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Hello, I am new, and this is my first video. And I think I am brown.


    Yes you are! welcome to this great website.



Ricky Fiebig

nice lessons) thank you. we have a small variety of skin colors and i knew a lit about communication etiquette in that area) i`m white + a lit freckled)


    and you really look like Slava Frolova, I have sent a message about this


    I think freckled people are awesome!especially girls)) I’m swarthy


Thanks, great lesson.


I’m white but as I go for a little walk to the near mountains (yes, in Northern Italy we have mountains and a lot of snow, believe me)I got suddenly suntanned. My friends tell me that I’m lucky because, as you’ve said, white people like to seem darker (at least, so it is in our era but some years ago it was quite different). Ciao!


Very interesting lesson.Thanks for that.I have tanned skin which looks like dusky skin and as i go out my skin becomes rosy.So i have combination of both dusky plus rosy :-)See you soon.


Thanks for your lesson Ronnie.


Thanks Ronnie, I’m from Mexico. sometimes for some people I’m White but others says I’m brown,,, maybe I’m light brown :P ,


    haha nice conclusion!


Mmmmmm Nice


Like you rony freckled

Mark gerges wassef

Thank you very much for this great lesson


Thanks Ronnie!!!


Oh Ronnie, you’ve just given me an answer, that I needed to know. Thanks)
PS. Yes you are right freckles are so cute))


I have a light brown hair with white face and black eyes. what m I to b called?


Thanks, I am brown and you is a great teacher.


    Indeed she is Great, you just need to say you are a great teacher. Take care :)


      thank you, not yet mastered the English language.


Ebony and Ivory…Paul McCartney sings.
I still remember the days when WHITEs called Asians as yellow, now it has rectified as colored. Maybe tomorrow, the expression will be changed. So sensitive.


    Hi Feles. As you this lesson makes me thinks to the very nice song ” Ebony Ivory”


      “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
      Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don’t we? ‘


Thank you very much for this lesson.
What a pitty you did not illustrate thiis lesson with “Ebony Ivory”
A song can say more things than many words


Many thanks Ronnie!


Hello , hello everyone . At first great thank you and your colleges for everything. I think you even can not imagine yourself what a big work you do. Thank you a lot again . This year I want to enter to Moscow State University and I have to also pass English exam. I have not any opportunity to study with personal teacher ,as most of people do, so you are my one and only chance to deepen my knowledge in English.
Secondly , I `d to ask everyone whether you want to create some group in Skype and help each other through speaking to each other. I think it very important for everyone . If you ready , please add me on Facebook (Akop Sogbatian) or write me by mail -sogbatianhakop@gmail.com. I really need it. Look forward for your response.


Thanks Ronnie. It was a great lesson because the color of skink depend where you are (the culture). In Brazil is offensive call someone with words like black, for example.


    *skin depends


    Hi Larissa
    As you said it is about culture and point of view.
    If someone calls me black it is all right because I am black.


      Hi Aclesio. Yeah it’s about culture. Depends the region too. I live in Rio State and in some regions is offensive, but thanks for clarifying me.


Thanks Ronnie, very nice lesson!


Thancks for lesson! I’m freckled


    its thanks BTW.


Thanks for the lesson. I’m still not sure what color americans think I am though. My father is a portuguese descendent, but my mom is a native american descendent. My color isn’t white, but is ligher than the color of natives, and I also don’t have the facial features of a native, so I’m confused. Maybe I should just describe myself as light brown.


Thanks you for the lesson


I am Deaf. i can’t hear. please help me

Anish Paul

Hi! Thanks for the lesson. I have white skin with rosy cheeks when I sunbathe or run :).. or drink beer :)))


Hello I,m new .The lesson is really great


thank you so much, very nice class for today!!! congratulations!!!

Fernando Borge

i didn’t have yet the lessons , and i got 5/9 …
encouraged !!

nahla ait gacem

Hello Ronnie .. I love your method of teaching ..
Can I ask u something !! .. I can’t use the conjuections properly .. Could u please explain them when we use them In writing ..
Thanks a lot ..love you


Thank you very much!!!)


Hi Ronnie! The lesson was amazing! That’s how a teacher should get everybody interested in a lesson. Looking forward to see your other videos :)

By the way, I also get sun burnt when it kisses me ;)


Hi Ronnie
Here in Brazil there is all kind of skin color, I for instance am black but my granddaughter id white.


