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For the first time I am the First ! Thanks teacher.




      Thanks a lot.


      where are you all friends? why aren’t you on Adam’s forum.It was such a fun when all of you were there.Please come back soon.


        Thank you.. This lesson is very important and we need to study more and more to be able to get it




      Interesting pronunciation video-lesson Adam. However, never had I taken a pronunciation quiz like this before.

      In order to do well on the quiz, you’ve got to be familiar enough with the pronunciation of a number of unfamiliar words.

      Challenging quiz, but at the same time very illustrative of English pronunciation.

      Superb lesson Adam! Regards


        hi regino, just i would to say that your comments are something exceptional and i bet that you’ve followed this website for a long time and you are excelent learner in english , aren’t you? for that i will alyaws read your comment, i appreciate you.good luck.


          just to correct ‘ i will always’


    Hello Soei,how are you doing friend? why can’t I see you on Adam’s forum these days. I have been looking for you for long.What happened to you? Is there something wrong with you.Please let me know.I am really worried for you.Stay healthy.May you be blessed.


    Adam your are the best, the number 1!
    Thanks for your lesson.


    you are english teacher?


Hello Adam .
Thank you for this lesson . I tried the quiz without seing thé lesson and I must confess due to my un-fantastic score that I would have had to look at it .
See you


    I have watched the video and had gotten 40/100.
    It’s not FANTASTIC.


      Hi Zimil
      Pronounciation is not easy in english . You have to work this lesson out again and again . Good luck !


Since I became very excited I couldn’t watch the video and I got 8 !



Mirth Morales

It was awesome Adam. And it was so funny while you were saying the correct way of pronunciation of words that end with (ough).? Thank you teacher and nice teaching.


    Or as you were saying…


Thanks Adam.
I have difficult to catch the difference between words pronounced with “UFF” and “Af”.

Have a nice week.


    The same problem i have.


Thank you very much Adam!!I had been waiting for a lesson like this for some time ago. But the problems come at the time of reading out loud or at the time of writing them.
As you said, every word is pronounced differently and there´re no rules to follow, which makes very difficult for Spanish people to learn these kind of words.
I think I should watch the video a couple of times again!
Thanks again ;)


Hi Adam, thank you for this lesson. It’s really difficult, I should watch this video several times to remember how pronounce these words.


Hi Adam! Nice video, pronouciation in English is a bit complicated sometimes, so thanks for teaching us about it.


good lesson plenty of vocabulary , i suggest a lesson concern ‘suffix’ wich change the meaning of the words like ‘soulful’ ‘soulless’ and so one.


    Good point. I’ll get on that ;)


3/10.. No satisfactory.. I need to watch this lesson again.. these was difficult for me. Thanks Adam!


It’s not easy, but I’m supremely intelligent.Hahaha.
Many thanks for this helpful lesson, Adam.?


I still find your videos very useful.


    You are still watching his videos???!!!!


      If you guide us, I’ll give it to you?
      I was just kidding.




          No worries


Ty kindly mr Adam we all appreciate all ur help


Hello Adam!
It’s a very interesting subject but very difficult as well!!!
Thank you for teaching us!!!

Cristiano Henrique

thank you very much,Mr adam for your efforts,and the lesson is very useful

mouhcine laghzal

7 correct. I thought I have failed this quiz, but not too bad. I am agree, very difficult for understanding, need to memorize.
Thank you, Adam! Good lesson

Vitalii UA

Hi Adam ! Though I think that your lessons are the Best of the site, but I’m sorry, but in my opinion this one of the worst of your lessons.(


    Fair enough. I’ll try not to disappoint in future ;)


      I’m really sorry becouse of my disappointing coment Adam, but anyway Thank you very much, I Wich you the Best in your work.
      Best wiches your student, Vladislav Gubaidullin.


        Thank you Vladislav :)


    I disagree with you Vladkabatkovich. The subject of this lesson is not so easy. I have always met difficulties in pronunciating these words. We must memorize them. Unfortunately, there isn’t another way to learn them.


      I agree with Excellent.


The answer of question 8 is bow(as in bow and arrow).
engVid’s answer, bow(as in bend at waist) is incorrect. Any choises of question 9 is not correct.

Ahmet Bircan

    Actually, Massivejohn, they’re both correct.


What a pity you didn’t read aloud that famous tongue twister, Adam :
English can be weird, it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

Can you do that at the beginning of next lesson, please? No matter what the next topic will be?


    lol. It might not fit with next lesson, but I’ll see what I can do.


