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Very well thank you.

Murat Ozgener

Thanks! I like it!


90, I couldn’t watch!


    Thank you so much we miss you


I got 100% the Emma

Ali Ahmmed

Thank you. It is a very helpful lesson.


    It’s great, many thanks.


Thank you Emma… very good lesson…


Cool! Now I know about differences.


Thnks I’ve got 100

Mohammed Olat

Hi! Guys who got 10 out of 10

Mohammed Olat

Great I got 100% good lesson.

Muhammad Abbas

Thanks a lot Emma!!


Wow..Very important class … Pronouncing vowels in English is not easy … Thank you.


I got 100%. Thanks Emma !


Hi Emma and thank you for your work on this new Beginner Lesson. I have to say that I feel comfortable listening to your lesson because I have little difficulty understanding what you are saying.


I got 8/10 and wrong at the questions 2th and 3th because i don’t review, I’ll try carefully next time, thank Emma

nguyen van long

Thank you very much. It has been very difficult for me to to distinguish these sounds


Thank you so much. I had a very good start.I go by more..


When you don’t know the word it is difficult to speak correctly.

Thanks so much Emma!

Henrique Alves

look in the book – the same vowel sound


Masha allah.

thanks a got 80%

yusuf barre

am really pleased by lessons thanks so much

Bubacarr Sumundu

thanks so much for the pronunciation correction

Bubacarr Sumundu

Thanks, Emma!

Daniela Machado

thanks teacher


Hai iknw little bit English I want to know to improve English plz help me

Gayatri kintali

Thanks Emma for helping a lot

Mohammed Olat

I got 9

Ahmed Adam suliman

Thank you, i like it. this is very simple lesson


Thanks a lot Emma, you are the most beautiful teacher in the whole world.
I got 100/100.

Hasan Soledad

I would like to learning a grammar with these teachers but when their class are starting I don’t know about the time of to begin the class


I like it very much.


Thank you very much….


i like your classes because i am learning american english so good with you


Do anybody want to practice with me English.

abduullah 1

your lesson is very nice. Thank you!

Carlos Costa

thank you so muchhhhh

hilal is here

That was a wonderful class because for us portuguese speakers is very difficult to notice these differences of sounds. Thank you Emma.

izabel gurnet

hello Emma am needed to learn English buy you thank you so much I am happy how can I speak to people that is my question am came you have GERD classes room


Thank you so much, Emma


Thanks, Regards from NI


Thank you Emma


Thank you very much Emma for your service, I have a question, do all of the engvid teachers accept to make new videos based on a question asked by a user of the site, like me for example?
I know a new video is not necessary to any questions, some could just be responded by a reply to the comment but for others a video would be great.


    We have a list of lessons requested by users, and any teacher can choose to make one into a video. The list is very long, but if you have an idea, we would love to hear it.

    engVid Moderator

      I understand, thank you very much. I often have questions about grammar rules, pronunciation, etc… Whenever I have one again, I will feel free to submit it.
      By the way I want to say again a big thank you to all of you, if I can speak the way I do today, it’s also thanks to engvid, I’m endlessly grateful to you. You’re the best.

      Keep it up !


      Ok, I just remembered one I had. It is:
      What is the difference between look for, seek, search and research? And when can we use them?


        Thank you in advance ! 😃


Thank you, my teacher, I understand the lesson but when can I use oo and u I mean what is the right situation to using them.

Mohamed Rayane Ben meziane
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