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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
I bought __________ apples at the market today.

I drank too _________ coffee, now I feel sick.

There are _________ trees in the forest.

I have _________ homework to do this weekend.

Our teacher gives us too _______ homework.

There is __________ sand on the beach.

She has many ___________.

We don't have much ___________ in the house.

Jonathan has _______ friends at school.

I drank a lot of water after the race.
Is this sentence correct?

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HI valen!!!

I like your lesson and I love to see you too

can you merry with me?

rsrsrsr love you teacher,,,hugssss bye

Monday, August 31st 2009

    I can merry with you

    Friday, February 4th 2011

      I think you should rather say : “Can I marry you”… “with” is useless.

      Monday, November 7th 2011

        the right preposition is TO, not WITH

        Thursday, July 11th 2013

      *(merry and marry)*they have different meaning…
      merry =>merry christmas
      marry =>marry
      small mistake huh :)!!!!

      Wednesday, September 5th 2012


      Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

    You made a mistake, ^^ you must say marry, no merry, they have different meanings!. greetings!

    Saturday, March 12th 2011


      Wednesday, May 11th 2011

    Dear teacher
    My names is Valeesern, I’m Laos. I really like your lesson that good for me. Can am I your student? I really want to study with you.

    Saturday, June 23rd 2012

    I can see you’re brazilian because you’ve used ” rsrs” …. Tamo junto! :P

    Saturday, July 7th 2012

    hii valen ,, thanks for your videos,, they really helps me

    Friday, September 21st 2012

    Thank u for ur Teach every Teacher.

    Friday, January 11th 2013

      Why can’t I leave a comment here? I can only leave a comment in a reply status! Anyway the teachers are all good here. I just wanted to thank you for all the teachers’ hard working

      Sunday, July 7th 2013

        Sometimes your comments aren’t approved automatically and I have to do it by hand! That might explain why some of your comments aren’t showing up.

        Monday, July 8th 2013

    You got 5 correct out of 5.

    Friday, April 19th 2013

    thank you valen

    Wednesday, July 24th 2013

    Could you tell me about using Much / Many / A lot / A lot of

    Thursday, August 1st 2013

hi Valen…
I think that I need to listen once again, and I have a lot of homework with my pronunciation.
but thank a lot.

Monday, August 31st 2009

I was thinking as Cláudio, nice lesson.

Do you want to merry me ?
PS: I’m kidding


Monday, August 31st 2009

    Be shy impolite guy!

    Thursday, October 14th 2010


i want to ask you
when i should say : too much and just much without “too”?

Tuesday, September 1st 2009

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    think you all

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    Monday, September 7th 2009

      Sorry dear best friend what do you mean by KSA? Is it KANSHASA AFRICAN?

      Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

        She is the best teacher I’ve ever seen.

        Thursday, March 31st 2011

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        Thursday, September 29th 2011

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        Saturday, October 15th 2011

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        Monday, February 18th 2013

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        Saturday, March 2nd 2013

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        Thursday, April 24th 2014

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        Wednesday, June 4th 2014

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        Saturday, August 9th 2014

        KSA is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

        Tuesday, August 12th 2014

        thank you. You are beautiful

        Thursday, February 5th 2015

        preemy add me please ,
        my skype account name abitcaliskan
        write and talk to english study

        Tuesday, March 31st 2015

        Hi, Preemy

        Sunday, December 25th 2016

        no ، KSA mean kingdom of saudi arabia in asia

        Saturday, January 13th 2018

    always you can use “too much”
    but when you talk about question you should use only much, i. how much…?

    Friday, September 24th 2010

      Hello dear friend
      How are you and how was your day ? Thanks a lot for your nice heya. Hi to me
      Thanks again

      Tuesday, April 4th 2017

        Thanks Amameri

        Tuesday, April 4th 2017

        hey Preemy

        Friday, January 5th 2018

    When you are asking a question, you don’t use “too”.
    “How much does the apple cost?” “How much sugar should I put in the coffee?” “Is there as much snow in New York?”

    You also don’t use “too” when you are making comparisons:
    “It is much warmer today than it was yesterday”. “This movie is much better in 3D”. “I feel much better, thank you.” “She is much smarter than I am.”

    Tuesday, March 13th 2012

    Hi we usually use much in a question; and too much when we can’t use much like in the sentence: “Our teacher gives us too much homework”. We can’t say “Our teacher gives us much sentence”. But one may ask:”How much homework does your teacher give you?”.
    Hope that helps!

    Wednesday, May 15th 2013

Thanks Valen for this helpful lessons! I wonder what GPS system may be!!

Wednesday, September 2nd 2009

    mam i was confused because i don’t know which quantifier is used to define stars.There might be in large number sometimes but sometimes one or two in that case which quantifier is used?please reply me saichakradharkommuri@indiatimes.com

    Sunday, October 30th 2011

thanks Valen for teaching us Engilish . I think you are wonderful teacher good luck

Wednesday, September 2nd 2009

I love you very much ! Your less is easy to understand. Thanks !

Wednesday, September 2nd 2009

I would like this lesson so much , I just find see new .
I’m soory , I’m know english a little bit .
I wish teacher have fine and have good health also .
Bye teacher , from me

Wednesday, September 2nd 2009

This lesson is very good, Teacher Valen do you offer private session?