WOW,Nice lesson, thank you


bough sounds different because like you said they sound 8 different. right ?
and why cough not come in uff sounds like same spell like tough ?


    That’s the craziness of English ;)


Hallo Adam, in the test, there is the qoestion Nr.8 with the Word bough. In your lessen isn´t this word.


    I must have forgotten it, Adrijana, but then again, you can always check the dictionary for the pronunciation of a new word.


It’s a very important lesson, I ought to practice these words to memorize them. Thank you, Adam.


Good job! Thank you so much.


Another great lesson.hats off to you teacher.Its your 98th video teacher and you are going to make your 100 videos soon.Wow thats great teacher,aren’t you going to celebrate your 100th video with all your students around the world,Of course you should since it was such a long journey and required alot of strength,courage and determination.And you did it successfully,thats really great thumbs up to a great teacher like you.We’ve really learnt alot from all of your precious videos and looking forword to more good videos from you and also expect a grand celebration.I personally request engvid management to do this for you as a reward for all your hardwork and to decorate the entire room even the board you write on with colourful buntings and you should also not dressed casualy in that video.Don’t you think it will add some colour to the entire leaning process and will make the students more interested and happy.Even the topic of your 100th video could be “events and celebrations” in wich you can teach us about the most popular events that are celebrated all over the world and that everybody should know about like halloween day,thanksgiving day and many other days and events like these.Thanks.Let me be the first to congratulate you on your 100th video in advance.Congratulations teacher


    Wow, what a cool suggestion!!! It can be a different and new happening in engvid. Engvid Moderator, please do this for all of our great teachers. Dear buddies, what’s your opinion???


      Tashakkur humsheera:)


    Yes! I join to this as well!!! Great idea. I’ll be looking forward for the anniversary!
    But you know, maybe I’m impolite and little mannerless, but I’m so interested in personalities of EngVid teachers, that I’d rather know some details about their lives. For example, how they celebrate their birthdays and other important events. What is important for Canadian families. What kind of books are read in your family. And pets!!!! Do you like them? Excuse me if I hurt your feelings with my request in advance.


      hi nataanna,I really appreciate your liking for the teachers but knowing about their personal lifes would be rather too personal.I don’t know what teacher would think or say but I personally think we being students should not peep into their personal lifes,And this will also distract us from our basic purpose of learning.Well this is my thought may be teacher doesn’t think this way so don’t mind my words.I admit all the students whether they are young or old they like and admire their best teachers to the extent that they become their idols and they start worshipping them,so do you,rather all the students at this forum do.No doubt our teacher really worth this love and respect.He is the best of all.


        Hi Eichi! You are right, of course. My request was non-applicable. See you!


          Hi nataanna,I didn’t mean it.Don’t come to a conclusion so quickly,Lets wait for the teacher,Let him decide whether your request could be considered or not may be my thought is wrong and he agrees to your idea.well I have got an idea for those who wants to know about there teachers,lets have a vote on the forum,If more than 50% students vote for the idea then we all will make a request to the engvid moderator to arrange interviews of all teachers at engvid one by one starting from our great teacher Adam.In this way on one hand students will learn how to make an interview,and what are the basic questions asked in a general interview while on the other hand students like you and others will know about your favourite teachers.How is it???still don’t know what teacher will say.


          Another bright idea!
          Eichi, have you noticed, we compete for being the first one to comment new videos. Join us. It may seem silly for the first sight, but it’s so challenging and funny!
          I’ll float your ideas into forum the next lesson. See you


          Thank you dear, nataanna.


      Hi! I also want to know,how they live and other important events,because I’m interesting.


        Hello, Nastasyaaa!
        Note my correction: I am interestED (past participle).
        But it is an interstING (adjective) book.


          Ok! Thanks


    Great comment, Eichi. I appreciate it.

    They tried it with other teachers but n-one noticed lol. Your comment is celebration enough.:)


      So what teacher,we don’t have anything to do with the other teachers.We want a great celebration for our teacher and you know there is a big difference between you and other teachers.You will definitely see a big difference in students response,I’m sure.I must ask all my friends at forum and we will all celebrate the event with you.Please engvid moderator do something.


      so what teacher why not for you???we don’t have anything to do with the other teachers.We just want a great celebration for our teacher.And you know their is a big difference between you and the other teachers.You will definitely see a big difference in students response,I’m sure.I must ask all my friends at the forum and we will all celebrate the event with you.Please engvid moderator do something,you won’t disappoint all the students.


