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Hi, teacher! I am very greatful for EngVid, it has great teachers and you are definitely one of them! Let me tell you that I have found out that learning for me is easier when I listen to someone else, for some reason reading makes me very tired, I wish this didn´t happen to me since reading is very good; don´t get me wrong, though, I do read but I´m saying that it is better for me to listen to someone else instead of reading on my own, like you guys or audio books. Anyway, like I said I am very greatful and you are a great teacher and this was a great lesson!

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Thx Mr/James

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    Oh, I’m sorry for you, today you’re not first one!!!😮😔
    Maybe, the next lesson.

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      Hello my friends. Kotoz wasn’t the first one because of me. He gave me way by sending me the notification about new lesson on Skype. But I was buzy with my work, so his generosity was in vain. Anyway thank you, Kotoz. You are the real gentleman.
      Thank James for the lesson. I always take notes on the lessons; it’s very useful. But tell you the truth, l have never read books in English! Many years ago I tried to, but it seemed to me too difficult, so I quitted. I will take the new attempt; and will definitely use mind maps. Thank you, James , for encouraging us!

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        u r always wlc

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        Hello Nataanna and SKIKDA. Both friends.
        I HAVE TO tell you two things;
        First, I need to congratulate SKIKDA for his/her kind heart. Well_done SKIKDA. Now I’m sure you’re the real first one and Winer. Keep it up. Believe me, I didn’t mean it. Don’t be upset with me. If I wrote sth that made you upset, I beg pardon.
        Second, I like to tell you Nataanna; that try reading english books, they are really useful and effective for your speaking skill. Read an english book as soon as you can.
        Bye friends…

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          Sorry, wWinner

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          Hi nkh,
          Why do you call Kotoz as SKIKDA?
          I think we are four: you, Kotoz, SKIKDA and me

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          Sorry, I was wrong.
          Ok, kotoz

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Thx Mr/James

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Wow! This is a very clear explanation, thanks for your tips, James.
By the way, before this video I didn’t know the meaning of the word “mutt”.

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    Hi Canardo! Me neither. I used the word “tyke” instead of mutt.
    See you

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      Hi Nataana ,
      I didn’t know mutt neither tyke but according to my dictionary mutt is slang word for dog and tyke is for young boy or michievous child .
      Are you sure we can use ” tyke” speaking about a dog ?
      Thank you for your comment .

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        Hi tsamp,
        I was sure that “tyke” meant dog without any breed before your comment….
        Then I made some research and found out that it would be better to say “mongrel” or “cur”.
        But “cur” is the dog whose parents are of different breeds that is frightening or fierce.
        Although some Russian dictionaries translate dog of mixed type as “tyke”.
        Does anybody know the proper word?
        Maybe it’ll be one of the next topic for the lesson? I think many students are interested in vocabulary discribing breeds, types, how to pet, to train dogs. Please….❤

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Help ….I Need help ….Why my firefox don’t load this site? …I’m Coming by google chrom already .

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    Design problem
    They had better 2 put Script of JQuery in [ body ] not in the head

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Hello teacher! It’s a real pleasure for me to watch your videos. They are very usefuls, it’s been a while since i wanted to find a good way to improve my english. But now i think it’s Alright due to your help. I am gonna keep Watching your videos. Thank you very much teacher!

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hello i have a question can you answer it thank you very much
that i am not good at vocabulary and grammar but i can’t draw a mind map with this one can you tell me some ideas ?:)))
from vietnam

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    Hello, start with taking notes of each lesson. It will help. Good luck.

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      thank you for your comment i will try my best
      thanks again
      bye for soon

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Hi, James thank you for today´s lesson great.

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    yes i just think like you

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      It´s amazing this web I´m really happy with it , how you learn with this amazing teachers , I am really glad

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Thank you, engVid is one of the best way for learning English.

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Great lesson James
Cool dude !

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i hope we can’t dominate english :)

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who can tell me how to turn on engvid video ?

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    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from China, where YouTube is blocked. You’ll have to use a VPN to see the videos.

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Congrats, amazing tips!!!

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I find this lesson helpful.

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Hi, James. Thank you for posting the lesson. I would like to ask you for providing subtitles English for downloading, belive, it really helps very much. Provided subtitles as yours videos already has are importante as well but for learners the other way put together with this one will be more powerfull. Please,lets all teachers from Engvid know the suggestion. Sincerily.