Very interesting matter. I learned much about skin colour


thank you…. I am a brown guy :)


From Guatemala , thanks Ronnie, you are great!

Jose Lazzo

tsk, albino is cool


Thank you Ronnie.It’s amazing lesson for me.


I’ve watched some of your teaching. I really like it. Beside I can understand easily what you’re teaching, you also make me smile, laugh and enjoy the lesson given. You’re so funny. I think if every English teacher is like you, every student will not get bored so fast on learning English. Nice Job! Thank you for all


I liked your lesson, thanks.


Thanks a lot Ronnie for your pretty interesting explanation about skin color in english…


I am completely white with brown spots, I tan in olive, but I would like to be more bronze :)
Thanks for nice lesson :)


    hello baha


Hi! I am dark and white … I am a contradiction :)


good one


Hi Ronnie, I am white with blond hair and brown eyes: I’m not tall dark and handsome…!
Thanks for your lesson!


Hi Ronnie. This lesson was amazing!. I from Equador and here people have different skin colors. We have a multi-racial culture, but our natives, the indigenous, are our pride.


nice lessons
my color white skin , honey eyes , black hair , tall.


thanks for the courses that are available on the website, it helps us to speak and understand english


Thank you, Ronnie) Very interesting lesson, as always)))

Victoria 23

Thanks a lot!


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for describing skin color in polite manner


nice lesson

Arslan Korow

Thanks for telling about skin colour’s means and we get to know new words about skin.


thank you so much


thanks a lot, very good and interesting lesson


im a yellow lol

Rachman Hakim

I’m swarthy my mother is white and blonde, my father is a kind of brown and olive because he’s tunisian.


I like it !


Hi Ronnie , I’m White and I have brown hair and blue eyes. Can I say that your skin is rosy? Thank you. I love your lessons!


Hi Ronnie,
I am from vietnam and kind of skin that I have is brown. it is very hard to say about skin colour anyone beacause of racist. I hope our world is going be unique community in next.
thanks Ronnie this lesson helped me more understand using when speaking skin colour.

best regard!


Thank you so much Ronnie

Lucia Loan

nice lesson thank you

djebali ali

Thanks for this lesson. I believe is useful to know this stuff, to know polite ways to describe people’s skin.


nice lesson as always <3


thank you i’m white .


    Are you really white? I always thought Saudi Arabian people are black!


      I have lived in KSA so when Saudies say “white” they are acually maen olive skin and no saidies are not black “black Saudies are not Arabs or

      manar imad

        originally *

        manar imad

          At the first glimpse, I was wonder about it, but you clarify.Thank you for giving me an update from َArabian.


          you’re welcome my Iranian brother and Jumma Mubarak

          manar imad

          Likewise.This time, I would like to give you an update to compensate what you did.In fact, today is the last day of Norouz in Persian culture called ’13 Be Dar’ which means every family goes to the heart of nature and having the time of their life.You know, going out and having fun, plus doing some specific things associated with our culture such as catering food out of the house, not in any restaurant of course, but eating home-made foods in parks, jungles etc since today is the 13th day of Iranian’s new year in my country.Happy new Persian year everyone!


          uh wow happy new persian year .. enjoy and have a good time

          manar imad

          Thank you a whole lot


        yes , manar is right about what said . thank you :)


thanks! i am Asian, and i’m brown, i Nguyen Van Hau
hi every one. i need some one to talk english with, my speaking is so bad!!
:P Help me :) nice to meet you!!!

Nguyen Van Hau

really helpful, thank you.

Asmaa Hakim

Thanks Ronnie, really like your lessons)))


Ronnie, I would like to know how to describe the skin colour of Asian?


Hey Ronnie, i like the little jokes that you make in between the lessons.. keep it up.. i am brown.


Hi Ronnie. You are so funny:) Thank you. And i’m like a rainbow ;)


    You must be from another planet. lol!


You got 8 correct out of 9.




my color skin is olive but i wish i have some freckles LOL


My color skin is “white”.

Marcos Carrasco

I live in Brazil, the sun is very strong my skin is not completely white , my arms are white in one side and tunned by another , What is my Skin Color?
” White”???