Anybody please tell me was it with me or anybody else also noticed that the video was a little blur.I could not properly see what was written on the board.


    I have usually this problem too.


      No it doesn’t happen with me, I guess it is issue of setting, try to modify the quality of video, so click on Setting, then Quality, you will find diffrent qualities (from 144p to 1080p), choose 480, it is quite clear and visible.
      I hope this helped you.


        oh! thank you so much,It really worked.


          You are welcome :)


    it’s goog for me.


It was an interesting lesson but difficult at the same time because you have to be immersed in the sound of the language all days to find out how a word is pronounced. You have to practise all time the English to identify these sounds and words, it was difficult for a latin speaker, anyway, thanks a lot, teacher Adam for your explanation.


    You’re right, Angardiobel. It takes time, practice, and patience.


I came back to engvid. I need to speak english and i works in a American company.

Edson Gomes Rita

    Welcome back, Edson :)


i will try keep me be more concentrate


Very difficult for a French people, I suppose. If I learn back this lesson one day, I’ll have really improve my English.
Thanks Adam.


I don’t think the lesson is for beginners. When all these words are gathered together it’s difficult studying them at once (if they aren’t familiar to you). One should better memorize them one by one in context. But it’s great to make a system for higher level students or compare and revise them.
Though I had known the word draught, and moreover I’m an engineer and a constructor designer and draw every day, I made a mistake! So, I do need this lesson very much. Thank you.


very interesting video, the pronounce in english generaly is very difficult. Thanks Adam


Thanks for this lesson Adam! I need to practice more pronunciation and it was very useful to understand some of the english language variations.

Isaias Menezes Silva

8 correct!!!!
great lesson !!!


Thanks for this lesson Adam!


we are looking forward for lessons similar to this lesson , really it is a great lesson. thak you adam.


just the answer of the qustion 8 , i don’t understand it ?


    Hi Skikda,

    Check out the word in the dictionary and you can hear it spoken out loud.


Excellent class! Very helpfull!


Thk u for ur lesson

Srihari bevera

Thanks for lesson , Adam. Another good one. Forever EngVid!!! :)
And always English makes me ask questions.
Please explain. These words such as “regardless”, “despite” and in “spite of” are different? When should I use each of them?


    Hi Alexander,

    In spite of and despite mean the same thing and both are prepositions. Just make sure not to mix them (no: despite of; in despite)

    regardless is used as a linking word to lead to a new idea. (it’s an adverb)

    In terms of meaning they are similar. the main difference is their place in the construction of a sentence

    Does this help?


      I think it really does! Thank you very much.


although I understand almost everything what you or your colleagues say in your videos, I am still not capable to understand what cinema actors are saying when they talk.
is that normal ?? and will that be solved with the time.


    Absolutely, Saidtiget.

    We slow down a little to help you. Also, we use simpler language. Actors in a movie use slang, and cultural references and they speak fast. You will get it with time.


      thank you very much,I wish you all the best in your personal and professional life.


You’re the best Adam. Fantastic explanation!. You understand exactly what foreigners are thinking. You made it easier for us. Thank you always. I wish you all the best! Marco

Marco Marx

Thanks, Adam.
I saw “throwback” this word in many posts.
I would like to know “throwback from five years ago” or “throwback to five years ago” which one is correct?
Under what situations should I use to and from?


    Sorry, get one more question.
    “continue on the subject of…” or “continue the subject of…” which one is correct? Besides, is there any other way to say and have the same meaning?
    Thanks in advance. :)


      Hi Sophie,

      A throwback is a reminder of a moment in the past.(throwback to). It’s common with pics (like on Instagram) when you wore crazy clothes, or had weird hair, etc.)

      Continue on the subject (means continue the discussion on…). Another way, going further…, or to get back to (the subject)…


[‘θɜ͟ːroʊ] is AE, while BE is [‘θʌ̱rə], the latter being provided by most common dictionaries.
Besides, don’t forget ‘-ly’ can be added there to build the corresponding adverb, and the unstressed diphthong certainly turns into a schwa then.


    Hi Serge,

    Pronunciation is your choice. There is no one right way with such a universal language.


      Well, that’s a bit too general statement, I suppose. ))


        :) What I meant to say is that you have to choose the dialect you want to follow and go with a corresponding dictionary. If you look at many words in an American or British dictionary, you’ll see different phonetic spellings. You have to go with the one you think you’ll use.


