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i hate too

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    i love shopping

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You hate shopping, don’t you. Me neither! Haha. Thank you, Ronnie :)

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    Me too..

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    Love shopping in Japan:)

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      That’s funny. I’m starting to buy everything from China, it costs about 50% less than here hahaha Brazil sucks! :P

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        We brazilians are lost in this shit country!

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Oh! I found my mistake.
X Me neither.
O Me too.

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    Yes, you have to say me too!

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      I got it! Thank you for teaching me, Ronnie :D

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      Or she could say—— me either.

      well, i’m also confused little bit.

      please DO let me know whether or not i’m right!



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        I also have heard about “me, either.” But I usually use “me, too” and “So do I.” Thank you for your comment, sonu :)

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      Dear teacher :
      Does bargain means a price with discount ?

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      i love your lessons thanks a lot ;)

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      Hi,Miss Ronnie
      Could u teach us how to use the words feet and foot ?
      thank u in advance

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Ow…Ronnie..you hate shopping?..hmmm

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aaaa thank you Ronny!!!

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Thank you Ronnie..

I have a doubt,inside a building,apartment or a hospital how can we express the way or direct someone
Eg: Go to lift,next corridor, stairs

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    Yes, you can say go to the lift/elevator, get off on the # floor, turn right/left.

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I don’t know that you hate shopping Ronnie!So, who buys you your nice clothes?
Thank you so much for this very useful lesson.

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    I buy my clothes but I hate doing it!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie, I got 83% if you love shopping then I get 100%.

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    Hi Abdul,me too. I didn’t pay much attention to what she said at the beginning. I thought she loved shopping.


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    hehe, i got 83,too..i like shopping..but not with my sisters..because they spend a lot of time to choose clothes

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thank you very much

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In Arabic after transulation the lesson above
We can say – the price was
Or the cost was
But we don’t say I paid the money… It’s wrong in Arabic like in English

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Ronnie, How do you pronounce these words ? :
Would – Wood *
Rap – Wrap *
Here – Hear *
were – we’re
Deer – Dear
Will – We’ll
Not – Knot – Nut
and more…


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    All of the words you have written are “homophones”. Check out my lesson on homophones!
    You are correct in what you have written!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you, I’m gonna watch it!

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    Hi dear I’m from iran Can u help me to improve my english language please

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9/10 (your shopping) Thank you Ronnie!

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You got 6 correct out of 6…….. thanks Ronnie

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I got 83% because I had thought you love shopping)

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    Yeah, me too. I didn’t pay much attention to what she said at the beginning. I thought she loved shopping.


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    Me too…

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I got 6 correct out of 6. Thank you Ronnie! I was suprised to know you don’t like to shop.

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    I didn’t know that too, but I think that’s exactly what she wanted; see if we’re paying attention or not. :)

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Hey teacher Ronnie, you hate shopping!!? lol

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Totally got it, thank you Ronnie and your useful interesting lesson, have a nice day.

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Hello Ronnie. you’re the best!. please help me, make a video for my I am a receptionist in a hotel Asian people sometimes come but do not understand their English. tell me what I can do. thank you very much.

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thank you i really like your way

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What a down-to-earth way of talking about prices!!!
Ronnie, I like your videos because you always focuse on use rather that usage (the way we learned it-the language- in the school).

Have a wonderful day!!!

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You’re good Ronnie thank you

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Thank you Ronnie, I preciate you work.

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Thank u

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Thank you Ronnie
This video very help me

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RONNIE, YOU gave an excellent lessson as always. Please help me, I work in an exchange house in my country and I am trying to make an ad in english, do YOU consider the expression “WE GIVE MORE PESOS FOR YOUR DOLLARS” correct??? (I WANT to mean that It is better to exchange your money in my business, because we give you more local currency for it), please Help!

Profile photo of GUSTON GUSTON

    YES! Your expression is correct! Great work!
    YOu could also say we give YOU more pesos for your dollars!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie.It is new information for me

Profile photo of Toghrul Toghrul

Thanks! Maybe you can make another video about slang or auction vocabulary. By the way for me it sounds strange “nineteen seventy one” for 1971.

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Thank you very much for this lesson, i didn’t know this before so it’s kind new and really interesting.

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Thank you a bunch.

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What do you mean you don’t like shopping? Everybody does! ;) I love doing shopping especially when I see a real bargain then I draw some money out and just have to snap it up! But don’t take me wrong. I also tuck some money away (just in an emergency ;))

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halo thank you so much

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I got 100 in the text!!!!