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Thursday, September 3rd 2009

thanks my teacher.your lesson is so well.it is easy to understand.i hope in the future you will so many lesson like that

Thursday, September 3rd 2009

Hi valen
U r so lovely teacher.and also very good in teaching.i love u.it’s ok.bye

Friday, September 4th 2009

Hi my teacher

thank a lot.

Friday, September 4th 2009

thanks alot my good teacher for ageart lesson i like your way is gaert teaching

Friday, September 4th 2009

Hi Valen

I Loved your session.
Today is Teachers Day in India.soo..
Happy Teachers Day !!! :)
God Bless You !!!

Saturday, September 5th 2009

    Today is Teachers Day not only in India but also in Nepal. Happy Teachers day ! ! we all Nepalese are celebrating The ” Teachers Day”.
    I think It is happening in India too.

    Saturday, February 20th 2010

Hi! Valen, I like your SMILE.

Saturday, September 5th 2009

I would like a video about this words:


Or the selection that you find more useful, because their pronunciations are difficult to me.

Thanks a lot for your videos.
Logan Lockwood.

Sunday, September 6th 2009

    Friend I recommend you this website http://translate.google.com in there you can get the correct pronunciation of all the words. I hope this website be helpful for you.

    Sunday, April 4th 2010

    hi logan, you take the think same with me, i am so confusing with them, throw……

    Friday, January 28th 2011

Hi Valen

thanks a lot for your video lesson. You talk with a sweet tongue.
Please teach us much more!

good wishes

greetings from switzerland

Monday, September 7th 2009

    any body who wants to bacome a friend of me

    Thursday, February 9th 2012

Hi valen:
thanks for the lesson. now, I understand how use much and how use many. also, yo’re very beautiful.

Wednesday, September 9th 2009

Hello Valen!!!!
Thank you for the lesson … it was really lovely …. have a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 9th 2009

Hi , valen !.
your explanation is clear and very help to improve my grammar.
I am indonesian and is learning english language. I get a lot of lesson from you. I hope you give more lessons for us.
God Bless You.

Wednesday, September 9th 2009

Thank you very MUCH for the lesson.

Thursday, September 10th 2009

hi i’m from morocoo i loved your english learning and you are verry nice too.

Monday, September 14th 2009

Thanks valen you are the best

Tuesday, September 15th 2009

Thanks a lot. Your way of teaching is too good.

Wednesday, September 16th 2009

Hi Valen!
i’m from Cameroon and i live in Senegal for school and i’ll realy like to speake english fluenly, for now i whant to say thanks Valen
thanks so many for the lesson (hihihi i know, we say thank you so mutch or thanks a lot for the lesson) and this is because of you!
you are a gread teacher and so lovely.

Monday, September 21st 2009

Hi! Valen
I have recently join your class. I found it really helpful to learn english.
I am gonna continue in your class. & you really explains everything very well. Thank you

Tuesday, September 22nd 2009

Thanks Valen!=)

This website is really helpful for my English grammar. I just found this around 10 p.m..And right now it is almost past 12 midnight, I’m still watching the videos..=) It is worthwhile to stay late..hehehehe…

from The Netherlands

Sunday, September 27th 2009

You’re a execellent teacher

Tuesday, September 29th 2009

nice expline

Tuesday, September 29th 2009



Tuesday, September 29th 2009

Dear Theacher!

I from Mexico and I am very happy, because I have founded this website!!. Your lessons are excelents. Could you speak about the verb get?

Thank you very much!

Sunday, October 4th 2009

I ever here to see you Valen and like very a lot of your lessons :D,,,,

I hope see you soon, and continue with your job here.You are help milions of peoples around of the world.

Saturday, October 10th 2009

hi mam i’am from pk.i’m student.i am thankfull to u for doing a great job.your teaching style superb.

Thursday, October 29th 2009

Dear Valen

But I could count my H.W !!
I could say I have two Home works

Friday, October 30th 2009

    hi I am bacha i like engvid.com

    Wednesday, January 26th 2011

neat job, thankx

Friday, November 6th 2009

Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad you enjoyed the lesson!

Monday, November 16th 2009

    dear Valen I speak spanish, but I am learning English as my second language. I really like you’re lessons it is helpful. thank you, bye

    Monday, November 30th 2009

    Dear my colleguea Valen, hi from Turkiye,I have already discovered your engvid.com. I was searching teaching english videos on internet I found you. I am a teacher of English in Turkiye and I have been teaching English for 5 years by talking Turkish. I always choose the way telling my lessons in English but sometimes I have to use the way telling in Turkish the english lessons.
    I am very pleased with your videos.Even, today I and my student watched your telling time lesson video. That’s why I am writing you is that I am looking for english grammar videos, some of them are available on your web but I couldn’t find all subjects of grammar.If it is possible for you can you give me your beginner vidoes,of course containing all subjects of beginner grammar. To do different in my lessons this is going to be new term in my lessons. Can you send me my mail may be a lik to download.
    thanks from now. best regards from Turkiye.