Marcos Carrasco

I’m white, but with brown eyes and hair…….I’m brunette, right?


i love it! i learn a lot on this! thank you so much


Thanks a lot for this high quality lesson. Learned something from it. See you soon.


Nice lesson. I am brown.


i just wanna say thank you! Thanks Ronnie


Hi Ronnie I loved your class. Thanks for helping :) see you soon


Ronnie, you are the gratest teacher I’ve ever met. You are teaching us only useful things. Thank you a lot!!! But I have a request or a suggestion for you, could you write an article or a particle “to” ahead of words in order to understand visually whether it is a noun or a verb in advance.
Thank you!!!


if you are white with dark hair like mediterranean people. is it called white skin or what?


Ronnie I love U…Tanks, I hope to see you soon! :)


what is neutral language?

ali raees

I am from middle east and nit brown. :(


    I’m not sure we from middle east are brown but it can be a matter of personal skin.Anyway, I reckon I’m olive :)


Hi Dear Ronnie
Next time can you talk about some of slang world




felipe a

Thank you Roonie
As always your lessons are very good and fun!


Hi Ronnie. I Have a brown skin colour. This subject is very useful for me.Thank you so much.


Thank you. Your lesson is very informative. I’m white.

Welder Misha

Is it offensive to call you ‘ginger’Ronnie? Sorry if you are offended!


I am sun-kissed and what is this…..¡¡¡¡¿¿¿¿¿7. Someone who is “tall, dark, and handsome” has:
dark hair and dark eyes.
black skin and light eyes.
dark hair and dark skin?????¡¡¡¡¡
dark make up and black clothes.


It looks like I need some skin vocabulary, I got 56% before I watched the video. :(


I really liked this teacher, you’re very good teacher


Hello, I’am new here,I live in Middle East,I think Brown. Thank you very much for lessons Ronnie.


thanks Love you Ronnie!
Awesome way of Teaching.

M Gull Khan

Alex and Adam are the only teachers that always reply to our comments, but I can’t always ask them when I have a doubt about something, not fair. Despite this, I will leave the comment (question), and hopefully Ronnie, or someone competent will reply to it.
Here is the sentence: Residue – a small amount of something that remains after the main part “has gone” or “been taken” or “used”.
It’s clear that we used Present Perfect Tense, so have/has + PP. When we use have/has + several consecutive verbs, are we supposed to use them on this way, or we can also write: Residue – a small amount of something that remains after the main part “has gone” or “has been taken” or “has been used”?
This is the example I found by coincidence, there are many more. If you can think of some others, let me know. Thank you in advance.


    Not competent enough for a 100% reliable advice,
    but if I rely to my lazy part of me (that won’t never turn out to be a “residue”, I’m afraid).

    So with a laziness perspective :
    as soon as the subject “the main part” is not repeated twice more… Keep on being consistent and therefore why not to also omit other auxiliaries ?

    “the main part has gone or the main part has been taken or the main part has been used”.
    Hum, sounds a bit burdensonme, no ?
    Let us to be guided by the lazy force.

    PS Really like some of your comments on Engvid.

    Nico ESL for ever

you are thes best, spotty ! ;)

A BIG Thank U




Thanks this video was great. I need practice more.




Good lesson!!
I don’t understand the colour olive, Is it refer to the olive fruit? the olives are green…

Thanks Ronnie.


Before watching this video, it’s hard for me to use the appropriate words to decribe skin color. Thanks for this video!


I new here, and I absolutely love this site.
thanks teacher Ronnie


Hi, Ronnie.
Great lesson. I’m white and don’t like to be bronzed. Most people from my country like this and stay in the sun.
Thanks for the lesson.

Thiago Lino

Thank you, Rony!

I am white and freckled, in summer I am often sun-kissed)

It would be great if you could also make a video about the colour of hair)


hi,i’m new here :)


Hi Ronnie, nice job. I’m from Iran and as you mentioned my skin color you mean is Olive!Although I’m quite a bit suspicious what my color called in english, you gave me an update.Thanks a million.I’m looking forward for your next video.


Thanks, the lesson was great :)!
My skin colour is white with some freckled.

Oana Dorina

Hello,everyone. Can you tell me how to use this website


my color is white :) … nice teacher


I’m black and I have a friend that I call him of Black man . Sorry I don’t that is offencive


I am one of the bronze colour skin, only when I sunbath.


Thank you … I am swarthy ?

