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Sir when will you send my score plese reply for thnks

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    the score is given automatically

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thanks very much Mr.James for this lesson,wich is useful to have a way with words and to be good with rhetoric.

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    hi.nice to meet you.
    I want u to add friend

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thanks very much you great teacher

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Amazing and very usefull lesson. I love the question with armpit :D brilliant sense of humor and concentration check

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Really handy

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Thanks James, nice and interesting lesson!

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Thanks James, this lesson was very useful…I got 9/10..thanks..:)

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    Me too!!

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I am very grateful to you! This lesson isn`t just for improving language skills – it`s predominantly for understanding the reasons of people`s behavior as well as for understanding myself. Brilliant and useful. Thank you very much!

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I put “confused” in number four and “disappointed” in number 8. “Disappointed” and “anxious” fit better but it’s not that bad anyways, right? Thanks for the lesson! :)

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10/10 thanks James…Not only for the english

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Every time you emphasis that you are more than just a teacher, you are a wise man too .. many thanks for you James

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thanks James
for english, for your wisdom and… for your yellow tie

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    He is easily the most fashionable EngVid teacher. We all hate him for it.

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      I really understand your point, but don’t be upset for this reason :-)

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Thanks James, is for me so difficult to explain, but is very interesting your lesson.

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Thanks, I’m waiting by engVid.

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Thanks, James.Don’t be confused, keep your speed of talking.

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Thanks a lot but is there a subtitle for the video?

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    Yes. Click the “CC” button in the bottom right corner of the video:

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      Thank you very much

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That was a good lesson! Thank you =D

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thnks for lesson james

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I love engvid so much. Thanks for this wonderful lesson.

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Well, this lesson was a little odd, weird and strange for me because you have to use seven synonyms of “angry” and you have to compare these synonyms with the context of the situation, then you should choose the right word to express your opinion and it’s difficult to remember the meaning of all of them. Anyhow, it was a good performance and explanation but I believe that I have to see it again to get more feed-back. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid. Regards.

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    I have just listened the lesson again and now I remember you when you explained that “people fight or they get into fight because they CARE or take CARE among them”, this is the concept I had also doubted at the beginning but now with a new review of the lesson I think I have understood it. Thanks.

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This lesson is very good to improve our listening, vocabulary and good manners.:)

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Hey! Somebody could you explain me number 10 I am confused…???
If people be care about each other they do not fight but…

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    i’m also cofused by this question ???!!!!, for that i’ve got 9/10

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    Hello Karik .
    If you care about someone , that means you pay attention of what this person can do or say to you . If it is something that makes you not happy you can feel angry . On the contrary ,if you don’t care , all is nice , nothing can hurt you .
    Hope this helps

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    “Care about” = feel concern is not the same than “take care” = provide care

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      thanks for this indication, you have a good point ,
      i understand now without confusiong , and i remember that Mr james has mentioned the first meaning, but when i was reading the last question the second meaning went throught my mind instead of the first.

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      Thank you! Charleville I got it

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But I did 7 of 10 and I am not angry)

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    same like u got 7 out of 10

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thanks for very interesting lesson

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Well done, James. Very useful vocabulary! Thank you so much.

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Well said James!

This lesson teaches us much more than grammar rules, but how to deal with our neighbour, which is very important in any language, country and culture. Thanks a lot.

I agree with you. When our blood is up, we don’t listen the other person, and our only target is to attack and hurt him/her, making the situation worse and worse… However, when we stop to hear the other person and agree in some points, he/she will probably do the same, and the argument will finish. Great lesson learned!

Hi everyone!

Is there anyone here interested in practising English on Skype or by e-mail? If so, please tell me, because I really want to make some new foreign friends and improve our English together.

All the best!

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You got 5 correct out of 10.
:( therefore I am upsetting

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thank you so much i got more benefit

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Thanks,James! I got 10/10, it’s useful.:))

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Hi James! Thanks for this video. You not only taught us new vocabulary, you also taught us how to deal with someone that might be angry with us for some reason we do not know.

See you!!

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Hi… My score was not good 6 to 10😕

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I really enjoyed this lesson. I scored 100%!

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Excellent class! Thanks a lot!

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Very useful, thank you!