    Friday, April 16th 2010

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    Tuesday, May 4th 2010

    Hello, Valen. You are very lovely teacher with a very good accent. I like your teaching very very much, and I’m willing to learn from your online lesson. ,”Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.
    Greeting from Laos People Democratic Republic.

    Thursday, December 30th 2010

    Hello Mam,
    I am Yahya Haider from Pakistan.I watched all your lessons.I m so glad becuase your lectures are informative and easily understandable.Dear Mam! I would like to say something about the duration of ur lectures. The lectures are too short.Please extend the period for 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes if it is possible, Thank you wish u all the best.
    Yahya Haider

    Thursday, February 3rd 2011

    Thanks for your nice theach
    Thank you very much for your effort , it is appreciated a lot .

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    Monday, May 7th 2012

    hello Valen. How are you ? I really love your teaching. but I don’t understand how the different of ‘‘lots of and a lot of’’. May you explain me? thanks for teaching.

    Thursday, October 4th 2012

      Same meaning …. Both a lot of and lots of are used with plural count nouns and non-count nouns. Lots of is considered more informal than lots of.

      Tuesday, May 28th 2013

    hi t: Valen
    can you send youer Email address?

    Monday, November 5th 2012

    Thank you for this lesson was useful to me in test

    Friday, May 31st 2013

    o m g..!! its really a very awesome website for English enhancement.. and especially u Valen.. ur teaching methodology is very clear and fantastic.. thanks a lot.

    Sunday, February 2nd 2014

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    Tuesday, February 24th 2015

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    Wednesday, July 1st 2015

    valen mam i like talk wet u i have borsya of america test 1year than i want pass that i need u help me

    Thursday, August 13th 2015

    i wish to be gd speaker like u valen

    Wednesday, September 14th 2016

    Hi my teacher valen this video very nice but what about (few any Some )

    Wednesday, January 24th 2018

the best way to improve the language ,that if you are able to choose of it is that you look that suits your Repert pshycologique….I know my self like the back of my hand…..you are special

Sunday, November 22nd 2009

Thank you teacher Valen,..but sometimes i get confuse,.huhhuuhuh,..well,.i try to study and watch again this video,.but i got 100% in this quiz,..yaheeey!!!,..Godbless ^_^

Tuesday, November 24th 2009

Thank you, nice lesson.

Saturday, December 5th 2009

thanks you lesson valen

Thursday, December 17th 2009


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Thursday, December 17th 2009

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Thursday, December 17th 2009

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Thursday, December 17th 2009

you the very best teacher as well as Jennifer ESL please respond valen

Thursday, December 17th 2009

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Friday, December 18th 2009

Hi teacher Valen
I am a beginner and got 80% thanks. I am glad to enjoy your lesson. It very interesting by video and test online.

Saturday, December 19th 2009

Hi teacher.ur way of teaching is excellent.God bless u.hv a gud time

Tuesday, December 22nd 2009

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I’m Anu .I’m new here.

Have a nice day my lovely teacher.


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Wednesday, December 23rd 2009

Hi dear lovely teacher Valen

I really like to watch your lessons and it helps me too much and I really like the way you teach.

Best of luck

Wednesday, December 23rd 2009

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Friday, December 25th 2009

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Tuesday, December 29th 2009

i like ur way of teaching very much

Friday, January 8th 2010

IUI appreciateI appreciate your lessons let us go ahead because it gives me alot of advantages that makes me perfect where I wasn’t confident before………..!!!!!

Monday, January 11th 2010

I am Tania from Bangkok. i have been studying in English for 6month
I want to speak englis very well. i like the way that you teach.
Thank You


Tuesday, January 19th 2010

very usfuel and fruitful leassons and I looke for more leassons online

Wednesday, January 27th 2010

Dear lovely teacher.

I really learn a lot from you, thanks vry much for your help.

Best wishes


Friday, January 29th 2010

Thank you very much to provide us quality teaching online programs. I am pretty interest to learn a lot of English from some great teachers but i never found but when i come around here i just find myself in heaven of knowledge. Great teachers indeed !!! plz teach replied if i write above sentences correctly. I dont know much english grammer to know what i am writting but always try find my way to speak and write correct english !! :)

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valen i like you so much. you are so simple. you are doing great job for us. i don’t know how to thank you.

Sunday, January 31st 2010

Hi Valen..
I’m Faris from Malaysia. Almost every day I’m watching your lesson at engvid. Very effective lessons, I like the way you teach and I like your smile too :). Hope we can meet someday when im visit Canada, hehe…. Wish me luck..
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Friday, February 5th 2010

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Marimuthu Udayakumar

Friday, February 12th 2010

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Friday, February 26th 2010

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i really enjoying your good lessons

Friday, February 26th 2010

I understand each and every thing thanks

Monday, March 1st 2010

Hi~! Thanks for all your lessons.
Could you explain that it’s different “a” and “the”.

Thursday, March 4th 2010

Hi Valen thanks for be a good teacher.

Thursday, March 4th 2010

very good lesson . Well done,, thanks
but why didn’t you talk about using these words in negative and question forms!!!!

Friday, March 5th 2010

hi velan

this is the most amazinge method for teaching grammar valen.I am saleh from jordan .middle East.