Abdelmoumin 200

Thank you … I am swarthy

Abdelmoumin 200

I am beown

Menna El Maghraby

I am brown

Menna El Maghraby

I’m new here and my skin color is black hehe.

Dhoy makaledta

I’m white)


Hi, cool to know haw to explane people by color skin. I like to watch your videos, Ronnie. It’s very funny and interesting. And according your question, I look like white.


    yes you are

    manar imad

light brown…

Syed Ahmad Ali

    no brother Russian people are withe

    manar imad

Hi Ronnie. Thanks for the lesson!

I don’t know what color is my skin. It depends of the light of the environment I am in. Under the sun, I am tanned white, I think. (or swarthy, olive?) Even being european descendent, the canadians, americans and europeans are whiter, generally.

Fabio Cicerre

I’m mulatta , you are an amazing teacher .


thank you Ronnie you are the best .. I have olive color skin

manar imad

Thank you so much about this video, but can yo do a video about voacabulary of the cars!
Thank you in advance :D.


    Thank you so much for this video**


thank you so much


My skin’s color changed when I had watched this video :) I am kidding This education is useful Thanks


Useful lesson, I appreciate it


mulatto ;)

noha nazih

Hi Ronnie, nice and interesting lesson, thank you. Here in Venezuela, South America, we have a multirace people. I consider myself as mulatto, my wife is white and she is pregnant, we always wonder how our daughter is going to look like. Thank God he made us all different. It would be boring if we were all the same race, however, the most important thing is people´s heart.


Over here negro is ok and black is offensive, just a different culture,but guess what, we are thinking too much before say something to others. We should be more concerned about our attitudes than with polical correct names


Hi Ronnie, your class has been very interesting. I am a Spanish girl working in York, U.K., in a restaurant, and was told that call black to people is offensive. However, I do not feel it. Therefore, it must be a cultural issue. Many thanks.


    I understand that the UK and North America have different ways of talking about race! So, as they say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

    engVid Moderator

Thanks Ma’am for this great lesson!.I think I’m blue but I’m not sure.

Bushra hg

    Or maybe purple!

    Bushra hg

I’m whiter than a ghost -_-


You are definitely an effective teacher. why? because you are very direct in your way of teaching. and I like your facial expression. you are not boring.


thank you


Moderator note: This inappropriate comment has been replaced with a cat gif.


somehow i do not understand why we keep calling black peoples or white peoples by their skin coloursand to refer to a spanish american we say latino.. the word i usually use to describe them is yellow but it seemed an offense because i have a lot of latino’s friends and they always reject it..but it nice to understand how culture can shock if we do not pay attention to the words. thank


I would say I am brown because I am from North East Asia.


After watching this video, I think that I am black.
Last week I had a discussion with a co-worker about black and negro. Conclusion is: Black is color and Negro is race or breed. Because I am african descent.
My country has a nickname: 1st Black Republic in the World.

Arjun P

Thank you teacher.


Mmmm, when i was a child my sister told me that i was yellow, like the Simpsons.


Hi Ronnie. How are you? You are such a beautiful and funny lady. I am BLACK.


İ am Turkish but because of the fact that i have freckles on my faces and my hair is ginger People think I am Irish


I’ve long wanted to know how to describe skin color.
But what can I describe my skin color after all?
I’m Japanese…pale orange?


Ronnie i’m light brown and i love the way you teaches.


igot 100%. i’m white. thanks Ronnie.


Thanks Ronnie!!


thanks for an awesome lesson

shivam kumar

I don’t know whats color am I

Joseph Luidi

I used to think that i’m yello ,i think i am brown???? not sure about that


Thanks allot , i am from iraq , i am olive

Maab hazim

Hi, Ronnie! My name is Lucas. I am a black guy.


Tks great lesson. Im light brown


Thanks Ronnie for all lessons you did a great job , i’am Abed I’m brown, red,and white sometimes lol , I’am a middle eastern .


thak you a lot I’m brown skinn


This was really great and useful video and am a human being from beautiful Regina


Some people have Blue skin, this condition caused by inappropriate exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver.


    There is also a rare blood disorder that can make people’s skin blue! The most well-known case is the blue Fugates of Kentucky.

    engVid Moderator

Some people have Wheat color, any way colors is not that important, the most important think is your behavior as a good human.


