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thanks teacher so much .. it was useful lesson >>>
i still have Difficulty with grammer :( but i am working on it :)

nouf abdullah

    Good for you! Grammar is the backbone of language. Although for some English native speakers is not.

    All the best with your English.


      Happy New Year to all EngVid viewers as well as the teaching staff of this marvelous website.

      May the odds be ever in your favor.


        Thanks Regino!

        in 2015 I want to learn English more than past year!

        Jesus bless all


    this is a great way to get better our ability in English

    Luis Alberto Mateo

Thanks a lot, Jade. It seems quite unbelievable that natives keep making these mistakes, especially the “lend” vs. “borrow” one.


Happy New Year to you all ! :)


Wow, I’ve just watched it, You’re brillant I do love you, I’ve been watching your second channel, I love it! This lesson was very useful, I’ve shared it on facebook! I study By myself I love engvid. Jade I’m a big fan of yours. The pronunciation mistake Can’t and Cunt was very funny and Useful!


    by the way, I wasn’t clear, jade’s got a video talking about pronunciation mistake, which is between the words cunt and can’t, very useful! Thanks Jade. arrrh, Can you tell me about standard English and Received English? Take care <3


Thank you for this lesson. Happy new year


Thank you, Jade. I wish you all a happy 2015 :D


Thank you for your lesson!! Happy new year ;))


I was not good in this quiz because I usually use correct in grammar.I don’t like non-standard English.


Thanks for the native speakers mistakes lesson.


Thnks a teachet and happy new year really you are my favorite teacher


Fall down a myth ! :)))
I’m learning all the english language rule for talk like a native… but the native english don’t know all the rules? I’ll go in U.S.A to teach english ! ;)
Happy new year to everyone !


Thank you my dear teach!
It was a handy one.Good luck with your teaching.


“Hey Jude !” (excuse me, Jade. “Hey Jude” is Beatles song).
Very interesting ! There are mob,
intellectuals and strata. Each of them uses theirs own language ?
I saw expressions like that: “He is gone”.
I’d rather say:” He has gone” Which of them are correct?
Happy NY !


    To Yurokan:
    Both expressions are correct but they have a different meaning:
    – he has gone = he has walked etc. (the present perfect)
    – he is gone = he is not here. (“gone” is a adjective)


      Aha. “He is gone” also means “He is DEAD” ?


        “Gone” can mean “dead” but I would usually translate it as “away” or something like this. For examlpe: All my money is gone and I have nothing to buy food with.
        – He is gone = Он ушел.


It was really interesting! Thank you, Jade!
Especially #7 — to my mind, in Russia we have absolutely identical borrow/lend issue. I can’t understand that people, who use “borrow me money”. It sounds very impolite like “hey, give me your money”!


To Yurokan:
Both expressions are correct but they have a different meaning:
– he has gone = he has walked etc. (the present perfect)
– he is gone = he is not here. (“gone” is a adjective)


thank you i love it


Thanks jade .it’s great lesson.


Thanks Jade! You’re so cute!

Valderí Andrade

Thank you Jade for your helpful lesson. BR

If you wanna talk with me on skype you can check my account details. Bye for now


7/8 a wrong answer in sixth.
Oh, oh, we are feeling só bored today, ain’t we? To a Hoi polloi as you are, I maybe, sound little snob, a little like “tea past five”, a little cockney maybe! Well maybe, but the truth is, it sounds delicious music to my ears.
Thank you Jade, a very interesting lesson.

Jorge Pedroso

Hi! Jade
thanks a lot for this great lesson.

Happy New Year to all teaching on Engvid and viewers I wish you more succes, health, happiness… and your life. God protect us.

my best wiches.


An example for point 8:
Where are the kids?
They’re there playing with their toys.


I hate Billy! Why is he so stupid?


Thank you for lesson). Have a wonderful New Year!


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thank you very much but there is many words in native speakes and sentence you didnot mention it example lou a mean like taht

Bakri Sh

Thank you very much, this lesson is very useful.


yes it’s usfu lesson, thank a lot Jade




Thanks alot …

Hi jane firstful happy New year you and engvid’s family.then i have a question about Quiz Which i do not understand first and second questions. They have asked the problem the same way but answers are different. Can you explain why this Happen like that? Thanks a lot from now on your lesson and answer.


hi! can anyone tell me about construction : ^The murderer is thought to be a woman^ thank for attention!