Wednesday, March 10th 2010

Thanks a lot Ms. Alen. With your lessions, I can improve my English skills very much. Thank you very very very much. I hove you continuous make plus other lession to help many people in the world to learn english.
Thank you

Sunday, March 21st 2010

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Wednesday, March 24th 2010

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Useful lesson!

Thanks Valen! :)

Friday, April 23rd 2010

Hello Valen,
You are so lively in your teaching. thanks a lot. I wish if you can help me with a lesson on the use of ‘Each’ and ‘Every’. i seem to use one in place of the other most times.

Sunday, April 25th 2010

thank u very much for all your help.

Tuesday, May 4th 2010

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I am Imran from pakistan. Your teaching style is very good. Thanks for this informatics lesson

Saturday, May 8th 2010

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Sunday, May 16th 2010

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Thursday, May 20th 2010


5/5, text. this lesson makes me remember a lot. how much ice, and how many glass enjoying a lot of times this night!!!! lol…..

Thursday, May 20th 2010

Hi Valen!!!

You are a wonderful teacher.
I like ur teaching.
It’s beautiful like u.
Doing good job,keep it up.

Saturday, May 22nd 2010

I am from in the iran for faiv yers I leiving in the North Cyprus . Iam 43 years old .my ferst years I stady to EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF LEFKE . THANKYOU SO MUCH . becuas I donot have time for go to school just I stady wiht your lessons becuase I am work to here

Monday, June 7th 2010

hiii Valen,
i am from India and i m learning from you. i have just started today on 14-06-10, it’s my very first day of learning….
i m little confused about will and would could you pls help me out with that.

Thanks for your help


Monday, June 14th 2010

hi valen madam keep up ur gud work lessons were very nice u r cute too

Friday, June 18th 2010

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Friday, June 18th 2010

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Sunday, June 20th 2010

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Monday, June 21st 2010

thank you so much for help us.
your method is perfectly.

Monday, June 21st 2010

hi Valen!!!
thanks for your great lesson. But one thing i still confuse is that “many’ is only used in negative and question form -is that right?

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010

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Tuesday, June 22nd 2010

u r so cute & ur lecture also

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Saturday, July 17th 2010

Hi Valen

Thank you so much for the lesson.
I’ve heard that people say many thanks,but my question is thank is not countable.could you please explain to me.

Sunday, July 18th 2010

hi.velen i luv soooooooooo much your this class.

Thursday, July 22nd 2010

(gr8) great!

Saturday, July 24th 2010

Thanks for giving good lecture .Wish you all the BEST

Monday, July 26th 2010

hi dear Valen !
hope to be fine and have a nice time,
i would like to say a lot of thanks for your teaching it is very interesting for all English students specially for me because i live in Kandahar Province Of Afghanistan here we have not availability such kind of English Courses so i always follow your teaching hope to help me more because my English is very weak i need your help
thank you
Best regard

Wednesday, July 28th 2010

hi Ms valen
i`d like to thank you and all the teacher who serve this web its really a helpful lessons to me uncover the difficulties and confusion in english.
i`wonder is this english the right way to learn for Acadimic IELTS to study in the uk.Are you going to provide IELTS lessons.

Monday, August 16th 2010

Hi Valen
I can say : I drank too much coffee…(correct).
but I can say : I drank much coffee ?

Sunday, August 29th 2010

I love your voice. It is so beautoful. How can i imitate it?

Wednesday, September 1st 2010

Well Valen,
The exercise was pretty easy but believe me you certainly are blessed with the charm of a thousand angels… Ciao!!!

Tuesday, September 7th 2010

thanks a lot teacher valen,

Friday, September 10th 2010

Hi Valen,
I am Ali.
Now I know what are quantifiers and I have learned alot.But one thing is very funny to say I drank many coffee.Ha ha ha ha. It is drank much or a lot of coffee.Your quiz was easy.Bye

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Wednesday, September 15th 2010

in love this site

Wednesday, September 15th 2010

i want to contact with mam

Wednesday, September 15th 2010

Hi Valen..
This is Raghu
on this lesson “Much,Many&A lot”
“I drank a lot of coffee”
why do you use “Drank”?
why don’t you use “Drunk”?
please explain.
my mail Id is ‘y4raghuram@email.com’

Thursday, September 16th 2010

Hi, Valen. I’m from Vietnam. Maybe you don’t know this country, it’s in south east ASIA. you know, i love English and I always try my best to improve my English skill. I’m in the senior year and under a lot of pressure of study to win a place at University. Of course, English will be one of 3 subjects that I have to face in the exam. And I’m writing just to say “thank you”, you have helped me a lot in the past few months to improve my English.

Saturday, September 25th 2010

my score was 80.00, thank’s Valen:-)

Sunday, September 26th 2010

Hello teacher!
I always study English with you on line. I really like your teaching. If I was a teacher, I would model on you.
Best wish
From Vutha

Monday, September 27th 2010

Hi, teacher,

I’m from Dominican Republic, Thank a lot for you class, now my english is better since studying with you and the other theachers at this pages. Bye, Bye

Tuesday, September 28th 2010

how can i identify an uncountable noun?