          You really don’t have to explain that to me as I’m a professional linguist with many years of experience in languages. So please, believe me, I am perfectly aware of what you’re talking about. :)


Thanx teacher Adem it is wonderful vedio.


    If so,please tell me to which region his accent belongs because I’m beginning to notice that American people pronounce words in a little different ways.(I don’t say about black people’s accent. I watched the movie “Fences” a few times and it helped me.)
    Thank you Adam and thank you Moderator for being that question possible!




    Hi Katrin,

    His name is Mark Douglas Nelson. From what I could find online, I’d say he’s from California. He’s a professional narrator. His accent is native, but theatrical, which is why it might be throwing you off a bit.


      Thank you Adam. I really like when he reads fiction. It feels like you’re in the middle of events and he makes me to empathize the book heroes. Thanks again.


i got 6 correct out of 10. it’s too bad

parnid nps

I think thorough is pronounced like “thare”. Can you please clear it


    Hi Pudisonu,

    Depends which dictionary you are using. With an American accent, it’s thu row.


great lesson Adan, it was very helpfull tks

Ricky Fiebig

The most funny part was a 1:22 minuts jajajaja thanks for your valuable class Adam, grettings from Venezuela


I would like yo say, that was great way to learn english grammar rules and pronunciation


thank you teacher,i am the first time here..sorry for errore


    Welcome Ginevrapav :)


sems to be so easy for the first sight but it is actually quite opposite.


Thanks for lesson, Adam. Oh, it is not easy.


Thank you,Adam. this lesson is interesting,but some these words are difficult.


Thanks Adam,but it is hard for me to distinguish in between the words sound.


Thank you sir
i have followed this website for a long time, and i always find it useful, especially you Mr.Adam
Very useful as Always
i apperciate
thank you sir again.


thanks Adam Some these words are very difficult.. but its hard for me


8/10 :)


sir i would like you to make a video on viz vidilecit and sicilicit

hamza maqsood

    Hi Hamza,

    Not really sure what you mean. These aren’t words.


It’s soo hard man((((


whats wrong with the videos i cant open them


    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from Iran. Your government or phone/Internet provider may be blocking YouTube, where all our videos are hosted. Can you see any other YouTube videos?

    engVid Moderator

man,that the ugliest side of english, however, I’ll repeat the lesson until I master this vocab


Wow, this is my first quiz. 10 out of 10. That’s encouraging!!


80 :/ I missed number 2 and number 8


You are a great teacher. Thanks so much


Thanks everyone. Remember, if it were easy, none of us would be here. It takes time, practice and patience ;)


    Thank you teacher Adam for your good comment.


an important lesson but it need a lot a lot a lot
of practice……………

ana rouka

Thank you such
it was very useful ☆☆☆


Very good lesson, and very nice smile ^^ I and my husband love your smile badly. Thank you teacher <3

Xuan Dieu


    (thank you Xuan)


your class is so easily understandable ,,i wanna know about the use of up,down ,over ,..how is it used like this phrases .,,,write down ,take up et cetera…


    Hi Bishnusharma,

    These are called phrasal verbs. If you type this into the search box at the top of the page you will see many videos about this.


you are a great teacher Mr.Adam. why can’t you do a lesson on, how to pronounce some French words used in English.


    Not a bad idea Chitra. I’ll see what I can do.


Hello, Adam! This was a very difficult and very good lesson! I like it! Very useful and just…great!!!

Christina FoX

Got 06 ? .


I got 6/10. This was very difficult for me. :) Thanks Adam for the lesson!


i got 3 correct out of 10. it’s too bad


hi iam nwe the site i washes for gad learn english


thank you mester adm explian exelint


hi measter adam iam very happy this the site


Thank you Adam!I needed this explication so badly. Am looking this video for 5th time!


Thank you


You got 4 correct out of 10.
:(. It was very difficult quiz for me ((


Hi, Adam!
Thank you so much for this lesson!

Kirill Bondarenko

Hi Adam. I am a new student from Venezuela. Thanks for this interesting lesson. You are a great teacher.

david nava

Hi, everybody! Though I watch engvid-lessons very oten it is my first comment. I have thought up some funny sentences to remember pronunciation of -ought words. May be it will help you too? 1.(au) You can not plough the slough./Look out! There is a drought./Shaking bough makes a souhg. 2.(af) He is rough and tough. It is enough. 3.(of) Seeing your trough I have a cough. 4.(ou) Though he kneaded the dough his furlough was not low. (I am not sure that the third and the last sentences make sence.Can anybody tell me?).