I think the quiz for this lesson is quite strange!


Thank you Jade, very useful lesson


i have two questions . first we always used they+were . why did we use was???
second, answer i have done it. why was this answer incorrect????

Maryam Zaky

Thanks jade

Amar Amor

thank you so much jade.l don’t know to speak in english, but l will lean bit by bit

blessing tauzeni

Greetings teacher Jade! I’d like yout to know that this lesson was so a useful one! I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t only for me but also for all the students who have been following you so far. Well, I’ve got a couple of doubts related to your video. I’ve seen the term “ain’t” in lots of movies as well as songs. I wonder whether this term can only be used with the subject “I” or also with the other ones like: “we, they, you, etc” E.G. “We ain’t good students, we need to practice more, don’t we?” Would that be correct? Changing the topic, I’ve also seen in some grammar books that we can not use the “if” conditional with “or” or “or not”, we can only use the conjunction “whether” when referring to two options at least. E.G. “Whether you like it or not, you must learn advanced grammar! So, can we also say: If you like it or not, you must learn advanced grammar!? I’ll be so thankful to you teacher Jade. Best regards from Bolivia!
P.S.: at minute 7:53, the subtitles on your video say “….. and what your textbooks tellS you” And well I’m not sure whether we’re able to take those subtitles away since we can’t see the 4th example written on the board.


Thank you for your help! Sometimes. . When I was in England, I asked to myself questions about the way English people sometimes use their language (ain’t… innit… and so on)… Now I’m able to understand it better… :-))


Thank you Jade. I like:
1- when you tell us about the differences between the academic way of speaking and the street one,
2- when you speak with a real accent used by native people.
Have fun in 2015.


Hi Jade!
First of all, I’d like to wish you (and all of us) a happy new year and thank you for your very useful lessons!
May I ask you a personal question? I am curious, where does your accent come from?
Thanks a lot!


Hi class, little bit difficult innit?


Thankyou jade, but i don’t understand about some question above.


thanks for you miss jade and happy new year for you and all member of ENGVID.COM .until the moderator of this great site too.hhhhhhhhhh


Thanks and happy new year, Jade!


even though you speak fast or a bit strange for me,at least I could understant what was written on the board!


you sounds tired in this video. sorry but I`ve got bored, smile more Jade!


Thank you very much! =D I’m very happy heeee!

Cristian Gutiérrez

Thank you so much!!


Very good lessons.


Thank you very much for your efforts.


Hikya vu? ;-)

Azad Ahmedov

Teacher, thank you very much for the lesson!
It has been useful for me to understand common suspects between correct and non-standard English

Azad Ahmedov

Good lesson….
I like the funny bit at the end….
Is nice to see that recording lessons it is hard work and it surely does take practice and time…
Thank you!


I also often hear “less” + countable nouns, and “too” in reactions to negative statements (agreements with negat. statements), instead of “either” or “neither”.
I’d like to ask whether “I’m home” is grammatically acceptable, or whether the natives are just lazy to use the preposition “at”. ?? Thank you for the reply ;)


thank you teacher

sruthi s

she is using left hand :) more intelligent


Hi everybody i want meet some of them to keep a conversation and like this se can improve our english thanks.

Almost sure you pronounced “participle” in a wrong way…


Useful lesson, especially regarding “lend and borrow” depending on direction.


thank you for this lesson, i really appreciate it


:O I have to assume all that!!!. However, I want to thank your explanation, professor Jade.



    Fakhrullah Murad

Thanks alot .


Many thanks ..


Thanks Jade for the lesson!
But I have a little question.
Is “homonyn” should be corrected to “homonym”? Thank you.


thank you


thanx alot jade :)


thank you aloooooooooot

Yasser Amry

Nice, although I prefer just to know the correct structures. If we know them, automatically we know what is wrong.

Marcio de Moraes

i just a new student for this lesson. Nice to meet you gusy!!!!!!!!!!


thank you so much Jade but i still difficulty native speaker and gramma i must be attpemted


i suggest to remove and substitute exercices with non-formal english because they only confuse us. If we have to learn english, it’s worth to do it correctly, I think.


    I apologize for any confusion! However, it’s important to understand informal English as well — especially if you’re living in or visiting an English-speaking country. It may not be “correct”, but it’s what people actually use.

    engVid Moderator

You so sophisticated & cool teaching foreign students by giving many example in context.
not only beautiful but also smart.
Bravo for u Jade

chakim hamzah

Thank you JADE it is very useful.


thank you… well done

the scent of winter

you’ve put trap question on no 3. I got wrong mark, because i wasn’t read the question with so properly.