Tuesday, October 5th 2010

hi and thank you very much for all the efforts you make you and all other teachers on this website i really appreciate that and i wich all of you the best in your lives god bless you i find all these lessons intresting and fruitful thanks again i love you

Wednesday, October 6th 2010

Hi! I watched the video , but may I ask you a question? I think that “Too much” doesn’t mean exactly “a lot of”..it is more than ” a lot of” For example:” I ate too much chocolate” is different from “I ate a lot of chocolate”. The first sentence implies that I may have some consequences ( a stomach ache, etc…), the second is more neutral…the stress doesn’t lie in the consequences but only in the action..What do you think?

Tuesday, October 12th 2010

    You’re right, Angela. That is a very precise way of explaining it. Excellent!

    Tuesday, October 12th 2010

      Actually I’m a teacher of English, even if my English is not so perfect…it needs a brushing up

      Wednesday, October 13th 2010

        I liked the way of expression

        Thursday, September 15th 2011

    Good and logical point but if we write it as:

    1- I ate a lot of chocolates.
    2- I ate too much chocolates.

    in above case i think both makes same sense.
    Am i right?

    Friday, December 10th 2010

      Good and logical point but if we write it as:
      1- I ate a lot of chocolates.
      2- I ate too much chocolates.
      in above case i think both makes same sense.
      Am i right?
      Hello ! My opinion is “I ate a lot of chocolate(no ” s” coz’ uncountable noun ) & means you have enough chocolate .
      ” I ate too much chocolate” = means you ate a lot of chocolate , then your stom

      Friday, February 22nd 2013

      Hello ! My opinion is “I ate a lot of chocolate(no ” s” coz’ uncountable noun ) & means you have enough chocolate .
      ” I ate too much chocolate” = means you ate a lot of chocolate , then your stomach too full , seem like you are complain yourself that you eat too much.
      Any argument please do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks

      Friday, February 22nd 2013

this is good lesson.i like that this question

Tuesday, October 19th 2010

Hi, Valen. I’m from China. I’d like to ask you about “many thanks”/”much thanks”. I’ve heard many times of using “many thanks”. Some explaination say it is because “thanks” is a plural noun. However, strictly speaking, “thanks” is a uncountable plural noun (e.g. trousers), and “many” should not be applied on the word “thanks”. Please correct me if I’m wrong! Many/Much thanks in advance!

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

Thanks from your teaching and it is really good skills to learn english. sweat

Saturday, November 6th 2010

perfect teacher and pefect engvid

Tuesday, November 9th 2010

Hi val,
Thank you for explaining differece between much,many and a lot of.

Could please explaing me what is the difference between ‘more’ and ‘much’ I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 9th 2010

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Wednesday, November 10th 2010

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    now i can speak littel bit english

    Wednesday, January 26th 2011

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    Friday, January 28th 2011

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Saturday, November 13th 2010

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Sunday, November 14th 2010

– would you like to answer for your question?
Much, many are used only in question and negative? a lot of is used in positive for all non-counnoun and counnoun?
I readed those above in book that title :”grammar practice-elementary -authors: elaine walker + steve elsworth”
Thank you

Sunday, November 14th 2010

Hi, Valen
i am jamal from Pakistan and i am working at UNICEF, I am listening your lessons and i have learnt a lot from it , your way of teaching is very easy, I want to improve my English please mail me some important tips please.
mail @ sayedjamal_786@yahoo.com

I’ll ever remain thank full to you.

Sunday, November 21st 2010

respected teacher vallen u r so sweet ,thanks for teaching me i wiill b everthankful to u .u must have to come to me if some time in ur life u came in PAKISTAN

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Please teach us much more!
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whit my regards
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i like u too much.

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Dear Valen, I am no finding words to appreciate your lessons.

Warm Regards,
Hayatullah Afghan

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Saturday, November 27th 2010

    You should see the videos at the top of the page, under the menu. If you don’t please make suer you can watch YouTube videos on other sites. Try using an updated browser like Chrome, and make sure you have a recent version of Flash player installed.

    Saturday, November 27th 2010

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thanks very nice to teach english ,i realy like it.thanks once again

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we are from egypt 1 year ago in usa
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you are very wonderful teacher
your way of explanation is simple and effective, thank you so much. I’m from Morocco…take care..God bless you

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thnx my teacher velan

Tuesday, December 7th 2010

Valen i love this English.You are the best teacher ever have b4. xoxoxoxoxxoxo

Tuesday, December 14th 2010

If I want to know MORE about coutable and uncountable nouns(the video is not enough),are there any resources about this?Please tell me.(urgent)

thanks a lot!

Wednesday, December 15th 2010

hi thanks to engvid teachers 4 ur help i have some questions sometimes i say i have much work to do coz work is an uncountable noun but when i say many work i feel it correct nd i get confused my 2nd probleme is i’m not sure about my english and i’m always worry that it could be wrong . are these entences correct or not: what is in the envelope? / where does john arrive at 2:00? I NEED AN ANSWER THNX FOR YOUR HELP

Friday, December 17th 2010

Hi Valen
Thanks a lot for your lesson, I have a lot of question for you..e.g. I have a lot of clothes in my wardrobe (wrong/right)
Your are the best teacher….
Thank You

Sunday, December 19th 2010

    “I have a lot of questions for you.”
    “I have a lot of clothes in my wardrobe.” (correct)

    Tuesday, December 21st 2010

Hi Dear Valen

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Hi Dear Valen you are so cute and i like your teaching method. I request you contineou your struggle. (Realy I like you)

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respectable teacher your lesson is too easy to understand but i am a little bit confuse that stars are uncountable So why we say that there are too many stars on the sky why we do not say too much please answer me hurry

Thursday, December 30th 2010

Thanks for teaching

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Heyy beautiful thanks a lot.. i loved your lesson but, how about “Not enough”?

