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Hey, everybody! If you liked this video, consider sharing it with your friends and family! I guarantee they’ll find some useful vocab in it. ;)

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hi ,thks i like your video and was helpful

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    I’m glad to hear that! Thanks.

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Hi Alex! This lesson is very useful. I’ve been in a store, a think two years ago, and I came across with “undies”..sounds too weird in that moment..so, If I had watched your lesson before…rs. Thanks for the amazing lesson

Profile photo of Allansilva01 Allansilva01

    Well, at least you know now. :)

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Thanks alax these words are very useful in routine conversation

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    I’m glad to hear that! That’s precisely my intention.

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Bonjour Alex ! Merci pour cette nouvelle leçon. Je participe de temps en temps à la donation pour cet excellent site.

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    Merci pour votre support! :) Je veux faire ces videos pour longtemp.

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Thanks Alex. This vocab will be very hopeful for me.

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    That’s great! And I think you meant to type “helpful.” Czesc!

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      You’re right Alex, it’s my mistake. Czesc!

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Alex, Lisa Simpson plays sax in every series. Not only in 6 season. =)

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    Good point! I just remember that scene in particular because it always made me laugh.

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cool. thanksa Alex.

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    You’re very welcome! Thanks for clicking. ;)

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hei alex

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    Hey! Thanks for checking out the lesson.

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I enjoyed this new vocab. Thank you Alex.

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    You’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked it!

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Thanks my man, i havent got a 10/10 since 6 classes ago, so i’m glad

Iknow this one was kinda easy,but i’m proud

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    Hell yeah. Good job! A 10/10 always feels good.

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this is great video!

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    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :) One small correction: “This is a great video.” Have a great day!

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Thank you Alex,i will donate for site as soon as possibility 👍

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Great verb

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Great leason, Thaknk you.

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Hi Alex, great vid again :) I’m aware that ‘defo’ is a short form for definitely in the UK. Do you guys use it in Canada?

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it’s my first video on this site(it was with you) , I like it . it’s helpful to me to improve my speaking skills . thanks.
( dèsolèe pour les erreurs).

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Iam very glad to get 90%

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Thank you teacher Alex. I got an 90% on my Quiz but I’ll get better. I love the job you do. Saludos from Ecuador

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Thanks Alex! in the quiz have Pho of my country, it’s a famous Vietnamese cuisine.

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Could you talk about “flix”?


Tnx a lot! Make a new video with Tongue Twisters for fun!

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Nice Lesson! Thank You Very Much!

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Great video, thanks a lot.
I can think of two similar words. By a strange coincidence, I learned the word “recap” today, which is a short form of either “recapitulate” (verb) or “recapitulation” (noun). Also, KO is a short form of knockout.

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Is ‘min’ an abbrevation of ‘minimum’?

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Its so usefull you know

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Thanks Sir,it was fab.

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Hi Alex, I love pizza too :-) Thanks for the lesson :-)

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scored 100.

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Good lesson

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thank you so much for it! I found a lot of words for my vocab

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Hi Alex, nice video. Love your sense of humour. Btw, awesome t-shirt!

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Hi Alex.
it was fab thank you.

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That’s perfect

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You’re funny! :P

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Fave this class

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Hi!wonderfull lesson!!
Thank you so much!

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Thank you sir Alex for another lesson. you’re so great. When I saw this video on YouTube, I was like OMG my fave teacher has a new lesson. Again thanks a lot sir we appreciated your strategy of teaching and most especially for kind.:)

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Being kind*

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Thank you dear Alex. They are very applicable.

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Thank you, Alex, I have learned a lot

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That was so helpful thank you

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hi you are a english wiz :)

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