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    There currently isn’t a way to download YouTube subtitles separately. However, you can see the whole transcript by going to the video on YouTube and choosing “Transcript” from the “More” menu – here’s a picture.

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Could you recommend me any book for intermediate level?

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great quizz and lessons to improve your english . i’would like to thanks all the members of engvid and speacially to miss Emma she teaches in a excellent way and easy to understand and memorize for all . good job well done again thank’s to all teachers

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i appreciate your hard work

Profile photo of nasir chohan nasir chohan

Thank you James! Finally I’ve started to understand all pieces of information you’re talking about. And for me it is a great success, because I thought you are the most difficult teacher from EngVid.

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Following this lesson, I almost fall sleeping because I have listened to other videos that “Valery teacher” has sent me by Skype this evening and I have had with him a video conference, to interchange comments that I have had to keep in mind with Mental Maps to explain to him because I have almost spoken during 20 minutes, I am exhausted now with all the evening listening other histories. Very useful to identify a word or concept with a picture, and requesting all the background of a book to get a general idea of it. I have doubted with the timeline concept but I had thought that it was the correct answer though I selected another answer, and the assignment when you have read a book to enquiry its ideas and comments. Thanks a lot, teacher James, it has been a good explanation how to make Mind Maps.

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    Friend , with your comment your a british writer already, good

    Profile photo of Ricardo Pizarro Ricardo Pizarro

      Yes, I have to practice writing and speaking, but always with mistakes, I can’t avoid my mistakes. Thanks!

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James thanks for your lesson !!! you are great!!!


Thanks teacher, just one feedback keep aside of the board, your body is blocking the board (This is a class, not a comic show presentation where you stand in the middle); I like student like to take notes, save screens, look back previous notes you write, should be a column not two or smallers and you should take the right side or left.

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Thank you.

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Hi Nataana ,
I didn’t know mutt neither tyke but according to my dictionary mutt is slang word for dog and tyke is for young boy or michievous child .
Are you sure we can use ” tyke” speaking about a dog ?
Thank you for your comment .

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It’s very helpful

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Hi teacher, thank you for this lesson. My main problem when I’m readidng is that I don’t know many words/exprexions/slangs and the process is too slow. I have to review the dictionary many times to understand the general idea. At the end, I take many time understanding and jus get me more stress. Can you help me?

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Thank you very much for the lesson. It was really good

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Hi James. Very interesting! I’m glad I’ve made only one mistake on the quiz (I got 9 correct out of 10). That means, your lesson was NOT all Greek to me. Thank you very much. See you in your next video lesson. Bye!

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Thanks Mr.James

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I got 90.Tx Mr James. U learn me a lot of things. I hope to see U soon!?!

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    Hello mgh. How are you?
    First; happy NOROUZ. Have a nice year.
    Second:I’m an Iranian, like yourself
    You know, I just want to remind you that you have to say ;”you TEACH me a lot of things. ” Not learn me.
    Actually,we learn from James, but he teaches us. Did you understand? I hope you can understand my words. See you again my countryman.

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Really nice lesson, this will help me to show my Ss the importance of reading and using mind maps as tools for understanding. Thank you.

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Your tips and lessons are really useful but your diction for videos needs to be improved. You talk too fast, sometimes a little low and you should to look directly for us (yours listeners) instead of looking part of the time Toward the blackboard Sorry for my criticism, though.You are very competent

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Thank you very much for this last lesson, i like your kind of teach, good tips, i am going to practict them, thanks again and God bless you jame s

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Thanks !!!

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D.T. looks like real one!

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woooooooooow i got 150%

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hello teache.Thankyou for lesson.I got 6 coorrect out of 10 from quiz.

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thanks james for that lesson the topic was interesting see you in other lesson

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Mr. James you are ma’ favorite teacher and you teach well.

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I got 60% thanks Mr.James

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I am a new comer for engvid.com. but I don’t know how to use it after logging in. Who can help me? I will appreciate that.

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Hi. It´s awesome!! you helped me a lot. Thanks!!

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thanks james .

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Hi Teacher,
You did really good. But it is little confusing. I want you teacher to show us how to read fast and understand what you read to answer the questions that belongs to an essay e.g.

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Thank you.

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Dear Mr.James,

Kindly I hope if I can arrange some lessons with you but I do not know how can I reach you. please advise.

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Thanks and see you soon.