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Realy i lik ur way of teaching, impressive and easy to understand. i have downloaded all ur teaching videos.

Thursday, January 27th 2011

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    can yu say to me as will how to downloaded,

    Sunday, April 3rd 2011

Hi, please whe should i use there/their and have/has. looking foward for the answer

Friday, January 28th 2011

    Dear Collins! You can use the helping verbs as follow.
    1.What is the time over there?
    2.Their teacher(Valen)is better than our’s.
    3.(I,we,they)have a BMW car.
    4.(He,She,It)has good command on english speaking.

    Thursday, February 3rd 2011

hello Mam,
I am Yahya Haider from Pakistan.I watched all your lessons.I m so glad becuase your lectures are informative and easily understandable.Dear Mam! I would like to say something about the duration of ur lectures. The lectures are too short.Please extend the period for 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes if it is possible, Thank you wish u all the best.
Yahya Haider.

Thursday, February 3rd 2011

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is thw word language coutable or uncountable?

Tuesday, February 15th 2011

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Tuesday, March 1st 2011

You are wonderful

Tuesday, March 1st 2011

Hi Mam,I hope you r fine.I wanna know mam why we use “alot” in this sentence we can`t use here many?Explain it mam….

Mary bought ________ of furniture.
a lot
too much

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valen is very interesting you teaching .I see..I learn more and more about quantifiers thanks for your helpful…god bless you…..

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Your comunicated is very good. i understand easily you.your lesson is very usefull for me. my basic knowledge in english,so your lessons help me and evrybody is good when learning english.
See you soon on the Skype.
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Thanks Rgds.

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i really like your lesson and it’s very clear and i understand.
and i like your movement it’s reminded me of the movie twilight you’re like ADword ^_^ hhh
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naim khater – jordan

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Monday, April 11th 2011

thanks thanks i like your lesson plz u explain have and has i will wait ur lesson
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Sunday, April 17th 2011

Hey Valen,
In this grammar topic, could I say that it is correct?
“I drank SO MUCH coffee.” ( If I really like to drink coffee? )

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

Gracias por la leccion nececito practicar mas…. thanks you for this lesson i nedd more practice.

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

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The way of your teaching ,makes me love the English languages: Thank you very much

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So kindly guide me how to excess the vedios.

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Thursday, May 5th 2011

    You should be able to play the videos at the top of the page. If not, please upgrade your browser or Flash player.

    Friday, May 13th 2011

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hi valen I want you to teach about compound &complex sentences too if you can
thank you valen may God bless you

Monday, May 9th 2011

Thank you

Tuesday, May 10th 2011

I am sometimes confused as to when to use “is” versus “are” with “a lot of.” But, I think it depends upon the noun?
There is a lot of snow in the parking lot.
There are a lot of cars in the parking lot.
Any comments?

Friday, May 13th 2011

Thank you so much teacher Valen for teaching me how to use MUCH, MANY and A LOT.

Wednesday, May 18th 2011

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i am from afghanistan i wold like to learn English soon what should i do to speak and writting fluently.

Sunday, May 22nd 2011

hello I got it, i just got a question: can i say Our teacher gave us much homework or should i use Too much homework?

Sunday, May 22nd 2011

I love you so much.

Monday, May 23rd 2011

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It is very good lesson indeed

Tuesday, May 24th 2011

Thanks for taking this English quiz! Your score: 100.00 You got 5 correct out of 5.’

Tuesday, May 24th 2011

hi, can you tell me differences between “a lot of” and “lots of”.

Sunday, May 29th 2011

I don’t have a lot of time,is it correct to say i have less time.

I wish the answer it took less time.

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Sunday, July 31st 2011

If I want to say my camera’s lens distance.

Can I say “how many distance my camera cover” or can see.

Sunday, August 7th 2011

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I like it

Monday, August 8th 2011

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Saturday, August 13th 2011

Hi Valen.. I have a question. Why you use the word “too” before of “much”?. I don’t understand it

Thursday, September 1st 2011

    Hi Valen.. Ihave a question. Why do you use “too” before of “much”?. I don´t understand it.

    Sunday, September 4th 2011

Thank you a lot

Friday, September 2nd 2011

Hello Valen.
Thanks a lot for your lesson.
Can I say: “I shouldn’t eat lots of sweets” ?

Saturday, September 3rd 2011

Dear Ms Valen,

Thanks for the engVid team to give us an opportunity to learn English. I need clarification on the following usage:-
While GPS stands for Global Positioning System, why we use ‘GPS system’? like ‘PIN number’ where PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

An early reply is requested.

