amaizing lesson. I want to ask. In mutual funds, my gains depending the ability of manager to manage my money and other company’s money?
Exist blue chip stock of mutual funds? who have good reputation in market?


It was a very interesting and useful lesson, Adam! Thank you so much! I would like to watch more lessons about finance themes. It is very nice!


TX Adam, great lesson!


what does “the gross value (before debts) of the company” means …?


Hello Adam! Thanks for the fantastic class. In Brazil we have to follow the New York Stock Exchange to see the coffee prices, like you said there is volatility too much. It’s a fight between bear and bull every day.


brief,clear ,and to the point
you are the best


Thanks, Adam, I learned from you.


Thank you very much Adam. It is very interesting and usefull lesson.

Ivan Gubanov

9/10 thanks a lot, Adam.Your lessons are perfect.Toodles. :D


I got 100. I appreciate for your lecture!


Thank you very much


thank you so much Adam. i got 100 i’m happy


Dear Adam,
I already knew part of this terminology but, thanks to you, now I know the whole.
Thanks Adam!


Thanks Adam for your lesson. I am an accountant and I like it. In another way, I hear that you are from Toronto, what´s your opinion about a player who played in Toronto Raptors, called Jose Calderon, he is Spanish.


It is not a simple topic. Thanks a lot. I have got 100% although I needed to watch this lesson 2 times.
It is useful listen to about something new, unknown in a foreign language.


Dear sir,
I have been gaining too much since last month I like your way of teaching.
i request you please differentiate between assets and liability i search a lot but still confused.


In addition , I request you please explain how to face interview and how to speak and what to speak in english during interview. I am particularly talking about interviews for higher studies for master and p.hd for selection of scholarships in foriegn.


Hi, Adam. I really enjoyed by this lesson. I got 10.


Thank you Adam


Adam, very good and clear lesson !


Adam I am new here and I tell you thanks a lot for this class.


Can you imagine that people try to explain me that un huge number of times!! in my mothertongue I did not understand anything!
With you it’s clear !thanks!


I’m gonna invest in bonds. I’m not a risky person, therefore, bonds are my cup of tea.


thank you Mr. Adam you are a great teacher. i just earn 100% in quiz


thanks Adam! as good lesson as others


Thanks for this information

Zeinab Samer

Thanks Adam for share good job.


10/10, Adam, thanks a lot! It`s my first video which connects with Stoch Markets, your`s explanation is simple and clear.


Tks Adam, your classes are important!!!

edi wilson

thanks adam for my clarification.

vignesh senthil kumar

Thanks Adam


9/10! I started learn English again when I bought some stock from the US stock market.

Jerry Gu

Thank you Adam I like the lesson. It is interesting. I would like to learn more about stock and investing.


Very good explanation ???


I have a score 10 correct answers of 10 questions! Thank you very much!


thanks for this great class!

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