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Thank you very much mom Gill, you are doing excellent work for English learner. I got D grade.

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    I thought ” :D ” is an emoji witch laugh hhhhh

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      me too lmfao

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Thank you Gill. I confirm : it was helpful and interesting.
I love the nice way you say ok.

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Thanks for lesson:)

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Thanks a lot … i love your reading style

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Thank you very much for your lesson, Gill. It’s very useful and interesting. I guessed most words before you read the sentences. I like your lessons, because you speak British English. I am learning British English, too, so it’s easy to understand everything you say. Besides, I got 9 out of 9. EngVid really helps me to improve my English.

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The 5th one is absolutely adorable. ))

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Wrong with
Thank you for the quiz

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Excuse me Gill, in the last example, WHICH with people? Wouldn’t be better “who won”, being an indirect question?

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    Hi mescal — thanks for checking. I think you’re referring to “Which one won?” — meaning, which one of the two men won the race? In this kind of construction, it’s not correct to use “who”. You can say “Who won?” as a simple, two-word question, but with the three-word question it has to be “Which one won?” Similarly, you can say: “Which person won?” or “Which athlete won?” I hope this helps :-)

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      Great explain.

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Or wouldn’t have been better….

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Thank you Gill.Now everything is easier due to your excellent teaching style.I am eager to get the next lesson from you soon.Take care.

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Hi Gill mam. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Now i am able to improve my vocabulary.

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I would like give you a lot of thanks for this video.it was so good.I am waiting for your next video.take care yourself.

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You got 9 correct out of 9.
:D OMG! My all option are correct

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Thanks Jel for useful lesson
9/9 (feeling happy)

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Thanks Gill, I’m very happy because I got 100/100
This lesson is easy understand…:)

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Thanks a lot Gill!!!
We hope to see you again soon ;)

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you

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Yes !! I Did it ! 9/9
Good Teacher !!

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Thanks Gill :-)

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HI Gill
Thank you so much.this lesson was useful lesson and interesting lesson.Also great lesson.the lesson was very easy.I got 10 out of 10:)

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Thanks a lot, Gill! My spelling skill has been improved due to your excellent explanations! You are very funny by the way :)

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Hi Gill, I have to say to you how much I like your lessons. You are so cute, I love your way to teach! (Sorry if I wrote wrong, ok?)

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    Thank you, Virginia, you’re very kind — obrigada :-) I hope you won’t mind if I correct your nice compliment to me — it’s best to say it this way: “I love your way of teaching”. All the best with your English studies — you’re doing great!

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      Your the best teacher gill

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I wanna say tks for this excellent lesson.

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Dear teacher Gill,is first time I practiced the lesson homonyms same sound and different spelling,It really helped me a lot thanks very much for your wonderful maner to explaining the lesson .Sincerely my regarded.

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Very, very interesting.

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Great job Gill.

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Thank You Gill. I always enjoy your lessons.

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I got 9/9, Thank you teacher.

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what a perfect lesson
thank you

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you are a good teacher :* ♥

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    you are a good student

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      Thank you

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Very interesting and valuable lesson. I was wondering I never found the similitude of the same sound word with different spelling as they are found in my mother language. Of course, I’m not an English spoken person.
I’m in that process. Thank you so much por the class.

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thank~s dear 9/9 :D

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The last one was quite a mouthful for me!

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Thanks a lot Gill, it is so helpful. Got :D

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Hi, Gill. I found this lesson very interesting. Thank you.

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    Hey Julio! How are you doing? Where do you live?

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It was really useful and enjoyable lesson for me.Thank you very much instructor.

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Thank you for an interesting lesson!

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I found interesting and helpful,thank you

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very clear and fun to watch it thank you miss Gill

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(Like at theatre…) Brava!
Thanks so much Gill.

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thank you ,i got grade D

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Excellent activity teacher Gill. Thank you so much!

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Thanks you very much Madam

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Thank you so much Gill, I love this video, it’s so interesting and helpful!

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Dear Gill:
Thanks for your interesting teaching and practice, it was very useful for me and learn a lot.

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    Hey i want to know about Canada. Can you tell me about it more?

    Profile photo of flaviocostadf flaviocostadf

Wow.😊 10/10Thank you

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Thank you Gill! was so clear

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Hi Gill!

That is a great lesson as usual. Now homonyms are a piece of cake for me, and I will have peace when I have to pronounce them. :)

I look forward to your next video!

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Thank you

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thank you, 10/10

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Interesting lesson thank you so much Gill and i enjoy you accent its fabulous ..i try my best to speak like you ……..

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Interesting to know that the pronunciation of these words is the same, pairwise! Thank Gill!

In the contest among three trees, one won. (“three” and “tree” are “almost” homonyms, aren’t they?)

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thanks a million miss gill!please teach us about verb patterns .it’s really make me confusing.

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Hello, Gill. I’ve never joined like this kind of website. But I’ve only just joined because of you! You are amazing!! I’m really impressed!! Thank you for the great lesson you gave me. Can’t wait to see your next lesson!!

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Hi Gill! Thank you for the lesson. I love your accent!