I am dark and olive :D


thanks Ronnie :)

Noemi M

so nice .

It helped me a lot . lol


Hello Ronnie….i like your method which use to learn us really you are amazing teacher. i learn a lot from you. i think my skin is olive because i am Mediterranean from Egypt.
i also like your beautiful pigmentation

Egyptian Pharaoh

thanks runny .your lesson was very helpfu for me


hi evryone .is there anyone to practice engilsh .I am ready to talk enlish.I am a docor in turkey .I am studying english nearly 5 years.I think my level intermediate or upper interemdiate.You can add me at Skype.My Skype is raktitiz.


my skin colour is olive ,I am from Afghanistan :)


I am brown from middle East.
Nice explanation with amazing expressions.


    Are pakistanis considered middle easterns?


Thank you for the explanation. I am brown from Central America- indigenous woman

Marta Lopez

thank you Ronnie for this amazing lesson


I liked this lesson. I want improve my English and engVid is a good option for this.


I am white

Sara Shaheen

Thank you, I am a brown Polynesian :)




Ronnie, you are the best! I love your lessons! Thank you so much for that!

Rodrigo Jung

I like Ronnie lessons)


I’m white actually


in USA don’t use “white” in any documents for describe colour of skin. They use “caucasian race”.
Because of political correctness.


thank you teacher!! but, what can i say my skin color..? brown? light brown? umm don’t tell me yellow!! thanks!


I don’t know how to describe my skin lol! My british friend told me that according to my skin color i’m considered “caucasian” because it is so clear, but not white?


Thank you very much Ronnie


ok Ronnie 9/9 thank you, only for you I’m light tanned, kisses, at the next time


nice lessen ronnie MAM


Thank you. Very helpful


Thank you That lesson is great


Thanks Ronnie

margaret kleinhenz

I’m white, but i have dark hair. great lesson.

duarte rogerio

Useful and important lesson, Ronnie.


Thanks Ronnie , that was really great lesson .. but i still confused what color am i ! lol .. some color degree between brown and white i guess


I have a question.
What about the word “nigga”?
I have heard it is used for describe black people too, usually in an offensive context, but I’m not pretty sure.
Is it a good or bad word?
Should I use it ?

I’m not trying to be rude, thank you for your answers.


    This is one of those words that can be neutral or offensive depending on context. It is generally considered offensive when used by people who aren’t black.

    engVid Moderator

I think im brwon

Ibraheem Mohamed

hi this is my first video that i watch


Hi everyone, I am new and I love learning English With her


thank you for the lesson, i’m from Mexico and i’m brown.


i think im white


my color skin is white


Thanks Ronnie…I am swarthy…


i am red

vane Osorio

Hi everybody, I from México City. In my country people call me “güero”, that means white

Ivan Gonzalez

Thanks Ronnie! In the summer I’m ivory, but in other time my skin is pale (I’m healthy, It’s my natural color).
I hate sunbathing and my dad tell me that I’m ugly. I know It’s just kidding but he teally wants that my skin will be more bronzed.
I love my skin color and don’t care about dad’s peaces of advice.:D Haha




I think I am white, but in summer, usually the sun kiss me (that’s because I am from south america and here is very strong the sunlight) haha… Hi Ronnie… I follow you from youtube, I love your lessons. I want to learn english, and you are the best option!!!.


thank you Ronnie


thank you…

anas saeed

Thanks Ronnie! I am white and freckled like you


Thank you Ronnie. I’m Iranian. I don’t know what colour my skin is but always rosy?I guess I’m mixed. Iran is not a boring country you can find any colour.


I’m white caucasian and I like you

al willis

You got 6 correct out of 9.

M kartal

Guys, u made a mistake when u wrote not colour but color


what color am I?


Ronnie,i am very glad to know you and Engvid team!


As Siss-German, I’m fair-haired with light eyes.

al willis

I really love your lessons, thanks for this one.
Oh yeap I’m light dark …I think so…XD


Good Lesson. I’m bronzed and dark.

Duvan Ricardo

Thanks Ronnie, it’s such an interesting lesson. Mmmm …well, I think I’m light brown


this was so beautiful effective to me

Abtin Suroosh

I had a


Hi, Very good for your lesson

Roman castillo

8/9!Good!This lesson has some new informations for me.

Jerry Gu

Hi! And is it offensive to call someone “latino”?



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