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There’s work, students and the zoo,
and me at the end of the queue.
Have no clue
what to do.
I shouldn’t but I fancy you.
(not very funny, but very true :) )


please Mrs Gill could you tell me what the Benefit in this lesson ?

husam simawi

I learned the new word limrick


Thank you so much for this great lesson. For the first time I meet limericks in the magazine for kids in my childhood. It was russian translating as well but it was funny even in translating and idea of this poetry was explaned good. Now I am glad to familiar with originals.


Once students tried not to mock
A question on non-rhyme for clock
As a matter of fact
They failed to achieve that
Since engVid said it was dock


    Great! You are definitely a poet!


      Thanks, Larisa :)


I have 9/10, i wrong at number 3 because i choose croak while the answer is dock. when i review i felt the croak is better, please tell me more detail why the correct answer is dock? thank Gill

nguyen van long

    I think there’s a mistake in this question. Clearly the sole word that don’t rhyme is “croak”.


      Hi Jáder – thank you for pointing this out – there’s a technical error in the quiz. I will report it and ask for it to be corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience, and all the best wish your English studies :-)


    Sorry about this error. We’ve fixed the quiz now.


Love Gil. hate the lesson!?

Saul Joury

    Sorry! We hope you like the next ones better.

    engVid Moderator

Hello Gill , Hello everyone .
Tonight is the moment we are waiting for long . So i wish you a merry Christmas to you all .
Gill could you enlighten my bad phonetic skills ? I was convinced that the right answer at question 3 was croak . It seems my dictionary is convinced the same way .
Merry Christmas
See you


    Hi tsamp – apologies, there is a technical error in the quiz – I’ve asked for it to be corrected. Thank you for pointing it out, and all the best with your English studies :-)


    Sorry, this is fixed now!


Hickory Dickory Den
The bird is on the Ben
The Big beats twelve o’clock
The bird is playing rock
Hickory Dickory Den

I know..33223…but..you know.. ;)

Riccardo S

There’s always time for a rhyme,
and rhyming’s not a crime.
Unless you write trash
excusively for cash.
Then you’re nothing but a slime.


Gill, thank you! I really like all of your lessons :)


Mrs Gill, you are really brilliant teacher. The topic is very much useful for teaching British English


Thank you Mrs Gill^^ I got 10 out of 10


I am speechless in front of your great efforts in the presentation of those topics, thanks,
Mrs Gill.


I get 8/10
thanks, dear, go ahead



Thanks a lot for one more amazing video of learning English.

Here, the limerick I’ve done:

Not just like here
We go next year
Let’s go on holidays
Enjoying all days
Suggestions We’ll hear


Here is the Limerick I’ve coined:

A man is young and bald
He’s always with a wand
when it drops off
kids stare and laugh
A man is young and bald


There was an amazing time
Where my friends and I wanted to dance
But then we didn’t had chance
So we just came outside
To try to have an amazing ride


Thank you Ms. Gill. I’ll certainly try to write a limerick one night. Though I don’t know if i am right. One must have some imagination working all right.


    Hallo Alex, your imagination works:
    Alex will try to write
    a limerick maybe next night.

    God luck!


      Good luck!



When Gill teach the English with poems
she’s waiting for poetry comments.
I try to find something
that ‘ll make Gill smiling.
But I can not write funny poems.

That’s a pity!

Thanks Gill, funny lesson ?



    When Gill teachs English with poems
    she’s waiting for poetry comments.
    I try to find something
    that ‘ll make Gill smiling.
    But I can not write funny poems.

    That’s a pity!

    Thanks Gill, funny lesson ?


There was a young girl from Brittany

Who went as far as Sicily
She wanted to find a man
who could teach her to make a fan
so that she could be overjoyed
in her palace of pure gold I will think about it Thanks

She wanted to find a man

Fleur Blanche
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