Svetlana Samenko

Thanks Adam


THis quiz is very hard, but I like to watch your video, You are favorite teacher. thank you so much Adam
kisses Eline

Eline de Amorim

huh, not easy

Julia Caesar

It’s tough !! Thank you so much for this video Adam. It definitely needs a thorough practice.

I have a question : is there a pronunciation difference between “thorough” and “sorrow” ?


Not easy.

Jardson Ferraz

Hi Adam!

Thank you for this great video. I usually confuse these words because of the difference of pronunciation and spelling. This lesson has helped me a lot.

Until next time!

Eduardo França

Hahahaha I thought I was good at listening and had a good level in comprehension, but this is tough.


Thanks teacher!^^


Ver good, thanks teacher


I realiza that i need to improve my listening hahaha


Thanks a million Mr. Adam. That’s so helpful.


I got 6 correct I agree with Adam it takes time, practice and patience. Thanks a lot.


thank you so much Adam teacher


Thank you teacher Adam. I got 6 correct.


Adam teacher,I like you very much.I can not listen the courses,I do not know the reasons.


My God! It was the most difficult quiz in Engvid!!!

Helvecio Breno



Hi, Adam, enough confused


Hi, Adam

Pronunciation “drought” should be with or without “t”?I heard different forms.


there’s nothing compared with this teacher,, you’re so professional Mr. Adam and thanks a lot for the lessons

Herman Sergio Da Cruz

Thank is good lesson

hayat 87

throw and thorough ..i can’t hear


thank you
first experience


good lesson, but I got 50


Thank you Adam! I just log in to your class.

I’m really having a hard time with pronunciation. I write , read and understand almost everything but my problem is that I can’t sound like a native speaker. Please, please make more pronunciation videos.


Thank you, excellent lesson!!


so difficult for me
hope i will improve


i am so confused


thank you teacher


Hello, Adam! Thanks for your lessons!But!!! I didn’t catch the difference between uff and af(((


hi Adam, what is the pronunciation difference between “RUFF” and “OF” ?


Thanks alot Adam. The content was very interesting and valuable .. Thanks so much for your efforts

doaa eraky

Holy cow! I only got 5/10. This lesson is too hard though. I should probably look back too it. But thanks again for another information lesson.


*informative lesson I should say.


We are here beloved teacher.

Faber FM

Teacher I would like you to explain something that is confusing for students, phrases ending with a preposition, for example “this woman I work with” ” this book I talked to you about” thank you master. greetings from Bogota Colombia.

Faber FM

Hello Adam! I think I’m gone learn so much here with your help!

Raul M. De Leon

Hello, Adam! can you help me how to pronounce ending in TH. Thank you!


7/10 ???? very difficult ?


Thank you Adam sir for your class.
And hello to everyone.

Novin Karki

Thank you Adam sir for your class.
And hello to everyone. I very thankful to Adam sir beacuse of him i am going to learn english and beacuse of him i’ve got many friends to learn from.
Thank u Sir and every friends who is going to correct my mistakes.

Novin Karki

haha its fantastic my first time i have received 4 marks out of 10 willing good result for near future.

thanks my dear teacher god bless you

Abdifatah Ali Hassan

I am sorry I got only three correct, but understand the concept.
thank you mr.Adam


2 errors not bad as a start specially it is not easy lessopn


Thank for providing good teaching! It makes me study more and more! I’ve got 1 wrong!


very good. it was so good for me. tnks


Thanks a lots Mr Adam this is my first time to take the course with engvid especially with you and I got 6/10 ,so for me not sufficiant but I’m very sure that soon you will help me to be fluant in english.thanks and God bless you because of your helpness you give for us.


it’s was a bit difficult, 60/100. But i thank a wich thank a lot Adam for his lessons and his explanations that help us a lot to improve our level, thanks…


5/10 sorry.
this topic is difficult for me.


can you explain `as it were`… youve said many times before.. and in this lesson too.




hi got only 7
kinda tricky, a little bit tough


mine date 16 Nov2021 from Kazakhstan
best regards, Adam


great explanation! Thank you! I love your classes.


this lesson is very nice


Thanks a lot, it`s really useful. I like your classes. and hope that it can help me improve my english.

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