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Could you please explain when we use the past perfect tense i have never seen a video about tenses.thank you so much

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thank you Ronny for this beautiful lesson

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“Ronnie LOVES shopping.” I thought it was true!

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i work as teller so it’s very important for me to know how we tell about money.thanks you Ronnie.

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Thank u

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Tanks for the lesson.Now I know how to talk about price with simple and easy…thank ms Ronnie

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thank you ronnie

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I have to pay more attention, You don’t like shooping. That was mistake. jaaa amazing.

greetings from Costa Rica. Pura vida

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thank u Ronnie

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I am new

help me please for the training

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Dear teacher, English sub, pls! :(

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i understand 90% – 95%. :) tks you.

Profile photo of thaonh thaonh

you are so funny and lovely. tks u

Profile photo of thaonh thaonh

    Me too

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thanks for perfect teaching , please can you tell me how can I improve my English conversation , how can I found some friends to talk with for practice ? I am 100% perfect in listing but speak slowly !!!

Profile photo of waleeed54 waleeed54

thanks teacher :)

Profile photo of beboelkhateb beboelkhateb

I always use these sentences such as ‘the price is…. I paid…’…..what a stupid !!!
thanks a lot!

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Thank you I got 3 out of 6 … becouse I just answer without watching the lesson…
My first time :p
Next time I’ll take full mark .

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thank you RONNIE.

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interesting! :)

Thanks Ronnie,
I always like your teaching style

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you hate shopping?why?

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I love shopping, but I need to control myself! Thank you Ronnie!

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Thanks !! Ronnie …:)

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y oubest teacher because make English very easy

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Thank you for this useful lesson. At the quiz, I only had one mistake. It’s about you:
You hate shopping. That is strange because, I beleived that women love to buy many unnecesssary merchandises. (:-D)

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The first woman I know who doesn´t like shopping.

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thank you Ronnie :) .. your way in teaching is amazing!

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Excellent guide.Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of daffodile daffodile

thanks a lot for learning me English especially pronunciation as I feel that it is the basic of English so could you tell me how can I know regarding uh oo sound when I pronounce oo or uh in words like fool foot you feel that they are similar in form .
Also I want to know a site or any way to speak with native american speakers in voice not chat to practice language and improve it

Profile photo of basmahakim basmahakim

Ronnie, hi!!
I’m going to Toronto to study this year
I hope your lessons will help me there ;)

Profile photo of Diego Lima Diego Lima

    When are you coming? I live in Toronto!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you, I am try listening to learn english but i think you speak to fast.I am not good in english language.[ grammar,conversation,vacabulary] but I like you.

Profile photo of sopitta sopitta

    Hi I am also trying to listening if u want we can speak together

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Thanks Ronnie,it is very useful!I got surprised that you hate shopping, i love it, i don´t have much money though..

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great thank you so much Ronnie

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hi every one
I have some problems in
because I study in Pakistan and there is don’t work youtob I cant get the movies please help me that I get it

Profile photo of hamid khan hamid khan

    You’ll have to use something like Tor or a web proxy.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi Ronnie! Here in my country people also say the price in a short way, example: é 21 e 35.We do not mention Real and Centavos.

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thanks dear

Profile photo of zaiood77 zaiood77

Love You Ronnie, you’re a good teacher

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Thank you, Ronnie ;)

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Thanks teacher!

Profile photo of Gabriela Souza Jesus Gabriela Souza Jesus

thanks so much, it was very useful for me

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thank you very much teacher!

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Hi Ronnie
Thanks It was very useful could you please make a video about buy shoes and clothes and reserve a conversion about when you want take a cab.

Profile photo of Shawn Shawn

Thank you,Ronnie!

Profile photo of fangxiaowan fangxiaowan

Hi Ronnie,
What’s the difference between “Live” and “Alive” ?

Profile photo of Mehran Sky Mehran Sky

    Alive is an adjective. I am alive.
    Live is a verb. I live in Canada. I lived in Japan.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you so much Ronnie

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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Ronnie you are the best !!!

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Hi Ronnie,

Am new to here, can yu tell me how to develop my english knowledge nd teach me the way pls if you could?

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excellent , this is my first time , like

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i love u teacher :D

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i loved your way so much Ronnie thank you

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good lesson i goot 6 corret out of 6

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    i mean i got not goot .

    Profile photo of Neim Neim

Ronnie you’re a very good teacher, i love your classes!, I have been learning english in my country, but learn english in this page is great! thanks for all!

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It was very.. very useful for me when we go for shopping!