Thank you, Jade, for this excellent lesson! When we study another language, we usually think all the native speakers speak perfectly well, but you have teach us that it is not true. It helps us to understand them better.

Eduardo França

7/8 Very interesting lesson!




Very great


in 2015 I want to learn English more than past year


Thanks got 50%, poor progress. I’m sad.

Abdul Qayum

Jade, you are the best.


Jade, why are you so confused??


Thank you, realy usefull lesson. And teach us to pay attantion to the Quiz questions)))


hello dear teacher

I love it .


thank you



night Knight

thanks jade,I appreciate that

youssef allax

hi teacher
nice to meet u teacher


It’s an interesting fact that many Russian people also confuse Russian alternatives of borrow and lend by saying “borrow me money”

Emil Vakhitov

Well I like that

Mohammed navigation

ouuuh , , i’ve got 5 correct out of 8, hahahaha, terrible ! :D thank Ms. Jade , you make better , love you ! :)

Ghaniy Bahtiar

Jade! I love you!!! you are great!!


thanks alot youare the number one


Thank you maam. I thought I was perfect on this quiz. hehehe


Try to decide if the speaker is using correct English or non-standard English, and choose the answer that matches this form of English
Billy: “Calm down, mate. They _______ only joking with you.”
have been
have was
Why in this test we dont put the “were” ?


I got 50 ! I answer before watching . Thanks


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Fakhrullah Murady

Fakhrullah Murad

Viber +93 784237355

Fakhrullah Murad

Thanks a lot Jade


I liked this class. thank you


Hi Mss jade, firstly I have tried to study your lessons since last weekend, as for me,your accent is the most difficult one in the teachers of EngVid sure it comes from your nation so it might be a bit difficult to understand and get use it but to be honestly therefore I am here for it on the other hands it makes you for us relaxable and effective. consequently thank you for all these matters. I would like to ask you somethings that makes my friends confused recently days,
its related your mistakes video as well.
Have you ever seen someone around you who uses “had + not ( have ) ” substituted for didn’t have in past tense ? and is there any rule for using it in english language? if you reply me back soon, I and my confused friends will be grateful for it :) have a nice day from now on.
Sending best wishes from TURKEY.


thanks so much


thanks jade. i got 7/8


8/8. I like the bonus in the lesson at 16:52, not sure it was released on purpose, but quite amusing as for the background. So presentation of point 7 was improved :-)


Thank you dear teacher for a informative class


I am very thankful to you for providing useful informations related to Grammar mistakes.I will try my best to remember all of them during comphrehension.


Great lesson, innit? :D


Thank you, Jade, for your lessons

Mohsen Tatoo

There is a quiz question that offers “ain’t” and “innit” as options, and the answer has to be “innit”.
However in this world wide forum, the instructor needs to take into account the regional variations of non-standard English. Here in Minnesota someone is far more likely to say “ain’t it” or perhaps “ain’it” than “innit” which to our ears sounds more like the usage of areas South of here…
Nevertheless, this lesson is a valiant attempt at a thorny topic.
Oh, yeah, maybe I should watch the lesson instead of commenting on just the quiz…


    That’s a good point! “Innit” is also more of a UK thing.

    engVid Moderator

You are right Jade, all this is always confusing…


I got 2 mestakes, so I have only 75 %. (


Good but i did not understand two questions


Thank u so much it’s very useful this lesson, u r great…


another great lesson … thank u very much


I love the English mistakes in grammar, they are very funny. On the other hand I quit to be nervous when I make a grammar mistake. So thanks a lot for this explication.


Thank You Teacher Jade for your lesson..i got 8 score. but i need to be learn English will.


Thank you

ann ann

Thank you Ms. Jade.


Thank you a lot


i got 3 correct , i will kill myself

khedr mohamed

Thanks a lot. Got 7 out of 8.


easy lesson

al willis

thanks Jade, lesson like this it’s exactly what I need for to improve my English language.


Thanks, Jade.


I think one of my difficulties speaking English is to think I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE ANY MISTAKE… and, of course, that’s impossible…
It’s relaxing to confirm that native speakers make mistakes too, like everyone in their mother tongue.
Thanks a lot.
Bye for now!

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