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Hi, I really like your lessons, I want ask you a favor, I have a question, can I say : “The end of the film really disappoints me”, or, “The end of the film really disappointed me” ? and Why?. thank you

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Hello, I feel depressed

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Thank you James

Profile photo of KingKrish KingKrish

Reading an english newspaper makes me confuse.sometimes its easy to understand but sometimes the way the articles were written is too difficult to grab.but on the other hand I find your lesson

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    I find your every lessons very helpful.

    Thank you

    Profile photo of Shakti123 Shakti123

Got 10-10. Thank you James. I will try mind map on the novel that I am reading.

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good way to reading
thanks James

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I am reading this book: Also sprach Zarathustra

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I never know about this before thank you for the lesson.

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Am new here guys I really appreciate engvid teachers

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hello dear sir. May I have the pdf source of that lecture?

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Excellent !!!

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Thanks James, very interesting and useful lesson, love it.

I’ve got 8 correct out of 10.

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Great James . Do you have Skype ? Could we talk once or twice a week to improve my conversation ? Of course I would pay for that … Thanks !!!

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Great takeaway Mr. James. I’m really grateful for this lesson. I read one of my classmates comments, she and I have the same way of learning. I’d rather watch, listen and absorb rather than reading. I would highly appreciate your suggestions.

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It is Easy To Remember the subjects this way Thank you .

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Great lesson, thenk you

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Awesome lesson, Thanks James.

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i love your lessons!!

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James has a very charismatic way of giving the class

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Nice lesson, James! You’re one of my favourite Engvid teachers. Greetings from Brazil!

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I am glad to find ur courses.

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James, I really love your style of teaching!

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It’s very nice!!!

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Thank you for a lesson! Very interesting, but the topic is difficult I answered 8 questions from 10 correct

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Thank you. Mr James. That’s a great lesson.

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Thanks James.

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Thank you James, I’ve recently started following your lessons and I’m learning a lot. This EngVid is great!

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Thanks for your lesson and for the good advices! I always use the reading maps and I find them really useful, especially when I need to keep in my mind lots of information

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Thank you so much!!!! Great lesson, very useful!!!

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Mr. James, you make learning a breeze! Thanks.

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I a read books the movies. because if the movie I liked, the book is good

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Thanks James very helpful

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Wonderful video, James! Thank you for help me to improve my reading and comprehension!!

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it’s my first video and i think it will be helpful for me so thanks for that

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That is an awesome video!!!
Thank you for such a good information I will keep it mind!

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I like your teaching style. I watched the video yesterday and took a test today and I got a perfect score. It means you are an excellent teacher. Thank you so much Mr. James

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Thank you James and Mr. E. See you!

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I really liked it ,thank you teacher for your work ^_^

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I like it, congratulations! you have a gift to teaching. thank you so much.

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Thank you James

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Thank you James for this lesson

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tha you again !!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

thanks a lot.

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Thank you James.

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Thanks James!

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I want to practice With us, follow me @Olimomentos in Twitter and Instagram

Profile photo of Olimomentos Olimomentos

James, How can I understand the words in my book when it doesn’t have any pictures? :/

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thank Mr. James.
But how to improve my reading skill,and speed?

Profile photo of Caito Caito

Hi all of you my friends ,l’m realy jubilant and l want to continue but my internet is running out , but l will come back at other time , l love it so much and thank you for all of the vedio and l got punch of information to day and l hope to get more and more later have anice day .

Profile photo of khalid alzain khalid alzain

I’m realy thankfull for you teatcher for all of these things , and l have lerned alot of thing from you and l hope to continue and watch all of your vedio and got all the benifit thank you again

Profile photo of khalid alzain khalid alzain

it good to help

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Hello sir , can u tell me that how can I use this in case study for any exam ?

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Mr. James, you are the best!!!
I have enjoyed your videos and will be using several in my classroom. Do you have any lesson on opinion writing?

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100You got 10 correct out of 10.
So I let me get this right. I got 100% and a D

Profile photo of Okechukwu Egbuziem Okechukwu Egbuziem

Thank you so much James!! This is really helpful and easy to understand.

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I personally appreciate the way you deliver your lesson. this section is particularly interesting. However too short to undertake you are teaching us. So, would mind if you show us how to develop reading skills?

Thanks a lot.

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90% thanks a lot

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Useful lesson, Thanks, James!

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thank you! i got 80

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hy. i come from Indonesia. in my opinion, you speak too fast. because i’m not native speakers, it’s hard for me to understand all of the information if you speak too fast. thank you.

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hi! teacher this help me a lot

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Hi Sir, very good explanation. Thank you

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