Profile photo of raguirre raguirre

Hey Ronnie… Girl you always make me laugh a looooot!! Looove you!!
Please help me!!
Do the verbs “to purchase” and “to buy” have always the same meaning?

Profile photo of Lauro T. Lauro T.

    Yes,they have the same meaning. However, we usually don’t use purchase. We always say buy.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

OMg , i Got 100% thanks Ronnie , were same i Hate shopping too . haha

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R onnie you are amazing!

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Ronnie!!! Where are you? On vacation??? I miss your lessons so much! Kisses from Brazil! It’s melting here!

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Thank you Ronnie

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Mrs Ronnie your lessons are very amazing .thx alot

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I really need to improve my english, I am looking for someone to speak with .
my skype ID. is : walkadi

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I like shopping looking at all those wonderful things but i don’t like spending to much money.

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Hi Ronni i am looking grammar for so do i could you please help me about it

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tanx a lot

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hey ronnie. thanks for another valuable lesson. i have a doubt between the words “aren’t” and “ain’t”. In india, we pronounce these words as “aunt”. could u please tell me the difference?

Profile photo of akash kadu akash kadu

    DON’T use the word “ain’t”. It makes you sound stupid. Aren’t is said like R nt!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      good morning ronnie

      Profile photo of RAFID k abbas RAFID k abbas

        I’m happy with you as a student learning the English language I love to use it in my field

        Profile photo of RAFID k abbas RAFID k abbas

          I enjoyed YouTube clips and I intend to study seriously to you

          Profile photo of RAFID k abbas RAFID k abbas

      My thanks and gratitude so teacher

      Profile photo of RAFID k abbas RAFID k abbas

      Lesson interesting but needed a lot of lessons

      Profile photo of RAFID k abbas RAFID k abbas

I am really happy because i found a best website to learn English. I think i able to understand what you had teach here.

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Very good this test, thanks.

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thank you Ronnie

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Thank you for teaching me :D it seems to be really useful!

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i am new , i really liked this courses , thank you :)

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I consider this video useful. Thanks.

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I love it so much ;I love you Ronni.

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very good

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it is awesome!

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Thanks Ronnie. Useful lesson I took 100%

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Thanks Ronni. In my country use big currency, and there is no cents, the smallest smallest denomination is 100.

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1st of all mam you are I must say you are terrific mom, II wanna communicate with, you can you please provide me your mail id or Skype Id. It’s just for learning English.

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Thank you for teaching me, Ronnie.

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Thanks. I can know new things,,,,,,

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Damn! I missed the phrase you told that you do not like shopping. Only 83 percent.
You’re great.

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Thank you for this classes.

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Very interisting.

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Thanks Ronnie, I love the way that you teach!

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Thank you,but I never know that you hate shopping…my mistake..

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thank you easy and clear lesson.

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Can we say:

How much are there?

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I hate shopping too.Because I am a man.Thanks.

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awesome explanation, keep it up!

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Hi Ronni
im back to your class after almost a year ; o

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Hi Ronnie.. I m from INDIA and i fallowing you since few months. My english is not so good but ur lessons are helping me so much. Thank you so much and love you a lot. You are so favorite.

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hi dear teacher ronni my name is Rahmatullah want to learn english from basic pleasd help me

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Sorry! I said thanks!

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I’m so sorry Ronnie. I hate a shopping too^^

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thank you! that was perfect!!

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Hi everyine

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Thank you!

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you!But I love shopping:->

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you love shopping but not telling the truth hahahaa

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thank you very much , ronnie

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You hate shopping?
But in my places,women loves go shopping.

Profile photo of zheguzai zheguzai

    Either 1) not all women like the same things, or 2) the stores are a lot better where you are.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thanks for your lesson,but I just get 67,i answer too fast!!I will watch again.

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your teaching style is very good speacily your face expression.i have watched many videos but after few minute i got bore but your videos are very intresting because of your teaching style.thanks

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100/100 THAT graet, its the first time i see woman hate shoping that make me happy

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Great lesson my teacher

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Love the way Ronnie explains her lessons! It is never boring plus lots of useful information!

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Look at Ronnie. She is so funny and her lesson is so interesting. I love Ronnie

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It is a nice try for a beginner, Thank You Ronnie!

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I love your videos. You always make me laugh =D

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thank u maam

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Thank you!

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I love Shopping…

Profile photo of chadmar chadmar

I like shoping. Tnk for topic.

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excellent Ronnie thanks!


Thank you too much Ronnie ^^
but I love shopping! haha > <

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Hi Ronnie!
Is there another way to say 1200,00? I think I have heard something like “how much is it?” and the person said “it is twelve thousand” but it was actually 1.200 dollars.