Regards, Basheer

Tuesday, September 6th 2011

    That’s just because people aren’t that smart. The examples you’ve given are mistakes. People *do* say ‘PIN number’, even though it means ‘Personal Identification Number Number’. So it is a mistake, but a common one. Sometimes, over time, people get so used to the shortform, that it becomes accepted, though, because most don’t even remember or know what the letters are supposed to stand for. For example: ‘DC’ is short for ‘Detective Comics’, but the company itself is now called ‘DC Comics’ — which means ‘Detective Comics Comics’! But because most people don’t really remember what DC stands for, they are now simply using DC as a name with no meaning, and so can add the ‘Comics’ to it. Does that make sense?

    Wednesday, September 7th 2011

      I am obliged for your quick response/clarification. I think it will be better to follow the majority whether it’s right or wrong.

      I appreciate the engVid Team for for their great effort ! Thank you very much.

      Thursday, September 8th 2011

your style is too good you are the best. love u valen. God bless u.

Friday, September 9th 2011

hi valen
i got 100% in the test .i wasted too much time in reading and writing but i find weak in my language . i am not desperately . i will continue . help me i love you

Friday, September 9th 2011

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    Wednesday, February 15th 2012

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i am from Azerbaijan.i like your lessons Valen.Your lessons very helpful. thanks too much.

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Sunday, September 25th 2011

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Sunday, September 25th 2011

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Thursday, October 6th 2011

I drank many cups of cofee .
is it correct ?

Thursday, October 6th 2011


    Friday, October 7th 2011

I love Valen’s voice.~

Friday, October 7th 2011

hi teacher i like ur lesson can we work togather because i m teacher of english too

Friday, October 7th 2011

hi teacher
i like ur lesson so much can we work togather because i m also teacher of englis but it is my third language

Friday, October 7th 2011

i try to do the quiz but it doesn’t open

Monday, October 10th 2011

Hey! Do we say how many english lessons do you go to or how much english lessons do you go to. Because english is an uncountalbe noun and lessons is a countable noun. Please reply :D Goodbye and have a nice day.

Friday, October 14th 2011


    Please remember the following points.

    How much ….? = uncountable nouns
    For example: How much coffee do you drink?
    How many ….? = countable nouns
    For example: How many cups of coffee do you drink?

    Let me explain about your question:

    Point # 1: You can’t say how much English lessons do you go? Because much is represent uncountable nouns.

    Point # 2: The question you meant to say how many lessons are you read in English subject? Instead of saying how many English lessons do you go to?

    Hope my explanation is helped out to you and please do let me know if you have any other doubts or also do let me know if you are not clear about this doubt, I keen to help you.

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)

    Friday, January 20th 2012

Dear Valen!
wonderful teacher u are!pretty face too

Sunday, October 16th 2011

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Monday, October 17th 2011

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Wednesday, October 19th 2011

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Wednesday, November 2nd 2011

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Sunday, November 6th 2011

Thanks Valen for excellent lesson.

I have a question. What is difference between lot of and lots of ?

Tuesday, November 8th 2011

I always watch your lessons.They were really useful to me.I dont understand even,though uses in speaking.Can you help me pleaase????????????
Thanks for your lessons

Wednesday, November 9th 2011

with those lessons on-engVid. now i understand lots of things..thankU :)

Sunday, November 13th 2011

Dear teacher,
can’t we use “much & many” without using ” too”?

Monday, November 14th 2011

    Hi Shehan,

    can’t we use “much & many” without using” too”?

    Reply: Of course , we could use much and many without using too
    • 1. I haven’t got much rice.
    • 2. I have many friends

    Hope this help you!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)

    Friday, January 20th 2012

Tnx alot.

Thursday, November 17th 2011

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today i m first time with u. i don’t know english. plz help me to learn. I am facing very much problem in my office because of English.

Sunday, November 20th 2011

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Thank you,

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Wednesday, November 30th 2011

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Wednesday, November 30th 2011

thanks VAlen. My qusetion: what is the difference between countable Nouns & uncountable Nouns

Thursday, December 1st 2011

really what the lessons you provide are really wonderful and fruitful to cater the grammatical rules over here. I m kindheartedly thankful to you Ms Valen and hope will have advanced lessons on your sweet voice…. once more thank you

Sunday, December 4th 2011

Thanks alot mis valen, i am an English instructor and i hope to be fluent like you in one day, i like all your lessons and I learn from you how to teach and illustrate my ideas to my students , so thank you alot.what can I do if i want to chat you through your personal mail, you can take my personal mail from the website if you like, thank you.

Friday, December 9th 2011

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i am new there …
and i want to help both of you mam Vellen you……. so anybosy help me..????

Tuesday, December 13th 2011

i like your English video i require some video about basic structure of sentence

Saturday, December 17th 2011

You are a best teacher . i like your teaching method . thanks valen for increasing my knowledge

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Way of teaching is fabulous! But i want to know about Let,cross,across, even and as even.
I hope I will get it ASAP.

Friday, December 30th 2011

Thank you for yor useful lesson!
I always use “too many, too much, a lot of” in the affirmative setences, ” many, much” in the negative and interrogative sentences. Tell me, please, when we can use “a lot of” in the interrogative sentences.
I saw it in my textbook, but I don’t understand!

Thursday, January 5th 2012

    Nobody wants to answer my questions. What a pity!