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Thank you. easy and interesting

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9/9! I loved the way of teaching. Thank you for this great lesson!

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thank you so much for you good explanation teacher

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Good lesson! thanks Gill for teaching, keep it up!

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9\9 ,, THANK U GILL <3

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I love this class and you my teacher.

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Thank you very much Gill ! , you are the best!!! It´s a pleasure to learn English with you and enjoy your great accent!!

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Thank’s for your time teacher.

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Very useful, indeed!

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Thank you Gill

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Yeah!i have got 100%……whooo huuu

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Hello Gill
I was very exciting with your lecture,it was completely interesting.
Thank you very much
see ya!

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Boring! It’s not advanced level.

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I have got 100%. Thanks a lot.

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EU should ve been the correct answer!! :(

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Thanks Gill
i’ve got my 100/100

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Dear Gill, everbody loves you. You teache with joy. I´m so gratefull for your lessons.

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thanks for this lesson!

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Your the best teacher ever!!!!I got nine out of nine!!

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Your the best teacher ever!!!!I got nine out of nine!!yay

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i wanna ask a question ,in the vedeo the question is “don’t leave your baby son out in the sun,he will get burnt!”and the word ” burnt” why we don’t put “burn” in that statement. could you explain about that?

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Thank you.

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I’m very pleased to learn English with Gil.
She is very nice and polite.

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Hi Gill!! I love your class, is funny and clear!

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your learning very useful for me, thank you very much

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Hi, your lessons are exactly very understandable. Thanks a lot for your usefull teaching.

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Thank you Gill, for giving a wonderful explanation in very lesson your giving.

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Thank you Gill, For giving us this wonderful explanation! we appreciate your effort.

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Thank you a lot, I’ve really enjoy this lesson, you’re a treasure for us who are learning English!

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Thank you a lot, I’ve really enjoyed this lesson, you’re a treasure for us who are learning English!

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Thank you very much for your lesson.

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Good testing! Thank you

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Ty so much
visit storybory to improve ur reading

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excellent work

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very interesting ! Thanks dear teacher .

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thank you a lot mom Gill, it was fantastic and useful lesson

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I got 9/9. I am so happy about that particular class coz I am facing very difficulties sometime. Thank you, Ms. Gill


Ya! I got 9/9 and this lesson is useful for me!

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You are amazing Gill, thanks.

Profile photo of Mohamad9393 Mohamad9393

Hi Gill!
I have to say that with you the english easier.
I am trying every day to take one lesson from YouTube site and the quiz of course.
I love the way you are theaching us. Keep at it.
Thank you.

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thank you so much

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I got 9/9. Even thought I am familiar with this topic, it is useful to repeat ones in a while. Thank you Gill, regards from Bosnia :)

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the lesson was great madam Gill!
thank you!

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Great lesson from great teacher, Thank you a lot .

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Thanks, I got full mark.

Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

Great job Gill as usual

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in the case of “threw X through” is the same case for the word “true” ???

tks a lot, Gill!

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A very useful lesson, as usual. Thank you, Gill.

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Thank you so much. Amazing lesson.

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Thank you ,Gill.

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Great, 9/9
Thank you, Gill!

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As is usual, you were great!! Tks

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“Aced it”! 9/9; but I should, I’m a native speaker.

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To my knowledge, homonym is a word that is spelled the same and sounds the same as another, but is different in meaning or origin. I was also taught in this way when I studies in UK. Now I am confused.

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i got perfect score

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You got 9 correct out of 9.

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Got 10/10. Love your lessons,Gil.I watch them all,
I don’t complete all the quizzes, though.
I watch your lessons twice, thrice or more times,
just because of your accent. Eyes closed to develop
my listening skill. I do the same with Benjamin’s
lessons. Beautiful accent you both have.
Thank you,dear Gill.

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Thank you so much Gill, it’s always a pleasure to attend your class.

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Thank you Gill.

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Thanks lot for you support to me to understand the english in easy way.

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Thank you so much dear Gill i like u method lesson

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thank you Gill

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cool site to learn english

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i want to write english where can i find that?

Profile photo of raxeye raxeye

Thanks Gill. It is wery usefull)))

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Thank you for your lesson. i have learning for three month and you help me for the pronunciation a lot. Thank you again.

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Thanks once again, Madam. Yours tips are being very helpful to me. =D

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Thank you Gill for this lesson. It was easy to attend this lesson and memorise it because it was like a game.
Have fun.

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10/10- Thank you ❤️

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Thanks for your great lesson!

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excellent class I love your classes.

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Thank you Gill, great lesson.

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Sorry, but I think that the choice of the homonyms in this lesson is not relevant to the 3-advanced level. Everyone who is able to read the sentences your wrote is also able to differentiate between ‘one’ and ‘won’, ‘through’ and ‘threw’, etc. This workout routine is too easy: wast of time.

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    ‘fix typo’ = *wast > waste

    Profile photo of OlegAney OlegAney

Awesoome lessons.thank you

Profile photo of Ma.elzeera Ma.elzeera

It’s really interesting this kind of words because is very important the context of each sentence to understand what it means every word (in a conversation). Thank you teacher Gill!

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