Profile photo of midiammm midiammm

    1200.00 could either be “one thousand two hundred” or “twelve hundred”. (If you’re using “,” for the decimal point!)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thank you!

Profile photo of midiammm midiammm

Nice! :)

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Thank you!

Profile photo of eng.dpv eng.dpv

Thank you so much. :)

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Thanks Ronnie.

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hi ronnie,
i have a problem i don’t have anyone to practace with
actually i have a friend in hamilon,ontario,canada but he won’t to speak english with me because i’m bad in english please helpe me ronnie

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The shopping is one choice for relax, thank Ronnie for good lesson.

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i hate it too,
to much monney for chopping .

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i got 6 correct out of 6 yooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo (dancing)

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you are funny

Profile photo of William Shockley William Shockley

Would anyone tell me

Profile photo of sanjay22 sanjay22

What should i do ?

Profile photo of sanjay22 sanjay22

5/6 very good to me !!!

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I am a big fan of you who hates shopping.:)

Profile photo of hoon hoon

I love you,Ronnie, I love you lessons, I’m really old,not toad,of course, old woman, I have been learning English since July 2013, and it is difficult for me, and one day I had decided to stop, but,it was a miracle, I found your lessons, and now I can write to you, and I hope, you can understand me. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Old toad Old toad

thanks. It is useful because sometimes I speak that “The price is…” but now I will say “It is….”.

Profile photo of sewad555 sewad555

Regards from Poland ;o)

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Thank you

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Ronnie, you’re a great teacher :)

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1 mistake give me laughing because you don’t like shopping…anyway thank you so much MS.Ronnie=]

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I take my time to shop

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good lesson

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thank you

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like it.

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I love shopping when I got the money haha :3 :)

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Love you crazzy teacher!

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I got that scores is 5 of 6 because i forgot you don’t love Shopping.
eventually,Thanks for giving me knowledge.

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thank you very much :D you’re a good teacher. i like your lesson

Profile photo of dangylan dangylan

teacher I tried my best

Profile photo of mohamed abdulla mohamed abdulla

wao 10/10

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Thanks beautiful Ronnie :)

Profile photo of Marwh Marwh

Oh I see!

Profile photo of Mclingz Mclingz

Thank you!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Thanks Ronnie…i got 5 correct out of 6 (83% ) .. why you hate shopping … this is question was incorrect . :)

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Useful lesson.
Thank Ronnie.
شكرا جزيلا

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thanks a lot !

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Ronnie thanks for your lessons.I and my sister usually watch your video because you are as sweet as honey.Your lessons are catchy and entertaining :)

Profile photo of berrak. berrak.

Thanks for your lesson Ronnie!!

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thanks Ronni… u make it very easy

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it’s a nicest & best method,,, carry on!!!

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thanks for ur lesson!! everything was good to teach me

Profile photo of s.srikanth s.srikanth

I love your leassons

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Ohh, I found my mistakes , but I am glad to find this site to study all lessons day by day , I belief I can improve my English as soon as possible , if someone help me , if someone help me , i never forget his/her kindness and i really need to learn English again if someone help me please contact me in my Skype ID(kawoossadid) and facebook ID (kawoos sadid)

Profile photo of kawoos sadid kawoos sadid

I love you lessons… =)

Profile photo of Vuk ff Vuk ff

    I’am sorry, I was thinking “I love your lessons”… =)

    Profile photo of Vuk ff Vuk ff

hi Ronnie and everybody. How do I have to say
$200.99 and $299.00 ? for me it’s two hundred nighty nine for both !!!

Profile photo of krapuls krapuls

200.99 is Two hundred 99, and 299 is two ninety-nine :-). Thanks Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of verishka verishka

sad. i got 4 out 6 :-(
i forgot you hate shopping Ronnie

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Ronnie I have one question for you :)

Do you have a test for citizenship? I’m living in Wisconsin and started the english class in Literacy Network, is just 2hrs the class for two days and I’m very sad because my english is very bad. I’m very shy person. I’m loving study grammar, but sometimes I need talk with my parents in law I do a lot errors. Now my husband started with process for american citizen, because I need the regular situation for work here. I worked in Brazil for nine years as teacher, and now, I don’t know what I can do here. If you have some tip or test, please send for me: jaque.limalr@hotmail.com.
Sorry for my mistakes here, my first time writing without the google translate. I love your lessons, thanks. :))

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I love u Ronnie l love Ur lessons

And l love shopping 2 :D

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thank you ronnie I follow you from you tube
but today I know you have a page to give to your student more kind help thank you very much we hate shoping but we love u

Profile photo of abd el-karim abd el-karim

It’s easy for me because here in Mexico we talk about prices in the same way than in the United States or in Canada.
Thanks Ronnie.