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Very interesting lesson. Sometimes is good to be reminded we have to listen to the people, to low ourselves and discuss a bit more instead of attack. To put oneself in someone else’s shoes is a good way to understand and to prevent fights.

Those phrases for listen and argue are very helpful as well.

Many thanks James.

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Thank you soo much sir

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Really I felt fine because you were clear wth this theme.
Thanks you so much.

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James did splendid.i was completely overwhelmed by his explanations. Thanks a lot.

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I really enjoyed this lesson. Yet, I scored 80%!

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Thank you so much

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Thank you so much too

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Mister james thank you very much, please, can you do a video talking about (when to use past perfect and present perfect)? I know that a lot of people have the same problem that I have! Thank you again :)

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it was really educative

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Thank you for this useful lesson :)
Greetings from Vienna

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”that’s a good point” ! i should use this phrase

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Hi James I was wondering why you wrote ” That (x) hurt…… is it plural? Shouldn’t be ” that hurts ” instead? thanks

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Hi! This is the first time to join. I am always listening ENGVID.COM .but never leaves comment. I got 9/10. In the first I feel very difficult, but in the end I got it.Thanks a laot!

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This is a great example of thinking out-of-the-box, bravo and thanks a lot, sir!

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Very usefull. Thank you.

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Thank you.

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Thank you for this useful lesson :

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thanks for the lesson! I got 10/10!!

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I’ve got 8 but I think I’m not understand well. So I will repeat this VDO for sure.

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Thank you. Happy and friendly new year.

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it’s so useful, thank you so much for help, i will try not to be angry =)

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Hi teacher . How interesting it is ! In fact we learn different accepts of using language . Thank you very much .

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        Thank you. I don’t know how I made this mistake !

        Profile photo of Soei Soei

I love the way you teach… especially teasing “E”

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James i need your help thanks

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10/10 … very useful …

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That really helped a lot, thanks!

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Nice lesson

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Thanks again James!

A little about psychology to solve some big problems on our lives, now in English too :-)

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

Hello, James! Thank you for this useful and interesting lesson!

Profile photo of Sakharenok Sakharenok

hi,one question:
why can not watch the sessons??

Profile photo of Owen Yang Owen Yang

    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from China, where YouTube is blocked. You’ll have to use a VPN or mirror to watch the lessons.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

I really enjoyed and learned something very important that I have struggled for long time. Thank you!

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Thank you for your clear explanation, James. You have a extremely good point.

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Thanks alot you make me enjoy at your videos that is the one way that make me don’t hat the boared and don’t get bored
can i speak better if i watch all your videos

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Thanks for this gift-lessons, man! I enjoy it and I’m on the way to fully understanding what you are saying! Great job! You are the best teacher ever!

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Hello everyone specific to James my favorite teacher not just about english about our behavior and reactions in real life..thank you so much man
Please give us your address page on Facebook
It’s mine anyone would like to connect to me for practicing with each other

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I had English as my first language and I really wish that I had you or any of the other teachers as my English teacher instead.
Its been years since I was in school and only now am I finally understanding English and how words are used and how they can change a subject or atmosphere.

Thank you very much.

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Thanks, James. I really enjoyed it. 10/10.
Your talking speed improves the listening skill.

Profile photo of 7ouka 7ouka

Got08/10. James , You are amazing!

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Thank you James

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

I really like the way he is presenting himself !he is funny and smart and lefty !his body language kind cool ,i like this teacher ! wish i could join his class face to face! that would more fun! good luck teacher!

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Hey James! I really enjoyed this lesson!

Profile photo of Eduardo7542 Eduardo7542

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thanks a lot.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

It wasn’t only lesson about new vocabulary, but also it was some kind of psychological lesson. Thank you, great lesson :)

Profile photo of Jolantaa Jolantaa

One more lesson that I will probably use in my life. These lesson was very important for me because it give us an idea of thinking not about ourselves, but also see the the other side and try to really understand and have an interesting debate or conversation with a friend that maybe is going true a lot lately…

Profile photo of Gabriel Bones Gabriel Bones

that’s pretty useful for me.
Nice work.

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Good lesson.

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Being empathetic and good listener

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Hi I just want to say thank you 😊.💕

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