    Saturday, January 21st 2012

I have another question. When must we use words “dad, mum, granny” with articles and when we don’t? If they start with the capital letters, we don’t use articles, do we?

Thursday, January 5th 2012

Hey Valen, your teaching is best and your explaining is also best. i like your english learning . that`s why I can undestand easy.

Thursday, January 5th 2012

I learned so much from your lesson about much, many, and a lot of. Its time to get many more ideas into my head, but first I am going to need a lot of coffee to keep me from having much anxiety.

Friday, January 6th 2012

Hi Velen,

When should we use ‘too much , a lot of’ in uncountable nouns ?

should we use ‘too much’ in reported speech, when speaking about uncountable nouns ?

for eg:

I’ve added a lot of sugar in cofee.

i’ve added too much sugar in cofee

which should be apporopriate to use in daily usage?

Saturday, January 7th 2012

    Hi Sathya Narayanan,
    1.When should we use ‘too much, a lot of’ in uncountable nouns?
    Reply: When you are sure/familiar with uncountable nouns, you can use too much/ a lot of with uncountable noun.
    Following of the words are uncountable noun and please refer it, hope it would help in future.
    • music, art, love, happiness
    • advice, information, news
    • furniture, luggage
    • rice, sugar, butter, water
    • electricity, gas, power
    • money, currency
    Here are some more examples of countable and uncountable nouns:
    Countable Uncountable
    dollar money
    song music
    suitcase luggage
    table furniture
    battery electricity
    bottle wine
    report information
    tip advice
    journey travel
    job work
    view scenery
    2. Should we use ‘too much’ in reported speech, when speaking about uncountable nouns?
    Reply: Of course, you do.
    The example given by you it’s crystal clear for Uncountable Noun
    for eg:
    I’ve added a lot of sugar in coffee.
    I’ve added too much sugar in coffee
    Which should be appropriate to use in daily usage?
    Reply: This question I didn’t understand properly, if you get time please reply back to this reply

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)
    +91 8553148960

    Friday, January 20th 2012

      Hi Sathya Narayanan,

      In previous comments there was no perfect picture for countable and uncountable words and pelase refer my note it would help you.

      Note: before comma is countable words and after comma is uncountable words
      Here are some more examples of countable and uncountable nouns:
      Countable ,Uncountable
      dollar, money
      song, music
      suitcase, luggage
      table, furniture
      battery, electricity
      bottle, wine
      report, information
      tip, advice
      journey, travel
      job, work
      view, scenery

      Warm Regards,
      Mohammed Shahith (India)

      Friday, January 20th 2012

this is really nice helpful lesson

Monday, January 9th 2012

what’s different between <>?

Saturday, January 14th 2012

what’s different between much with too much?

Saturday, January 14th 2012


Can you call me on my mob # 8553148960 hope we could become good friends!!!

Warm Regards,
Mohammed Shahith (India)

Thursday, January 19th 2012


Much means more and too much in the sense extra more.

Much Example:

This much of apples’ are enough for me

Too Much Example:

Taking too much of apples creates health/stomach problem.

Warm Regards,
Mohammed Shahith (India)

Thursday, January 19th 2012

    Im sorry you are incorrect, as much:non-countable
    and apples:countable
    so you would have to write “I ate too many apples” as many is countable

    Sunday, July 8th 2012

Thank you!

Saturday, January 21st 2012

thank a lot miss

Monday, January 23rd 2012


Wednesday, January 25th 2012

valen.,. superb performans dear

i don’t understanding ,how i express your cOmpiliments

Saturday, January 28th 2012

hi mam u r good teacher i understand your
leactuers vary well can u tell me how can i improve my english????//

Sunday, January 29th 2012

there are alots of stupıd comment here..be ın respect when you are comment…

Tuesday, January 31st 2012

its very good lesson to improve my english,
thank u very much.

Saturday, February 4th 2012

hi Valen
I want ask you about something
I heard many people when they ask about price. They said who much?
that is true or not??
thank you very much for lesson

Monday, February 6th 2012

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Your lectures are good but of short duration. Pl make it of atleast 30 mins

Wednesday, February 8th 2012

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Friday, February 10th 2012

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Re use of MUCH: I was looking for an explanation of why you cannot say ‘I have much money’ – it seems to me you use it in the negative only apart from the ‘too much’ situation.

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Can I use a lot of in negative sentences and questions?

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Good class!
I have a question for you, When i used any a few?.
For example in the following sentence which quantifiers are correct?
(Some/any/a few) of the fruit in this bowl is rotten.

I think the answer is “some” because the fruit in this case is uncountable.

Thank you.


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and can’t be used in positive sentence, is it?

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So, basically what I understood is:-
“USE some+plural noun” ie. I bought some orangeS or I need some advice.

Please leave a comment to make me understand English much better.


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HI valen n case of
Mary bought ___too much of furniture.
Why is it wrong?

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Monday, October 15th 2012

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My question is about bric-a-brac. It is uncountable noun, right? What word I should use with it? many? much? or non of them?
Example:In my bedroom, I have a bed, two nightstands, a wardrobe and (many, much, a lot of, or nothing)bric-a-brac.

Thank you in advance.
I appreciate your help.

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1. a lot of
2. much.
3. many
4. a lot of
5. much
pls reply

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