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Great Ronnie!! Thanks for the lesson!!

Profile photo of cecispacc cecispacc

thank you Ronnie!!!

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thks a lot ronnie for this
so i am reda from morocco so i am so happy to be a member in this group and i wanna get some of help in my english language maybe it isn’t bad but in same isn’t enough to say it is good.i find diffficult in pronunciation some words or some senences
so!what can i do to growth it??? thks

Profile photo of kinko1990 kinko1990

Thak you Ronnie.

Profile photo of Hnoi Hnoi

how to differentiate between $2.50 n $250?

Profile photo of taani taani

Thanks, you’re so funny, I love it!

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Do you know why we hate shopping 9. Because we do not money.

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6/6 excellent

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thank u Ronnie

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Thank you Ronnie You gave pratical information :)

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I like this teacher!!!!!

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i like shopping but i dislike try on clothes:D

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nice lesson.

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Ha ha ha :-) it is a awesome lesson.

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Ronni I invite you to visit Egypt, it is very lovely

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good $.$

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Thank you for teaching me,,,, Ronnie

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Useful lesson Ronnie. I hate shopping too but my wife love it.

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thank you ms.ronnie . i really like all of your videos. you are funny teacher that i haven’t seen before. you make me feel comfortable when i learning english. <3
love u so much and i will support u :)

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thank you ms.ronnie . i really like all of your videos. you are funny teacher that i haven’t seen before. you make me feel comfortable when i learning english.

Profile photo of rossie rossie

i had 100% in quiz
thanks ronnie you are a perfect teacher .

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I very appreciate your lesson.
Thanks for your funny tips.

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thank you so much. I love shopping but I have no a lot of money .

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Hi, Ronnie, I also hate going shoping, thanks for the class….bye

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Thank you for the good lesson

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our teacher hate shopping

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Hello! I am your new student. Nice to meet you.

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i’m not a big fan of shopping but sometimes it’s necessary! :3

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Thank tou so much!

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love you!

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Hello Mrs. Ronnie
I follow your lessons about one month ago and I am so interested in them …

I hope a good life for you and your family …

By your videos , I knew the difference between test and exam
My Qs. to you is:
whats the difference between exam and examination?Best Regards

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I love shopping
But I don’t have much money, lol

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thank you ronnie

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thanks Ronnie

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I prefer your taught you have a proper and simple way to teach us, so each video has many benefits. I really admire you.

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thanks very lot
I love this lessen

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    Profile photo of ghahremany ghahremany

i love it and i love you ronnie <3

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i love shopping so much :)

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hello Ronnie; thank for your lession; that’s great and i like it.
Salim_from VietNam

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Thanks! Ronnie

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Good joke!)))Thanks Ronnie)

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Ronnie you’re really funny, love you.
Thanks for your lesions.

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Sucks i got 2 :(

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You got 4 correct out of 6.

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It’s so nice:)

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wow perfect

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Hello thank you so much for all ,but i need something. talking about hospitality and tourism.and thank you again

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thanks ronnie

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I really appreciate all lessons. Congratulations!

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ronnie i like you than your lessons . is this correct sentens ? :)

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okay sorry ronnie for not understanding you

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thank u so much. it’s very helpful to me. but I love shopping

Profile photo of shohansazal shohansazal

Hey Ronnie or someone.. teach us how do we say $10.05… in the las time i did not undertand when said me prices like these… (i hope understand me, my english is not good… 🤗)

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I am very thankful to you

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I love to go shopping, I dunno why Ronnie hates to.

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I am very thankful and very appreciate to you

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Thank Ronnie is very interesting.

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You got 4 correct out of 6.

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I love your videos and quizzes, Thanks Ronnie!

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Thanks Ronnie for this lesson.By the way,although you hate shopping,I love it.

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Hello dear Ronnie I just to wanna thank for your amazing vídeos i wish to meet you someday greetings from surco

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Dear Ronnie eveytime i watch your superb vídeos I learn more and more please be always the same never changes ….greetings from surco.

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Yes, Ronnie. Do you like shopping

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thanks ronnie you are the best

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Ronnie, Thanks so much!
In my country, we really say “ten dollars and XX…”.
I feel interesting and fun when I saw your video.

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hi!. thanks

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Great lesson thanks for you.

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But why do you hate shopping !

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